Van Gogh

I was down the pub the other night and I saw van gogh come in, he looked across the bar and said "Hi Phil"      I said "Hi can I get you a lager?"   He said "No thanks I've got one 'ere" Don't shoot the messenger

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Van Helsing Crossbow

I just finished watching van helsing for the umpteenth time and the crossbow that carl gives him is one of the only cool things in the movie, apparantly its steam driven works like a machine gun and uses magazines of crossbow bolts. So my question is, is it possible to make something of the sort using technology from that time? Unfortuately I havent had any ideas on its useage or working as yet.

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is the dremel stylus good? what dremel is the best?

I am going to get a dremel tool soon and i was wondering if the stylus is any good. can you cut stuff with it. small pipe plastic etc.? is there any other dremel that you think is better. i will be doing light projects and also some others that require cutting. will it hold up? thanks ~josh

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compost toilet for a camper van?

Want to explore the possibility of a small home built compost loo to fit in an 18 inch square space height of space 7 feet. considering dry compost method, poo only, using fine woodshavings as soak.

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Got Craft? (Van, BC)

Hope you can make it! Got Craft? Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Royal Canadian Legion - 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver British Columbia  Admission: $2.00 (kids are free) Website: Vancouver's largest indie craft fair kicks off Spring with 50 local and handmade vendors. There will be giveaways, live demostrations and a DIY table hosted by Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge to make your own crafts. First 30 receive a free handmade swag bag filled with goodies. For more information and a full list of participating vendors, please visit our website at

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Van de graff generator belt and roller? Answered

Hello friends i am from india i want to make a van de graff generator from scraths i can not find a wide rubberband can i use a pvc tubing as belt? pls suggest me some material for  belt and roller ! thanks in advanced

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I was looking at the van de graff generator made by nickademuss. Can someone tell me what size sphere he used? Answered

I need to know what size sphere Nickademuss used in his 900,000 volt van de graff generator.

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What do i have to do to make it safe for people to touch my Van De Graaff? Answered

My Van De Graaff Generator is 4 foot and is homemade. I built it out of a AC fan motor, a huge rubber band and some other stuff. It is tested and works. When people are at my house they always want to touch it and make their hair go everywhere but i'm reluctant because i dont know its voltage and how to make it safe to touch. Also i was wondering... i have a beard so if i was to touch it, what would my facial hair do would it be the same as normal hair?

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Will removing a rear seat move the centre of gravity in a minivan too far forward? Answered

A family member frequently drives around in the van all by themselves, which I'm sure is an enormous waste of gasoline. Removing one or both of the rear seats will help reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve the efficiency a tiny bit. That said, I was wondering if doing that would cause handling issues due to the centre of gravity being farther forward. Also, winter is long and icy here, so rear traction is an issue 5 months of the year.

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other VDG s say you need one metal and one plastic roller (metal down, plastic up) any idea?

When searched on the internet there are many designs with one metal roller and one insulator roller

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anyone know were i can get a free repair manual download for a 2001 ford windstar?

My wife's car is not working. and the manual i got does not cover the electrical diagrams i need to fix it. i know this group will be able to help. 

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How to build a Van de graff generator ?

I looking for some parts and I like to know where to begin. I curious on how the machine works in person with my own eyes and I was wondering if there was somebody who could lend me a advice on where to start. I look at some videos but some don't include the materials or either don't explain it very well. Thanks for who ever may read this.

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what should i use in my van de graff generator to make a reaction of my hair on my head to stand?

How much voltage does it require? and what kind of motor should i use?

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How to put an automatic car in neutral with a broken transmission? Answered

I have a van that has a broken transmission. I want to take it to the scrap yard to get it out of here. In order to do that I need it to be in neutral so I can move it. When I put the key in and shift it into neutral or any other gear, it doesn't do anything, It shifts smoothly.... not like a normal car. So my question is: How can I shift it into neutral without using the shift lever? Under the hood? It's a chrysler 1999 van

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A/C-Broke for Aerostar. Need ideas for simple/inexpensive roof replacement?

How to get the van interior cooled without spending too much. Considering cheap 110 volt honda generator, can use for other things. plug in small room A/C or roof venting unit?  Buy used would keep costs down. Watcha think? goguddy

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Positive Van de Graff Generator?

I know that a Van de Graaf Generator creates a negitive charge if you use a rubber belt, But how would one make a positively charged friction style van de graaf generator? What materials would you use?

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Van De Graff Generator? pipe?

I am trying to make a van de graff genertor i have bought some drain pipe for around 2 quid, i later realised that it is not PVC. it is made out of ABS. please can you tell me if it will work, and if it will be as good as PVC Thanks for your help

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Van de Graaff generator belt

What is an easy to find material that I can use for my Van de Graaff generator belt? I'm making one for a science fair project. I tried using pantyhose, but I can't get it to turn right because it keeps going to one side of the top roller and getting stuck. I'm thinking I need something wider.

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Help designing solar roof for a van

So i plan on collecting a crap load of those little solar yard lights, taking out the solar panels till i have enough to cover the roof of my van. But from there i dont know where to go and i dont have much experience with making electronics, it would be nice to have them charge a battery or something, not sure. ideas, comments or plans would be greatly appreciated. j

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how do i build a simple pullout (gaucho) bed for a minivan?

Plans for a pullout, sliding or gaucho bed for a Toyota Previa minivan. simple easy to build cheap materials, removeable, storage underneath

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Can you make a Van De Graaf WITHOUT having the belt be in a tube? Answered

 I've noticed that most Van De Graaf machines have their belt assembly in a tube/pipe. But wouldn't it be possible to just have a frame holding the rollers instead of having them be enclosed? Sure, the belt won't be protected, but I don't really give a damn.

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how do i change my username?

I don't realy want to be Nerfer anymore. how do i cange it?

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Obtaining parts to build a Van de Graaff generator?

 I live in Portland, Or and having a difficult time locating parts to build a Van de Graaff machine which is a science project for my grandson's fair. Would appreciate any and all help. Can be reached at email

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My cat is shedding, could I rub him on a Van De Graaff generator to remove the loose hair? Answered

I thought this might work because the hair keeps sticking to stuff because of static electricity. If you put a charge in the generator, then rubbed the cat on it, would the hair stick to it? Then when you turned it off would the hair fall off?

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would a knex van de graaf generator be possible? Answered

I only want to use knex to make the frame, but the right materials for the rest.

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good ideas for a van de graff generator belt

I'm making a van de Graff generator and i was wondering what would be some good things to use for the belt could a bicycle inertube work or would that be to conductive i read some were that usually black things have a slightly conductive coloring or something one more thing i was looking at the triboelectric series and was wondering what end the belt should be on aswell as the top and bottom roller

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can i use van de graff generator to kill incests or i can kill rats......if yes how it works?

Can i use van de graff generator to kill incests or i can kill rats......if yes how it works........what material should be belt made of??and is it necessary to keep sphere more distance from lower belt roller...................??

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Hidden Messages

Painting Title - "Arnolfini Marriage" Artist - Johannes van Eyck Year - 1434 People in Painting - Merchant Giovanni Arnolfini and wife Giovanna Cenami

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Can i use a cardboard tube instead of a pvc one? Answered

I am going to make a van degraff generator will it work if i use a cardboard tube thank you daniel :)

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Wondering about Batteries, any help would be great!!

I was wondering can I install 2 deep cycle batteries in my van to run appliances I want to install? Most of what i have found is 12 volt for cigarette Lighter plug in and i know the will run down the batteries in the van if i use them all night. I am also looking at a trickle charge solar panel that connects to the battery to keep the charged during the day and charged for the night. I am just wondering if this is possible. If it isn't how can i accomplish the same goal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a remote control on a 12v water pump, what and were can i get a magnetic aerial for better frequency?

The water is pumped from my van for window cleaning.The problem i have is i have to lock the van when working and loose a good signal,so is there a magnetic aerial i could put on the roof of the van that would pick up the remote signal.

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Is this normal ? That i got a warning from malweare?

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Anyone with RV experience? Want a plug-in shop truck

I'm in the process of buying a used ambulance to turn into a shop truck - concept is park it anywhere and use it as a power/air station and tool room. I know ambulances have super beefy alternators and inverters (maybe dedicated generators?) but I'd like to be able to run tools with the engine off - how difficult would it be to have a plug in system like on a RV? Could I just have a standard battery charger built into the frame and plug that in? Thanks for any advice!

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Would a van de graaff be a good display to go with halloween? Answered

I was hoping to build a 500,000 volt vdg for halloween in the coming weeks up to halloween mainly because sparkes of that size are quite impressive but i am un sure because others may not be impressed and i would have wasted my money

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van/truck into camper? change metal containers?vertical, like double decker way?

Hi, anyone knows how to mod van/truck into camper? change metal containers-ShortOnes to camping trailers?in vertical, like double decker way. viva container city my first question ))

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Knex kopen Answered

Weet iemand waar je goedkoop en veilig knex kan kopen in de buurt van wolvega?

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How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van?

How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van? It will only change to that audio input if their is video input into the RCA jacks?

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suggestions on my next knex car

I want some suggestions on what vehicle I should make next. Im open to almost anything.

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Facebook login error

Hey, I got an error when i try to login to instructables using facebook.

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Does anyone know how to make static electricity without a van de graffe generater?

Without using a van de graffe generator or the sock on carpet thing? Oh and not going down a plastic slide either. Also not the ballon hair thing. Plus I want a constatant flow so I can build it up in my body if you know what I mean.

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12 V charger, Solar panel...?

How can I use my laptop and printer while travelling with my van?...

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What is wrong with my VDG?

I have just finished my small van de graaf generator but have run into a problem. I am only really building this small one as a model for my future large VDG so it is not to important, I would just like to find out more. My setup consists of two wooden dowl rollers built up with tape to "bevel" them. the bottom roller is coated with paper while the top is coated with teflon tape. the belt is a section of rubber balloon. the tube is a PVC pipe which is split so i can easly open it up and make ajustments. i have found this setup to be very good and can often achieve 2 CM sparks whith only a beer can as a top load. The problem is after about 5 miniunts the output will slowly decline untill I can no loger get any sparks. when this happens i have to open up the PVC coulom and clean the belt and rollers with an alcohol wipe. After wards, the machine continues creating 2 CM sparks until i have to clean it off again. I do understand the fact that dirt will be attracted to it and that enough dirt can bleed the voltage away but i do not think this is the case as i clean it so often and it is all sealed up. I just wanted your feed back because it is becoming tedius and i am starting to wonder weather it will affect the larger van de graaf. Thanks In Advance

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Trackers on vehicles?

How can i go and play in my (trackered) company van, with out the boss knowing? I don't think blocking it (if that's possible) will do, because they will think there's a problem, and get it seen to. If the answer is take it out, or part of it, and leave it at home, so they think the van is there, that would probably work, so, i look forward to your answers. Oh yeah, and if you can think of a way they will pay for the fuel, while i'm out playing, i'm all ears LOL.

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