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Need your input on the acceptability of posting a medical device ible

 I am a new member but an old reader.  If websites were worlds Instructables would be my home planet. I have plans for ibles that center around stuff I make for my small farm and old house; my kid calls it The Things My Mother Finds In Other's People's Trash.  No problem there.  My editor (I do a little no-big-deal writing) told me I should make an ible about ostomy care as it's something I deal with daily since I underwent a total colectomy and nephrectomy from cancer.  By the way, if anybody happens to post an ible for a replacement kidney...  I wanted to post some ibles about different ways to cut the wafers, the part the pouch attaches to, to accomodate different body types, how to make the process so simple you can take care of it in a few seconds with a bit of privacy, how to easily and thoroughly empty the pouch, which for ileostomy patients is a 12 or more times a day;  modify underwear instead of buying special $55 a pair "ostomy wear" and most important, how to CLEAN AND REUSE those pouches that come twenty to a box (that's a MONTHS supply), cost over $100 after insurance, and are supposed to be worn DIRTY and then thrown away in the vast sea of plastic, a biohazard and a weight on the earth. I realized that although my ideas are kind of no-brainer simple, the subject might attract really brilliant people who could offer better ideas and designs.  Before I went forward with my postings though I wanted to check with you all and ensure that the subject matter would not be so gross or offensive to the community that it caused a problem.  I'm so conflicted about it myself except when I get mad about it that I didn't feel I could trust my judgement. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my long ramble here and any advice you would like to render. Thank you so much!

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could i make a transistor by stacking 3 silicon wafers, N type P type N type?, and soldering wires to them? Answered

Was reading about homemade transistors, but it is really complex, so would this work?

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PN Junction Diode Thermoelectric Generator?

Hi, I was wondering if you could DIY a thermoelectric generator by dissecting  some PN junction diodes and sandwiching the P type material adjacent to the N type materials between heat conductive material, such as two circuit board wafers?

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SEMICON West 2011, July 11-15, in San Francisco

For techies who live in the San Francisco Bay area or who will be visiting here July 11th through July 15th, you may want to check out this event.  Event Dates Exhibits:                              July 12–14, 2011 Events (co-located conferences, partner events):   July 11–15, 2011 Location Moscone Center 747 Howard Street San Francisco, California (Facility address provided for directional purposes only) Show Hours Tuesday, July 12                  10:00am–5:00pm Wednesday, July 13             10:00am–5:00pm Thursday, July 14                 10:00am–4:00pm Background Founded 1971 (2011: 41st year) SEMICON West is the flagship annual event for the global microelectronics industry. It is the premier event for the display of new products and technologies for microelectronics design and manufacturing, featuring technologies from across the microelectronics supply chain, from electronic design automation, to device fabrication (wafer processing), to final manufacturing (assembly, packaging, and test). More than semiconductors, SEMICON West is also showcase for emerging markets and technologies born from the microelectronics industry, including micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), photovoltaics (PV), flexible electronics and displays, nano-electronics, solid state lighting (LEDs), and related technologies. Major technologies served Semiconductors Photovoltaics/Solar Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) LEDs/Solid State Lighting Printed/Flexible Electronics Technology/product segments include Device Fabrication/Wafer Processing Equipment and Materials Deposition (CVD, PVD, ALD) Etch Ion implant Lithography Masks/reticles and mask-making equipment Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) equipment and materials Silicon and non-silicon based wafers and substrates Process chemicals and gases Chemical handling systems Vacuum systems, components, and parts Robotic systems and components Valves, actuators, gear systems, and other components Factory automation systems, software, and components Assembly and packaging equipment and materials Wire bonding Bump/flip chip/wafer-level packaging Automated semiconductor test equipment (ATE) Test handlers Probe cards and test materials FOR MORE INFO GO TO:

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Solar Cells Coating? Answered

Hi Guys! A few weeks ago I found an auction on ebay, bid, and won myself some big old pack of solar cells. Now these panels are wafer thin, no coating or covering. Additionally, I need to put the wire collecting ribbons on myself. The only problem with these is that they are incredibly fragile. What can I coat them with to protect them? Is there any spray or acrylic or resin that you use to protect them? Thanks

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How can I cut silicon solar cells to custom sizes? Answered

I bought 100 silicon wafer solar cells and I would like to be able to cut them to custom sizes... does anyone here have experience/ a method for doing this? Ive tried scribing them like glass, grinding, slicing...ect, and nothing works. Silicon cells are not AMORPHOUS. They are not like glass. How can they be cut with DIY tools?

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How a CPU is born

    While doing some research, I saw a link that said "How CPUs Are Made: From Sand to Silicon". Mildly intrigued and not knowing anything about how they are made, I clicked and went to the page and read.     The article briefly runs through a highly abridged series of steps in the making of what eventually turns out to be an Intel i7 processor. It starts off with the raw materials (SiO2, e.g., sand) and how they turn it into monstrous (about 220 pounds!), essentially pure, silicon ingots from which wafers are made. and many steps later the processors are boxed up and ready for store shelves.

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I work with a company (whose name I will omit) that works in the field of picking locks and the like. I am trained and even paid to pick locks. I only recently picked up the hobby, with the job. I have a couple sets of picks. ~I don't need to know how to make picks~ There are plenty of instructables on that, on this site and elsewhere. What I would like to see are some decent pickgun instructables. I have seen some electric models online in various places, as well as some simple mechanic models, but have been unable to find either here. If anyone has built one, or plans to, please share the experience. I intend to get started soon on at least one of the projects in my head right now. So, I don't care if your pickgun is electric, manual, or magnetic-powered. I don't care if it opens car doors, deadbolts, padlocks, wafer locks, or warlocks. I just want to see what other people are up to.

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What Do you think of these jokes

Hello, Daredevil 499 here, and I would like to introduce to you my new idea of posting 2 or 3 jokes, 2 or 3 times a week. I will post jokes almost every week, and I want You to vote For your favorite Joke. Just post a comment with a number (either 1, 2, or 3) representing which joke you like best. I'll keep posting if people like it. Here are the jokes: 1. Why did the cookie cry? Because his mother was a wafer so long! 2. What is it called when you loan money to a buffalo? A Buffa-loan! 3. What happened when the butcher backed into his meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work! Well let me know what you think, and don't forget to subscribe!   (the jokes will get better as time goes on, and I will add a link to this when I make my next post)

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Ancient technologies revisited - What happened to all the crashed "alien" ships?

Whenever it comes to theories about ancient technology we find remarkable stories of "gods" and the flying machines.And those stories never ended.Technology though changed the way we interpret video fottage that people claim to show UFO's.Quite often we have a viral flood of post from all over the US where people show some weird pics or even videos and claim they saw some UFO.It usually contraticts itslef, as an Unidetified Flying Object that is no problem to identify can't be a UFO ;)Like when some rocket launch went wrong, a satellite dropped down to burn up...Happens all over the world, almost on a daily base.So often in fact that it seems the interest to grab you phone and take a shot goes dead.Why bother, can't be real anyway...But there is undiniable footage stretching back well over 100 years showing some craft or some "light" performing flight operations that seem to have no problem totally avoiding everything we know about the laws of physics.When it comes to UFO crashes the only thing that pops into people's minds is Roswell, New Mexico...There were crshes of unidentified flying objects well before this but no makes a fuzz about them anymore.The old folks in the small town of Auroa could tell you nice stories about their relationship with "aliens"...1861 if you need a year to look out for ;)From that first crash in the US that was properly documented for history we were faced with the same problem every single time when something strange fell from the sky and landed on US soil.The military moves in a seal off the area, everything is collected, the rest cleaned.And the people that saw something are reminded that they never really saw anything.For most claimed crashes in other parts of world we never got any official or unoffial documents to view, only reports from people that were there or close when it happened.So I will leave those out.Checking in other parts of the world we know at least on one craft that crashed in 1936 in Germany and another one a few years early claimed to crashed in the alps.What happened to first is obvious, the second case in the alps is claimed to never been found.The most recent "crash" that made it into the public happened during the cold war in Russia.A bit trigger happy after noticing that the Blackbird project is not only reality but also that these birds were out of range for their weapons....No surprise then that got really pissed off when some "US craft" flew from one base to another - their most secret ones.And always it seemed to fly at speeds claimed to have been well over Mach 5.Some predictions were made, everyone on high alert and of course it then poped up over a base waiting for it.The unconfirmed claims from former military presonll states that enoug was fired to sink a small island and most of the ordonance were perfectly aimed.It eventually crashed when trying to fly away.But Russia never made a claim to have found a US spy craft, never again for this incident claimed the US was spying.And according to those claiming to have been involved in the recovery the craft was definately not of any known desing and had mostly unknown components and mterials.Going a bit further in down in history there seemed to have been a crash of a small craft around 1920 in France but I could not find anything stating more that a crashed craft was recovered and taken away for examination.So we know that at least two unidentified craft ended in the hands of powerful countries in the 100 years.we can rest assured that if Nazie German really had the remains of the 1936 crash it ended in the US together with all other vital technology and involved scientists.Add Roswell if you dare to think it was a real crash and you grant the US a 2:1 victory over Russia.Adding the Aurora crash and you get three for Team USA.China is claimed to be in possession of a rather craft that the found when excavating for something totally different.Said to have happened around 1930.But real info from China is sketchy to say the least :(What if anything that was found under the ice in Antartica was ancient or alien tech or even a craft will remain a secret for a while longer as real info on the 4 secret US bases down there is hard to come by.Some theorists claim to be able to trace certain technological advancements back to anient or even alien techonolgy.What sound like total bogus, over the years, got some momentum after all.Even if it such every day stuff like velcro tape...A claim I find rather interesting on a personal level if microchip technology.Officially we only came up with the idea to make transistors smaller and more efficient.From there we went into integrating simple components in tiny sizes into a chip housing with a few legs on it.After that it is said the rest was just a logical flow of technological evolution.But if so: How exactly would someone get the idea to shrink a good sized house of standard components into something that fits onto your fingernail?Like a CPU...It is like a missing link - the step from just making the circuit smaller and smaller to using lasers and silicium wafers to created multi layer and multi dimensional structures - the modern microchip.All the now well documented problems that seem obvious were unknown and some not even theorised.Still, within just a fears we solved quantum effects, capacitance effects of the "circuit traces", intercations from stray fields and more.In comparison it would be like going from our first production car to the latest Tesla model within just 20 years....To solve some of the problems technology to actually observe the problem needed to invented - the chicken and egg problem as some like to claim.And there is more "evidence" to some that we studied technology that we had no clue about.For certain alloys that perform exceptional in highly specialised environments we face the same conundrum.Even if, by some genius miracle, some scientists comes up with an incredible theory the guy, or girl, would need something to go with.For a technology that can only work if "unknown" elements are used in a device made from an alloy with basically impossible physical properties - what gave you the idea to "invent" both the missing elements AND the missing alloy?especially when it comes to Gallium, Indium and dysporsium we find tons of research articles these days.All theorising about very specific alloys with even more specific qualities.Including of course plausible applications for the real world if we ever would manage to create such alloys.And for some weird reason people do just that seemingly for fun.Be it making Gallium-Iron alloys or even Indium Boron Alloys - as the two main building blocks of the alloy.The rest of other metal, half metal and rare earth metals is often is such minute quantities that just guesswork or chemistry won't get you there alone.There is even the claim that we already invented the famous transparent Aluminium from Star Trek.Not based on Aluminium though and so far only in tiny crystal sizes, but still...If you would some crashed ship it woud be no problem to reverse engineer these technologies, especially if you only need to focus on understand it and creating the "tools" to replicate it.But unless we can create another massive leak of classified documents we will never know for sure what, if any of our modern technolgy was reverse engineered.But then again, that is exactly what was claimed for many of the technological advances of Nazi Germany, some just skipped decades of development and testing....Another funny clue is to check the origins of the words "Alien" and "UFO".Why would you need UFO if you already such great names as Foo Fighter or Thunderball?Just asking ;)And if it really matches the U from UFO then how can it remain a UFO once checked, tagged and examined? If it is from us it is clear, if it is not is clear as well, so it really makes so other sense than to create indended and directed confusion ;)Same for Alien...So why ancient of alien technology be any different? ;)

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