Ardiuno Ethernet W5100 ic solder bridged? Answered

Hi I got a Ethernet shield for my arduino I have ordered, but the problem is that the solder on the IC seems to have run and bridged the connections. I have some pictures taken with a lens I had laying around... This is what I found. Please can you help me decide weather I should take it back for a full refund?

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TCPIP Hardware chip & network attatck

Hi everyone.... I like ethernet related project with Arduino and Arduino Ethernet shield.  So now I want to open you a network relate problem. As you know or not Arduino Ethernet shield is made from TCPIP Hardware chip (W5100 of Wiznet Company) and other component. Recently I heard that TCPIP Hardware stack (with Hardware chip) is more stronger than S/W stack from networking attack such as flooding, spoofing and so on. But I want to know technical basis why Hardware tcpip chip is "Unattackable" from networking attack. If there is a anyone have a knowledge about networking via internet... please share your knowldege or your thinking.

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URL controlled led strip animation

Hi all,I need some help with a diy led strip projectI have 3 led strips (WS2812), Arduino mega, and an Ethernet shield (W5100).I want to mount the strips in our kitchen and control via a url.Eg. demo would kick off one of the FastLED example animation.My aim is to be able to choose different animations using urls sent via actiontiles (Samsung smartthings interface) and play a selected animation continuously until I select a different url.I can get it to play once but I can’t get it to play something else when I click a different url.I’m guessing my problem is my nested loops but I don’t have the skill or knowledge to be able to troubleshoot it. I suspect The url is jumping to a continuous loop and never exits it to see if a different url is selected... At least that’s my theoryAnyone care to start me off with an example of how to achieve this ?Arduino Mega,Ethernet shield (WS5100)Using FastLED.

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