How do I find my items and is there a way to help them get seen. I noticed items just posted have several views but after a few days I have none. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. 

Topic by kyles13   |  last reply

views bug

When checking out my views statistics, it says it's all from today, when in fact it can't be right. :) 

Topic by NirL   |  last reply

Views glitch?

In the views for homemade gifts group it says that 11 people have viewed it, but over 11 people are in the group, how do you explain this?

Topic by guyfrom7up   |  last reply

view count

Hi, I got an instructable where the view count acts very strange. The first day stayed at 0 (never happened, almost impossible since the instructable was featured..) Now, if I look at the view count the total views are equal to the daily views (also yesterday..) This is the instructable:

Topic by derte84   |  last reply

Reduced views

I am feeling a little foolish while writing this, but I have noticed that the views per instructables has reduced remarkably. Earlier the instructables featured on the homepage had around 5000-7000 views in a single day and now that number has reduced to 500-1000. for example- and i would like to add that these instructables are Fabulous. Not only this, the views on a normal featured instructables has also reduced. Is it because of that, that too many Instructables are being featured? I don't know, but I think something needs to be done to address this issue.. If you agree or disagree please leave your valuable suggestion.   Credits: Wooden USB-stick by X-plain,  Live Instructables Followers Counter by Nikus,  Sustainable Geometry by ENGL212.

Topic by Pranav Jhunjhunwala   |  last reply

Views counting

Hi! I am new to instructables and I have been uploading some video tutorials by embeding YouTube videos. The number of views in the instructables page is going up quickly but if I check my videos in my YouTube page I cannot see that there are that many views. Is there a reason for that? I have searched in the forum an answer for that but I cannot seem to find one. Thanks^-^

Topic by DIYlover89   |  last reply

Draft views

After finishing a project and reading it some times in the preview section, I noticed the view number seemed to go up. Not just every time I looked at it, every time I clicked next step, 5 times while reading the project once. This hasn't happened to me before. I'm using safari on an OS X 10.8.2

Topic by emilyvanleemput   |  last reply

viewing ilibles

Could someone explain when viewing a instructable ,Some words are highlighted in red .

Topic by coolbeansbaby68   |  last reply

View by Favorite?

Hi, The number of favorites an instructable gets is a much better representation of quality than the view.  But there's no way to view Instructables by favorites.  The option seems available, but it doesn't work?  There's just a lot of Instructables that aren't very helpful.  And although I understand you can't police that, it would be nice if the filtering capability was better. To me, ranking by views is less useful than ranking by favorites..  If you don't want to put new Instructables at a disadvantage...well, the views ranking already does that.  It does so in a worst way, since likely search engine results get lots of views, despite the quality of the ible.  

Topic by insusr   |  last reply


Perhaps a quick question, but I'm starting to wonder why my instructable shows up with 0 views. I do know that I've gotten more than that, what with the comments posted on... Is there some kind of algorithm that decides whether or not something is a view? Thanks if you actually answer :P

Topic by Ducky Boy   |  last reply

Instructables Views

How do people on Instructables reach 50k views in 10 days here? What tricks & tips do y'all have for promoting 'ibles? Thanks

Topic by flyingpuppy   |  last reply

Viewing Articles

We just don't need a "View all Steps" button. No one uses dial up and most computers load fairly fast. I just want to see all the steps at one time; if I didn't I wouldn't click on that instructable. Please remove this button and keep it simple. Thanks, F1FireKing

Topic by F1FireKing   |  last reply

page views?

Hi all, I am checking my first instructable somewhat regularly and I noticed that the page views dropped from 200-300 to 5 or 6 a day. Is that normal as the instructable gets older? I think it was the day of the site update as I noticed it first. Anyone else? Regards, Alex

Topic by alex_weber   |  last reply

problem with viewing

Trying to check out some of the good things people make and am unable to due to some type of bugs that will not load pictures

Topic by theterr   |  last reply

Finally ! A million views !!!

Finally i hit a million views !!!!  Whooohooooo!!

Topic by coolbeansbaby68   |  last reply

total view count

What happened to the total view count list of all the authors ? It was fun watching your count move up and pass people ?

Topic by coolbeansbaby68   |  last reply

Page views question

In the past three days, I have been viewing two of my new Instructables a lot. I have been making a lot of changes and I periodically reload it just to see how many views I have. When I continue to reload my Instructable, does it count toward my views? When I reload it, it doesn't go up, but I am wondering if that is because of some sort of latency, or cache, etc. I really hope it doesn't, because I don't want it to look like I am rigging views, lol. I also want to have an accurate count of how many people are looking at my Instrucables. If you can answer my question, it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Darman12 

Topic by darman12   |  last reply

My total views not increasing!

I have made an instructable. I get 250 - 400 views daily but my total number of views is remaining stagnant from a long time! please help! my instructable:

Topic by pawanvs99   |  last reply

A couple of questions about total views Answered

Do the number of views you get on a guide, forum topic, or a question count as part of your total views on your profile?

Question by BLUEBLOBS2   |  last reply

battle for most views in its category

Pretty fun to watch  for most views in work shop , home renovation  category . Top 3 are close together .

Topic by coolbeansbaby68 

How does one get over 37000 Views in 7 days???

How the heck does one get over 37000 views in only 7 days? Wow... Thats over 5000 views a day! Unheard of!

Topic by Greasetattoo   |  last reply

How many OTHER members have posted Instructables that have received a total of over half a million views? Answered

Total views for my posted Instructables just rolled over half a million, I was just wondering how many other members have hit that mark. Unclesam

Question by unclesam   |  last reply

Total Views Count 31/03/2011

This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,453,267 4,489,202 35,935 scoochmaroo 4,353,273 4,424,495 71,222 fungus amungus 4,103,484 4,127,716 24,232 randofo 3,214,151 3,238,724 24,573 Honus 2,627,417 2,637,771 10,354 jessyratfink 1,900,513 1,915,869 15,356 Kiteman 1,855,631 1,863,480 7,849 Plasmana 1,728,481 1,737,194 8,713 Tool Using Animal 1,659,705 1,665,971 6,266 T3h_Muffinator 1,131,190 1,135,035 3,845 killerjackalope 1,088,497 1,096,026 7,529 zieak 1,084,948 1,088,763 3,815 gmjhowe 1,035,897 1,040,497 4,600 drinkmorecoffee 1,031,465 1,040,195 8,730 Creativeman 935,250 943,459 8,209 Weissensteinburg 921,979 927,967 5,988 lemonie 881,822 896,022 14,200 SaskView 888,663 892,273 3,610 chr 838,343 848,648 10,305 seamster 754,047 758,325 4,278 frenzy 711,346 721,359 10,013 Brennn10 713,898 717,077 3,179 ChrysN 708,862 714,873 6,011 mikey77 642,067 647,898 5,831 CameronSS 609,251 611,785 2,534 jeff-o 585,749 590,219 4,470 PKM 585,068 589,848 4,780 laxap 517,977 520,686 2,709 mikeasaurus 482,224 485,682 3,458 scraptopower 461,857 472,512 10,655 aeray 466,268 471,515 5,247 belsey 454,969 458,078 3,109 ModMischief 416,756 418,088 1,332 depotdevoid 414,118 416,803 2,685 Jayefuu 375,740 378,409 2,669 starshipminivan 292,801 296,785 3,984 Spl1nt3rC3ll 290,539 291,607 1,068 AngryRedhead 275,671 279,162 3,491 scooter76 265,689 266,424 735 nmcclana 263,844 266,244 2,400 BrittLiv 256,709 263,190 6,481 KentsOkay 255,803 256,916 1,113 Vyger 251,374 252,486 1,112 Doctor What 232,284 233,261 977 rimar2000 223,491 225,879 2,388 rickharris 215,408 216,133 725 dark sponge 189,403 190,317 914 Ninzerbean 184,395 185,681 1,286 bongodrummer 180,200 181,228 1,028 Lithium Rain 166,995 168,497 1,502 comodore 165,573 166,336 763 Kaelessin 159,837 161,249 1,412 yokozuna 156,146 156,723 577 Hiyadudez 153,150 154,511 1,361 bertus52x11 150,843 152,142 1,299 Lynne Bruning 147,592 148,431 839 Technochicken 145,835 147,441 1,606 Dr.Paj 142,813 143,677 864 uniqueutopia 125,510 127,115 1,605 The Jamalam 126,314 126,727 413 janw 105,669 125,726 20,057 RavingMadStudios 121,047 121,696 649 thermoelectric 118,319 119,754 1,435 I_am_Canadian 112,447 112,891 444 JamesRPatrick 106,749 108,347 1,598 Goodhart 102,141 102,821 680 nelson8815 99,074 102,022 2,948 DJ Radio 98,309 98,967 658 jen7714 93,240 94,615 1,375 jen7714 93,240 94,615 1,375 iminthebathroom 78,530 79,721 1,191 ynze 66,936 76,781 9,845 wizgirl 72,752 74,603 1,851 MichelMoermans 71,099 72,019 920 Killer%7ESafeCracker 65,861 66,201 340 ajleece 58,715 58,931 216 Re-design 58,487 58,896 409 Shadowman39 56,391 56,802 411 TNEN 49,925 50,224 299 Biggsy 49,092 49,817 725 kelseymh 48,791 49,031 240 mman1506 30,658 48,712 18,054 Sunkicked 47,738 47,971 233 Jimmy Proton 44,222 46,844 2,622 The Ideanator 45,919 46,397 478 45,651 45,990 339 Berkin 42,675 42,954 279 EmmettO 41,204 41,684 480 TitanTechRobotics 37,888 38,480 592 knuckel 38,002 38,368 366 KoffeeKommando 34,040 34,650 610 annahowardshaw 31,299 34,317 3,018 TSC 33,655 34,249 594 jwystup 31,709 32,698 989 nickodemus 31,938 32,193 255 lilyfrancis 29,938 30,407 469 MotaBoi 29,231 29,620 389 cbm104 27,621 27,763 142 kcls 27,212 27,463 251 Mr.Sanchez 26,395 26,947 552 possum888 26,403 26,680 277 peguiono 26,098 26,253 155 shadowninja31 25,854 26,051 197 m6233555m 24,884 25,010 126 lizzyastro 23,032 23,754 722 plane phanatic 23,215 23,443 228 Knex_Gun_Builder 23,355 23,440 85 steveastrouk 23,049 23,257 208 Derin 22,878 23,075 197 CrayfishYAY 22,575 22,732 157 dombeef 6,455 22,495 16,040 Tornado96 19,460 20,230 770 Tom Buckey 19,116 19,212 96 Blue Mullet 17,180 17,917 737 cdawisconsin 17,272 17,779 507 zascecs 17,678 17,749 71 TabbyDeAnne 17,199 17,642 443 qazwsx755 16,003 16,306 303 floris2burn 15,713 15,877 164 Legofanatic 15,514 15,688 174 krysteanuh 14,864 15,617 753 knexsuperbuilderfreak 14,831 14,887 56 uberdum05 14,221 14,369 148 Dr. Pepper 13,730 14,307 577 nutsandbolts_64 13,473 13,665 192 zurichko 13,433 13,614 181 beanieostrich 12,480 13,288 808 FrozenStar 12,002 12,180 178 splazem 11,530 11,712 182 masterochicken 11,468 11,547 79 NachoMahma 11,264 11,301 37 acidbass 11,085 11,256 171 Sorunome 9,002 9,174 172 mJusticz   8,199 - Kryptonite 7,517 7,564 47 cherishcherub 7,203 7,286 83 LoneWolf 6,685 6,811 126 moocowdog 6,345 6,463 118 zero.gx 5,531 5,580 49 slithien 4,896 5,359 463 Nutrition Man 4,670 4,873 203 RNB 4,464 4,509 45 jamesdude 4,475 4,508 33 patriots8888 4,337 4,482 145 MegaMetal8 3,978 4,015 37 tbcross 3,761 3,874 113 wareneutron 3,684 3,747 63 lil larry 2,996 3,573 577 mg0930mg 3,074 3,123 49 solarblade90 2,929 2,978 49 cj81499 2,616 2,622 6 Jag56 2,481 2,530 49 shadon 1,619 1,641 22 Randomguy65 1,585 1,626 41 nfk11 1,424 1,502 78 AwesomeSwordGuy 1,251 1,304 53 LivStoleYourPie 743 772 29 cyanyears 696 729 33 Jeff Kallaus 556 569 13 FastLearner 355 370 15 Fr-Pa-Co 253 259 6 %28YOUR N 113 117 4 heratio 74 80 6

Topic by Jayefuu   |  last reply

Bug in the Stats tab

In my last Instructable I noticed that the number of Total Views and the number of Today Views are the same. After following this for a few days I noticed that both numbers increase at the same rate when obviously the number of Total Views should be higher.

Topic by blkhawk   |  last reply

View count not consistant

Hey guys, i have noticed a problem with view counts when you are logged into instructables and logged off. When i am logged on, my instructable * * has over 3,150 views and 14 favorites. When i am logged off, or someone else views the instructable and isnt logged in, the view count drops to 947 and only has 9 favorites. After refreshing a couple times the view count goes up to 2,144. And then if i log back in again, the view count is back to over 3,150. Whats going on here? 

Topic by hoogen   |  last reply

View spikes on Instructables

Ok, so I was looking at my stat chart, viewing each Instructable individually, and I noticed something. On the day it is published, it gets a few views, and then the next day, there is a large spike and then it goes down again in the following days. How do you get your Instructable to have a more consistent view rate? Does it have to have a big "wow" factor? 

Topic by darman12   |  last reply

Views, Ratings, or comments?

I was just wondering if more people care about views, rating, or the number of comments on your instructables.

Topic by EPL   |  last reply


Is the "daily views updater" broken, or does some one need to be reminded?  I like to check daily views from time to time, and an occasional miss is understandable, but I think it's been quite some time since an update.  Todays date: 8/2/2015. Thanks.

Topic by Creativeman   |  last reply

Views gone on collections? Answered

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

Question by JM1999   |  last reply

Views gone on collections

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

Topic by JM1999   |  last reply

Miscounting View Counter

Recently, I have noticed the amount of "views" shown when I look at my instrucables is inconsistent. Let me provide some back-story... At my house, I use an HP desktop running Windows Vista. On this my family runs Internet Explorer 9. My Mother has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and she uses the most recent version of the Instructable's mobile app. I have a Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0 which also runs the Instructable's app. For those of you familiar with the new and updated app, you know that before selecting any instuctable you are able to see the number of "views" and "favorites" that item has attained. A few days ago I published another instructable. Being very excited to see how the community would react, I was checking the "views" frequently and noticed the numbers seemed odd. After further exploring the topic, I found that my personal device would show one number while my home computer ad my Mom's tablet also showed different. What I mean by this is the number of "views" before I selected my instructable on my device was different from when I clicked on it on the same device. It was also different for the tablet and the computer. I understand that as time goes on my "views" will increase, but these changes were ranging from 2,000 "views" to 4,000 "views". I don't know if this is a side-effect to me since I am the author of these instructables or if this would happen when I view other people's. I also don't know if this affects other attributes (i.e. Favorites, Comments, etc...) or if this happens exclusively with "views". I will keep my eyes open for relevant information and keep anyone interested posted for changes. I know this is not a major issue but it is indeed an inconvenience. If anyone else is experiencing the same problem please leave a comment so I know I'm not the only one. Also, to the people who take care of these bugs, please let me know if there is any more information that you need to help you out.   -mymyjames2000

Topic by mymyjames2000   |  last reply

problems with the views count

Views don't seem to be updating... My latest instructable is stopped on 0 views, with 33 comments.

Topic by sam noyoun   |  last reply

viewing larger photos

I am signed in and am trying to view the extra photos on the how to and it keeps telling me that i must log in. what do i do?

Topic by devildude   |  last reply

Rear view camera?

I'm trying to figure out the best route to make a wired rear view camera for a project I'm working on, it'll essentially work exactly like a rear view camera just like a car, just button activated and small and simple. Any ideas?

Question by Antilliteracy   |  last reply

pdf view and print

Change the pdf view and print format! Now when you click on the pdf icon (if you want the instrcucable to be viewed in pdf format) in the instructable you have selected, another page opens and you have to click on the pdf name to view/print in the pdf format. i suggest that when you click on the 1st view of the pdf icon, it immediately opens the pdf....therefore one less step!

Topic by lehmannheinz   |  last reply

View All Steps

Hello Some of us like to view all the steps on 1 page. It would be very convenient if this was the default option to view all instuctables instead of having to click on the button for each one. Thanks

Topic by ak08820   |  last reply

View Raters feature?

Am I the only one that can do this?  Have any of you guys noticed this?

Topic by MotaBoi   |  last reply


The ''view all step'' on the bottom of each instructables doesn't work for me anymore, I need to click the one on the top of the page, but  several time before it works…and sometimes it doesn't works soon so I just give up to see the complete instructable… It is just my computer or it happen to everybody?

Topic by marcellahella   |  last reply

This deserves more views

This project deserves more views.hailtothkngbby has taken a cardboard idea of mine and rendered it in shiny, durable aluminium, as well as adding a couple of refinements.Go, see.

Topic by Kiteman   |  last reply

Problem with number of views

Hello, I've a problem with the number of view on my Instructable : I looked for it by the regular way ("Let's make......." :, and on the page of results, it's written that it was seen near 600 times, but when I open it, it's written to the square on the left 1600 views. And the number of view on the result page didn't move for more than to weeks, even if my Instructable get more views. Is that a problem with my PC or with the web site, and how can I fix it ? I tried to clear my browser cache, but it didn't change anything... Thank you in advance :) Win7 x64, Google Chrome

Topic by Ael R   |  last reply

Problem viewing images

When I am on a instructable and try to view all the photos but it dose not work...I click on the mini image but nothing happens! I am using Firefox and some other people are experiencing the same problem!

Topic by iproberry1   |  last reply

"view all" is missing

Hi, I noticed, that the "view all" link to see all Instructables in a member profile is missing, when the person has more than 3 and less than six Instructables. I'm using Ubuntu 10.4 and Firefox 14.0.1, but I don't think it has to do with it because the same happens in other browsers and OS as well. Britt

Topic by BrittLiv   |  last reply

View numbers stuck?

It might be my imagination but it appears that the views numbers are stuck.  For example, this question was posted yesterday, but the stats say it has only been viewed 17 times and that is on today. Yet I answered it yesterday and it was saying that it was at 17 views then. So 5 people added answers and who knows how many read it but it is still stuck at 17 views. In addition the view numbers are not changeing on my instructables. These are the numbers that show for each instructable when you list your instructables in your profile page. But the stats on the individual instructables show that they have been viewed however the tallies are not changeing.  For example, my most recent instructable, which ends up at the top of the list (Homers Odyssey) is at 4799 and has been for more than a day, (It's an easy number to remember), yet the stats show 16 views today. So something strange is going on. In addition, I mentioned it in another post, I got an email saying that my pro membership is expireing yet the profile tab says the current pro membership is good until March 2013. And finally, I am no longer receiving email notices of questions that I am following, and I double checked the preferences on that. I was getting notices with no problems but the last WatchItem notice I received was at noon on the 29th. Since then, nothing.

Topic by Vyger   |  last reply

Massive View Spike

Can anyone suggest why the amount of views on my Instructable spiked massively? I notice there is a Top Referers tab in the stats for my Instructable, but this won't load - I was hoping to see if some external site had linked the Instructable as it is a huge increase in views - over 3 times as many views than when I originally posted it. The annotation labels on the images describe whats going on...I hope you can see theses - I couldn't in the preview. Also, is there a better place to post a question like this. I went into the Questions but there wasn't a help using the Instructables website​ category.

Topic by theredbryophyte   |  last reply

can't view message

My inbox said 1 new so i clicked on it but i couldn't click on the actual message

Topic by bravoechonovember1   |  last reply

instructable "published " but not viewed

Hello, My Instructable "CoconutOlantern" shows published in my personal account info, but I can't seem to locate in the RSS feed. It also shows 0 views, which is pretty unusual. (I did enter this in the Halloween contest ) can you do somthing for me ;-) yrreiht

Topic by lesrebnav   |  last reply

Can't view pictures. :( Answered

Can't view all pictures. I mean i can't switch between the pictures that below the intructions, when i click on their thumbnails nothing happens. It worked fine before and then it just stopped working. Only happens when im logged in, but if im not logged in it tell me to log in instead of switching pictures. I tried using different browsers but all have the same problem. Does anybody know what might be the problem?

Question by utk4   |  last reply

Field of view of a lens?

Hunting through the attic I found an old 35mm projector. I wondered what governs the field of view of the lens system - for this projector it is obviously about the size of a 35 mm slide but for my video projector it must be considerable bigger although the lens looks similar. (I know hat isn't a very scientific judgement!)

Question by rickharris   |  last reply

Unable to view comments

I'm unable to look at my list of comments - if I click on ... get sent back to the front page.Anybody else?

Topic by Kiteman   |  last reply

viewing instructables offline?

Recently i posted an instructable on striking safety matches with-out the box, however, it was sadly un-published because it didnt have a video (don't worry i'm fixing the one i've got!) and since it has been unpublished it has recieved 30 views? i have only looked at it 3 times?? can someone shed light on my querie please?

Topic by andy60   |  last reply