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Anti Valentines Contest

I hope this is okay to post here, but I'm doing an ANTI VALENTINES contest at my blog you know the drill, fun and mediocre prizes ;)It's for anti-valentines arts and crafts... something a little darker than your average valentines project.I would love to have some instructables entered, because nothing is cooler than how to actually make a neat project !Anyways, if you're interested, here's the link:!Dot

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Will there be a Valentine's contest this year? Answered

I have a kick-awesome Valentine's instructable to post. I'd like to post it soon in case anyone wants to make it in time for the holiday, but I want to wait if there is going to be a contest.

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Valentine's Contest? Phooey!

Rats!The Valentine's Contest is open.:-(Kitewife's gift is going to be made of iron...Ah, well, I'll still post it.(Still having the problem where I have to post in feedback or marketplace, then re-classify after publication)

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Valentine's Day Inspiration

After getting our first newsletter, Roger sent me this really nice thank you note and pictures of his project. Maybe his inspiration can inspire you? There's still a little time left!I want to thank you for this newsletter. I was at a loss as to what to get/make for my wife for Valentines Day and our 15th anniversary. After reading your newsletter and going to your web site, I was inspired. I made her 15 Duct Tape roses (14 purple ( her favorite color), and 1 Red for passion) , one for each year we have been married. Off the web site's Valentines Day projects, I made an acrylic heart with LEDs to light it up. I added an acrylic tube to act as a vase for the roses. Thank you for the inspiration, Roger

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Valentines Day Contest

I doubt that I would ever have time to enter this contest but I'd thought I'd mention a flaw in the prize format for us pesky Canadians, and other potential areas of the globe as well.  I'd love to win a kindle fire, however they are not available to Canada.  Now I'm sure I could hack a work around for making the Kindle Fire function in Canada, but shipping directly from Amazon to Canada will likely be an issue.  Perhaps ship to instructables HQ and then ship privately to non-US winners (if there are any).  Or, offer a prize value, though I'd prefer the first sneaky work around.  Anyway, just something to think about, awesome second prize regardless.

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Valentine's Day Dinners

All of those restaurants are charging a premium for mediocre food on Valentine's day; stay home and make something instead. Instructables is full of great recipes that can be made quickly and easily; the pictures make it (virtually) foolproof. I've included some suggestions below to get you started; feel free to add your own favorites.I'd recommend picking things that can be made ahead, preferably the night before, so you KNOW you've done them right. Or at least things that require little preparation; pick only one thing that requires attention just before serving.All of the recipes listed below are easy, and most can be made ahead of time except where noted. Light and fruity is probably the best choice for Valentine's dinner; I've also steered clear of heavy garlic. If you can lay hands on a nice-looking table cloth and/or cloth napkins it will be a bonus. Cloth napkins will fool most anyone into thinking you're classy.Appetizers:Mangos (prep ahead; cute and fruity)Avocados (prep ahead; fruity and a nice complement to mangos)Main dish:Catfish (fast prep, wide cooking window)Scallops (quick, but require cooking just prior to serving)Bulgogi (again quick, but requires cooking just prior to serving)Side dish(es):Beet salad (make ahead; cut into heart shapes for bonus points)Roasted fennel (minimal prep, wide cooking window)Artichokes (minimal prep, entertaining to eat)Green salad of any typeDessert:Trifle (make ahead from easy ingredients; make individual servings in big wine glasses if you've got them, or a short wide-mouthed "old fashioned" glass.)Frozen ginger/mango (make ahead with any fruit juice combination you like)Chocolate truffles (make ahead; bonus points for chocolate)

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Need Valentine ideas SOON!!!!!!

I need some GREAT v~day ideas please.

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I could not resist wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and share a link I thought was pretty cool! Nature is amazing isn't it?

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Valentine's Day is almost here!

I hope everyone is busily finishing their projects!

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valentines day gift for my girl

Hey,im a kid(11 years old) and i need help getting a good but cheap gift for my gal.valentines day is important to me,and it is to her also.i was thinkin bout gettin a teddybear for her.please give me ideas!

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Valentines gift idea for my girlfriend? Answered

Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there has an idea for a gift to send to my girlfriend? I have absolutely no idea what to do...I was hoping to make her something and send it to her, but I dont know. She lives in Washington, shes 16, and her mom is very strict, so something that is respectable, yet sweet and kind at the same time. Any ideas are very welcome, but hopefully soon, cause I dont have much time to send it to her....and whatever it is, it kinda has to fit in a letter :) thanks! 

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SF Pillow Fight - Valentine's Day

For those of you in they SF Bay Area, here's a chance to release some pent-up aggression this Thursday. Cut & pasted direct for your enjoyment:Pillow Fight is being planned for 6pm on Valentine's Day (February14th) at PeeWee Herman Plaza (at Market and Embarcadero). Wait untilthe Ferry Building clock strikes 6!Bring your own damned pillow.Rules:1. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.2. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.3. If someone whines or has no pillow, you cannot hit them.4. Everyone joins in the fight.5. The one fight starts at the designated time - No earlier.6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows.7. PillowFights will go on until they're done.8. If this is your first night at PillowFight Club, you have to get feathered. Image from flickr user presta under Creative Commons license.

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Valentine's Day Contest Submission Help

Hi. I entered an instructable in the Valentine's Day contest days ago and it says it's still pending approval. Anything wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide, as this is both my first instructable and my first contest entry.

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Coming Soon: Valentine's Day Contest

Next week we'll be starting a Valentine's Day Contest. Think of something sweet to make for someone else and win something sweet and chocolatey from Cocoa Puro or Socola Chocolates! So put on your thinking caps and get into the romantic spirit! As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible. UPDATE: Contest is live and can be seen here

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Valentine's day contest.. "xxrequire" typo?

The current contest for V-Day says to enter an intstructable "involving xxrequire".. is this a typo? a programming placeholder? or is there something called xxrequire that the instructables must use? there doesn't seem to be any entries using it.. I am just trying to figure out the requirements so I can throw down my first, and hopefully, first winning, instructable.. any help would be appreciated. thanks

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CONTEST: Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats, part of is hosting a Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats Contest where you could win a $500 Williams-Sonoma gift card!If you have a cute confection to share, snap a pic of it and enter. They even include great tips on how to take a great photo. You can also check out the sample recipes and pictures they've compiled with step-by-step instructions so you can make your own.Need some inspiration? Check out evrenuzer's Ladybug cakesmsimon3's 3-D Dino Cake (not cutesy maybe, but an inspiring work of bakery!)and MH850's Bunny Cake

Topic by scoochmaroo  

Valentine's Day Contest Results Are Up!

The Valentine's Contest results are up! Check out the blog post for details.Thanks to all who entered! No, seriously - we had lots of fantastic projects, and it was really hard to choose between them. I wish we could give out more prizes.Special thanks to all of our judges who did a great job sorting through all of the projects. It's difficult and often thankless work, and they put in a huge amount of effort.

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Valentine's Day gifts --Boyfriend Badges

Just posting this as it is seasonally relevant. Anyone looking for a fun, nerdy V-Day present might be interested in checking it out. My Etsy shop, Boyfriend Badges, sells pin back buttons that are like video game acheivements for couples.  They celebrate off beat relationship moments like farting in front of each other for the first time, drunk make outs, meeting the parents, first road trip, and many more. The shop was featured twice on Geekologie and last year I released Boy+Boy and Girl+Girl versions of the most popular set. I've created a couple tiers of promotion for this upcoming V-Day: Use code LUV2016 for 10% off any Etsy shop purchase. Share the shop link on your social media and send me a link.  In return, I'll send you a promo code for 20% off your order. Submit the shop link to your favorite blog (examples --Bored Panda, Kotaku, BuzzFeed, etc). If they feature the shop as a result I'll send you a badge set of your choosing for free! Thanks for shopping with independent artists for holiday gifts, and for supporting love for everyone!--ashleyjlong

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Updated Instructable

I've added a step to my Climbing Zoidberg instructable - a climbing heart, just in time for Valentines!

Topic by Kiteman  

Awesome DIY V-Day Ideas?

I've checked out the other stuff, but I'm still thirsty for your infinite wisdom. What are YOU doing for v-day?

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Giant Marmite Statue Built for Valentine's Day

Rodin's "The Kiss" gets recreated with 420 jars of Marmite for Valentine's Day. Marmite is some love it or hate it stuff. As for me? As long as it wasn't being eaten it's fine with me. linkvia Neatorama

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What's your favorite Valentine's Day oblation?

It's getting near the middle of February, a time when those of us who are single bemoan this fact and those of you who aren't are expected to produce an offering to remain that way. So what's your ritual sacrifice of choice? Candy? Jewelry? Flowers? Or do you rail against the commercially imposed standards of society and get your significant other something more out of the ordinary? Ladies, do you often get your gentlemen presents, or is it mostly a one-way street? Personally, I'm in favor of composing sonnets. It's inexpensive, about as old-school as you can get, and doesn't put money in the pocket of De Beers. When e'er I see you after lab is done, You make me wish that zero could divide If only so our 2 could equal 1, Such that our theories could be unified, You move like music set to calculus, A SIN-curve body makes sin seem divine, Curves like space-time but oh so sinuous, That make me wish that I were your COS, But TAN to this topic, I do feel Some measure of quantum uncertainty, What your superposition might reveal, Should I ask you, what you might say to me, So 'til I feel that I could stand the shock, I think I'll leave that cat inside the box.

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LED Circuit Help

Https:// I would like some input on making this using a 555 timer and POTs to make an adjustable fade in/fade out circuit while running on a 9v battery and using a pressure switch to turn the LEDs on when the box is opened.

Topic by YoungOne453  

My instructable did not post to the Valentine's contest, what can I do to change that? Answered

I recently joined your great community with the intention of posting a Valentine's theme for your Valentine's contest.  My part one showing the theme and part 2 showing how the theme, posted to my account however it did not post to the Valentine's contest.  I went to the contest to try and upload it and it says I have no Valentine's instructable.  I posted my theme with in the guidelines of dates.   I did have one part waiting for approval and then I posted it.  Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance and Happy Valentine's Day!

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What is the best Valentines meal? Brian M Bernal

I need a recipe for my girlfriend.  Can someone help? Brian M Bernal

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What is everyone else doing on valentines day? Couples aside...

So what's everyone doing?  Personally I'm checking out the chinese new years thing at st. Georges market, maybe get some photos of the acrobatics and munch some chinese food then maybe attempt finding to do. It's not spite, but I dont like Valentines day, nor do I have to pretend to being a singleton. Also the toilet seat stays up in my house!

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Any Unique and Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas out there?

I'm looking for a unique gift idea for my kids (twin girls age 7) to make for valentines day. Any ideas?

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How to create an adjustable fade in/fade out circuit for 27 LEDs?

Https:// I would like some input on creating this using POTs to create an adjustable fade in/ fade out effect on the 27 LEDs while running on a 9v battery if possible.

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10 DIY Gifts for your Sweetheart this Valentine's Day

My latest Popular Mechanics article is up at 10 DIY Gifts for your Sweetheart this Valentine's Day.Okay, we all know that Valentine's Day is a manufactured holiday designed to sell insipid greeting cards and corn-syrup-sweetened confections that can't find their way to the trash can fast enough. However, there's a certain prisoner's-dilemma aspect that forces you to buy in: If your significant other's friends receive "I love you's" of various forms, and you don't also have one to give, there can be trouble. So, stick with what you know--building cool stuff--and think of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to make something special. From, here are some of my favorite DIY Valentine's Day projects.

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Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest and congratulations to the winners! The Greeting Card Association sent some guys over to break my kneecaps, but after a quick look at all the awesome Valentine's Day projects, they went scurrying home with arms-loads of materials to work on projects for next year.We stayed home and made an elegant meal of Tuna Poke, painstakingly getting the emulsion of sesame oil, soy sauce, mustard, and ginger just right (Instructable forthcoming...).Valentine's Day is a great excuse to go the extra mile and make something great for a loved one, but with all these wonderful projects to inspire you, you'll be looking for any excuse.First PrizeThese ten projects win a Leatherman Juice XE6 Pocket Knife with personalized laser-engraving. In random order:Beating soapy love heart by fallscrapeCustom paint Your Old Snowboard!!! (for your Valentine perhaps) by jonnysoupsBe a Romantic Scientist: Distill your own perfume oil by KitemanDuct Tape Rose by HerrozerroPulsing Hubby Detector by daenrisInflatable Love Seat by randofo"Beating" LED Heart T-Shirt by T3h_MuffinatorRecycled Copper Butterfly for V-Day by LegionnaryAnatomy of a Chocolate Truffle by ianCustom make; shaped, flavoured and colored chocolates by thydzikSecond PrizeThese twenty projects win an Instructables T-shirt and patch. In random order:Light Bulb Vase by samEtched Minty Valentines Candy Box by photozz{Collegiate Meals} I Love You (Virus) Burgers by trebuchet03Mint Chocolate Chip Valentine Card by outofthewoodsSolid Perfume by rapiertwitRose in a heart of ice by Dominique UnruhPowhatan Dream Catchers by SugarTeen52Southwestern Style Sterling Silver Necklace by edAgGeeky Circuit Board Earrings by CameronSSA power remote controlled RGB LED mood light by 5VoltWeb Controlled Valentine by gschoppeSt. Valentine's Day Proposal by Maddhatter3"TouchTimer" EggLight (valentine's gift) by ProteusOpposites Attract: A Magnetic LED Valentine Heart by technick29Blue Heart by ZujusEasy DIY Valentine Gum Dispenser by GregDDCPaint Her Fire Extinguisher Pink! (or any other color) by gelstudiosIn Love With Turquoise Necklace by annanomsaValentine Tiger: Show Some Love! by evy-wevyValentines gift with nifty LED effect by x29aWe asked some winners of previous contests to help us judge, and they did a fantastic job. They scrutinized each project, spent hours agonizing over their selections, and in some cases sent us complicated judging documents. This was especially impressive because we asked them to judge extra-fast so we could get the results out quickly! Thanks so much for your heroic efforts: neelandan, BobbyMike, Robyntheslug, LasVegas, ryzellon, randofo, noahw, kinawera, photozz, eleraama, Zujus, Tool Using Animal, T3h_Muffinator, lilo, mdhaworth, FrenchCrawler, trialex, tetranitrate, jamesh, ian, rbhays, outofthewoods, albetcha, sam, HeresyOfTruth, Zieak, mever, and nak. Judges weren't allowed to vote for their own projects.If you won keep an eye on your inboxes; we'll contact you via personal message with instructions for claiming your prize.Here are the original contest instructions.

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How can i make Vincent Valentine's Cloak?

Can SOMEBODY please give me an accurate pattern 'u__u I'm desperate... If worse comes down to worse, I'll end up ordering one off ebay and pulling it apart piece by piece just to buy new, thicker fabric to remake it. I'm not exactly making a cosplay. I just want Vincent's cloak... and not to wear once or twice and then never again... I mean... every day of the year. (specifically fall/winter). This is why i need a sturdy material.. and a GOOD PATTERN D ; ALSO.. If anyone knows where I could find the buckles and end pieces for the straps, I'd be extremely appreciative.

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this sunday is valentine's day [as everyone knows!] AND my half anniversary!?

 I have really run out of ideas for what i can do. what can i get for my boyfriend? another problem is that we have exams that day and next! :(  hence something short and sweet would be welcome! :) thankyou

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How to scream? Answered

Like singers do in bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and Bullet For My Valentine?

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Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers - Valentine's day is Feb 14th

Thought this was timely and participants in the pet forums would appreciate Unique and Imaginative Gifts, Videos, and More for Cats & Their Pet People If you are a cat person or know one, stop by in time for Valentine's day gift ideas or just to see some really cute pictures and a very funny video

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Congratulations to the winners!!!

And also Happy Valentine's Day

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Why are you doing something a little more meaningful this Valentines?

I am doing something a little extra special for my husband this Valentines because we have had a great and not so great year and I want to spark a little imagination and magic into our lives. We had a beautiful baby whom we adore. We also had some funky employment situations that have caused strain. To celebrate how far we have come and our strong bond, I decided to create a Love Book. I am sure he will love it and I have been enjoying the experience of creating it as well! What and why are you doing something extra special this Valentines?

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Need help building gift for girlfriend(LED necklace)

So, Valentine's day is soon to be here. True, it is little early to be thinking about this, but the erly bird gets the early worm. So, anyways, I came with a schematic for an LED based necklace. The whole idea is that it consists of a symmetrical shape split into two halves, each an individual necklace. One of those two contains an LED and the other a battery, and when the two are placed together, they complete the shape and the LED lights up, symbolic of her being my other half.What I need help with is how can I build the contacts for the two halves and how do I actually build the two parts(what material to make them from, how to shape them, etc..)Much appreciated. hanks in advance, Usf

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Homemade RIESEN chocolates? Answered

Valentines is coming up fast and the tootsie rolls don't taste as rich as RIESEN chocolates... I personally believe RIESEN chocolates are the worlds best chewy chocolates ever and was hoping someone could do a step by step on how to make them. 

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(newsletter) Wi-Fi Bumper Sticker, Valentine's Tentacles, LED Photo Frame

Art | Craft | Food | Games | Green | Home | Kids | Life | Music | Offbeat | Outdoors | Pets | Photo | Ride | Science | Tech Wi-Fi Sensing EL Bumper Sticker 8-Bit Mario Blanket The Girlfriend Nightlight Roman Shade, Insulate a Window Cheap Analog Pressure Sensor LED Photo Frame Turkish Delight (Lokum) Recipe Make Valentine's Tentacles Kakawa Cocoa Beans feature fresh-roasted whole cocoa beans, coated with four different kinds of chocolate. A perfect Valentine's Gift! Taco Pockets Make a Miniature Electric Hub Motor Make a Toothbrush Bracelet Concentric Drilling w/ a Radial Arm Saw Make The Internet (The IT Crowd) PCB Prototyping with a Laser Cutter 10 Minute Dog Boots Domo Kun Night Lamp Guides USB 55 Gallon Drum Computer Recycling and Repurposing Instructables Robot Projects - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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My birthday is coming up!!!

On Valentines day! Yeah! Oh, Ummmm yeah hmmmm. Thats all I have to say about that..... Bye!

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(newsletter) Origami Roses, Chocolate Truffles, Bath Bombs

Easy Chocolate Truffles Make Bath Bombs A Dozen Red Origami Roses Guy's Guide to Buying Flowers Kissing Cards Solid Perfume Duct Tape Roses Chocolate Covered Strawberries Nut and Bolt Rings Guides Valentines Day Valentines Treats Gifts for Women Gifts for Men - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Wonder what someone chose for the First Prize???

What did the winner of the first prize choose????

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how to make ink pen roses?

How do you make ink pen roses that the kids make at school for their parents need instructions asap  for Valentines Day.    gizzy2125

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OMG! It's another speed contest!

You thought we forgot about Valentine's Day. You thought wrong.Enter the Share the Love Speed Contest and win some robot chocolate.Mmm... robot chocolate.

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Pulse Sensing Heart Pendant

Hey Guys, I would like to create a pendant that would light up from my heartbeat, that I could give to my girlfriend for valentines day, any idea how i could do this?

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My Prize!

Got my Prize package for the "Show Your Heart" Valentine's Day Contest today! I wasn't aware that they would include an Instructable's patch and their new...STICKERS! I want to thank all of you at Instructables for the awesome prizes that you give out. -Muffin

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Mist Fountain

I would love to see an instructable to make a Mist Fountain.  I am unsure how they even work and what would be used, component-wise, though I see Ceramic replacement disks on ebay. Thanks!

Topic by dargenhara