vu meter?

The soundboard I am learning to run is similar to the one in Learning to run a Mixer(Soundboard). It is the one in step #2.The thing I was wondering about was why the lights only light up on one side of the vu meter.Thanks

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vu meter?

I have just been volunteered to run the sound board in our church which is small.I had never seen one before,but as I keep working with it,I noticed that only one side of the vu meter lights up,and the lights move up and down as the volume goes up and down,but the other side does nothing.Any help. It looks like the one in step one.

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Help on VU meter?

Well I want to make a stereo Vu meter for my computer. I want it to be stereo but dont know how to do that. Im planning to cut a headphone to get the audio jack and thats stereo so how will that go into the scematic. (excuse the spelling its late)

Question by sunny342 

VU Meter help

I'm trying to build a VU meter and am having trouble finding a schematic that actually works.  I having tried using the LM3915 and LM3916 both seem to act the same way.  I've tried 5v 9v and 12v sources along with every schematic I can find with no luck.  Either all the lights flicker a very fast. These are the schematics I have tried:;=ACTIVE&limit;=40 Nothing seems to work.  I have added two 1uf caps across the source and a variety of resistor combinations but always end up with nothing or flickering lights.  What have I done wrong? 

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VU Meter Help?

I can only find an LM324 for a U meter. and the only schematic i could find was confusing....,r:0,s:0.....<br> So if someone could either explain that circuit or help me with a new one, I'd much appreciate it!<br> <br> THANKS!

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LG vu replacement?

Today I went into the At&t store to see if I could get my broken lg vu replaced.  They said that the Lg vu was discuntinued, and I would get a samsung phone.  Does anyone know what phone this might be?

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Vu meter input? Answered

Well I want to make a stereo Vu meter for my computer. I want it to be stereo but dont know how to do that. Im planning to cut a headphone to get the audio jack and thats stereo so how will that go into the scematic. (excuse the spelling its late)And does anyone know if i can find the ic at radio shack

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LED VU Meter Coffee Table

I'm working on building a VU meter that will respond to ambient noise into a coffee table that I am making, and I'm stuck on working out how to build the VU Meter circuit, and how to power all the LEDs. I planned on using a 10 LED VU meter kit, and somehow powering more than one LED for each subsequent step. The thing is, each level doesn't have the same amount of steps. The first four levels have 8 LEDs each, the next three have 16 LEDs each, and the last three have 24 LEDs each. The LEDs I'm using have a forward voltage of 2.0 volts, and a Max Power Dissipation of 105 mW. I don't know how to go about powering the LEDs or wiring the circuit. Any help would be much appreciated.

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LED VU meter effect

Does anybody know how can I make a LED VU meter in which only a single light in the row shines at a time? That is the desired result:

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werid deja vu instructables

I didnt know were to post this but has anyone else noticed these 3 instructables all posted on the same day are almost identical? A bit late for ground hog day, april fools etc, It makes my head hurt whats going on?

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Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones

I'm trying to wire two VU meters to some headphones so that there is a meter for each channel(one for the right, and one for the left). How would I hook them up? Do I need any special circuitry so that they work correctly? Attached are the meters I have still attached to the board I've salvaged them with.

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I am designing a product and am looking for some circuit help for a audio vu Meter using bar graph LEDs.

The final design needs to be reproducible  and to be build for as far under 40 dollars as possible.   Basically it needs have an audio input and an audio output that feeds a 2x6 red green array of bar graph LEDs  . That means 6 columns and two rows. I want it to work like an audio vu meter as in green shows levels and one red shows the height.  Anyone seen a circuit like that I can work with or anyone have any ideas about I can occomplish this 

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Some help with circuit... Ground and negative pole...? Answered

Hello, just a small help. Please look on a scheme. I wonder what should I do with ground. I just leave these wires conected to nothing? And where is here a negative pole? It's not nessesary? This is VU meter.

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hey help build VU-METER STEREO 2 X 10 LED??

There are snakes can help me build VU-METER STEREO 2 X 10 LED??

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Signal amp for vu meter- help!

Hi, I am creating a VU meter with my arduino board soon. I would like the vu meter to output the same amount of light even if the input audio is lower or giher (if i change the volume, I dont want the vu meters range to fluctuate). Does anyone know of a device that will maintain a constant signal voltage regardless of whether the inout signal is high or low? I'm not fussed if this amplifying circuit distorts the signal a bit as I am not actually using it to listen to afterwards. Thanks, Joe

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How to make a LED VU-METER ? Answered

Hello guys, I would make a led VU-meter but I don't understand anything of the circuits, can someone make an easy instructable of it ? IT MUST BE EASY AND CHEAP !! click here for the circuit

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75 LED VU Sound Meter

Hiya, i want to put 75 leds either side of my sub woofer which act as a sound level meter.  there's a picture shown on how it would look like. 40 Green LEDs 20 Yellow LEDs 15 Red LEDs im have difficulties trying to find the perfect circuit right for this project. any ideas? thanks in advance. 

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How to make a 5 channel Vu meter (equalizer)

Hey guys, I'm planning on building a sound equalizer display aka Vu Meter, with 10 segment LED. My idea is to make a central sound system with analog I/O for 5.1, with three stereo amps DIY kits, each one for Front (LR), Back (LR) and Sub/Central. I've been using a 2.1 Logitech since my Samsung 5.1 home theater died, and its not enough.  At first, I though about buying a new 5.1 system, but my budget is not enough right now, and as I always loved to build myself, I though, why not? In resume, its a central with volume control, LED to indicate volume output, and 5 rows of 10-segment LED for graphic equalizer. I'll attach an image with the sketch of the frontal look. Its not final, but it may be enough. Now the problem: My knowledge about this sound frequency area is pretty poor. I can't figure out how to make each LED Segment for an specific hertz. I'd like to divide it into 60Hz, 230Hz, 910Hz, 3kHz and 14kHz. For material, I'm planning on using laser cutted MDF for the box and glass for the front panel, to give it a "pro" look. I may change it for acrylic in the end.  The tools I own right now are:  1x Arduino Uno R3, which I intend to use it for the prototype and tests. 1x Arduino Mini, I'd rather use this one instead of an non-writtable CI for final project, as I may want to change codes and add stuff to it later. 5x 10-Segment LED Bar 5x Lm3914 I'd like to get to know how to divide and convert the frequencies of the sound into graphic, tips about the code for arduino and material list and mounting guide for each segment... Thanks a lot, I'm sorry for the long text, but I could not figure out how to explain it in other way. And again, thanks!

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question about hard drives and LED lights?

Hi guys, I'm trying to do this --> for a little jukebox/media centre I'm building. I have a basic VU meter all ready, and also a potentiometer. I've just pulled apart an external hard drive and I'm hoping to tap into the 'activity light' on the front to drive a simple VU meter.  It's a basic Western Digital external 1TB, but it has two little LEDs that flicker blue (alternately, but sometimes together!  Not sure what drives each light?!) and I'm just wondering what my next step is.  There's the basic hard drive, and a little SATA->USB controller board attached that features the two LEDs. I've attached a pic, sorry it's not great.  The Two LEDs are shining out from underneath the card, and you can see a little row of soldered connections on the topside of the board that run the LEDs, at the closest corner to us (the viewer). My question is: there appear to be 4 soldered connections on the two LEDs poking up.  What do I want to solder the VU meter to, and what are the risks to avoid?  Any comments/thoughts are welcome.  Thanks  :-)

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How to make an audio equalizer? Not a VU meter

I want to make an audio equalizer. But when I search for equalizer, I always find a VU meter. Can anyone tell me how to make a equalizer with at least 5 channels. It is to tune the sound but not showing how loud it is. It should be portable. It is better if there is a VU meter(optional) and not arduino!

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How can I make a vu meter from an 100ma panel meter?

I want to build an vu meter from my 100ma panel meter but I don't know how to. I am a beginner and it must be cheap . Please help me whit this problem!  I have a panel meter like this

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Help making a basic circuit involving an analog VU meter.

I am trying to build a contraption involving an analog VU meter a microphone and a power source so i can measure noise levels around me and put it into a sweet steam punk arm contraption I have plans for. I would like the design to be a microphone added into a VU meter and then the power source to power it up but I have no idea what components i need. I can build stuff to a circuit plan but have no experience in designing a proper circuit.

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Use LED VU meter as Tachometer?

Hi, i want to share and ask something.   Somedays back i bought a digital tachometer with dial and needle. I wanted to test it, so i connected its power terminals (12V) and connected the Tach input wire to audio speakers output (+ve) terminal and played a loud song.  I saw Tach needle going up at certain frequencies. I want to ask that if tach can detect audio signals SAME AS a VU audio meter does. So, CAN A LED VU METER BE CONNECTED SAME IN PLACE OF TACHOMETER  to detect car RPM signals.? Plz help and guide.

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Can someone help me to make a VU meter with (15(Row)x12(column)) x2 LED's ?? Answered

I want to construct a VU meter ...which  can be plugged into a MP3 player or a pc...and then  get the sound output from the VU meter..I made holes onto 2 bamboos where I will be placing the LED's 180 on each bamboo...There is an image also..But I would like to know that how can I make it.and which components I would require to make it....A detailed working would be really appreciated.. Thanks

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Arduino Vu meter/Mood light?

Hello There :) I have this concept: A wall to ceiling light that consists of several segments that are lit with rgb leds. I want it to have two modes - VU meter mode and rgb mode (goes through rainbow of colours) I know how to do each separately: -VU meter - There is an instructable I can follow -RGB mode -Using shift registers etc.. But I don't know how to incorporate them together. Can I use a shift register and an arduino (through PWM) to give functionality of both settings I would like? Thanks, Joe

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Bd 241c VU meter from a 100 mA ammeter?

I want to make a VU meter from my 100 mA ammeter with my bd 241 c transistor. Is it possible in an easy way, or I 'm just spending my free time with my doing nothing? :D Please take into consideration that I'm a really beginner, so explain like this.

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LED based VU meter schematic.

I've recently bought a new pair of headphones, and would like to add a semicircle of LEDs (Green->Yellow->Red) to each can, LEDs that would light to the music playing through headphones. As a result, I've been looking for a VU meter schematic that incorporates LEDs and a 1/8" jack. Any link to such a schematic or ideas for my potential project would be greatly appreciated!

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LM386, LM3916 VU Meter Trouble?

Hey, i have built a VU meter according to an instuctable circuit diagram ( but no matter what, my bar graph stays at 7 bars lit. The LM3916 does not appear to be reponding to the microphone output from the LM386. any suggestions would be very, VERY much appreciated and my apologies in advance if I have missed any important informaiton. Thanks EDIT: the 1uF caps i have on my circuit are polarised, unlike the non-polarised in the circuit diagram, but I am assured by a good friend that it shouldn't make a difference. I am also using the LM386N-3 in case anyone asks!

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VU LED Rhodes Piano Project

Hello all, I have a Rhodes Stage Piano (see pic), a classic 1973 workhorse. Like a guitar, the output is driven by pick-ups, and is not amplified. I would like to attach an LED VU display like you'd find on a home stereo or casstte deck. The output is controled by a potentiometer. What I'd like to do is embed LED's in plexiglass, or some other material, and have them stretch across the back of the Rhodes. (See very crude example I dummied up). The idea is that the LED's respond to the output of the piano, the loudest triggering the red LED's, which can be absoutely meaningless in real-world terms, just a visual. They also don't have to be those exact colors, but it would be nice. Can I use the LED Kit, cut the leads, add more lights and run little wires to the rear, or should I start over? I have loads of 12 volt DC transformers I can use. I also have some analog dial (needle) VU's that would be cool to add to each end, also. The Rhodes is Mono, and I believe they sell a Mono kit, too. This is the toy store.....nothing serious, just a thought. I don't mind admitting that: 1. I'm a total noob 2. I am almost clueless when it comes to electronics, but I can use a soldering iron and follow directions. All comments and suggestions welcome. I've already admitted to being not so bright so............ Thank you, rhodesdude

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Is there a way that I can add an analog VU meter to a simple circuit that just has an audio input and speaker?

Is there a way that I can add an analog VU meter (the one with the PIN that jumps up and down) to a simple circuit that just has an audio input and speaker? It would go like this: Audio input -> VU meter -> Speaker (See image below) Can anybody please help me? I think it would be a cool feature to the project I am making but I don't have any electrical engineering background at all and am pretty lost with this stuff.... Thanks

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How do you make a very basic and small vu meter?

I am trying to make a vu meter that is small enough for the dimensions to be 4"x2"x4". So I want everything to be no taller than 2inch from the circuit board. Is this possible? (Excluding the LED's) I am just looking for some insight and help on a side project. That is all =) (I have not made anything on a circuit board before, so I am trying to learn)

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subscribe or patch me!

Hey people just want to know if you can patch or sub me.

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lm3916 substitute Answered

Im going to build a rgb vu meter but when looking for parts the lm3916 was pretty exspensive and im trying to see if there is a substitute for it      and a rgb led can two or three of the pins be powered at the same time or only one at a time

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my new &quot;folding&quot; knex ipod stand

Hope you like it all it takes is five comments saying i shold post and ill post difficulty: very easypartsrods6:small blue rods4:small grey rods2:tiny green rodsConnectors2:3 clip connectors2:2 clip connectors5:1 clip connectors4:tan connectors(with gear nub)1:hand connectorspacers6:large spacers

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VU meters between PC and external speakers

Hope someone can help. I want to place two analog VU meters (L and R) in-line with my external PC speakers. I want them to be between the PC tower sound card output and the speakers themselves (1/8" mini jack), so the speaker volume controls don't affect the meters. I'm trying to get the truest reading from the sound output level coming from my PC and video editing program, without building some monstrosity. I'm planning to build a small box to house the meters, so I just need help with the actual wiring between the mini jacks and the VU meter leads. Can anyone help with how to wire this with instructions or a wiring diagram?

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What's the best way to "add" together both channels of stereo sound into mono?

I'm making a VU meter and I don't want to replicate my circuit for both the left and right channels of audio.  I'd like to just "add" together both channels so I can view them on the meter together.

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I want to make an arduino powered VU meter with 10 LEDs and a electric Mic and arduino code

My goal is to make exactly this: Many Thanks in advance!! I want to include 10 leds and an electric mic, not a switch. Also i'm a noob and can't write arduino code and would like to have the code as well. MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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New guy with a new idea

First off, Hi to everyone! I made a VU meter using the LM3914N and RGB LEDs.  My "new" idea is to create 2 modes "VU meter" and "lamp".  I can't figure out a way to do this with a single switch.  At first I though it was simple...Oh just put a switch on the 10 LEDs going into the LM3914 and send it to ground.  WRONG!   Any help would be great! Thanks! P.S.  I'm new to all this.

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I have an array of LED clusters for a big VU meter. How can I distribute power evenly? Answered

Each cluster consists of 6 LED's, and is controlled individualy by an arduino (through a transistor). If I start with normal power, when more LED's light up, they all dim. If I start with extra power, the first few LED clusters blow. I don't want to have a separate power source for each cluster (there are 15)

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Circuit Diagram Experts Needed. Thanks. Answered

Hi, (I posted an image)I found this circuit in an book of mine because I wanted to build a VU meter. I only want to simplify this circuit. I don't need sound coming out of the VU meter; so I could have just remove the speaker and be done with it. But... is there anything else in the diagram that is only related to the speaker in which I could remove? All I need from this circuit is the led reacting to the audio input like a VU meter. Eliminating unnecessary parts will help me make it smaller. Thanks! Helpful things to know about diagram: Ignore R1, C5, U2.... those are just references to another diagram. 324 is an Operation Amplifier IC (there is only 1)546 is an Audio Power Amplifier IC (there is only 1)the Si is a silicon diodethe VR is a 50k ohm control volume (potentiometer?)6 volts going inIgnore the funny looking earphone, thats the audio input instead.I posted one General Image and 4 close up Images. Any other question about the diagram feel free to ask.Once Again Thank you for helping a newbie.

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help with making an led counter (a bit like a vu meter) but different?

I am trying to make a night light that whena button is pressed turns ON lights up a row of 10 leds. everytime the circuit gets a pulse from the 555 1 led goes OFF till all 10 are off then the lights stay off till i press a button again i know that i will need to use a 555 chip to make the pulse to another ic but im not sure about which other ic to use and how to wire it up thanks :) Andy

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How do I power a spectrum analyser?

I want to make an audio spectrum analyser using 8 lm3915 IC chips and 4 TL072 chips with a TL071 amp for the TL072 chips. The TL072 chips will be wired into bandpass filters of different frequencies, which will output into the individual LM3915 chips. These ICs will be wired as VU meters. The outputs will be these LEDs: I would also like to add a feature of adding a feature where when the ambient light is lowered, more lights turn on using another LM3915 chip. Another feature I would like to add is an amplifier and I want the spectrum analyser to respond to background music via a microphone and a pre-amp. The circuit I am going to use is: Finally, I would like to ask If this is plausible and what power supply should I use? It must be able cope with the power demands of these features. The power supply has to be from rapid electronics, because my school can only buy from rapid. Also, I would like to know what power amplifier I should use (25w, 30w, etc). Thanks! (I don't want to use microcontrollers, because I want to make my spectrum analyser look cool by showing the electronics (microcontrollers look simple) :)

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I was amusing myself watching Filth Ritch and Catflap (1986), when I got a strange feeling of deja-vu.... Same hair-dresser? Look and decide (Rick Mayall in the blue shirt, Eric Wilhelm in the black)

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What att phone would you recomend? Answered

Im haveing trouble deciding on a upgrade phone. Im a teen that texts (that being the most important) and i was hoping of using it as my mp3. iv been debating samsung impression, lg vu plus, samsung mythic?

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Can anyone simplify me this scheme? Answered

Can anyone make this scheme clearly for me? I don't understand some parts. So, can some one draw ona a paper how that should like? (Not drawing the simbol than drawing the parts like they look) Thank you

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What is the product design budget in schools?

I want to make a spectrum analyser in product design and I have found all of the parts on rapid electronics (where my school buys things from). The total comes to about £150 (eek!) I cannot ask my teacher about this, because I have a school holiday and I have to research what I am going to make now (in the course of the holiday). Would my teacher allow me to order these objects? I go to a government funded comprehensive secondary school in birmingham (if this makes a difference). Will the school budget suffice? Thanks!

Question by knektek 

Enclosure for LED bar graph

I just bought an LED bar graph for my project. I'm looking for an enclosure that I can install this bar graph. Are there any vendors or services where you can specify precut holes or am I restricted to a DIY with saws and drills?;=item2a3c83885e

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Choosing IC

I recently came up with the brilliant idea (read: scheme) of constructing gloves with built in  RGB LEDs that fade through colors randomly. I plan to sell these to ravers as they are usually spoiled rich kids (no offense) and I can fund my new found interest in electronics. My question is if anyone knows of any ICs that can control this without having to program it, like the LM3914 can work as a VU meter. If no such thing exists, then the cheapest alternative.

Topic by wootwootman 

the OUTPUT voltage of an mp3 phone jack?

I want to build a vu meter using the lm3914 now it it voltage coming to it is equal to 1.7v all the led with work so i need to devise that on 10 to know the lowest voltage to, turn on the first led. that's the clear part now i don't have an oscilloscope in my home so i cant know the out put of my Samsung galaxy ace4 / i want to know the out put so i can build an amplifier wish amplified the signal to  around 2v

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My Feed Repeated Posts

When looking at my "Feed" on some of the posts repeat themselves. I've atached an image which is zoomed out really far to fit the repeated posts in the same window. This of course makes it difficult for me to discover new instructables.  Info:  Browser: Chrome, version: 47.0.2526.106 m Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Steps to reproduce: 1. Signing into my account 2. Clicking "You" in top right corner 3. Clicking "Feed"  4. scrolling down until one has a puzzling feeling of deja vu

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