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Would a van de graaff be a good display to go with halloween? Answered

I was hoping to build a 500,000 volt vdg for halloween in the coming weeks up to halloween mainly because sparkes of that size are quite impressive but i am un sure because others may not be impressed and i would have wasted my money

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What is wrong with my VDG?

I have just finished my small van de graaf generator but have run into a problem. I am only really building this small one as a model for my future large VDG so it is not to important, I would just like to find out more. My setup consists of two wooden dowl rollers built up with tape to "bevel" them. the bottom roller is coated with paper while the top is coated with teflon tape. the belt is a section of rubber balloon. the tube is a PVC pipe which is split so i can easly open it up and make ajustments. i have found this setup to be very good and can often achieve 2 CM sparks whith only a beer can as a top load. The problem is after about 5 miniunts the output will slowly decline untill I can no loger get any sparks. when this happens i have to open up the PVC coulom and clean the belt and rollers with an alcohol wipe. After wards, the machine continues creating 2 CM sparks until i have to clean it off again. I do understand the fact that dirt will be attracted to it and that enough dirt can bleed the voltage away but i do not think this is the case as i clean it so often and it is all sealed up. I just wanted your feed back because it is becoming tedius and i am starting to wonder weather it will affect the larger van de graaf. Thanks In Advance

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other VDG s say you need one metal and one plastic roller (metal down, plastic up) any idea?

When searched on the internet there are many designs with one metal roller and one insulator roller

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Where can i find nylon?

I am building a vdg for sci fair and i don't know where to look for a nylon roller. also if i use nylon and the top and Teflon at the bottom will that work?

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What do i need to cut this?

I am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

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help with roller! need help asap

I built a vdg and it works. but since the top roller is AL all it does is produce static electricity until it sparks to the AL on the roller. instead of going to the dome. i have to present it at science fair so i need another roller. i was thinking nylon. so i bought a bed frame roller wheel. but i dont know if it is nylon. so does anyone know if there is any thing i could use that would be at hardware stores or any stores?

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Do you make other people's projects?

A question from Plasmana set me wondering - Do you follow other peoples' Instructables?Personally, the answer is mainly "no" (sorry Plasmana).I keep meaning to, I just never seem to have time to...I want to make a Kelvin's Thunderstorm, a VdG, Plasmana's shocker, a coilgun, a tiny robot, a plushie. I did make a vacuum cannon, but before I saw this site.What have you made from other peoples' projects?What do you plan to make?

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