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Are Spammers following me via ?

I am an Instructables Pro member and I have never posted an instructable. So, I'm always curious when another Instructables members decides to "follow" me. Why are they following me when I never submit anything? I recently received e-mail from Instructables that I am being followed by The California Business Directory. I love Instructables but the possibility that my membership information is being exploited for business purposes or used to send me unsolicited advertising is very disturbing. Please advise.

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Please can any1 help me to find out the RPM of a 120mm Fan via USB Idea ? without connecting the fan to the motherboard

Hi folks, i have a few PWM 120mm PC Fan's, but one is so cheap & nasty that it only had the power specs on it and i have quite a few fans like this but wanted to find out the RPM of it but without actually hooking it up to my motherboard of my PC as im severely mobility impaired and my pc is in such an area that it would take an able-bodied person a few days of removing the barricade-mountain of 'stuff', lol, from all around it to get to the PC, so... ive got a bunch of usb cables just sitting around so is there a way i can use 3 USB cables to connect to 3 individual ports to supply the 12v needed by this 120mm fan (and somehow reducing the 15v in total from 3-added USB sockets' power added together to give 12v and my USB Hub is powered) and also a way of connecting the PWM wire of the fan to one of the USB ports so that a software like SpeedFan could detect it being connected so that i could find out the RPM of it (and write up an instructable about it too !!) the only info on the fan is: DC Brushless 12V 0.30A this would be a great project i wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into and i simply cant afford such fancy devices like a digital stroboscope that measures fan RPM so kinda living on a shoe-string here and i would really love to make some kind of USB-type simple device that could detect any fan's RPM that plugged into it via 4-pin Molex or the 3-pin connector: would i need extra circuitry for the software SpeedFan to use to enable it to detect a fan at the USB Port ? would it be possible to make a simple schematic for me if circuitry would be needed (i can read-schematics (just-about, lol, only started learning electronics!) & make my own PCB's) & how would i drop 15volts to 12volts so that the voltage doesn't fry my fan ?!? any & all advice is greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance !!

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Kicking Me Out

I'm using Windows 7 on a desktop PC with Firefox 28.0 as the browser. When I go to it shows me as being logged out and won't let me log in. When I navigate to any other page on the website, I'm logged in as usual. I've tried getting to this page via the papercraft contest as well as copying and pasting the link into my address bar.

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controlling LED's via USB?

I was thinking about making something similar to this. I wanted to also have the 12 LED's (4 of each color). However, I also wanted to be able to control them from my computer, and possibly make them react to music. I'm not the most experienced with LED's, voltages, etc. etc. etc. I'm taking a digital electronics class, but we have been prototyping circuits on breadboards and building them with schematics software, so building a simple circuit wouldn't be too much of a problem. But, thats about all we've done. I don't have much experience writing code for anything, however, my friend is pretty decent with VB and vaguely able to code in either C or C## (forgot), so I could probably get him to help me with the coding. Can someone either point me to a website that would be helpful, or explain to meA)How to make the circuit if I need to make oneB)How to connect it to my computer (I was thinking USB, but I'm not sure how I'd do it)C)how to write a program to change colors, and possibly make it react to music

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Newsletter via gmail and then into wlmail

I'd like to keep receiving e newsletters but they have always been 'bad'. They never come out correctly in my wlmail client. It is basically a series of boxes with a cross at top. When I press a cross it opens up IE which I never use (FF only) and here is the page it takes me to with various instructions as to why something went wrong. Yours is the only newsletter this happens to. here is the link. wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc: for design square I got this in IE wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc:

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unlock car via cellphone

Can u unlock a car with a cellphone heres the situation i lock my keys in the car i call the person with the spare key and tell them to hold the key next to the cell phone and press unlock while i hold my phone next the some area of the car i have a 09 2dr wrangler (jk is the model letters) i have seen this in the int some cars it works some cars it doesnt so if any of u have done this let me know where to hold my cell phone up to the car at if its possible with this model i know they use frequencys tailored to each car so maybe a cellphone cant carry them over a phone to the car could u record the frequency and then play it back thru ur cellphone?????????

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Idea - Help Me Create It!

I want to create, frame, and wall mount a simple screen which automatically refreshes via wifi every day with a new image taken offline. I envision a small screen on my wall that will automatically update with the new astronomy picture of the day ( or the wikipedia featured picture or whatever I want.  It will showcase better artwork than anything I can buy and the image will never get old because it will always be changing.  I have no idea how to go about creating this and really hope someone can help.  

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Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

Please help me with that: Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? I'll accept any price

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Motionactivated camera that sends pic via phone???

Excuse me I'm green here but my brother said this is the place to ask... There are a lot of game cameras for capturing game pics. These are set up around game trails, feeders ect to capture pics of animals(bigfoots) coming and going. They are set in the field and checked periodicly. No big deal if you live close by but there are areas I'd like to check on 100 miles from me. Plus these cames are suject to being stolen.Some one is now making one that send the pic to a website via a Tmoble acct. A great idea, pics are sent when they are taken ( a thief cannot walk home with is photo under his arm). But... $500?? plus acct. activation? and a serparate website? nuts In reviewing the stuff here and failing to find or ask properly...i know there is talent here to create somthing that will work and send the pics directly to an individual email acct. The cheepest digital game cam is $60 at walmart, I figure a cheep pay as you go cell phone and viola! except I'm better at fixing boats. If anyone can put me on the right track to simplifing this I would appriciate it. Thanks cw

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how to on/off a motor via any tv remote ?

I want to on /off a motor of 7.2volt and 650mah via any tv remote please help me i am new to wireless technology and i dont know about it it is urgent project  please help me with proper systematic diag i dont want any readymade circuit i want to make it myself so if anyone of you smart people know about ir technology please tell me  i would be very very thankful for that

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any device to convert battery to ac mains?

Is there a way to power any ac 240v device via batteries, usb or dynamo?

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Popular Instructable, not in recent or availble via search

Hello, I posted an Instrucable yesterday and views have exploded, reaching 2,270 and rapidy going up. I received an email about two hours ago telling me my Instructable is "popular". However, it is neither listed under recent Instructables, nor does it come up with a search. The only way it is available is via URL. I posted it to a couple of subreddits, views from Reddit total 272. Somehow people on the Instructables app are viewing it, with a total of 373 views. But this only adds up to about 700 views. Are the rest from random Google searches? If so, survival must be a much larger concern that I would have thought. If somebody could explain this for me, that would be great. I'm pretty confused, haha. Cheers, *Confused* Darman12

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How to connect arduino to processing via bluetooth?

Hey I made a robot using arduino and I want to control it through pc. but im having trouble with communication between arduino and laptop via processing through bluetooth . My module is on com32. So can anyone give me an example code to refer to or some tips on processing.

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Electromagnetic levitation via a grid of magnetic "pixels"? Let me clarify...

 An idea popped into my head a few months ago whiles reading about superconductors and how they create a magnetic "mirror image" of the magnet levitating above them. I imagined a grid of small electromagnets arranged similar to the pixels of a computer screen, each one individually controlled by a computer. Some sort of sensing mechanism, of equal resolution to the grid, would detect the magnet's flux at any given point and send that to the software. The computer would model, in real-time, how it must adjust the magnetic grid to compensate for the momentum and weight of the unique magnet floating above the grid. Basically, the software would mirror the magnetic field to allow for perfect stability and even maybe some level of control by offsetting the stability slightly to make the magnet move across the table. So is this even possible? Does it already exist? Do I get a cookie? *Target all weapons on that idea and FIRE! Shoot it down.*

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Charging batteries via a 5v USB connection

I am working on a project that requires 4 AA batteries. I would like to discuss if it is possible to create a charger that would charge the batteries (rechargeable AA's of course) via a 5V USB cable. The unit itself would not need to use the 5V USB power to operate, just to recharge the batteries when not in use. Does anybody know if this is possible? Please let me know if this a vague question, as I am in no means a professional in this area. Thanks in advance to any insightful comments!

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robot control via internet and shield gsm

Hello from tunisia could you please help me a little bit about my final project fo study i wanna control a robot using a gsm/gprs shield arduino and a arduino mega 2560 card. i wanna make a webpage that control the robot via internet using the sim card inside the robt. do you have anyidea how to do it . is it possible that the robot send pictures capture of the camera ov 7670 cmos  to the web page . thank you

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robot control via internet and shield gsm

Hello from tunisia could you please help me a little bit about my final project fo study i wanna control a robot using a gsm/gprs shield arduino and a arduino mega 2560 card. i wanna make a webpage that control the robot via internet using the sim card inside the robt. do you have anyidea how to do it . is it possible that the robot send pictures capture of the camera ov 7670 cmos  to the web page . thank you

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ME Position at IDEO Chicago

Global design and innovation consultancy IDEO, in search of a creative, cutting-edge senior engineer to help bring user-centered designs products and services to life. Start date: immediately. Location: Chicago. YOU: * Are naturally curious, creative, and on top of technology trends. * Are an inspiring engineering thinker and doer who works well with individuals of varying (i.e., non-engineering) backgrounds. * Are an engineer at heart, but like the idea of embracing tasks as varied as building prototypes for field-testing in Kenya to helping a large Midwestern consumer goods company plan out a strategic roadmap for a new product category. * Are a good visual and verbal communicator who can explain complex technical concepts simply and clearly to clients—and fellow team members. * Have deep engineering expertise (3-5 years) stewarding innovations from concept through launch, or analyzing and solving complex problems. * Love creating looks-like/works-like prototypes and have relevant skills such as fluency in 3D CAD, basic skills in interactive electronic prototyping, good shop skills etc. * Hold a master’s degree in an engineering or related field or have equivalent professional experience. * Have a diverse and eclectic background that will add new perspective to our team. IDEO CHICAGO: * Is a design and innovation consultancy that uses human-centered design-thinking to help businesses and not-for-profits grow via the creation of new-to-the-world products, services, and environments. * Provides a creative playground for just a few of following disciplines: Human Factors Research, Engineering, Industrial, Communication, Business, Environments, and Interaction Design+ Is a studio environment that is highly collaborative and unconventional, that encourages and supports new ideas, and that is playfully serious and non-hierarchical. If you like getting your hands dirty, you’ll love our organic rooftop garden. * Is known for its award-winning work in the areas of branded experiences, energy, financial services, health and wellness, consumer products, and food and beverage, among others. * Counts among our diverse clients: AT&T;, PNC, McDonald’s, Target, Ford Motor Company, and Bayer, among others. * Is a 55-plus-person studio in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop. If this sounds like a good professional and personal match, please provide us with a portfolio of previous work. The portfolio may include—but doesn’t have to be limited to—CAD images, technical drawings, part/prototype pictures, and mathematical and technical simulations. We’d also love to hear about your hobbies, passions, and creativity outside of engineering. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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Controlling the speed of a Delta fan via PWM? Answered

First off, i would like to state i am a beginner in this area of whatever this area may be considered to you (Not a complete beginner, i know one or two things...). With that being said, i may need things explained to me to a certain level of extent.  The way i learn is hands on, and having a goal. Since i want to learn the basics of Pulse Width Modulation, i started looking around for a project, and had found one after my brother, a person who works in the International part of Technology (IT Guy.) gave me a project to work on, The project being, to control a 12 volt,  4 amp, 48 watt delta fan and the speed it spins at. His reason being, "I have two delta fans that do a wonderful job at cooling my ridiculously overkill of a computer. My problem, is that the amount of noise they make is too loud, and i would like to be able to adjust the speed of them in order to reduce noise." Since his motherboard cannot control the speed of the fans, he is looking of a manual way of doing it, sticking some sort of device in between the ATX power supply, and the input for the fan(s). The fans have three cables: Red(Positive) Black(Negative) and Blue(With minimal research, i believe this is a censor for the CPU to know at what speed the fan is running at. I also heard it is used for speed control? Someone please clarify.) Looking into methods of reducing speed, adjusting the Pulse width looked like the best idea. Now, for my question. How would i make a device capable of controlling the PWM of such device listed above? I would like to adjust speed via a potentiometer. Thank you for your time and support, -RocketPenguin/Nicola Tesla/LinuxJunkie

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Help and idiot to control LEDs via USB

I have what's a common question, however the usual answers I see relate to Arduino or some other all-in-one package which I really want to avoid. It's been 4-5 years since I did anything like this and I've pretty much reverted to an amateur again! My aim is to build the simplest circuit to control anywhere from 8 to 64 LEDs via USB within Windows and Linux using C or assembly. I'm not adverse to doing some PIC work but I no longer own any of the kit so would need to pick up the programmer again... if I could avoid doing this it would be great but I don't know if it's feasible. Should I be looking at FTDI chips or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a basic instructable that I've overlooked that might point me in the right direction?

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can anyone teach me servo 101 simply? Answered

i want to do a pan/tilt head to put a light on top (probably leds) ive read on the internet that servos are controlled via pwm, is there any simpler ways to controll it with a potentiometer? i can build this circuit no problems, its just to know

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Free energy via adjusting buoyancy- why not?

Hypothetical setup- a floating object which can adjust its own buoyancy via ballast tanks full of air (if it's a submarine) or compressing/expanding a helium bag (if it's a blimp).  Naively, it feels like the amount of energy you could harness by letting it float and sink is a lot compared to the amount of energy required to adjust the buoyancy, but I'm starting from the axiom that free energy is impossible so I must have made an error somewhere. If we take the example of a submarine, is it that filling the ballast tanks with air effectively raises the sea level by a tiny fraction, and that water's potential energy is what makes the submarine float upwards? I guess in the case of a helium balloon, the act of inflating it pushes the atmosphere upwards and that is what provides it with lift.  This question was prompted by a Youtube video of a hybrid helium-balloon-airliner that used buoyancy to reach altitude and then glided back downwards, which made me think "that's quite a neat idea... hang on... where does the energy come from?".

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Dodgy email sent to me via Instructables Scam, spam, hacked email

I was not sure where to post this but, it appears the Instructables email may have been used for mischief (or some one really likes me) I received the following email from "" on my home email address, It a has not appeared on any Instructable in-box, and the link doesn't seem to go anywhere Hi liquidhandwash! To view all your comments in one place please visit your Comment Tracker: --------------------------------------- From: philomina Date: May 24, 2013. 5:58 PM Subject: hello my name is Philomina edwin i wish to request for your friendship Write back to me here in my email address ( i will tell you more about my self, thanks I wish to hear from you soon, Yours friend, Philomina reply:;=CDCJ2AGHH2W3AL8 --------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Robot To turn off these notification messages, please visit your preferences:

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Can anyone out there please make me one of these?

I don't really have any place or time to do it, but i would like one. i'll pay $100 via pay pal?

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Help Needed, 3D Printing Via Electroplating

A few years ago I saw a 3D printer that printed using UV reactive resin and a DLP projector and I obviously started thinking about ways to make this for myself. Recently I have been entertaining the idea of repurposing the old CRT technology with phosphors that produce UV light to replace expensive DLP projectors but I couldn't think of an easy way to do that. I was fiddling with various ways of repurposing one of my old CRT monitors when I had a decent idea. Instead of converting electron beams into light to harden resin why don't we harness the electron beams for the purpose of electroplating! Instead of resin we could use an ion solution and build models out of metal! Of course we would still need to replace the phosphors embedded glass screen with a conductive plate to serve as a non-consumable anode. Unfortunately I do not have the time or resources to do this myself so I wanted to post this to the Instructables Community and see If anyone felt this was a worthwhile project.  Please let me know what you think of the idea! I would love to see this turn into an actual project.

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Save button not working

It won't let me save a Photos instructable, and it will not lets me upload pictures in the instructable uploader, I have to upload via my library. This means I cannot publish, please help!

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Why the welcome page doesn't alllow me to see any instructabe?

I can acces the instructables via the specific link or google search but after a few seconds it redirects me to the welcome page again

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can i learn key board through instructables?


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Distance alert?

I need to create a device that alerts me, via fob or whatever, when I am five feet from source.

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accepted my paypal payment but not giving me Pro Membership???

I made a payment via paypal to keep my pro membership from expiring. Instructables let it  expire anyway after processing the payment. I have sent TWO emails (one as a reply to the notice the account expired and one to the contact address on Paypal information) but have only gotten auto replies in return. HOW DO I GET HELP ???

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what are all the android apps can be used to control arduino via Bluetooth?

I am planning to control the arduino board via Bluetooth that's why i want to know which android app can be used to control. Can any one suggest me the apps

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Newbe + Arduino Mega via codevision + AD9850 = Guidance needed?

Hello,Im very new to 'C' and codevision and have set myself a task to get a AD9850 module working. But there are two things in my way and they are understanding datasheets and writing C code. So first question would anyone help guide me through writing the necessary drivers? or is anyone aware of a web page with the necessary information. I have had the AD9850 working in the Arduino using 3rd party library. I would like to learn how to do this myself (with guidance) but I am a (young) family man with limited time to spend on myself, hence the call for guidance. I was thinking of using the SPI port to send the serial data out, tho this is different to how the arduino boys wire the module up. I know this isn't much information to go on but I am leaving up to you to ask me questions as to not make this intro too long and boring. Last thing is I am planing to post my experience on learning C using the arduino mega on the big bad web so the information might be useful to other newbies or add it to other someone else's site. Many thanks in advance.

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Can you help me wire these lights? Answered

Hi, im getting a new computer soon and the case has got me dreaming yet again. its a coolmaster stacker 830. im planning on putting blue LEDs inside so the computer glows from the two side, top and front mesh screens along with underneath and behind. I originally thought LEDs would work but then i found these. I think this would be best for lighting things up and making everything look nice. I first wanted to power everything via USB but i have a feeling thats out of the question with these. My plan as of now is to use my Bescor ac adapter for my video light. the adapter is 12v 500mA. would this be enough to power 6 of the led light strips i linked. also what resistiors if any should i add and how would it be best to wire them?(power branched to 6 resistors each with a LED strip or power one resistor then that branched to the LED strips) A huge thanks to any help i get ahead of time,                                              Tyler K.

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Project Help

Hi friends I am Sahir An Electrical Engineering student. I want to make a project of controlling my room lights and fan via computer so that i can turn them off and on via computer and the status of on or off is also displayed on computer.I am confused how to start and from where. Please Help me in achiving it..........thanks

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help me learn and create a multi purpose controller

Hi all, I want to build a hardware controller that has a few switches/buttons and will communicate with the pc via usb. The purpose for this is to control  software, for me its DAW's, but could easily work with games, video editing software etc. Step 1 materials/parts Looking for *pressure switches (is that correct?). I want velocity sensitive switches *rotary switch, something like a joystic with X|Y|Z movement *what kind of electronics, circuits, etc should these connect to? Step 2 connecting to a pc / communication * how to program the controller, are there any SDK's for this? I can use any pointers for learning,cost effective  suggestions, inspiration from similar projects etc Thank you in advance

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PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Moisture sensor plan not working - or is it me :-(

Can anybody PLEASE help, I am in the UK and eager to grow melons next spring. I need to know when the roots of the tub need water so decided to make a moisture sensor. I found a ‘plan’ online, bought about £20 of components (I need two sensors) and have spent all afternoon TRYING to get it to work. One was connected via a circuit board and the other without. Neither work, the LED comes on on both versions but does not go out when the terminal probes are put in water, as they would when the plant roots are moist. i enclose the original internet plan and a (poor) picture of my ‘‘air connection’ version....should this plan work? And if so, why isn’t it? thanks in anticipation

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Can anybody help me with my arduino and android programming issue?

I have created an arduino gadget that I control via an app on my android phone that was made in app creator. the "gadget" is an RGB LED that has the RGB levels controlled by red, green and blue up and down arrows. they communicate via a serial bluetooth adapter, the app sends a letter via bluetooth "A", "a" etc... and the arduino reads them like so: if (Serial.available() > 0) { incomingByte =; char character = char(incomingByte);   if (character == 'A')   {    redLevel += 20;   } } and then the R, G and B levels are written using analogWrite. It works but it is not great. my issues are as follows: to change a colour level, red for example, I have to tap the red arrow multiple times, basically just sending the serial character over and over to change the analog level by 20 each time. Is there a way to do this where I can hold down the button and the level will fade? I am pretty sure this has to do with the android app rather than the arduino sketch but I could be wrong... Also, the analog level cycles, that is to say that when the colour is at it's brightest level, pressing the UP arrow again turns that colour off or if not off back to the lower end of the analog values. I am pretty sure this particular issue is in the arduino code. what can I put in my code that keeps the level at 255 if going up and 0 if going down? any help appreciated and I will give credit where credit is due when I end up turning this into an instructable. Thank you very much.

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What will breathing air in an enclosed space with elevated hydrogen levels do to me? Answered

I'm making rust via electrolosis (with tablesalt enhancing), the water level has dropped about half an inch, and the liquid is a heavy black Fe3O4 sludge, meaning that there has been alot of hydrogen released. Basically, what are the signs/symptoms of hydrogen poisoning?

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How to control a momentary switch from the web via a smartphone?

So we have an electronic gate that uses a push button momentary switch for opening and closing. The button itself is not unlike a doorbell or garage door button. I've been trying to figure out a way to remotely control this button from the web via a smartphone. I've looked around and found all number of light switches and power outlets that can be web controlled, but can't seem to locate a momentary relay for my purposes. I was hoping to be able to patch into or replace the existing button with something that would give me the capability, but without breaking the bank.  Is there a momentary relay out there that can easily be connected to my home network?  Thanks.

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How can i send message to other members who follows me?

How can i send (via iPhone app or Chrome app) a message to my followers or other members here?.,i was able to send a private message before to my followers or other members here.,all i have to do is click on the members name & try to open it on new tab.There.,i can simply send a private message.but now.,i'm always been diverted to members mobile view(that has no option for me to send a message(what's going on) ,.,i encounter these during the  last update of the intructables app .,i'm having difficult time to find a way to send a private message directly on iphone,Although i know how to send a private message via PC.,Hoping someone will give me an insight how to resolved this matter.

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Using external battery VIA existing Laptop battery pack

Hi, I'm one of these people that haven't thoroughly searched these forums for solutions before posting. So - sorry for that in advance! However I have thoroughly searched in the past, but hadn't found what I was looking for, so that's something :-P . If anyone would have the good grace to direct me in the right direction i'd appreciate it :) . I've seen a bunch of 'replace the batteries in your Laptop battery pack' guides, yet i'd like to avoid doing this, and simply use an existing multi-voltage (9, 12, 19v) battery pack I already have - because it's like 16,000mah, and I already take it with me for many other gadgetries already.  I was thinking I could take apart battery pack, take out dead cells if possible (or leave in if need be), and wire in an input socket to laptop battery pack so I can plug the external batt directly into the internal battery pack. My WISHFUL thinking is that the charge current going into the battery pack - when normally plugged in and charging would be close enough to what it could get from the external battery pack so I could plug straight into the battery (but could add a voltage regulator from external batt if need be), and the laptop would run as if on battery alone (10.8v 5200mah, 56wh), just for much longer. So i'd be tricking laptop into thinking it's running from the battery, with the current coming from the external battery pack, as opposed to running at 19v 6.32am, as many external power supplies do. Laptop: Asus n53sv, Power brick: 19v, 6.32a Any ideas? Cheers, Morgan

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Huge, Multi-touch Missile Command Redefines Awesome

A wall-sized multi-touch and multiplayer version of Missile Command? Sign me up! Linkvia Engadget

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Cheapest way to connect arduino with wifi

Can anybody tell me the cheapest way to connect an arduino over internet via wifi

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use an old Nokia 6265 QVGA TFT screen with PC via USB

Hey guys, I have an old nokia 6265 which i don't use anymore. I was just wondering if it was possible to interface the screen of this mobile with a PC via USB and use it as a secondary display. I got the idea from mimo monitors . So if you guys could guide me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thanks a lot in advance to all those who reply.

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Dual Emai Messages

Why is it that I get an email with the instructable from... Instructables Then usually within the same day I get a duplicate message from Instructables via The duplicated message shows up as BLANK from Google Gmail... unless I click on DETAILS... but then it is the exact same email I got from Instructables Why is that? And how do I stop it? It started a month or so ago... it's annoying. Thanks, Jerry

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Help Interfacing ps3 controller with arduino wirelessly without computer. Answered

I want to purchase the dfrobotshop rover found here:( it is no fun without the goodies,which poses the challenge of controlling it with a ps3 controller wirelessly without a computer. If someone could tell me what hardware to use and get me receiving data from the controller via bluetooth in the serial monitor   It  would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance,bye!

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my idea ?

Excuse Idea is to let the work of the robot moves in 16 barcode full freedom, control it via remote, for example, is moving to give him a certain barcode as well as can you help me

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