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visiting instructables

Esterday I got a tour of instructables and all I can say is that it was awesome! we arrived at auto desk and signed in and aleator777 gave us a tour of instructables/the workshop.  Aleator777 was the nicest person ever!  In the workshop there were cnc machines, laser cutters and 3D printers galore. There was also a kitchen and a sewing room. I got a peek at mikeasuarus and Tinaciousz's upcoming instructables!  All I can say is that it was amazing!

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Instructables visits Etsy: 12 November, NYC

Eric and I are visiting Etsy Labs in NYC for Craft Night on November 12th. Come visit us!Details here.

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Visit randofo's website

Hey guys, check out randofo's website! I just discovered it.As if his "about" paragraph weren't just hilarious, his website is even better-especially the letters he writes. It's so funny, go look for yourself! This is why we should look at each other's user lookups, you can find some cool things...

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Kiteman visits Torchwood...

We just got back from a trip to South Wales - lovely weather, and we managed to visit a couple of iconic locations; The stealth entrance to Torchwood. It's just a real shame that the base got destroyed last year, so the kerbstone wasn't working... Pendine Sands. Unfortunately, the Sands but up against an active MoD firing range, so most of it was shut (we could hear explosions and something that sounded like the mother of all machine guns). We did get to play on the sand, though - it is astonishingly flat, and very firm.  Apparently that's all down to the precise shape and size of the grains. I also found a new favourite castle (Kidwelly), and Conker-X found a new favourite duck (White Headed), and Roger-X was savaged by yet another species (Coscoroba Swan). If anybody is planning a holiday, we can all heartily recommend a stay in South Wales.

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Instructables Visits the Exploratorium

Instructables got to sneak in to check out behind-the-scenes at the Exploratorium (which happens to be at Pier 15 which is right next door to the Instructables HQ) as well as entry into the After Dark Event: Transformations.  During the private tour we were able to get more information about specific exhibits as well as a see their Exhibit Development Shop. The next After Dark event will be Fog and it will defiantly be worth checking out.  And even if that doesn't work or you aren't old enough (After Dark is an adults only event) you should plan a day trip to the Exploratorium, there is so much to see! Warning: Overload of pictures to follow! Photos by Nicole and Audrey, Videos from Sherry.

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Visiting the ATX Hackerspace

I decided to visit austin, TX on my most recent vacation. While i was there i decided to drop in on the ATX hackerspace. The hackerspace is just over a year old but already has a large community. The space is located in an office park which makes it almost hidden if it weren't for the wicked bat logo As i came into the space, they were holding their weekly meeting, Once the meeting was over the crowd of about 30 people broke into a cacophony of geeky projects. A few people bent over a mysterious box trying to determine it's purpose. Another used the industrial sewing machine to create professional looking leatherwork. There were many other "newbies" to the space, who were given the low down by the night's host, Martin. The space is impressive given they have been at the current location for only 2 months. It has a lot of potential to be a powerhouse of awesome projects. What is interesting, is that the hackerspace (unlike most) is a for profit. That means it can bring in money and make money. This means if they want to build kits and sell them to benefit the space, its perfectly fine under the law. I work a lot with non-profit entities so its interesting to see this model I must say though, ATX hackerspace has one of the coolest logos i've seen. Thanks ATX for your hospitality and showing me around! Hope you enjoyed the stickers! Go visit! Tuesday nights at 7:30 is the open house time. 1601 Rutherford Ln, Suite A200 Here is a time laspe movie of their mural being painted:

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Metal warehouse visit

Last weekend my friend Don and I went to ALCO Iron and Metal in San Leandro, CA. Don needed some sheet metal and I will need some metal soon enough and I'd never been to any such place, so I went along to take a look. It was super cool, they had all kinds of metals in all kinds of forms - sheets, rods, tubes, blocks, foil, flats, angle lengths, meshes. They also did a lot of metal recycling and had tons (literally, I'm sure) of metal scrap of various sorts lying around in heaps, and baled up by type. I started out taking photos for reference, but ended up just taking pix of anything that looked interesting or would make a good photo. The recycled metal bales were especially lovely.Here's a few pix to whet your interest, and the full set is on Flickr here:

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Visit My Site issue.

Hi Guys, I'm trying to add my blog to my profile information, but after I inserted it and went to an Instructable I created, if I press the "Visit My Site" button(Website URL), it redirects me to the same page I am instead of my blog. How can it be fixed? Regards  

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Amazing Visit in Pier 9 (2015 Summer)

Dear Community,        !!Spoiler Alert!!         Last summer, my family took a vacation to the California America!! My parents only planned 2 day in SF!! It is such an vibrant city! i wish i had stayed longer! In our brief stay we did went to ILM's lobby and Pier 9 under my strong request!! A super friendly Community manager helped us to sign up between our DM.          We began in the lobby, a gentleman Jacob was our guide! He took us through a round of self introduction, the tour size was 9. And i was the only instructable member! After learning about the exhibit in the lobby and what role does pier 9 serve for Autodesk's development, we headed to the little showroom next to the kitchen. I saw projects i read about in real life! The feeling was incredible. My father was picked to try out the cocktail mixer from Manhattan project. We also learn from example hoe artist's work give feedback to software design and the cycle goes on and on, resulting in better iteration every time.        We then are instruct to wear lab goggles since it is time to see the CNC milling room. Luckily, there were only 2 machine in used. We got open up and see the inside of the machines with its extensive variety of drill head. We also get to hear from those who are currently using  the machines! Pass this door, is the wood and metal work room. Behold the Killer view(see attached pics). All members of the tour asked interesting questions. I was wondering if the metal chips and bit can be recycled in house, turn out they don't. We didn't spent much time there, since there is nobody working there. But hey, who would mind so decent carpenter metal-smith experience, making game related armor and weapons.       I was taking picture with my Canon DSLR. At this moment, the battery flated out despite being fully charged the night before. I continued with my Phone Camera. Which turns out that my Camera was shorted and formatted the sd card. Luckily recovered some pics later.        Up stairs we went, to the 3D print farm!! There is also the laser cutter. It is the busiest room in the pier. People on computers, setting up the printers, washing the water soluble support away. I am so overwhelm by the fillament, powder, even paper based printer which eat A4 and pumps 3d models out!! A massive amount of 3d print works are on a shelf. There are multicoolor print, a sabertooth skull, Human ears. A continuous track that i was told that it was printed that way without any assemble, which was made possible by the water soluble support! It was also one of my favorite room as a 3d artist. How i could quickly prototype parts and toys!      Afterwards, it is the skywalk of over the top of the milling room. there is this fun over head track with handles. I certainly took a spin!! haha that is what i mean by tech meets fun!!      Across the skywalk, we saw the Arduino and electronics room next to the internship area, where host XYZen-Garden and mini clear King Kong!! Many more!! The sewing room with so sewing machine mounted to the wall! With every equipment and machine i see, i can see myself using it to create interesting PROJECTS!! My brain was constantly bouncing into storming mode!! Unlocking new possibility of creation! New present idea i can surprise my Girlfriend with!!      The tour ends with the restaurant grade kitchen! Which was brief, since we were running out of time. We asked so many quality questions along the tour and time is almost up. It was the most interesting workshop i have ever been to!! As a scientist-artist hybrid, I really wanna work there some how!! To put my ideas to the test!      Enough about my visit, there are so many things i didnt wrote about though. Have you been there? Any fun ideas about HQ? Please tell me!! draft and  Craft, Mchau2 Who am I? I am joined instructables at March 2013, I published my first instructable about a year later!! It was a paper ironman that i built without peps. Being picked as featured the first time was my honor. I am from HK, apart from Digital art, I focus on prop making and D.I.Y. Toys. I tried my best every time. Until next time, Happy instructabling.

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Instructables on the YarnCraft Podcast!

Eric and I visited Lion Brand Yarn headquarters in NYC, and chatted with Liz from the YarnCraft podcast!Check us out on YarnCraft episode 6! Our segment runs from 8:42 to 24:45.

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I want some info on industrial project report for final year adft department diploma?

I want some info on industrial project report for final  year adft(apparel designing and fabrications technology) department. where can i get it, does any body help me on this? 

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Current Address for Instructables HQ?

I am going to be in San Francisco on July 15th and 16th, and I am planning on visiting the offices of Instructables. I keep searching for a street address of the office, but there are three different ones. Could I get the current address, the hours it is open, and who is likely to be there? I would love to meet the guys behind one of my favorite websites!

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NASA Plans To Visit The Sun

The name of the mission is Solar Probe+ (pronounced "Solar Probe plus"). It's a heat-resistant spacecraft designed to plunge deep into the sun's atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first hand. Launch could happen as early as - (continued here)

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Visit to an Ithaca Pig Farm

I'm visiting my friend Jofish in Ithaca, NY, where he's finishing up his PhD at Cornell.He's also eating some fantastic food from local farms, and took me out to see The Piggery. These cute, talkative little piglets grow up into some extremely large, happy pigs who clearly have a lovely time running about the farm. Some are kept for breeding stock, others slaughtered for use in some fabulous charcuterie.We had Piggery sausages and pate for dinner last night - they were excellent. I highly recommend getting to know your local farmers, and the animals they raise. Knowing where your food comes from is a great way to know the animals have been treated humanely and fed good things, while helping to keep local family farms in business and eating some really good food.

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A Visit to Simon Field's Farm

Last Thursday my friends Quinn and Xander invited me along on a visit to Simon Field, a chemist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He lives on a small farm in the mountains south of San Jose, with his wife, a couple of alpacas, some goats, and a great many chickens, parakeets, and other parrot-like birds. And a tree house with a rope bridge going out to it, where he occasionally hosts parties. And a solar cell array from which they get most or all of their electricity. And a huge redwood tree, which someone in the '60's rented out to live in! And a hillside spring which under the right circumstances can shoot a fountain 30 feet into the air. And an art studio, and many artworks of various sorts just set here and there for one to stumble across. And a lot of salamanders... Check the image notes for details. Inside, his house is filled with science toys, spilling out from his workshop.  I had to make a separate forum topic on those to treat them properly!

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My first visit to NRPH.

Well i was able to get into Northville Regional Pyshciatric Hospital...(which is "illegal" and should "never" be done if you get my drift)so let me say if your in SE MI and haven't been their id advise you do it's something you can't replicate...the dead silence like theres no sound.....and it's a beautiful view from the A bldg sky-tower and if you want any help to just get into the complex i'd be glad to help you out... quick note ..make sure you check where you step and what you touch..also bring a small medical kit and make sure you have ALL cuts coverd when you enter...this was a hospital....also beware the steam tunnels since the power was turned of there is no lights down their so please be carefull and bring a flashlight..

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T-Rex visits Australian School

I found this link today on Twitter (RE-tweeted by @Mr_Wallace)  <br /> youtubelink I love this, I think if I was in this school I would have S**t my pants Baby t-rex or not! I hope the rest of the school budget is spent on therapy

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how much do scrap yards charge?

I wanted to visit a scrap yard to pick up a bike(bmx or mountain) and some other scrap how and what rates do they charge?

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What websites do you visit often?

I'm not sure if this has been done before - didn't see it on the search. What websites do you visit most often? ..please don't use this to advertise your own websites.

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Visual map of the top 288,945 most visited websites.

I just found this absolutely astonishing piece by NMAP that visually shows the top 288,945 most visited websites on the web. Yes, I know what you are wondering, and instructables is on there. They included a search box, so you can find your favorite sites. Just make sure you put in a "www." and a ".com", otherwise the search won't work. Enjoy! Via Engadget Source NMAP

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What hackerspaces should I visit in San Fransisco?

I'm about to head off to San Fransisco to visit some family, and I'd like to visit some hackerspaces and similar places. I went to Noisebridge when I went to Maker Faire two years back, but I only went in for a brief (but very cool) tour. So, what else should I visit? Also, are there any DIY/building/hacking related stores I should go to? AUGUST 22ND UPDATE: I just got back from San Fran. I went to Noisebridge's new place. It's pretty cool. Thanks, Noahh

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See how it all began (but please don't visit!)

A news article on Nature today reports a find of living, growing stromatolites in an Andean saline lake (first image). Stromatolites are layered growths of cyanobacteria (photosynthesizing algae), and constitute some of the oldest (3.5 Gya!) macroscopic fossils known (second image).Update: My writeup above might be a bit misleading. This is not the only known stromatolite colony; Shark Bay, Australia, is the most well known, and there are a few in South Africa. This discovery is important both because of the altitude, and because it's an inland site without contamination.Note: If you don't understand some of the words above, open a new browser window, type "wikipedia" in the search bar, then cut and paste the big words into Wikipedia.

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Why has my site suddenly had hundreds of visits? Answered

I'll show you the graph. It is my site to do with stylophone tabs. My overall views are 1,352, last month I had 805? Is there a good reason for this? Or is is just a sudden public surge for stylophone tabs? Thansk, Flannel UK

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The site you haven't visited yet (but probably should have)

Okay, maybe you have visited before.  But it's still worth going back.   Check out AfriGadget : They bill themselves as "solving everyday problems with African ingenuity".  If necessity is the mother of invention, it's original home is Africa.  For the rest of us in the world who are far from Africa, they may be encountering problems we've never considered, and are solving them with limited tools and materials in very unique ways.  For example, go check out Richard's "Lion Lights".  There's a problem you won't encounter in Wisconsin (in my case), but the creativity is undeniable.  I've bookmarked it.

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Visit the Instructables Restaurant in Amsterdam September 22, 23, 24

Join me in Amsterdam for the opening of the Instructables Restaurant! I will be at the Picnic 2010 Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands September 22-24 where I will help Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel, Fablab Amsterdam, Waag Society open the restaurant.  They did all the hard work, I think I'm just going to cut a ribbon with a giant pair of novelty scissors!  Watch this forum topic for the latest information on when to come, and where and when we'll be having an Instructables meet-up.  In fact, you may be needed to help build furniture for the restaurant -- instructions on Instructables!  Instructables meet-up outside of PICNIC:  Thursday 2010-09-23 5:30 PM at the big field in Westerpark.  You'll know you're in the right spot if you see bamboo sculptures and a bike racing track.

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Antarctica-Bound Hybrid-Electric Hummers Visit Pier 9

Drive Around the World, a nonprofit founded in the Bay Area, revealed its latest innovation, a pair of hybrid­-electric Polar Traverse Vehicles, also known as the Zero South PTVs. These two unique vehicles are bound for a history­-making expedition across Antarctica and they came to Pier 9 today to talk about it.  These revolutionary vehicles, designed using Autodesk tools, have undergone an extensive transformation from gas guzzling Hummers to open source, environmentally conscious biofuel hybrid­-electric vehicles outfitted with ice tracks and capable of standing up to the Earth’s harshest environments. Vehicle designers and leading NASA scientists discussed the expedition's logistics and the latest in climate discoveries. From the Zero South team: There is intentional irony in repurposing the Hummer H1, which many view as a contemporary symbol of gross consumer waste and inefficiency. Others view it as a remarkable multipurpose machine capable of extreme on­ and off­-road performance. But no matter which way the audience is ³polarized² by the vehicle, this adventure will appeal to everyone. Zero South Electrical Engineer Brock Winberg

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Jamming in Paradise (Puerto Rico) - an invitation for musicians and artists to visit

I live in a little piece of paradise, in the forested mountains of Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, I don't find many musicians near where I live to improvise music with.  Since I have a guest house for visitors, it would be nice to import some musicians to fill it once in a while.  Also artists and other creative people to play with.   I mostly play tootophone, latabonkers, and a variety of other musical instruments I make.  (Search Instructables for tootophone and latabonkers.)  I lean toward improvisational jazz, but can improvise along with just about anything.  I have some recording capability.   Let me know if you might be interested.  

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Need Ideas for Fun, Cheap Projects for Families to Do on Museum Visits

I work at a science center ( and need a variety of projects guests can do that are CHEAP, fun and provide a take-home object. I love the water bottle speakers, but they involve expensive parts. Ditto for the jar that glows at night. Any thoughts about a project for all ages that won't cost more than about $2-3 per person using mostly recycled parts? We get about 1,500 people a day, so any dontaed parts would also be appreciated.

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Geology in action: A mid-ocean ridge you can visit on vacation!

UPDATE Jun 2011:  ScienceNews has a very nice feature about Afar, with an excellent narrative summary of items since the current spreading event began in 2005. UPDATE Nov 2009:  Science magazine only keeps their news articles free for a short time.  The link below requires paid access to read.  Wikipedia has an article on the volcano. A news article in this week's (May 2009) Science magazine online reports on a very unusual volcano. Located directly in the center of east Africa's Great Rift Valley, it is spewing a unique kind of lava. The Great Rift Valley is a place where one of Earth's tectonic plates is actively dividing in two -- the eastern tip of Africa and the Arabian peninsula is separating from the rest of Africa. In several million years there will be a brand new ocean (not a "sea") like the Atlantic, and the Great Rift Valley will become its mid-ocean ridge. This African volcano is essentially an example of the undersea volcanoes that run down the spreading center along the middle of the Atlantic (Iceland is a set of them that are above the ocean surface). If you want to see what was happening when the Atlantic Ocean was forming, and Brazil was being broken away from West Africa, go visit Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania. ADDED:  Besides the world's only active (on land!) natrocarbonatite volcano, the Great Rift Valley also has examples of sheeted dikes forming and breaking through to the surface.

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where can i buy arduino related staff in geneva?

I an on quick visit to geneva Switzerland where can i but arduino related product as i am on short visit here ? regards  

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Visit My Vegetable Garden Blog While I Build a few Instructables

I just discovered Instructables. I am working on my first one called How to Grow Large Tomatoes in Containers. I am surprised there is no Gardening Forum (HINT). Anyway it is my passion and hobby. I hope to find other gardeners. Please visit me at The Rusted Vegetable Garden. I hope to bring a bunch of my blog to some simple step instructables. I like the use of pictures as a way to teach. I also started using videos and that is what the above Instructable will have. Thanks Gary

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Is it possible to find and store the IP address information of anyone that visits your site?

I know there are sites and images that show your IP Address, browser, OS, possible location, etc. Could you have some way of writing this found information into a database, or would that be too much of a security flaw? I'm not talking about tracert commands, IP locators, etc. EDIT: Sorry if i wasn't clear enough for anyone, I was meaning something like a PHP, HTML or Java code that logs the visitors IP Address (And if possible, some other miscellaneous information) on a .txt file or something similar.

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Picture "Loading" problem

In most to all of the instructables, questions, and forum topics I have visited recently, the pictures featured have had the "Loading" bar across them the entire time I am visiting the page. The pictures are fully visible and loaded, but the bar persists.  

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I was wondering what other sites are looking at my instructables

I was wondering what other sites are looking at my instructables.I looked on my stats of people who visited my page and it says that most of  the people who visited my site are from search engines  and other sites .

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Any americans coming to the UK.

You better visit this website beforehand.Joe

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Golf GPS

New Golf GPS device for golf addict...its nice...visit are here  

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Silk Road

What are your thoughts on it? And its closing? Ever take a visit when it was up, use it; do you think the courts of New York had any jurisdiction or right to take action? Love to hear opinions. I personally thought it was a good thing, and I visited now and then. Never bought anything though.

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IBles Text Formatting

===I Think Evryone should have a go at it ! ===Practice On this topicIf you don'tno how visit : Ibles Formating

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ERROR 500!

Ï»¿I'm having an ERROR 500 almost everytime I visit Your website. Can you help me?

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How Does Instructables Rate?

. Ran across 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website's Popularity and decided to see how Instructables rates.. . Yahoo Site ExplorerPages: 36,421,151. Inlinks:3,028,851. CompeteNumber of people visiting site: 31,825,476; 1,161,213. QuantcastThe people who visit are also likely to visit these categories and sites:, Engadget, ars technica, Gizmodo,,, New Scientist,,, Popular Science, Wired MagazineMonthly Traffic: Global 3.2M; US 2.0M. AlexaRank: 1971. Linking In: 7,391. SocialmeterSocialmeter score: 42,877. Quarkbase28055 bookmarks at Delicious2259 pages posted on Digg340 pages posted on Reddit947 page references from Yahoo! Answers39746 blog reactions from Technorati. Statbrain530,226 visits per day. CubestatWebsite Worth: $1,310,664.63Daily Pageviews: 598,477Daily Ads Revenue: $1,795.43 . WebsiteOutlookNet Worth : $1.22 MillionDaily Pageview : 557244Daily Ads Revenue : $1674.38

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Casey Anthony Trial

Instructables was just mentioned during testimony by a computer forensics guy. It seems someone on her computer was visiting Instructables looking for information on Chloroform.

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What are some of the best online stores that EVERYONE should know about and visit atleast once? Answered

There are a few online stores that I love to goto and see what new stuff they have in. I always like showing friends what cool stuff they have and they seem to enjoy it (or pretend to). So what are some amazing stores that everyone should know about? Ones I personally like are , and . So please tell some more that everyone, including myself will just love.

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why does my monitor go strange nearly everytime i visit instructables? it stays like it until i shut my computer down!

Often when i visit i get a strange screen . look at the pics they are screen prints! also the old uploader never finished loading! the new uploader said 413 the request was rejected because its size (11797603) exceeds the configured maximum (10485760) i try jpeg will that work?

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Making Automata

Visit my web site blog  to see how I made' The Devil Rices Out' Steampunk Automata www.keithnewsteadautomata

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how to rate an instructable? Answered

I want to rate any instructable.but how can i do it?or maybe there isnt any needed.thanks to everyone who visited these question

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Amazon Kindle (UK) question

I am toying with the idea of getting an ebook reader, mainly for reading downloaded books such.  Apparently the Kindle can show ordinary PDF files quite successfully, and is quite a reasonable price. I have a question, though, that Amazon haven't answered clearly - what web sites can it access? The Kindle has wifi, and there's a version with (free) 3G connectivity for downloading books.  But, what websites will it access?  Could I visit any website at all (such as Gutenberg Press, or even Instructables), or is it restricted to visiting Amazon's own ebook store?  Would it be capable of accessing an email account?  I can't get a straight answer (although I suspect the answer is that access is restricted, since access to Wikipedia is presented as a specific feature). According to Amazon's 3G coverage map, There is a decent signal where I live, where I work, and where my parents live.  If I can visit whatever sites I like, the extra £40 for 3G would be worth it.  If I can only visit "approved" sites, then I would stick to the wifi version and load up books by USB.

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Publishing rules

Greetings, I don't understand how one gets exposure after publishing an instructable. I published a product under the photography group. If I visit the group it does not show up. There are only 3 showing. I have to visit my "You" section to even find my project. I don't see how publishing in any area gets you exposure. Now, I'm not trying to grand-stand here. I'm not particularly overjoyed with what I produced but I would like to see some comments.

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R. PC Repair Twitter account

Visit our business twitter, owned by my dad.

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Happy Passover!

...almost.What are your plans for tonight, and this week? Are you refraining from bread? Going to Cedar?Anyways, have a happy Passover, and make sure to visit/make Pesach Instructables!

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