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VLSI testing ?

I am looking some information for Vlsi testing what is Design for testability what is Built-in self test

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VLSI self test circuitry ?

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault 1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response 2.test vector output response 3.test vector output response Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?

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Reconfigurable FPGA

Hi, i was going through FPGA's then i came across reconfigurable technology's in computing with the help of FPGA's. well how and why this reconfigurable method is useful in optimizing the designs?", where as an ASIC overtakes in many aspects such as in speed,etc. I got a paper to write based on the reconfigurable technology on FPGAs. I've googled few topics which states reconfigurable technology is the future. But unable to start the paper giving it a valid reason.

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testing and fault in vlsi system?

How many type of fault can be occur in VlSI circuit ? when we make chip It may be work or it may be fail due to some fault chip may be fail due to fabrication process chip may be fail due to circuit connection chip may be fail due to packing how we will detect fault in chip and what is fault model in vlsi system?

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