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Pressure Washer

Hi, and thank you for your help. Has anyone made/created a pressure washer. Here is link: I am wondering if someone has made somthing small, like the one in the link. Or, this link: for any and all help. sinc, --g.

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Pressure Washer? Answered

I would assume it can't be, but it would be really lucky if a pressure washer could fill an air tank to the pressure the washer is rated for.  So can a pressure washer that says 5000 psi really fill a tank to 5000 psi with the right fittings.  It probably won't be breathable or paint ball worthy but is it plausible.

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3 year old GE Adora front load washing machine has much water and suds in door gasket lately. Any ideas?

I followed the instructions on cleaning out the filter which produced 1 penny and no lint. I also checked out the tube leading from the tub to the filter and found the underwire that came out of a bra a while ago. Ran a small load and previous problem of very wet clothes after complete cycle seemed to be taken care of but still had a fair amount of water in the door gasket with some suds. Also looked at the output drain which goes into the wall and it appears to be clear. There are three holes at the base of the door gasket which I assume is where the water is draining to...have tried to see if there is any blockage there and can't really see any reason why water wouldn't drain. Help!

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combo washer/dryer

Imagine if you will: throwing clothes and detergent in. a couple hours later, the clothes are washed rinsed AND DRIED!!! with no other futsing.   1 machine.  taking up less space than 2.  and... if u  r absent minded, u  dont end up with   moldy clothes days after u threw im in to wash. How to??

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Screws with Round Washers

Do the round washers need to be used when screwing a flat screen TV to the base for tabletop viewing? The washers came with the screws in the small plastic bag. Where do the washers go? Do you screw them on the end of the screws after you have attached the base? Can you just leave them on the screw as they were in the package before you attach the base?  

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Homemade Pressure Washer Answered

Hey guys, I had a lawnmower which broke at the blades, so I thought I'd turn it into a pressure washer. So  I welded up a frame from a old hand trolley and bolted on the engine. While I was looking around for a pump I realized that the engines made for pressure washers cannot be used for mowers. Is this the case the other way round?, Will a pump work on this engine? I'm 100% sure one will fit. Has anyone ever attempted/done this conversion? Thanks in advance!! Chris~ Engine- Briggs n Stratton 550 vertical shaft from mower Pump-;=item4aa2b4d8dc 

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Honda xr2600 power washer

I have a Honda XR2600 power washer.  The problem that I have is the engine stops running after a few minutes while spraying. Installed a new spark plug. A new gas cap. Put in fresh fuel. I can use the power washer for only a few minutes and the engine will stop.  Any help appreciated.  

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to hook-up portable washer to sink

 when putting the adapter on do i hold in the red button or what.never did before.please help

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what causes the cold side on a washer not to shut off when it should?

Every time I do a load of laundry I have to turn the cold on and then off, because if I dont it will flood my floor. The hot works just fine. So how can I fix this or what is causing it to do that. It didnt use to do it. Tks Jennifer

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Is there a dishwasher model available retail that is easier than others to repair and maintain, AND is efficent.? Answered

 I imagine the base model for any brand is a piece of crap.  Could you advise me to particular models that are easier than others to repair and maintain, is sturdy, is efficient, and will last a long time. thanks.

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How to repair (rehydrate) wooden wringer section..........its cracked in places? Answered

Found the top section of a wringer washer made mostly of wood.  The rollers has some cracks in it and would like to know if it can be repaired (rehydrated) to use again on clothes (fabrics)?

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Pressure Washer Hotsy No Worky

Hotsy Shark No manual. No model number visible. Water from the hose goes thru it, but turning it  on adds no additional pressure to the wand. One can hear it rev, and see the pressure guage rise very briefly about 1ce a second. Any idea how to make it work?

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Good way for electroplating washers? Answered

Hello everybody...........Seem's i am in need of help from the brilliant mind's of this site again. My dad has been electroplating nut's & bolt's for the past 35 years & i decided to join for the time being(i have summer vacations going on) Recently some guy came to us for getting washer's electroplated,Issue being that the washer's won't get coated with nickel (with the Electroplating barrel).Some of them stick to each other(leading to one side of the Warsher's without nickel coating). These are so thin compared to the nut's and bolt's we are used to electroplate,That some of the washer's get bent. Need any suggestion,any alternative way to do them without much issues. Below are some pictures attached for referance Thanks in advance Regards ~HD~

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detergent feed for electric pressure washer

I know there are exspensive or maybe just newer PW's that you can add detergent to but not mine. It's just one of those hardware store 1300 PSI electric models. I'm just thinking that there has to be a way to provide some detergent to my spray. I think tapping into the feed hose with a siiphon rig would be a bad idea cuz then you'd be sending the soap through the pressure pump. It's have to be on the other end but there you have high pressure hose you might not want to cut. My thoughts flow along the lines of some sort of connector pipe comming off the output side that goes between the unit and the spray hose connector. You could make it a bit larger to hold like a dishwasher table or rig some sort of siphon hose (like a hose end sparyer) maybe. I'm not sure. My main thought isn't to use the soap for pressure CLEANING but to use the much greater reach of the pressure sprayer to spread the soap/cleaning solution farther - like up to second story siding. thanks

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Repair of a lower pumping unit of a power washer.?

A couple years ago we purchased a 31/2 hp power washer for those really tough grimy jobs around the house.  Last winter we left it outside by mistake and I suppose there was enough water in the lower unit to freeze and bust.  Anyway now it won't work, it just spews water everywhere coming from the lower unit.  I called the company and asked to purchase the lower pressure unit to replace myself, but they would not sell it to me. In fact the lady told me that the lower unit could not be purchased, but that I would have to buy all the necessary parts to disassemble it and replace the parts. When I told her it looks as if the pressure unit bolts onto the bottom of the motor with 3 bolts and perhaps was keyed onto the shaft with a keyway, she then changed her story and gave me the name of a hardware store in a small town about 20 miles away who could repair it. I took it there and the owner told me that "Sure you could buy just the lower pressure unit and he could fix it for $175.00"  I realize it was my mistake leaving it outside under my deck in the cold weather, but gee I only paid $198.00 for it brand new and the Briggs & Stratton engine still works fine. Can anyone help me?  Thanks--Debra Kay

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My Maytag Performa toploader washer stops moving during wash and rinse cycle.

I watched it fill with water, then the agitator started moving. After a minute or so, the agitator stopped moving but the motor was still running. I moved the knob to the spin cycle and the washer drained and spun as normal. Wonder if there is some sort of belt that may be wearing out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!---Rob

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Homemade hydro excavator?

I recently stumbled onto a website that sold a special hose and powerhead that allowed a typical pressure washer to be used as a sewer jetter (unclogging sewer lines).  I was blown away.  So simple.  Pure genius. Then it occurred to me:   A standard pressure washer could be used as part of homemade hydro excavator -- a digging tool that liquefies soil and removes it with a vacuum.  These machines can excavate around pipes without damage and make surgical-style incisions in the earth. Very precise. Very fast.  Factory made hydro excavators are *very* expensive and they typically rent for $350.00+ per day.   To turn a pressure washer into a hydro excavator, you'd need an economical homebuilt vacuum tank to suck up the liquefied soil and a vacuum hose attachment for the wand.  The excavated liquefied soil is very heavy -- so weight considerations and spoil removal are engineering issues to work on. So ..... anyone know how to build an economical vacuum tank?  

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GE Adora Front Loader with no power?

We bought a used GE Adora Front Loading washer. We should have done our homework first but now we're 5 months into this. Out of nowhere I cannot get it to power on to save my life. We've unplugged it, tripped the power and nothing. My husband was able to get it back on after some playing around with the buttons and controls but now it's just plain dead. It was running fine until then, no problems, no leaks, no nothing. I hate to make an expensive service call but there has to be something. Any suggestions?

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My Maytag mod. is LAT9614AAE. The problem is cold water runs constantly whether mach. is turned off or not. Advise.. Answered

My Maytag washer runs cold water constantly, will not turn off. We were doing some laundry and fortunately my wife was doing some other chores in the basement or our finished basement would have been flooded. I have not attempted anything as yet, but I do want to make the repairs myself if possible.  I suspect a stuck solenoid or valve on the cold water side.  Please advise the proper way to get into this area without damaging the machine. I am handy with tools and repairs around the home. 

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Whasing machine motor help?

Hi, I have a washing machine motor that I want to use for some projects of mine, and before I burn it using the wrong voltage, I wanted to ask you guys how it's done right. The motor is from a Whirlpool washer, and it's got 5 wires going in it.  From whirlpool's manuals I understand that leads 1,2,3 are the motor windings, and leads 4,5 are the tachometer. The resistance between leads 1 and 2, 1 and 3, and 2 and 3, are all 6 ohms. The attached picture shows the sticker on the motor. My question is, how do I make the motor spin?  Do I just plug it to the mains?  I'm guessing the tachometer wires are useless to me, since I don't have a control unit, which means I have 3 wires to work with.  Also, is there a way to make it spin slower/faster without a control unit? Thanks for the help!

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Convert a washing machine transmission to a gear reduction drive? Answered

I just completely disassembled an old washing machine. I noticed that if I could pop the transmission open and stop it from agitating it should work as a gear reduction drive that I could use for another project I'm working on. Before I get too far into this I figured I'd ask and see if what I want to do is even possible? As I understand it inside the transmission there is a gear with a rod attached kind of like the drive wheel on an old steam locomotive. It seems by either removing that entirely or maybe modifying it I should be able to get it to rotate in a single direction. Anyone with any experience know if this is even plausible?

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Can You make High Pressure Water Washer with an Air Compressor?

Hey Guys, Any one have experience with fluids? Is it possible to build a device that would take high pressure air from an air compressor and from that make at least a mediocre respectablely powered washer? I'm thinking about buying a small air compressor and and looking to see if i can use it for other things as well. Thanks! JP

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Another washed ipod question? Answered

Yep. another one. It was stupid, but it still happened... I washed an ipod. Its an ipod nano 2g, got washed and went about 20min into dryer cycle. It was turned off (hold switch on so there was no chance of it turning on). Ipod is now in rice, turned off. How long should I lieave it in there? Also, are there any other preventative measures I should take to get it operational? I have not tried or attempted to turn the ipod on thus far. Thanks -Astroboy907

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How to make a mini power washer?

My friend has some Traxxas RC Cars. One is an electric one that is water proof. He was talking to me one day about making a mini pressure washer to clean it. He is thinking about running it off a hose. He wants to basically use an mechanical pencil tip that you can screw off. Do you know if it will work, or blow the tip apart? or too much pressure. I think it would be too much pressure, but tell me what you think. If we make it, i will post it.

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Manual flattening a washer with rolling mill

I’m trying to use washers for a project but the largest I found is 1”. Ideally I’d like them to be 1 1/2 or 2 with at least a 1/4 space between out and inside. I thought of using a manual flat rolling manual mill but will it distort the shape?

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GE Adora Washer won't spin

I have a GE Adora washer, it will tumble the clothes in wash cycle, but will not spin, cleaned the lint filter (twice!!) and still nothing.  Any ideas or tips?

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Anyone knows this piece's name? Looks like some sort of washer? Answered

I dissembled a lamp and found this piece, at first I thought it was a weird washer but I can't find it anywhere. I love it and I've been using as a mold in several crafts with clay. I want to know what's its name so I can buy more, so I will be extremely glad if anyone can tell me its name or where can I get it. You can see the front and back shoots.

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What's wrong with making my own windshield/windscreen wiper/washer fluid? What do I risk if I try it? Answered

The last time I bought wiper fluid, it was $4/gallon. I don't want to spend $4, and I don't want the leftover 3/4 gallon of wiper fluid kicking around my apartment until I run out of wiper fluid three more times. My owner's manual, and every other published reference I've seen, warn of the dire and dreadful consequences of using anything but commerically formulated wiper fluid; but they don't say what might happen. So, if I fill my wiper fluid resevoir with water mixed with a bit of denatured ethanol and a hint of household cleaner, what might happen? Will the wipers cease to work? Will my car explode? Will the earth go spinning off its axis and wind up having to hang out with Pluto and the other Trans-Neptunian Objects?

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How do I loosen a stuck house from a washing machine?

I am trying to loosen the hose attached my hot water supply on my old washer and it wont budge.  Help!  My new washer is waiting.

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How do you clean a dish washer?

I was wondering can any one give me pointers on this? Lately our dish washer is leaving spots on our dishes, glasses and est. I figure it is a build up of minerals in the spray and drainage holes of our poor dish washer since our house water system does have hard water. Even though we regularly use things like Jet dry to supplement the dish washing there comes a time where even that is not good enough to keep away crusty minerals. We had this dish washer for years now and never have issues until now. I plan on using a product like CLR in the dish washer but I'm not sure what to do next. Do I just pour the whole bottle of the product in the machine or do you pour it in a certain place? After I do imagine that I would have to let it sit in there and then run a few cycles? What do you guys suggest? Thanks for your input.  :)

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paintball co2 tank hose to pressure washer trigger gun mod

I like to know how to adapt a paintball gun tank hose to fit a pressure washer trigger, & make what's know as a CO2 spray gun or Cryo gun. Personally, I just wanted to make a Dalek fire extinguisher gun.

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my presure washer wont work compressor wonk kick in?

It worked fine day before now refuses to work all connections are fine no kinks in hoses all correct length s minimums for washer inlet clear fan on to of washer normally goes for few seconds takeis this is pressurising the system its a karcher B203 hardly used .

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GE washer mod. #WJSR4160D0CC I like to soak our cloths so I stop the washer & the timer still runs can hear it clicking?

I have a GE washer model #WJSR4160D0CC.  When I start a load I like to soak our whites for a few hours so I stop the washer after it fills up and spins for a while and let them soak.  After I stop the washer you can still hear the timer running and clicking is my timer going bad?  My husband says it should not make this noise at all once I push in the knob to let it soak.  Once the washer runs through the full cycle it does not make this sound.  Is it going bad?  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

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Why will my power washer only run on choke? Answered

 I have a typical small engine power washer which was running fine the first day I used it this year even on the old fuel. When I got a can of new fuel this year, it would start and run while I had the choke on, but when I tried to take the choke off, it would simply die. This was the case even after it had run awhile. I was able to adjust the speed from rabbit to turtle and back to rabbit with no problems. However, while it is in choke, I just am not getting the same power. What could be causing this small engine to only run in the choke position? It has oil. This is New Jersey, and every gas station now has ten percent ethanol mixed into the gas. I can guess that this has something to do with it, but how can I fix the problem? What exactly is the problem?

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I need under washer and dryer drawers. How can I build them? Answered

I have a front loading washer and dryer which I would like to have storage drawers underneath. Is there an instructable for that?

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Will letting a pressure washer run without water will tear up the insides of the pump? Answered

Im repurposing it to maybe be a vacuum pump. The outside connections fell to peices and we were going to throw it out, so I might as well recycle it.

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I have a challenge....... can you one up the wonder washer..... Any ideas out there???

 has anyone .. tried to make some thing that would work like the wonder washer?????

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What's The Best Way to Organize Nuts / Bolts / Washers / Fastners? Answered

As a fairly capable "do-it-your-selfer" I still struggle with organizing my substantial collection of fastners of all types and sizes. I have a dedicated 14 drawer tool box with 41" W X 20"D X 2"H drawers in which I now just throw all of the fasterners of a given type, size or material in a zip lock bag.  When I need something I have always have to open all the drawers to "maybe" find what I'm sure I already have.  I know drawer dividers and lables are part of the solution but I'm not sure how best to make them nor how to "lay out" the various sizes, materials etc... Maybe you have had this problem and solved it.  All suggestions are welcome & thanks in advance.

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How do I build a plywood box to raise my HE Washer & Dryer?

I would like to build a simple sturdy box to place under my washer and dryer. Something that can withstand the weight and build out of 3/4 " plywood. Any resources or ideas. I'm thinking of raising it 12". Possible room for storage baskets underneath it.

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The clothes washer sounds like a hammer is being used on it during the spin cycle Answered

I have a problem clothes washer. As soon as the selector switches to the spin cycle and even before the drum starts spinning, it begins making a noise like the troll that lives inside is using a hammer on it.  It continues through the spin cycle. All I could find on the web, that applied, was this video that has the identical problem, but no solution.  I would appreciate a specific answer to the cause and how to fix it. My favorite answer so far is “It is possessed by the devil and you should replace it.”  But, as I said, I think it is a troll.

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how do I convert a wringer on a wringer washer to hand cranked?

I have an old electric wringer washing machine. I cannot get the wringer to function. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how to either get it working, or how to convert it so I can use it as a hand cranked wringer. Thank you

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