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learn vbscripting

I want to learn vbscripting can somebody give me a site i know some very basic stuff

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VBScript Addition Problems? Answered

Hello I Have a Addition Problem In VBScript. If i use 2 Inputboxes to get to numbers (Lets say 3 and 5), there both numeric (isNumeric return "True"), but when i add them (c=a+b) and then msgbox 'c' it comes up '35' not 8. PLEASE HELP ME

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How to access Textbox & Command button in JAR application?

 I am new to VBS. I need to write a VBS script for accessing Textboxes & Command button in JAR application. As of now, I am able to open that application using WShell codes in VBS.

Question by Justlogin  

where can i find non-HTML vbscript tutorials?

I have been hunting for a vbs tutorial and cant find one that follows up with anything can anyone help?

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Does anyone know some cool things that i can do with vbscript i mean i tried to find some stuff on the net ansd i did but i want to learn more lol.

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Is there a systematic way to use VBScript?

I want to learn how to make all of those things.

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I made a vbscript. how do i get music to play in the background when you open the program?

its a vbscript program. it uses sapi voice and u can type anything that you want in and your computer will use the source to speak it the best that it can. i want like an opening background song when u open the program.

Question by Bert99  

HTA application help

Hello fellow friends, I have an HTA (HTML application) and im trying to create a button to change the "img src". Im attemping this by using a variable, but it doesnt work heres my code so far: Sub Window_Onload a="msgbox.jpg" End Sub Sub RunScript a="test.jpg" End Sub   Thanks in advance, -animan

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How would i save text in a VBScript code? Answered

So far i can create a text file with this code : set objFile= CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set textfile = objFile.CreateTextFile("Results.txt") but i dont know how i would save text to that file. any help?

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Constantly Test Variable in an HTML Application (HTA)? Answered

Hello I have a text area in an HTA form. I want to test if the area is empty, if so, disable a button using (run_button2.Disabled =True/False), if not enable the button. here is my section Script language is VBScript my big problem is that i dont know how to call a sub to repeat maybe i should you Window_onload with a loop but i dont know i that would slow the program down any PLEASE HELP

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How could I load a txt file into a HTA (HTML Application) Multi-line Textbox? Answered

Hello, I have an HTA file in it is a multi line textbox, I would like to load a txt file into this textbox. the script language is VBScript here is the textbox   Thanks in advance 1Animan

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