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I think you may have the start and end date mixed up for voting.

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How and when can we get voting? cat xxx

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I want to ask that weather a person not a instructable member can give votes to an entry

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Does anyone know why it seems that we can't vote for pies?

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I know you dudes have to sell advertising to make this work, but the whole page seems to be funded by the G.O.P. As a voter who has been seriously scorched by the G.O.P. in the lat 8 years, let me link to the DemocraticParty. org for a bit of even-handedness...

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Contest Voting???

I'm really sorry if this is an ignorant question, however, I'm a bit confused with several of the contests as of now. Many of them are giving me the option to vote on entries.  I thought the voting phase was supposed to start after the contest deadline.  Is that not so?

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Contest Voting

Hi! I am very new to instructables! I am in the holiday gift contest. I have been sharing with all of my friends and family getting votes. How do we know how many votes we have, or if we even have a shot to become a finalist?? Is it by views? Some of these instructables have been up for a while and have thousands of views and mine has only been up since the 28 th and only has 348 views : (, and 34 favorites?? Thank you in advance for any help : ) Sandra 

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Time to Vote!

Voting for the Craftsman "Workshop of the Future" contest opened today. There are a number of worthy entries, so I hope you'll take the time to look them over and vote for the one(s) you like!

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

contest voting?

Um yeah, there seems to be an odd thing happened with voting on contests. Can't seem to vote for people's wonderful makes. Every time I do I get this little pop up saying that I can't vote at this time. Happens every time as of late, so I assume its a bug. So I was wondering if it can get fixed. Thanks. :)

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Contest voting

Ok, I feel like a goof for asking this, but what is the mechanism by which one votes for an entry in the pie contest? (No, I don't mean how do I vote for my own. *grin*) But there are some groovy recipes that have been entered. I've rated a few, and commented on one or two, but I don't see a clickable button or link to vote for a specific entry, like there is for the book contest. I'm sure I'm just missing it, could someone tell me where it is? Thanks. :)

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Contests & Voting

I love the contests that you run on here, however the voting part does not seem to be fair to everyone who has submitted entries. When you have 500 entries to look through & only 15 on a page, some people may not bother or be able to get through all of them. They appear to always come up in the same order, my point being that the Instructables listed on the first pages are the ones that will most likely get the most votes, regardless if there is an incredible entry in the last pages. Everyone is seeing the same first 15 entries. My suggestion would be to randomize the entries so that not everyone sees the same ones on the first page, so that the voting would be spread out. At the very least fewer pages with more entries on them should be considered. Only reason I brought this up is that when you had the contest for the Instructables book, I never did get through all of the entries and feel bad that someone's entry that was further back didn't make it into the book because few people even saw it. Thanks!

Topic by PaHalloweenFreak  

Voting for a game

Berkin has decided to make a game or a movie.In the chat,we did a discussion.He decided I post a forum so that more can vote.Should it be game or movie?Vote in the comments.Votes:Game:2Movie:2Leading:Equal

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Voting and Judging

Im kind of new to the contest scene, but how significant is voting in comparison to judging? or vice-versa? What decides the winners, and is there anything i should know about either? thanks

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Voting Glitch?

I have noticed that the voting system seems messed up. So I can vote for a ible, then shut down the tap, reopen it, and come back to the same ible I voted for, and it says that I didn't vote for it! So I can do this again and again and again... Is it supposed to be like this? Does it give a legit vote every time I hit the 'vote' button? Is it not voting at all? Help is appriciated!

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Alright, we could do a pseudo-vote, where the winning presidential candidate gets a vote from the admins on the site, if not, just fake-vote here my vote- obama, hes da bomb!

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Entry Votes

Is there a way to view how many votes are posted for an entry in the craft contest?? Thanks.

Topic by mrsnap1  

Voting for a favorite? ?

How do I vote for an instructable I like?  Is there a box to check?

Question by Billie Brown    |  last reply

Number of votes?

Now that the voting has started, How can I find out how many votes I have in the Sew Warm Contest?

Topic by alisa d    |  last reply

Time to Vote!

It's time to vote on the Christmas Contest entries!Click here to see the decoration contest entries, and vote for all those you think deserve it.You can vote for more than one entry, but don't vote for them all, or it's not worth voting at all.(And don't forget that the Gift Contest closes on the 4th as well.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Vote or Rating?

Just a quick question, of contests when it says something like people with the most votes win this, does it mean the instructable with the most people that clicked on the vote now button, or the instructable with the highest rating?

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Vote for my meatloaf on a stick. I've never won anything. hahaha

Topic by MomLovesElectro  

Vote for Instructables!

Instructables is a Webware 100 finalist in the Search & Reference category.Vote for us! Click here for an auto-populated ballot. Voting closes March 31.

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Votes are needed

It seems to me that not many people are voting in the Flower Contest.Of course, I have a vested interest, but I noticed that, when I first voted for Kitewife (well, you have to, don't you?), her 'ible jumped to fourteenth - that's nearly half way up the field.If one vote can have such an effect, then there can't be many votes being cast.Even if you didn't enter, even if you don't like flowers, these people have put a lot of work (and humour) into their entries, so at least have a look at them and vote for the deserving ones.Look, no spam - this is a sincere posting.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Vote button?

I noticed that with some contests (at least in the April Fools contest) there is no vote button in the Instructable. This is a disadvantage for those who aren't the most viewed because people have to go through a ton of pages just to find the vote button for the Instructable they want to vote on. Make sure that no future contests (especially the laser cutter contest, it has over 300 entries) are like this. It is disappointing and very annoying.

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Contest Voting

My wife submitted a dress for your contest that needed to be done by 6/12/11 midnight. She did so at about 11pm on 6/12/11 and your site stated that it was accepted. BUT now the voting has started & her dress is not listed!!! Why? Her name is Conny Johnson.

Question by jimmie2101    |  last reply

Vote button not working

When I click on the vote button (top right hand side) for certain instructables, nothing happens. I am using safari but it works in firefox, maybe  pop up blocker?

Topic by roshenac    |  last reply

What's the point of voting? Answered

During contests, users can vote on which ones they like best. I read the rules and it says that specific judges rate them from 1-10. What's the point of voting if certain people decide it?

Question by patriots8888    |  last reply

New Voting Rules

First off, I just want to say that i love the site! I've been poking around fro quite some time now, and I've finally started working on posting my first Instructable. (I know this tags me as a noob; you can take this post with a grain off salt). However, I wanted to see how other people felt about the new voting rules, i.e. the fact that voting is open as soon as the contest is open. Personally, I don't like this. The blog post about it brings up three issues: "Readers don’t go back to vote - Readers are most likely to vote when they first see an entry and want to give it a boost. With the old voting scheme, this favored those who entered on the last weekend and were featured." Don't we want readers to go back and vote? In an ideal situation, I feel like you would want each reader to evaluate each Instructable. If a reader votes early in the contest, and doesn't come back to vote, votes will be favored towards the people who submit first. While I understand that maybe this was part of the intention, it still doesn't seem very fair to me. "Authors enter late - Some authors took advantage of this and would hold off their entry until the last minute. This would lead to a cluster of last-minute entries. Part of this is regular procrastination, sure, but some was also intentional." I'm not quite sure what the harm was with entering an Instructable late in the submission period was. There's a submission deadline, people must submit by that deadline. Did that affect how people voted? I would think not. And while I understand that people procrastinate, what about the people that are just really, really busy with other things in their life? Personally, I was going to enter an Instructable into the Krylon contest, but now that voting is already open, I'm going to save it for another contest. It seems to me that the new rule is punishing procrastinators/busy people based on the actions of a part of the submitting population. "Lots of late entries hurt the contest - With an incentive for authors to keep their hand hidden there’s less of an indication just what people are putting together for a contest. Also,the more high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend, the more likely they are to be lost among the masses. With the new voting, authors would have more reason to step up their game and do a better job if they saw some cooler entries coming in earlier." Again, I'm not sure I see the reasoning behind this. In fact, high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend are even more likely to be lost among the masses now, as people who vote early will never see them. And with the new voting, won't authors be discouraged by seeing the cooler entries with a ton of votes already? Anyways, I was wondering what other people thought. As I said, I'm a bit of a noob here, so you can take this post with a grain of salt. I just wanted to voice my opinion.

Topic by drknotter    |  last reply

Voting for Burning Questions?

Call me crazy, but in My Day, there was no voting involved in it. It was just a matter of did you answer the question well or not? So what exactly does getting votes do for the writer?

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

contest voting rules

I am still new to this site and enjoy it very much, I log on every day more than once and utilize 'ables by others on a regular basis. I recently entered the Mothers Day Contest and monitored it closely by votes, hoping, of course, to be a winner. By votes, I finished about 12th (YAY!!) As I waited for the results from the judges, I was a bit confused as to how an instructable (a very good one) from ranking by votes around 30's got to be the winner?? How does the judging work with the votes of the users?

Topic by MizzMouse    |  last reply

So vote, already!

The Hallowe'en contest is open for voting. Go, vote. Use your vote wisely, though - click them all, and you devalue your vote - and make sure you go through the whole lot, because there are worthy entries on every page. (Obligatory spam)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

who voted for who

Obama won!!! who voted who for who

Topic by goeon    |  last reply

Vote for my instructable

Please vote for the ping pong prank in the april fool's speed contest.

Topic by bob the builder #1    |  last reply

Contest Voting Results

Is there any way to see how many votes our Instructables received, (if any), after a contest is over?

Topic by MaskMarvl    |  last reply

the "vote" button disappeared

On my newest instructable I got the acceptance email but when I tried to vote i realised that the "vote" button wasn't there

Topic by bravoechonovember1    |  last reply

Vote button not working

The vote button has not been working for the past 2 days, at least. Whenever I click on it, nothing happens. I used to get the list of the contests the 'ibles are in, but nothing comes up now so it's impossible for me to vote from the projects' pages. I tried with Chrome and Firefox but the problem is the same one. Am I the only one having this issue?

Topic by lindarose92    |  last reply

Who are you voting for?

So, who are you voting for? I know, I'm a little late....

Topic by DrWeird117    |  last reply

Before you vote...

Before you vote... Voting begins in less than an hour, and all the entries look great. But before you vote, I encourage everyone to remember the purpose of this contest. To make a gift for our deserving moms. While some of the entries are really awesome instructables and good examples of sewing, they are not exactly something I would give my mom as a gift. Remember the spirit of the contest, and get out there and vote!

Topic by BlackJack23    |  last reply

Are positive comments votes ?

*same as topic*

Topic by bryceronie    |  last reply

Contest voting on mobile?

Hi all, I did try and search for the answer to this but did not find it.   Someone was (very kindly) attempting to vote for my project in a contest via mobile but the voting button is not there.  Or is it and I missed it completely when I looked for it myself?  Seems odd that someone would not be able to vote while looking at an Instructable on their phone especially since most folks are mobile-oriented.  If someone could clue me in, that'd be great. Thanks!

Topic by Humboldtartdept    |  last reply

Are you gonna vote?

It is you duty as an American after all ;-)Unfortunately, I'm only 16, and thus cannot vote yet...Well, before this turns into a God v. Darwin thread (FSM forbid!), let me just remind everyone to Be Nice - no political bashing; you're welcome to say why you want to vote for such and such candidate, but let's not say how much the other guy is awful and start a fight, cause that's not cool.So, are you voting? Who are you rallying for? Why? How? True or False? GO! ;-)

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Please vote for me!

Please vote for my knex ball machine to help me win the toy challenge!

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Vote for Raspberry Pi!

Http:// Pi 2 is nominated as both Best Developer Tool and Best Product, and Eben Upton has been nominated in the Tech Champion category. Vote for the Pi and Eben to win!;=105891 Also VOTE here by commenting 'Pi2"

Topic by DELETED_bertwert    |  last reply

Vote for me!!! PLEASE :)

Please vote for me :) Part 1/5: Part 2/5: Part 3/5: Part 4/5: Part 5/5:

Topic by rojo.balloon    |  last reply

Login and voting issues

Apparently my husband has been having issues with logging in. He pretty much only logs in to vote for my ibles, as he's very sweet and supportive. When he goes to login, it tells him that his password is wrong. He tells it to reset his password and it will work for only one login attempt. If he logs out and attempts to log back in immediately or over time with that password, it again tells him that his password is wrong. This happens in both Chrome and Explorer.  On top of that, when he gets logged in, the vote buttons on my ibles don't work if he's using Chrome (his default browser). They act like images instead of buttons. So, after he's already reset his password in Chrome (because he forgot he needs to use Explorer), he has to switch to Explorer and reset it again before he can vote.

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Contests and user voting

As someone who focuses on contests here on Instructables I find that it helps to try and enter other contests on other sites as well to get a feel for how it is to be on the other side. It's fun to have a new challenge and it's even paid off in unexpected ways. So far I've won a gift certificate to Home Depot, a laptop, and a Kodak video camera. Well, I entered another contest on YouTube recently that Olympus was sponsoring. I didn't think I'd win this one, but I hadn't entered a contest in a while so I made a video. I had more fun playing with some motion graphics than coming up with some compelling story to win it and the results showed it. But, it's always worth trying, right? So then I submitted my video into the site only to find out that the only way that I could become a semi-finalist was to be in the top 20 in terms of "likes" my video received. I was urged to promote via twitter and facebook and any other method possible. I thought about the merits of spamming everyone I know and promptly forgot about the contest. Screw it, it wasn't worth it. Now, I understand why this would be a filter for semi-finalists. YouTube contests can get a ton of entries and this helps narrow the field without judges doing any work. It's also a way to promote the contest, and therefore Olympus, to all of the entrant's friends. As an entrant, though, it just stinks. It's a popularity contest only. So that's why our process for choosing finalists combines user votes and staff selections. Half of the finalists are the top user votes and the other half we pick out. Many cool Instructables are submitted that are looked over. We really appreciate the time and effort it takes to make an entry and make every step we can for the contests to be fair for people who enter.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

How do you VOTE in the Pocket Sized Contest? Answered

I can't seem to be able to vote!

Question by JRWATSON    |  last reply

Contest voting not on my page

I have a few Instructables that do not have the vote button on my page.  The rest of my Instructables do.  

Topic by sunshiine    |  last reply

My votes aren't registered

When I vote for a contest, my vote doesn't seem to register. I click to the grey "Vote" button and it turnes to orange "Voted", but when I return to the page, it is grey again and says "Vote" as if I haven't already voted. My specs are : A desktop PC GNU/LINUX Ubuntu Mate 15.10 x86-64 kernel 4.2.0-35-generic Mozilla Firefox 45.0+build2-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 I first noticed the bug right after I published my two last instructables : The instructables contained stock photos that had to be removed in order to be published. Maybe it has something to do with this?

Topic by taloskriti    |  last reply