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Vintage Projects

I found this cool project website today that has everything from a Uranium detector to a bicycle powered boat. I'm brewing a storm of ideas after seeing these projects.Vintage Projects

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Vintage Heater Repair

I need a replacement heating element, D80, for a vintage elec. heater made by the Carborundum Co. of Niagara Falls.  Any help?

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Vintage Hand Tool?

One end is pointed (maybe an awl) and the other has a screwdriver like blade (maybe a pry bar). It is cast or formed metal, 5 inches long and the blade end is 3/8" wide. My best guess so far is maybe a shoemaker's tool. Thanks for any help identifying this tool.

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Vintage cameras for sale

Hey instructables community, I have 3 vintage cameras for sale and you can view them at the following links. I am willing to ship across the country (United States) and to the U.K. (you must pay for shipping separately). I am also willing to accept any reasonable offers. Please P.M. me if you have any questions, or if you are interested. Thanks AcidBass

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Vintage Vacuum Tube? Answered

I have a vacuum tube from my collection here that I would like to test. It says on the box International, Electronic tube, GTE, Sylvania, And what appears to be 12Z - the last letter or number I don't know its either a 1 or a capital i, 12Z - I or 12Z - 1. It has 12 pins, 3 of which are not connected to anything, I can see that visually. Any help would be appreciated.

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Vintage Dental Tools

I stopped by the White Elephant Sale in Oakland a few days ago and picked up a a really old set of dental equipment. At home dentistry has long been a dream of mine, and now I have the tools to make it a reality. Its got two different dental style flood lights on nice swing arms, the spittoon sink thing, a Mr. Thirsty, a belt driven articulated dental drill, the tray on the arm, the thing that fills up the little cup of water and the air/water gun that dentists like to use so much. The water and air connections are included, but not much of it currently works. The equipment is set up outside of my room in my shop, and to be honest, it kind of freaks me out every time I walk by it. If anyone has any ideas on how to repurpose any of this stuff besides making a renegade dentists office/torture device I would love to hear them. Also, if anyone knows anything about how to restore these kinds of things, it would be great to get some pointers. Its made by a company called Weber and its got to be from at least the 40's or 50's if not older.I'm most excited about the articulated belt driven drill - I have never seen anything quite like it!

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Vintage Sewing Machine Repair

I acquired a older sewing machine at a thrift shop, but it needs a little work. There appear to be two issues, possibly interrelated:-The motor makes a strange intermittent screeching noise after the machine has spun up for a few seconds, and smells like ozone. I think the commutator is arcing. I'm not entirely sure though, I'm no expert on universal motors.-The hand wheel sticks at one point during the revolution. This occurs when the needle, as well as the feed dogs, are fully up.I'm guessing the sticking is demanding too much toque from the motor, causing the weird sound and smell. Regardless, de-gumming the thing and getting smooth motion seems to be the logical first step. I've applied mineral oil to all the moving parts I could find that looked like they would benefit from it. Now the motion is extra smooth, until it sticks, just as bad, and at exactly the same place.I'm a bit stumped. Any ideas on what I should try next?

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Where to find vintage electronic hardware

Im trying to find a online source of vintage electronic gear. Things like old vac tubes, analog voltage indicators, and switches.

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Where has the Vintage contest gone??

There used to be a Vintage contest, It doesn't close for days yet so I'm wondering why it doesn't appear anywhere anymore?  Thanks, sorry if that is a really dumb question!

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Vintage Headphone repair, help needed

I have some vintage Superex Stereophones, model Pro B-VI (with a google search only find an ad in a paper dated 1973 referencing them). They have both a tweeter and a woofer in each ear, and I believe the resistors in the crossovers have gone bad. The high end drops out now and then to pop back in after a short while or after a minor volume adjustment - other than that the volume is crystal clear. Am I right in assuming the resistors could be the issue? The other components in the crossovers are just inductor coils, which are know are for the low pass, so it can't be those. I know instructables isn't a electronics repair forum, but I wasn't too sure of where else I could ask and find knowledgeable people. I love this site. :) I.W.

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Vintage Pillowcase Challege at Handmade Parade

Got some pillowcases hiding in your closet that probably count as "vintage" by now? Handmade Parade is hosting a Vintage Pillowcase Challenge. Refashion one vintage standard-size pillowcase into something fantastic and submit a tutorial by February 15th, and you'll be in the running to win a gift certificate for one of three great online fabric stores.(And hey, an instructable would be the perfect format for submitting a tutorial, eh? Just email a link to your instructable to the submissions email address at Handmade Parade.) Contest rules, from Claire at Handmade Parade:1. Submissions must be received no later than February 15th and no earlier than January 15th.2. You can only use one standard sized pillowcase (not king) and it should be a vintage piece.3. Please email your entries to handmade_parade@yahoo.comEach entry will be judged by a panel of amazingly talented judges (the list of whom will be posted as we get closer to the 15th) who will be looking for the most creative and fabulous 'entry.'Handmade Parade's Vintage Pillowcase Challenge

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help! modifications on a vintage pre-amp Answered

I found a working pre-amp inside a turntable from the 60's. The turntable was scrapt, so I remove the pre-amp from inside. Now I want to put it inside a vintage radio wooden box, the problem I got, 5 potentiometers on the pre-amp, but I need to modify this so it will only have 2, becuz the radio box has only 2. I will use an iPad with this pre-amp, so there really no need for extra audio adjustments like treble or bass... So one for volume, the other for open and close. How do I modify the circuit of this pre-amp so there will be no sound problem ? Do I remplace the gradable resistors with a standard value resistor, if this is how to do it, what value should I use ? I've done some tests, if I skip the potentiometer and I'm getting too much static. I' would appreciate help on this! thank everyone !

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Vintage Potentiometer to digital Potentiometer problems

I have modify a vintage wooded radio into a digital amp with bluetooth. It work great, but since I wanted to have the outside look I had no choices but to hack the 20k potentiometer on the digital amp (lepi 30$) to use the original Potentiometer.. the vintage one. I'm looking to find a way I can fix this Potentiometer so it would reach the 20k. The Potentiometer on the Lepi circuit board is a b20k for sure, but I don't know about the vintage one, there no info written on it. it's 2 questions for one thing, fix this volume so it won't blowout the speakers.   1- how to fix this ? I believe a resistor should do the job, but 'how much resistance needed? 2- if this is a resistor, well how do I solder it ? (6 wires, which one?) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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fabric badges and embroidery- how to get started?

I want to make fabric badges, how do I get started? Do I buy a badge press? are they expense? I also want to start embroidering and not sure how to start! any guidance or interesting tips?

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The Vintage Contest is starting Monday, 5/20!

Since this is a speed contest we wanted to give you guys as much notice as possible. The Vintage Contest will be open 5/20 - 5/27 and it's open to anything vintage! Whether you're making new objects look old or using vintage materials for your projects, we can't wait to see what you make! We worked with Crosley Radio for this contest, and they're supplying us with a record player and pairs of vintage styled headphones for the winners. :D Check out the contest page to find out more about the prizes!

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What to do with 2 Vintage Printer Plotters.?

Hello, I recently received a pair of printer plotters, one is 42in., and the other one is only 18in.  I always wanted to do a CNC machine, but wouldn't know how/where to start. Any Help will be tremendously apreciated. Thank you, Jesse M.

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HELP! Electronic sequencer for vintage door chime.

Seeking any manner of help in making an electronic sequencer for a multi-note doorbell. I restore old door chimes and one particular model from the 1940's-1950's has an electromechanical linear distributor that works as the chime sequencer. It has a limited life expectancy- long since expired- and it defies repair. You can see details of this device by looking up patent number 2245443. The task to be done though is just like that of any more common chime sequencer that uses a rotary distributor. The idea is to replace the electromechanical mess with modern electronics to time the power sequence to three or four 16v or 24v solenoids. Looking for any help… guidance, advice, moral support... but mostly hoping to find someone who can design and build a few of these, as I am largely clueless about electronic design.

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Vintage tech screw drive snowmobile from 1926

I think we need a vintage tech category. Anyway, somebody emailed me this video of a cool homemade snowmobile from 1926. I found this very inspirational and would love to build a small version with a lawn mower tractor. Its on my list for sure.snowmobile of 1926

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What kind of oil lube for a vintage penny scale? Answered

Its a penny Coin-operated scale, mfgd by Mills Novelty Co., Art Deco platform scale in green & black porcelain. Thanks Susan

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identify this tool

can you tell  me what this tool is and how is it used.

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What is this; what is/was it used for?

It is tin/aluminum, obviously made to be hung on a wall.

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DIY professional record player? I would love to have one (or a jukebox) but I can't find any! I'm only 13!

I need a record player, or I need to make one. Could some awesome person old enough (or just awesome like me) help me make make a record player? I'm writing a steampunk style movie, and I desperately need a record player or a jukebox. Thank you!

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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 pickup problem?

My 1975 model 350cc STD Bullet is literally struggling to cross above 60KM speed. 13000 KMs done after restoration and never allowed me to cross above 70KM speed.Using MIKARB and suspecting that one. But I would like to know whether there are any other reason could cause this problem. Machanic saying noyhing to worry about the engine related components. So please guide me with all possible causes to start a complete investigation.

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Apple G4, useful?

A friend, who knows I love to demolish things, just gave me an old powermac G4. The freaking thing still works! It has a HDD of 26 and one of 6Gb, as well as an Iomega Zip drive and a CD-R. I'm no fan of apple or anything i-****, but the machine seems to be well built, seems to be a waste to just rip apart for a power supply, some fans and a few super magnets. The university of Amsterdam used to have quite a lot of them in the days... Can this machine still serve a serious purpose (add some value above and beyond a contemporary windows 7/ XP computer)? How about installing new software (no idea about what is available or can be run on OS9.2) Perhaps there is niche software for it, where to find it...?

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PC Case Mod Vintage Cola machine help!

Hi! I'm looking to make a pc case modded after a vintage Vendo 1950's Coca Cola machine. The problem i'm having is fabricating the front to look authentic.  eBay has been a help getting coin returns and bottle openers, but i don't know where to find (or how to make) larger pieces I may need. I was wondering what materials I should use, and are there sites that sell 1950's style grills, chrome parts or metal sheets. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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does vintage stock carry metroid prime hunters?

I really want metroid prime hunters because I am a fan of the metroid series#

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Is there something I can put on my vintage fabric books to make them look brighter and healthier?

Is there something I can put on my vintage fabric books to make them look brighter and healthier? I have some vintage books that I want to clean. I tried a damp wash cloth and it took off some of the color. I just want them to look brighter and cleaner. Please only answer this if you have hands on experience with books. 

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Where can I find B&W 620 film?

I need some 620 film for a vintage camera

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seeking pleated pillow pattern? Answered

I really like the look of this vintage pleated velvet pillow. Does anyone have a pattern or instructions on how to make one like it? thanks!

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Suitcase Chair

ok so i want to build a suitcase chair. I found an old suitcase on the side of the road and want to make it for my gf as a present. I wanna make it like the ones in the link below. Any tips would be very helpful or could someone point me in the direction of some plans or a guide on how to make it. If anyone is down to help me ill post pictures a little later today

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Suitcase Chair

ok so i want to build a suitcase chair. I found an old suitcase on the side of the road and want to make it for my gf as a present. I wanna make it like the ones in the link below. Any tips would be very helpful or could someone point me in the direction of some plans or a guide on how to make it. If anyone is down to help kinda guide me through this ill post sum pictures later today.

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Old German tool, what was it used for?

It is German, I'd guess from the early 1900's. Only visible markings: the text "geschüzt" on one handle Diameter of round plate 70 mm Kinda functions like a garlic press What was it?

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Has electronics changed much since the 1970's? Answered

I have seen plenty of electronics books being offered over the internet dating from the '70s and '80s. I would like to ask the veterans if something in the science of electronics had changed much in 40 years (besides the digital aspect, of course).

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Old Pc equipment?

I recently(like in the last hour)n was taking apart some old PC equipment, i got a Creative 52x Cd drive and some thin copper wire about 6ft long what have you got out of old things lately?(electronics i mean not old people, etc.?

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Found in my mother's sewing box - what are these used for?

There are several of the football shaped items.  They seems to hold thread. There is a metal bar in the crescent depression on the other object.  When depressed, a tiny hook pops out of a hole on the other side. Also, the metal inside the two small notches on the hook side give in when pushed.  Anyone know how these tools are used?

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i have a crouse-hinds 1950s spot light that uses a 500matt HS 40 bulb

So every bulb i look at the threaded par is too small and a bulb with the right size threads are big street light looking things ,i think that need a balance so i tried a screw in thread reducer but it didnt seat all the way down .do i need a bakace for  the big bulbs?   

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strange motor driver (early stepper?) what do you think?

Hello everybody, i got this motor out a damaged cine cam.playing about attaching power to the trailing wires from the board i get 2 speeds. orange -0v green +6v high speed brown +6v low speed motor makes a nice thrumming noise as it runs.looking forward to using it in something. putting power direct to the motor wires is quite unresponsive. going to try a pot between the 2 +ves that, work maybe getting variable speed. (puting the +ves together got the same high speed as just the green wire) anybody recognize this system? know how it works? thanks

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Can anyone tell me step by step instruction on how to convert an old phonograph tube amp to a guitar amp.

Can anyone tell me step by step instruction on how to convert an old phonograph tube amp to a guitar amp. It has a 6bq5 power tube 6X4 rectifier tube, and a 12aX7 pre tube. Can anybody please tell me how to do this. You would be so appreciated. I have soldering skills, but not too much electrical knowledge. I know what resisters are, I know what transformers are, I know what capacitors are, and I know the very basics of their functions, but I can't understand how to tear it down and make it a good guitar amp. I want to remove the feedback circuit so that it will distort naturally. I would also like to modify the equalization and tone to better suit guitar amp. Please help. You would make me so happy. I cant afford to buy a good tube amp, and this is my only hope of making a great sounding amp. Thanks so much. Please be as detailed as posible in these step by step directions. You are awesome if you can help me.? Thanks The amp is from a 1959 Newcomb model R124V phonograph with an inboard 6"X9" speaker. It works perfectly with no crackling knobs or nothing like that. The amp is super clean and well cared for The tubes inside are 6BQ5 FROM AMPEREX BUGLE BOY. The rectifier tube is 6X4 from sylvania, made in USA. The 12AX7 is made in Britain, but I can't see a name on it. I have many spare 12ax7's lying around though. Thanks so much in advance.

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Can you make the swing-boat toy shown in our Instructable?

Can you make the swing boat shown in our Vintage Toy-making Instructable?

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How Do I Make / Where do I find vintage enamel/metal flower jewelry

I love re-using vintage metal/enamel flower earrings or pins in my own jewelry creations and I scoop them up at thrift stores and on ebay whenever I find a good deal. Lately I've discovered a few other inspiring artists (pictured) who use A LOT of vintage flower pins/earrings in their pieces and it's made me wonder if they are actually scavenging like I am or they are making their own somehow. Is it possible to make your own "vintage style" enamel looking flower pieces? If so how? If not, is there a better/cheaper alternative to finding them besides on ebay?

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Has anyone successfully converted a vintage camera to a working digital camera ?

I've seen the USB webcam--but how about something that could be used outside. I've got several old box and folding cameras. At the least, I'd love to attach one of the old lenses to a point and shoot.....

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How to make a journal/book look really old/vintage? Answered

Hi! I am working on a gift for my girlfriend and need some advice.... I am making a journal that is supposed to look old, aging the paper is not a problem and I found some fonts I can use...but... - printing on aged paper does not make the text look old! How can I make the printing look old? - also the printing looks too regular, not like handwritten. How can I achieve a more irregular look? Thanks! Fypsigon btw...handwriting is not an option, at least not my own....

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What are some good projects for decorating a Vintage clothes store?

So, the company I'm working for just ordered me to start a clothing store in.....Manila, philipines; to function as a showroom and clothing store they hope to expand into a chain.... My life is really random. Anyway, they own a new used clothing store factory down there and will supply my stock. Everything else about the store is up to me including design and layout.  I'd love to have some instructables projects used in the store which might expand into a chain. Please recommend me some! When we start the store I'll give credit or even pay royalties to the authors

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Christmas 'Present' exhibition and Christmas craft and Vintage fair Nottingham

I'd like to advertise two exciting events taking place in Nottingham, England at Hopkinson Gallery 21 Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3AJ The first event is a private viewing of the christmas present exhibition of contemporary Art, Craft and Design from local anad regional artists and designers. As well as an exhibition of photographs by the Nottingham flikr group. This event is taking place on Tue 30th November 7pm-10pm, admission is free and there will be live music, drinks and nibbles. The exhibition is alos open from now untill 24th Dec - Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 11am-5pm There is also a Christmas craft and vintage fair which will  have a wide variety of contemporary Art, Craft and Design from local designers as well as a selection of handpicked vintage and re-worked vintage products. Open on Sat 4th/11th/18th Dec 11am-5pm So come along, say hi and you never know, you may find that perfect christmas present you've been looking for

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How to wire/connect to my mixer this beautiful vintage microphone?

Hi everybody,I found this excellent Davoli Krundaal mic from 60ies.I try to restore it but i dont know its wiring!Anyone help? thanks (mail me at

Question by pipisgr2000  

Does anyone here know about vintage hats/caps?

You know those caps they had back in the 20s and 30s, the ones where the top would kinda hang out over the bill, kinda like the one in the pic, but not exactly. Well, does anybody know how to make one? If you can make one, then please post an I'ble, 'cause I've been needing one for a while and can't find any. By the way, the one on the right is sideways, incase of any confusion. I was kicked off of Yahoo! Answers today. I never realized how much of a slave I was to them. You Instructables people are smarter. I am leaving Yahoo! I have switched over to my Gmail account, and I'm happy. I've asked about this cap on Yahoo, and never got an answer. But you guys/gals are smarter and craftier, and I can actually go a good while on here without calling someone an idiot, unlike Yahoo. Well, have fun crocheting, knitting or sewing a cap from the long ago(if you'd like to).

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