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Droid Phone by Verizon!

Hey guys! i recently got a new phone called the Droid by Verizon! Its an amazing phone, and I just recently got it, so I was hoping that if any of you guys happened to have one of their own, they could tell me some cool things to do on it. You don't have to own the phone, you just need to know some of the features and what you can do on it that may be interesting.

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Verizon Phone help

I need help picking out a new phone(has to work with Verizon). I wish Verizon had J2ME. Any suggustions(not over $200) dollars.

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Those verizon ads are getting on my mind...

The new verizon ads are good for the site! But now there getting on my nerves. My regular routine is to click on the forums button. But now it's higher up, so now I'm hitting the verizon ad and going onto their site. Maybe if they were on the side it would be better. Is this getting on anybody else's nerves?

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Which cell network is better? Answered

Which cell network is better? At&t, or Verizon? Verizon just started service in our town, and they claim they own all the radio towers in the area after they purchased alltel. However, At&t has some good service too. I can get 5 bars in my bedroom. Any help? What I want you to consider: Phone selection, price of service, quality of service. Thanks!

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Need Help! smashed mobile phone, can I retrieve data?

My wife's mobile phone was run over by a car. It still works, but the screen is cracked. Verizon says they cannot retrieve the information on the phone without the screen working. Anyone know a way around this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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how do i put a verizon pre paid card on my at?

Purchased a prepaid verizon phone card plus want to use it on my at&t go phone

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How to make a Verizon internet card wifi? Answered

I have a UM175VW Verizon internet card.  It plugs into our USB port in our computer.  It doesn't have WIFI and only provides us with internet for the device its plugged into.  Is there any way to make it so that we can have WiFi with it, possibly with a router?  I am not very computer savvy, so if you can do it, please provide detailed instructions.  Thanks.

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Can you jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon Wireless cell phone service? Answered

Someone once told me that you can jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon but I wasn't sure if they were right, and I didn't want to find out after I had bought one that you could not.

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Hey guys I use the USB720 dongle from Verizon for my internet connection. It picks up a signal from cell towers.x

Hey guys, I use the USB720 dongle from Verizon for my internet connection. Lots of time the signal is poor. Would one of thesehelp me get a stronger signal? Thanx, Bob V.

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LG 5200 Verizon Wireless anybody got anything cool that i can do without cables or anything ?

I already know the secret menu one anybody got anything else?

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Anyone know how to make an Env 2 play a .jar game?

I know someone who had done it. i would like to figure how. i have a .jar game, i just don't where to put it in my memory card or how to get the phone to read it. i also heard that the env 2 from verizon doesn't read that file type. but i know they got it to work somehow! and its pokemon yellow version, so i know its not a bought brew game. lol thanks in advance for any help.

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recommendations for a cell phone?

Hey everyone, I'm going to be getting a cell phone this week, but its my first one and I have no clue whats good out there. I already know that I'll be using Verizon, so I wanted to see what everyone would recommend thats available on there network. I would like a flip phone with a decent camera and text/pic messaging capabilities, but beyond that I'm not too concerned about extra features. And I refuse to get the Razr, so don't even suggest it.Here is a list of verizon's phones:VerizonThanks!

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Voyager or Venus?

What would you rather have, The Voyager (cell phone) or The Venus? (cell phone)

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Where can i find free apps for my Verizon Wireless Samsung Alias (Samsung U740)?

I was interested in finding free things for my samsung alias. i'd really like a navigator/gps. that's what i am mainly looking for. thanks to anyone who can help!


How Do I get apps on the LG enV Touch?

After looking around on both my phone and the Verizon website, I cant find any way to download or otherwise obtain any sort of app. How can I get the apps, and how much does it cost?

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can I make my Verizon LG phone into a PDF reader?

 Anybody ever use their cell phone as a PDF reader? I wonder if it's possible to do. I have a lot of books on file that I would like to read on the go, but don't want to buy a Kindle since the tech is so new that it is too expensive and still in its infancy. 

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Can I transfer my ATT tower phone to work on Verizon towers?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Precedent on ebay. It's the 828C so it's supposed to work on verizon towers because it's a cdma. When I called Straight Talk to transfer my number they said that I couldn't do it because it is programmed to use Att towers. Anyway around this?

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new ad

I just got a taste of the new advertisement, I believe it is a verizon ad. i just need to say, that is effing annoying! pick another type of ad!!!

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Recommendations of a good ISP and Phone service needed....

I need a recommendation for possible ISP's and phone service bundles.   I have been looking at the AT & T one and a higher priced one from Quester, but am undecided at this point, since my verizon line will not stay connected long enough for me to search the web from click to click, much less "surf" the web *sigh* The location would have to be in Lancaster County, PA  (that's the USA for those outside the USA). :-) One ISP/Phone combo we've been looking at is:  Open range, anyone know anything about it?

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Motorola RAZR V3?

I have an old (deactivated) Motorola RAZR V3 (Or V3m, I'm not quite sure.) That used to be connected to Verizon. I'd like to re-purpose this device somehow. Any ideas?

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Iphone 4S Internal Speaker? Answered

I just purchased an Iphone 4S from verizon 2 days ago, it is the white model. However, the Internal Speaker will not work, and has never worked for anything: Apps, Music, Videos, Ringtones, etc. I made sure the phone was not on silent mode and the volume was up high.  I thought that the headphone detection could be malfunctioning, however when in music, I set the volume to highest possible with no headphones and then plugged in my headphones and the volume bar went to the previous setting with headphones. This makes me assume that it knows to play out of the speakers. Help would be appreciated, if the solution is not fixed, I will be trading in the phone at verizon.

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Loose MicroUSB jack on Galaxy Nexus

Hi I have a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon and I've noticed that the jack for the MicroUSB has gotten a bit loose with some MicroUSB cords. How can I fix this? Ideas.

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VERY Low requirement .SWF Games?

I'm looking for flash games that can be run on an LG enV Touch. So far, the only game I've found is Bowman, and even that is glitchy. So, I need a clean, lightweight, simple game in the format of .swf. Anybody have any of these they know of?

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can your text messages or pictures be viewed off of your phone?

Can my text messages be viewed off of my phone lik eon the verizon webstie or on the bill just curious cus thatd be a lot of text messages to review

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Slow PDF Download Speed

I'm running Macs, all with OSX 10.4x of a Verizon FIOS router (new) using the latest version of Firefox. Your pdf downloads are EXTREMELY slow, although pdf downloads from other websites are NOT. What gives? Is there a setting or some tweak I can do to speed things up? Neil

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Boosting broadband access from a usb modem?

How can I boost my broadband access from my usb modem? I am about 2 mi from nearest cell tower and I'm getting about 2 bars of national access to about 2 bars of broadband access (slow to medium speed). When I am in town by towers I get full 4 bars of broadband, (speed is phenomenal!) Is there anyway to boost my signal from home? Can I "ghetto" rig an antenna wire from usb modem antenna to the tv antenna on top of house? Any help appreciated... I have the USB720 modem from Verizon, and a new Dell Inspiron 1520 loaded with Windows Vista. Attached is modem specs from Verizon wireless. Thanx, The Revelator P.S. Hardline/fiber optics is not an option here, only cell phone access at house.

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Gamepad for a Motorola Droid Pro smartphone at all possible?

After seeing the Game-Gripper for various keypad smartphones, I wanted to have a gamepad for my phone as well. but i own a Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon and the screen and keyboard aren't right for some decent widescreen gaming. I dont think the game-gripper company makes pads for this kind of phone, so does anyone have any ideas on how i could either get or make a gamepad for this phone?

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Like I use makyamas free-wifi finder, and I have several wireless cards--usb: 2 from sprint, 1 from verizon, one in notebook and one external just for wifi. I want to combine them for one fat pipe and then send them thourgh my apple airport extreme for my self and neighbors; but I want to protect my internal data and such.

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I just bought a blitz phone from wal-mart and my bro lost it! how will i find it!! with a tracker or somthing? plz help!

Its a Verizon Wireless Samsung Blitz phone and i just bought it with my b-day money!! i am ripping p'ed off right now kuz my brother lost it-IT WAZ $100!! i almost never get that much $$$$!! Please some one help me! can i track it with a tracking device or somthing? pleeeaase some one help me!!

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Connecting my laptop to PS3 using Cat 5 ethernet Answered

Ok, I am running windows 7 on a gateway laptop.  my internet connection is verizon wireless, using their 3G internet card, and plugs into my usb port.  I tried connecting my PS3 to my laptop using a Cat 5 ethernet cable, but my PS3 can't connect.  I am unsure as to whether this is a win 7 network security issue or whatever else.  Please help!   :D

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Phone LCD screen usage

I want to reuse an LG LCD phone screen that was from an old phone. I want to have it as a notification window style screen for my computer or a twitter feed. Or something like that. Is there any way that I can do this easily? I'm a beginner at any type of coding or hands on building. So any tutorial that is descriptive would be nice. The LCD's are from an LG Chocolate 2 on Verizon and an LG NTLG300GB on Net10 and are both color displays. Any project to make it be able to connect to the computer and have text sent to it.  Thanks, Alex

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Hacking cell phone buttons

Hey there everyone, I'm trying to hack a cell phone such that I can simulate a button being 'pressed' by some other external switch.  I simply want to wire a lead on either side of the button so that I can essentially short it out (and then set it up so that the call is set up off of other circuit triggers such as 555 timer). If anyone has a recommended type of phone to use for prototyping purposes, I'd love to know.  Otherwise I'm just using a verizon pre-paid phone I picked up from 7-11 (will attach picture shortly)

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Beginning Mobile App Programming? Answered

I was teaching my kids software development. I haven't been in the field for quite some time and was wondering what would be the most appropriate choice for mobile development. For instance, I want to keep Verizon, purchase X, Y or Z phone and be capable of installing custom apps/software/whatever [so we may use GPS capabilities]. They've gone over scripting, c++ and do extremely well with c#, XNA and oop in general. We currently have a Blackberry, but we'd like to know what other options are out there so they may jump into without much knowledge of the interface. Mac products not even considered.

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My cell phone screen wont show up and i cant recieve or dial calls either how can i make my phone work?

My (LG cosmo) phone is not turning on, i was washing dishes and started texting with my hands being wet sadly  to that brilliant idea  consequences are my phone will light up but only the front and not the keyboard but screen will say verizon but will start vibrating and then screen wont turn on what are some ways to make it turn on i really need my phone ASAP any easy suggestions and will puting my phone infrony of the cooler be any help?

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Spamming: Legalized in Virginia... Super Spammer walks free

"The right to engage in anonymous speech, particularly anonymous political or religious speech, is an aspect of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment," Agee wrote, citing a 1995 U.S. Supreme Court case."By prohibiting false routing information in the dissemination of e-mails," the court ruled, Virginia's anti-spam law infringes on that protected right ."ISPs were outraged. "Horrendous," said Jon Praed of the Internet Law Group, which has represented America Online, Verizon and other Internet providers. "The idea that someone can intrude on someone else's mail server, because they might be reciting the Gettysburg Address? I guess a burglar can break into your home as long as they are reciting the Gettysburg Address." Link to the article....

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How do you use a cell phone as a modem? Answered

A friend of mine will be going into the mountains to work at a camp. The problem is this friend has to do school online. There is one little patch of area that Verizon can get through and there is internet access. My friends phone can get internet (it's an HTC Droid, though I am not quite sure which one) but my friend can't do school on the phone :P.  My friend does have a dell laptop with Vista. My friend doesn't want to set up a whole new account with the cell phone company. So I am wondering how to connect the phone to the computer so that the computer has internet access, kinda like an antenna.

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Cell / mobile phone signal relay.

I work in a building with a metal roof that is also in a small valley. We have absolutely no reception inside the building. Outside we have about 4 to 5 bars, inside there are none. Maybe one if you are near a window. The building is mainly one large open space on the side. I was wondering if it might be possible to passively "pipe in" cell phone reception. I was thinking of a large antenna on the roof that would be connected to a smaller antenna affixed to the middle of the ceiling of the main room. I know the antennas would need to be tuned to the correct bandwidths and I would need a little help with that. (Our carrier is Verizon in the USA btw). Would this sort of setup be feasible?

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samsung delve and blocked school computers?

what it do world, im a newbie to this computer thing kinda, not really what i mean is s have finally graduated from point and download and just surfing around. now i want to learn script, and keylogging and wep but for now i will settle for the knowledge of how to unlock a alltel samsung delve so that i can put verizon wireless minutes on it i have read some of the posts here and alot of you guys are pretty good, if you could be of any help please do. also i have a friend who has aschool laptop and can not access this site and it would help her alot if you could tell me how to get passed that block. contact me at

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how to amplify my sprint sierra 250u aircard signal?

I live in the woods where comcast or verizon hi speed internet isn't avaliable, so i use my 250u aircard connected to a 3g router for internet. my download speed is pretty stable, but my upload speed is up and down. if i can get a stable upload speed of over 100kp i'm fine, but sometimes its like 30,56, 21kp, when i play my xbox online if i have an upload speed over 100kp i don't have an issue, but below that my game lags so bad. how can i amplify my signal so it doesn't drop? do you think an old satelite dish in front of the aircard turned at the correct direction can amplify my signal?

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A is for Amazon, B is for Best Buy

So while using the new "Google Instant," I noticed that just one letter would bring a suggestion up in grey in the text box. And so, I found that as of 9:24PM, Central Time USA, A is for Amazon B is for Best Buy C is for Craigslist D is for Dictionary E is for eBay F is for Facebook G is for Gmail H is for Hotmail I is for Ikea J is for James Avery K is for Kroger L is for Lowes M is for Myspace N is for Netflix O is for Office Depot P is for Pandora Q is for Quotes R is for Realtor S is for Skype T is for Target U is for UPS V is for Verizon W is for Wal-mart X is for Xbox Y is for Yahoo Z is for Zappos Fifteen of these are businesses. Oh no! over half of the alphabet is out to get your money. I can imagine some kid in school: Teacher: L is for lemon, M is for Moose, N is for - Kid: Netflix! Teacher: What? No! N is for -  Kid: Nissan! Teacher: NO!

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UPDATE on Radio Interview on Craftsman Experience

The Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV has asked me talk for a short piece on their  Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV.  If all goes accordingly, the interview  will happen around  12:40pm ET on Wed 8/10 and will be a 5 minute segment.  They stream live at and at 11am CT every Wednesday and Sunday,  in the event anyone wants to tune in to it.  These same folks interviewed Randofo (Randy) awhile back, so I am pretty excited about this. *sigh*  Figures this would occur in the middle of Verizon's STIKE !   They dropped my call, twice....I finally got back to them and apologized.....thankfully most of the "story" got told, so I am told.   I wonder if they record it for later listening ?   MINE is here,  around the 44 minute mark (if you care to hear me for a few minutes and then listen as my phone dies.....

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For Sale Nextel i870 i860 i830 i730 i710 Refurbished mobile phone housing flex cable lcd

Longaim is a cell phone accessories supplier and exporter from China, and it supplies a full range of cell phone accessories for Samsung, Nextel, Audiovox, Ericsson, Sanyo, Verizon, LG, Sharp, Panasonic, Alcatel, Kyocera, Sagem, Philip, Nokia, Motorola, and Siemens. The products include cell phone antenna, Bluetooth, batteries, cover, charger, case, cable, keypad, clip, faceplate, flex cable, headset, adaptor, LCD screen, Lens, hands-free kit, strap, car chargers, memory cards, mobile phone holders, repair tools, spare parts. Providing 'Quality Products, Excellent Service, Competitive Prices and Prompt Delivery', we are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information. Company name Longaim International Ltd. Mail box or Tel 86-20-81506926 Fax 86-20-81624557 Website Contact person sky Address HuaDi Road, Guangzhou City, China Zip code 510375 Country/City Guangzhou, China Regards, Monica Chen

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GPS reciever from cell phone!

Okay, i just got back from an air force base on a extremely classified training mission. but while i was there i learned a little known fact about a device that almost EVERYONE has in there pockets right now! well let me first tell you about a law that was passed somewhere between 2000-2005 that states " all cellular devices produced after this date must have a Global Positioning Service "GPS" device/module installed". so all post millennium cell phones have GPS in them and enabled for mostly federal uses. Your cellphone service providers such as Verizon have barely caught on to the trend and realized that since they already have a virtually unused GPS device inside why not utilize it? so they added a GPS service to it. thought not bug free, it is and amazing device for its size. it can give you position, speed, and altitude! so my question is as follows... how in the heavens can we "extract" and "utilize" this chip from our old our spare cell phones? this is possible but how? possibly paired with and Arduino? if anyone has a degree in engineering or a local library and the ingenuity to reverse engineer a mobile device, then the possibilities are endless! this is up to you instructables community!

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How can I get my Sony PlayStation2 Game Saves Transfered to my Laptop?

NO I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A FLASH DRIVE OUT OF MY PS2 MEMORY CARD!!  What i want to do is maybe create an adapter that will plug my ps2 memory card directly to my laptop by USB?? like if possible a total plug & play type hack...  Be able to transfer my game saves to my laptop and also transfer other saves from my laptop back to the ps2 memory card so that it will still work and play when i go back to playing a game on the Sony PlayStation2.  Kinda like how i can plug my Verizon LG cellular phone from its charging port with the USB wall wart adapter to my laptop port and i can straight up just move/copy/transfer files around instantly and it still functions. **I've bought a PS2/PS3 memory card adapter unit from store and it did nothing, I tried on my friends PS3 to see if anything can be done there. thought for what I want/NEED it to do it WON'T so thats just a waste.  I've also seen somewhere someone posted a simple hack of a PS2 controller pinout to some other PC Port dunno if maybe can do similar for my purpose... pic included..

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iPad Problems - 14 Problems with Apple's iPad

Apple just revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet that will probably make it one of the first failures by Apple's latest line of products. Apple revealed this new Tablet PC as a challenger to netbooks. However, it's already been labeled a "less powerful, but more expensive netbook." Here are 14 iPad problems that made this Apple iPad an iDisappointment. 1. No Multitasking The Apple iPad is just like the iPhone, in that there is no multitasking. You can't work on a document and talk on AIM or Gtalk. In other words, the iPad just a giant iPod Touch (the iPod Touch being better) and cannot match netbooks. 2. It Has an Awkward Design The design is a bit awkward because you have to hold it in one hand and balance it while your other hand uses the functionality or more likely you will need to put it on your knees to use it properly. It's like holding a monitor, I'm sure nothing will happen to it. Some people complain about the Bezel being too large, but perhaps this was necessary so that you don't constantly give commands while moving around. 3. No Adobe Flash Were you considering watching Hulu on this? How about youtube (well we'll have to wait for an app for that)? Thinking of playing flash games while waiting on the bus? Oh well. 4. No USB, Need Adapters Again with the iPod design, you need to plug in the special Apple adapter. If you lose it, you'll have to buy another. If you want to plug in multiple devices you need USB to iPad adapters! Since it's not even using Mac OS, most USB devices would probably not work anyway. 5. AT&T; Once Again Are you thinking of purchasing the 3G version? You'll need to get it with AT&T; and think of how overloaded their service will be now. There is no Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint service available for this product, some of which has better coverage. You can't use T-Mobile's 3G at all because of their MicroSIM made specifically for AT&T.; 6. Memory Business Model Apple will charge you extra for higher memory. It's a business model they use for all their products to increase profits. That's why they don't want other storage devices being inserted to improve memory. You're also stuck with a limit of 64GB, so don't think about putting in all your music, movies, or games. 7. Touch Keyboard Many people were complaining about the touchscreen keyboard. Which would be fine if it worked perfectly and you didn't have to sit it exactly on your lap and make sure it's flat. You can however, attach an Apple keyboard, just another way for Apple to make money. 8. App Store Again Just like the iPod Touch you have to download everything from an App store. Meaning if you don't like Safari, you're stuck with it. Some apps may be banned once again. 9. No Cameras Yeah no web cams on the front, and no cameras for photos or videos from the back either. 10. No Removable Battery You can't just take an extra battery with you on a long trip because the battery works the same way as an iPod (though my bet is, it doesn't last as long). 11. No HDMI/DVI Output You can't plug this thing into your TV to display your HD movies. You'd need AppleTV for that. 12. No Widescreen 16:9 ain't happening, you're stuck with a 4:3 screen. 13. No GPS There's no GPS, so --unlike the T-Mobile MyTouch or the Verizon Droid which both run on Android, can multitask and have GPS so that you can use the Beta Google Maps Navigation system for turn-by-turn directions-- you're stuck with locating yourself via WiFi hotspots. 14. It's Large, Slow, and Clunky Not only will you have to buy accessories to protect your device, it's very large making it easy to drop and probably won't live a healthy life in a backpack filled with notebooks and other possibly sharp objects. There may be a number of accessories sold by Apple to cover some of these problems. The iPad max speed is 1GHz (A4 processor) and will probably be just as slow surfing the web as most other smartphones and it won't match up to netbooks. There is no Mac OS X or anything either, it's definitely the iPhone OS except without the Phone capability and of course I'm sure they will ban Google Voice and Skype. The iPad is about the size of a Kindle, so it is nice for reading e-books I suppose, but then I'm not sure why I wouldn't just buy a Kindle. As with all companies that initially have much success, they get a little overconfident and launch a product just to create more hype and increase their stock prices.   More related iPad Problem resources: ipad wiki - What you need to know about iPad The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. Announced on January 27, 2010, it is similar in functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch, running the same operating system (iPhone OS) and almost all of the same applications...

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