We are students of Edinburgh College of Art. We are now running a project related to fly-tipping within Edinburgh. We came up with an idea and we want your opinions. Many thx!! Step 1: Current Problems There are many many bins on the street now in most of the community of Edinburgh which is dirty and out of order. Though the quantity of bins reached a high level, the quality of them are not good enough. Problems such as unclear sign, dirty and full bins are kind of caused more fly-tipping even just beside the bins. Step 2: Waste House Idea We came up with an idea of waste house in each community of Edinburgh. It is a plan in the long run. We want to build a waste house in the community, and reduce the bins on the street gradually. The ideal result will be there is no bins on the street but all in the waste house. The advantages of the house are: it's much easier to keep the house clean than keep all the bins clean on the road; the classification signs will be designed clearer; it's easier for the city council to collect, so that they can collect on time in case they are all full.

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Making something instead of buying is waste of time?

While searching the Internet for someone that has made their own Hot Press for making WPC (wood plastic composite) boards, I stumbled upon a Tshirt forum.  A man had posted a topic about how to make his own Tshirt heat press for making Tshirt designs.  The other forum members all decided it was a waste of time.  He should not bother trying because it's complicated.  In the end he would spend way more, and he could buy a used or cheap heat press locally. Is that not the ultimate irony?  People who post in a forum about making Tshirts tell another member that do-it-yourself is a bad idea.  Like buying a heat press to make your own Tshirts is a much better idea.  Do they all think they will be the one with that great design to put on a Tshirt and corner the elusive $100Billion Tshirt market?  Or do they just like to make their own Tshirts instead of buying one pre made.

Topic by bsims1 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How do you kill time?

What do you do when you've got time to kill?

Topic by MattGyver92 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Automatic save feature wasting a lot of time and energy

While I was writing a lengthy instructable my parts list step was somehow pasted to every other step erasing what I had previously written.  I had already saved my work before this so I thought I could just go back to my previous save.  Too bad my work was automatically saved.  This feature is terrible.  Please get rid of it, we all know how to use a save button. I suppose the actual bug was in my one step being copied over every other step wasting a ton of my time.

Topic by Spaceman Spiff 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Time lock box? Answered

Hey I've seen the movie city of ember and there you have a box that locks itself from the inside, only to open again once the preset time has expired. I'd love to make one for a friend of mine (and for me as well), who's always distracted during the examination, so he could lock his distractions away for the time needed. I browsed hours to find timers and count down circuits. the best things that I could find, never were longer than e few hours or a day. but for this project it should at least last a month. I got a weird Idea of hooking up egg timers in series, so if the first one ends, the next one starts, until your last one finished that opens the box (the more I think about it, the more it's sounding impossible to do) the next best thing that would simplify the build was an arduino, but since these are essentially tiny computers I think it would be a wast to just let them count down. (and doesn't a arduino consume a lot of power too?) and I would like to only use an arduino as last resort... you can make robots out of these little board, it would be too tempting to pull it out of my project and try to make something cool with it. would any of these idea's work descent? does anyone know what could be the best way to pull this off? thanks

Question by Jakwiebus 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Raspberry pi 2 processing capability?

Hearing the announcement of the new latest and greatest Raspberry Pi 2, now a backwards compatible computer with a 0.9GHz ARM Cortex-A7 quad core processor and 1GB of LPDDR2 SDRAM, I was wondering of the feasibility of using it as a very cheap and basic solution for a simple computer for my lab. Currently, I am using a compaq presario C700 Pentium Dual-Core laptop, that has been maxed out with 2GB 800MHz kingston RAM, and is running Kubuntu. I should also not the HDD has been replaced with a 120GB one from an old and broken Xbox. I do not like it much anymore, because although the performance of it is acceptable, the screen is a bit low res, at 1280x800, it's pretty dark (or at least until it 'warms up' to full brightness), it had a major scratch on the screen, (no idea how it got there) and after buffing it out with many methods, including with an eraser, the area has became discolored, like a portion of the screen has higher gamut and brightness, and lower black levels. :( Oh well. The main killer for it is that it's form factor. It is too big, heavy, the screen is too small, and it is very cumbersome to use far away in the corner of my workbench. Of course being a laptop, the 'base' of it is fixed to the screen, and to move it closer to me takes away lots of valuable space on my really messy bench. I mostly use it to research part numbers, get schematics off of google, watch YT videos, log data from serial ports (including my UNI-T multimeter with basic data-logging capabilities), and stuff like that. I may have as many as 20 tabs open at a time, which did tax my old compaq C700 when it had 1GB of RAM, but that was likely due to a memory leak issue with chrome, since I have the SAME issue with my main desktop, with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. If the video by MAKE is anything to judge, it looks just as powerful, as this embedded video is large! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZz8MW3DSqA My hope is to replace it with a raspberry pi, and be able to use it for these basic operations w/ a old LCD monitor which can be picked up off of craigslist for cheap. Maybe I can even find one in the dump :P. Maybe I can configure the GPIO pins to be COM and parallel ports, w/ clock, Tx, Rx, and everything else! That way an external FTDI chip and using the limited number of USBs is not an issue. Is that possible?

Question by -max- 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What can I do for fun after exams? Answered

I just finished my exams, what can I do to pass the time?

Question by Tombini 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Is it a bad idea to leave a capo on a guitar for a long time?

I have an acoustic guitar that's not exactly valuable, but it's fairly old and has a lot of sentimental value; lately I've been playing a lot of songs that require a capo, so much that I've just left it on for days at a time? will this have any negative effect on the guitar? I realize strings are replaceable, but I don;t want to waste them... (also, it's not the clamp style capo, it's a strap that comes around and tightens down. I think it's an older style.)

Question by fultron89 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is there any activities for cub scouts Just like something to waste 30-60 minutes of time.

I need something to keep the cubs entertained... It'll be in a room, possibly outside, but not alot of space outside, just a parking lot. And not too expensive... we have 10 cubs.

Question by Batryn 10 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago


I'm thinking about making an isntructable on how to unicycle, but don't want to waste my time if you guys wouldn't be interested...opinions?

Topic by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Show Off

Okay, I am totally bored right now SOOOO..... Post all of your time wasting avatars to show off

Topic by Chicken2209 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

I tried to Reply but instead got message: Invalid formatting in the comment. There's nothing wrong with formatting.

There are no other details. My Reply appears in the box, will not spellcheck ("undefined" appears in the Preview box) where the spaces remain blank, the whole thing is wasting far too much of my time trying and retrying. I will check back sometime soon when I have loads of time to waste with junk blog programs that don't work properly.

Question by C Ed Wright 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago


Hey guys ill be showing my fake yugioh card collection your probably wondering why i would waste my time drawing these cards. well here is an answer i think of it as a relaxing thing to do and me and my siblings battle and trade with them so to me its not a waste of time. a few days ago we organized over 400 fake cards, for you kids out there let me say somethin THATS A LOT OF FLIPPIN CARDS!! so yeah you get the point.

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What's the matter with me?

I'm hot and tired. I've wasted the past three years hunting down sites like this one. I print out reams of instructions for projects. I buy everything I need to make things. But there's never any time. Maybe I should have settled for just one dog. Two is a lot of work. Ya think?

Question by betsyk 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

moving bike into stationary bike

I'm trying to make a regular bike that can be riden inro a stationary bike ive beed trying to make a stand but all i've gotten was a wast of time please help thanks

Topic by smithtopia 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

betacup - $10,000 prize for innovative ideas for coffee cup waste reduction

58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away, unrecycled, each year. The betacup challenge is an effort to reduce this waste. betacup are inviting people to submit ideas but also to comment and rate others’ ideas, and engage in discussions with other betacup community members and contest jurors. Thought I'd post this as there are a lot of smart thinking, clever, innovative people here at instructables. Hopefully one of us (or several?) can come up with something positive. Betacup from the betacup on Vimeo. You should consider: Waste Reduction – how does the Idea reduce the number of non-recycled coffee cups thrown away each year? Resources Required – what resources will it take to implement the Idea? (money, energy, water, materials, time, etc) New or Existing Capabilities – does the Idea use existing technologies or approaches? If not, what must be created or invented to implement the Idea? The Whole experience – Don’t forget the importance of the “whole experience”. Alternatives to paper cups are available today but they are not being widely used. How effective is the Idea likely to be in achieving its goal? A different contest format (hint: we’re encouraging collaboration) The betacup differs from most contest formats, because it is open. We are using jovoto, so when you submit an idea, your ideas are open to the public for comment and ratings. betacup via Treehugger

Topic by Jayefuu 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Don't be shy? I'm not shy, but why have numerous questions I've posted never seen the light of day? Answered

Why am I wasting my time is the better question. Are the questions "moderated"?  I'm just curious as to whether or not I should even continue frequenting this site if games are being played or bugs are keeping some of my questions from appearing.  Not saying that's the issue, but I'd appreciate the courtesy of an explanation so I'll know to ask questions on my trustworthy sites instead of wasting my time; or help make note of possible bug issues, here on this site. Thanks in advance.

Question by Sovereignty 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

guitar tabbing HELP!!!!!?

Hey can anybody help me to understand that stupid guitar tabbing thing. im real blonde so dont waste youre time if you dont really get it. the thing i dont get the pictures and how to read it.

Question by maliyah 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

"Growing Earth" theory ...

Hi.I was wasting some time on Google Video, and I found this one.This man believe Earth (and others planets) are expanding ...According to Wikipedia, this theory is not new, and is serious. After all, if the Sun (and stars) grows, why not the "core" of planets too ?

Topic by chooseausername 11 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

R/C WebCam(W.I.P)

I(Edible_Death) am designing a little toy for those who seek time to waste and utterly no reason to design such a fun toy or whatever this item by be.R/C Webcam. Items:4AA Battery pack,Small r/c car,soldering gun,Webcam

Topic by Edible_Death 12 years ago

Should I build the BR36?? Answered

Should I build the BR36?? Which is better the BR18 or BR36?? I can build it but should I take the time and pieces?? I just don't want to waste my time and pieces. If I do build what kind of mods should I use??Thanks, and I will give out best answer.Killer~SafeCracker

Question by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make a robot hand without using servo motors? Answered

I have lots of spare time but I don't have any money to afford small scale servo motors. I'm thinking to build a robot hand similar to the human hand without using servo motors.  Objectives of the hand :    -Should be able to handle it's own weight    -Should be able to grab small weights 1grams to 5grams. I'm planning to make the hand using only e-waste and this is the second reason I'm not using servo motors. (I'm from south Asia, there for it's hard to find servo motors in the e-waste.) Can someone give me an advice or can someone tell me is it possible to make a robot hand without using any servo motors?

Question by RedSeptember24 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Free Energy - Am I insane or is it time to wake up?

Some might have noticed that I started a few, lets say, unconventional topics here.I added one just as a response to some very nasty feedback I got in other places.If you wonder what I am talking about check my topics about all things related to magnetism, "free energy" and such nonsense.The feedback I got was directed personal enough and verbal enough that I decided to increase my speed of seeding bread crumbs that might allow other people to "see" things slightly differently.Being called insane and mental case is the only things I use here as most of the rest would qualify as insults of the worst kind.The goal that was claimed I totally missed is to make people open up.Science or knowledge is as fluent as life itself.It eveloves with us, around us and through us.But we learned to use technology mostly to replace humans and to make our life easier.With that laziness also a reduced "desire" for knowledge and understand evolved.It is now far easier to "Google it" and forget it right after than to acutally learn and really understand something.A prime example is the disappearing artform of creating Japanese swords.No industrial process can produce a steel as pure and with such properties as used to be "offered" to the master swordsmith.Both are highly specialsed and rely on each other to create the perfect sword that outlasts generations.Once tradition gives way to modern life even this art will become a lost artform.We lost so much already, be it species, health, enviroment or just a "clean planet".Instead of accepting nature back into our scientific thinking and understanding we will continue to fail and get even more reluctant to learn new things.The blockbusters of science are no longer finding new laws of phsics or trying to understand things.We try to go further and further and use more and more dangerous ways to "create" the energy we continue to use more and more with no regrets.Well, other than complaining about the bills for it, which we wouldn't have otherwise...Why do we need more forms of colliding atoms to create energy?No because we need so much, only because we want more and more and at "centralised" locations.Distribution, control, money...Allowing us to use solar panels to reduce our electricity bill is nice, but try to overdo it and make good money by creating you own solar panel park and you get into trouble already.You can't see it anywhere other then back to your provider.And you only get whatever he thinks is a fair price for it, usually far less than what you pay to get it.Once you reach zero some even won't pay you money at all.And since there is always winter and night times it is only good that there will be always a need for electricity from the grid.Just try to get rid of your elecricity, water and gas connection in a township or city in case you found other sources you get for free.....Even if you build new most won't even allow you to without these "required" connections.If you need waste waster you also need tap water you pay for.And since a waste water treatment is no longer hyginic enough (despite proving the opposite) you can't get out.Gas you might be able to avoid but if there is electricity in the stree than it is already a building requirement to provie to the builder...What if all this nonsense and fakery actually has a true background somewhere?Humans are not meant to fly but we developed planes anyways.What once was a dream for a select few is now the prefered travel mode ofr most going on a far away holiday.But it is only so popular because there is a big demand.And where is demand profit can be made.Like a farmer:If you have ton of corn like twenty farmers around you then your local price will be low.Sell them a bit further away and you might get a lot more.In return our demand is closly related to the demands of those that provide the source of your demands.We all need energy and we evolve into a society that will need more of with every new generation.I try to give you hint in the form of a comparison:If you have a nice man cave and love to tinker than you might have a framed hand drill on the wall to remind you of how it all started for your grandfather.Or in most case you just liked it and got it for 2 bucks from a garage sale LOLEither, imagine all electricity would be gone and lost forever.Suddenly this crappy drill becomes a status symbol because only you can do things other people really struggle with - you drill holes with ease...Imagine the rpice you could ask to sell it..."Free energy" is the same but sadly in reverse.If a company sees a profit than it will be utilised some way.And if it happens that energy is your main income and keeps you rich and in control than you don't mind paying two or three fortunes to someone so he can forget and is happy give you his machine.Or would you really say no to life of no limits and with nothing to worry for your future generations of kids and grandkids?A few tried anyway to make a furtune themself by keeping a circle of trusted persons and finding enough willing investors to get their project going.Even if you can find some flaws there are still doubts about what someone would go through the lenght of providing online updates, sales numbers, testimonials and so on for years.Funny enough actually finding someone who is sceptic and make him check and report about it does not work either.No big university orders one or asks to really check it and provide a real world testimonial.No government or legal agency steps in to stop the "fraud" either.What is real, what is fake, what is disguise - you can figure it out if you want to.Ok, I could, but why bother if litereally everyone one already did and showed nothing works when it comes to the great unknown?Exactly for that reason alone it is worth it!People might make money now from ads or through clickbait but the topic is older than the internet already.And the proof even older than electricity...So many people would not try unless someone convinced them to try it ;)Might be just a bad joke but gets the point:If you ask 20 people if you can swim through the river to get to the other side then you might get confusing answers.1. No problem it is safe.Fully true but the guy might be from far up the river where it has no crocodiles in it...2. You could try it but a boat is safer as there might be corcodiles here.Still leaves you the option to swim as you can't be sure about the reptiles...You could go on and create a near endless list with bridges up ahead and so on.What it comes to is that depending on HOW you ask and WHO you ask the answers can be as different as day and night.In terms of science and making someone understand it take the most basic approach possible.Remember that time in school when your math teacher confronted you the existence of negative numbers?The confusion with the zero and how to add, subtract or multiply...Your teacher might have been great or you a quick learner but imagine the worst possible way to teach you an understanding of negative numbers!You know that 5 - 8 equals -3.You learned that this is true and why it is so.Imagine your teacher would have explained this extra simple like back with the apples when learning to add numbers."If there are 5 people in a room and 8 people leave the room, then 3 people must go back in so that room is empty!"Makes total sense if you expand the number game from above to 5 - 8 + 3 = 0 !!No sense at all however if you do it with people ;)People are not numbers, pressures or volumes, they are "real" to us.We associate certain things automatically, other we learn to associate and interpret through learning.Learning however is no longer actually doing all that would be involved in less technological world.We like magic tricks because we fail to understand how it is done or sometimes even how it is possible.Today it is for entertainment only.A true magician would never use his skills to scam people.But spend enough and research and you can do the same trick you saw on stage.Some not as good or not all though - thats life...Ask a good magician how how long it took him to get his new trick ready for the stage and quite often you get to hear it was years in the making.Think about that fact when you judge what is possible by dedication ;)

Question by Downunder35m 2 months ago

What is the sensor in the night light for it to turn off during daylight and on during night time?

I just saw this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-CLOCK-cum-NIGHT-LAMP/ I just thought of an idea not to waste my battery so that is why i am asking what is the sensor called my night light looks like this http://www.google.com.ph/imglanding?q=Omni+LED+night+light&um;=1&hl;=en&sa;=N&rlz;=1C1DVCC_enPH364PH364&tbs;=isch:1&tbnid;=wNfOs1_LTi0egM:&imgrefurl;=http://www.mchomedepot.com/index.php%253Froute%253Dproduct/product%2526manufacturer_id%253D104%2526product_id%253D6346&imgurl;=http://www.mchomedepot.com/image/cache/data/2800510000037-500x500.jpg&ei;=s6OITZyBJYHSuwPty8yCDg&zoom;=1&w;=500&h;=500&iact;=hc&oei;=s6OITZyBJYHSuwPty8yCDg&page;=1&tbnh;=162&tbnw;=162&start;=0&ved;=1t:429,r:3,s:0&biw;=1600&bih;=799 i'm asking what is the middle part of it :D and sorry for my bad english :D

Question by tobyscool 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I'm making an air cannon and I'm trying to make it automatic. How do I make the timing circuit?

I don't have all the details worked out but it should look like: http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o290/Strid3r34/EggCannon.pngI just need to know how to make a timing circuit so that the bolt reloads (the servo should retract then detract), and then the solenoid valve is switched on for a split second (so as not to waste the air) and then reloaded again. I need it do this as long as the trigger is held down. I have no idea how to make this circuit, and I'm totally new to this so please explain in detail. pictures would help a lot.?

Question by strid3r 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is the best way to have two computer set ups in the same room without wasting space?

I'm moving in a week and I have my computer and my fiancee's computer in the office and we both need new desks.  I want something that is durable and can withstand the hours of gaming that it will endure.  As of now I don't have any tools or construction experience or time to build it.  What is a good solution for saving space, and looking good?  Side note: it'd be great if there was a glass top where the keyboard and mouse pulled out...

Question by McElmire 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


I have tried countless times to get this console modding tool to work for me. I have all the appropriate drives and .net 4.1. But I cant get it to work! When I mod my MW2 gamesave and rehash and resign my xbox tells me that I have an unformatted USB Storage device. I dont know what to do, or if I am wasting my time! Please Help!

Question by Laserman595 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

cannot download...

Every time i try to download anything...it sends me to " go pro.. and I am already a pro...over and over I sign in..over and over I try to download.. and it takes me back to sign in over and over...then go pro... I am so sick of this... I have recommend a lot of friends on facebook to your site and some have gone to your site... so why can't you fix this problem... I have reported it before... tired of wasting my time.

Topic by Southernelle 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere need the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem?

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere near the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Inscrutable Idea Suggestion Box

You should add a suggestion box for inscrutable ideas, that someone else might like to do. Someone has an idea & doesn't have the time, money or recourses to make it. Instead of letting the idea to go to waste put it in the suggestion box & see if it's a good idea someone else would like to do.

Topic by elkaddalek 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How can I install motion sensors for the lighting in my room? Answered

I would like to have a motion sensor in my room that would turn on my ceiling lights and last for an hour. benefits: Never forgetting to turn the lights off, not wasting time in my room, taking breaks from computers and saving money.

Question by Houdinipeter 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Searching Sucks

What is up with the search? I used to search for stuff and a bunch of pictures and descriptions came up, I could quickly find what I was looking for by looking at the photos. Now it's a google style search with no images. This is completely awful and I will not use it nor waste a crapload of time searching for stuff that used to take 2 seconds. instrucables.com should be embarrassed because of how awful this search is.

Topic by captainserious 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What material can be used as a binder that would slowly dissolve in sea water?

There is an on-going problem in the fishing industry concerning bait in the crab fishery. Bait is becoming almost as expensive as crab. At the same time, there are by products in the seafood industry that are just being wasted that would fulfill the required needs if it could be combined with a sea water soluble material that could be adjusted to dissolve within set periods of time such as 3, 5 or 7 days. Anyone have any ideas? No soap or any material that would disturb the natural balance of the environment would work. 

Question by Oregonbythesea 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago


So some how i'm gonna be part of a temporary band starting tomorrow. i was asked if i would play bass for some people and i was like sure, whatever. But the event we will hopefully be performing at is in about a month. We haven't even practiced yet. So i'm having some doubts as to whether we'd just be wasting our time. Anyone got any advice.

Topic by wingman246 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Business card ninja

It's always amazing to see people take some simple skill and take it to ridiculous extremes. This video showcases one man's insane talent for throwing business cards. Popping balloons, up through open windows, and knocking stuff over. And here we were all wasting our time using them to share contact info. via TechEBlog

Topic by fungus amungus 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How does one access things on 'Collection' list??

Sure it's probably a tech bug....but been adding instructables to a 'collection' for about a year.....just went back to re read some of them, only to find that left or right click does not work....although they're all listed there....so presumably not meant to be like that/ wasting my time in building said collection? ;-)

Question by Jake Maverick 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Sharpen hand saw blades?

Nowadays almost all hand saws are induction tempered. It seems such a waste to throw them out all the time after they get dull. Traditional hand saws could be sharpened with a triangular file and a special tool to bend the teeth outward. I guess sharpening can be done by means of a dremel tool with a diamond disk, but what about the bending of the teeth? Any suggestions?

Question by BobS 8 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Buy this pulsejet so you can make your own jet bike

If you want to jump into pulsejets in a big way, then here's an engine with 100-lbs of thrust for ya. Sure, you could make it yourself, but when you're racing for that Darwin Award you don't want to waste any time, right? ebay via Gizmodo

Topic by fungus amungus 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Can you read it?

I've been meaning to show you this for a while, but I finally took some photos when I went to visit my parents. It's a clock. Really, it is. The arm rotates once per hour. The ball on the end is a camera, pointing at the ground. To tell the time, you walk around the clock to find out what hour is circled at the base of the arm, then look through one of the small round windows on the large sphere to see a TV that shows what the camera sees. The minutes are only marked every ten minutes, and in between those times the camera looks at featureless ground and confused people trying to see the time by looking up at the camera. On the hour, the arm raises in the air, and the camera has a look at the shop roofs, which are as ugly as commercial roofs the world over, and the speakers next to the benches (when they're working) make an odd fog-horn sort of noise. It's a bizarre, unfunctional object, in too small a space. Maybe if it was in a wide open square it would work as public interactive art, but here, wedged in a corner of a town with high unemployment it's a criminal waste of money.

Topic by Kiteman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

People and Compact HIgh votlage capacitors

This is just a little anouncement. To all you people making coilguns and micro tesla coils and other highvoltage devices that require a rather large capacitor (and this goes to all circuits) and who try to save space to make a smaller, sleeker design (no one wants a bulky coilgun). 1) DO NOT put capacitors in series, just buy a capacitor on ebay that can withstand the voltage. about 90% of the time (I have only found one occurence where I got a smaller package for putting capacitors in series) you are wasting about half (or even more) of the volume. When you put capacitors in series, effectively you are just doubling the dielect width, and just wasting a lot of the conductor room (inside the cap, forgot the name) because it's not being used!!!! 2) Put Capacitors in parallel. Most of the time 10x 1kv, 1uF caps in parallel (1kv, 10uF) will take up much less room than 5x 200 volt 5uF capacitors in series. 3) I'm not sure if you can understand #1, if so, my bad. Basically you waste somewhere between 20 and 80% of the space, depending on how many caps in series you have. Just felt like throwing this out there because I see so many inefficient designs...

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Where lame computers go to die.

If you're like me you probably have an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards garbage. Usually, when I throw something out, I don't give too much thought to where it is going to end up. The problem with such an attitude is that the garbage ultimately has to go somewhere; it is unlikely that we are going to start blasting our trash into space any time soon. So, the question is, when we toss out really toxic things like old computers or televisions, where, in fact, are they ending up? The edge of town? The edge of the county? The next state over? West Africa? A small shanty in China?National Geographic has an amazing article in their current issue about the fate of such e-waste."People have always been proficient at making trash. Future archaeologists will note that at the tail end of the 20th century, a new, noxious kind of clutter exploded across the landscape: the digital detritus that has come to be called e-waste."Photograph by Peter Essick

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riddles 2

I am making this topic because my old riddle topic was to big and you couldnt find a riddle you liked unless you went between pages which is a waste of time. so this is for anybody who likes riddles and wants to solve some or people who have heard riddles and cant answer them and are looking for an answer. so please put riddles on and answer some. have fun!!!!

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Pro topic suggestion

Hi, I noticed that a lot of forum topics, when clicked, link you to the pro page. I know this is because they are pro-only forums. However, there is no way to identify a pro topic from a free topic. My suggestion is that we add a pro symbol before or after the topic name so that we know what is what, and don't waste our time clicking on it. Any other ideas? -J

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On My Nexus 7 tablet, I cannot close tabs in the chrome browser

On My Nexus 7 tablet, I can't  close tabs on the chrome browser The "x"'s in the corner of tabs  are too small for my fingers. I suppose I could buy a stylus and do them one by one , but it seems a waste of money and time .  Is there any way to close dozens of tabs at one ?

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Is Pro status needed for photo text box to work? Answered

I am trying to post an instructable.  A few weeks ago I gave up on the photo text box feature because the site just stuck the same text box on all of my pictures.  I am trying again and getting the same result, except this time it is actually important to have the photo notes.  Do I need to use a different computer? I am tired of wasting time and effort for nothing and am getting really frustrated.  This instructable has a lot of steps, so just using one photo is not an option.

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DXF file sizing/scaling issue.

When a create files to cut with my laser cutter, I create them in InkScape, save them as DXF files, then import them into LaserCut 5.3 Unfortunately, the size of the cut file is not retained. For instance, if I create a drawing of an object around A6 in size, when I import it into LaserCut it fills the A3 workspace. Resizing for simple, flat objects isn't a major issue. However, when item cut at different times have to fit together, or, say, slots are sized to the thickness of the material, it gets to be a time-consuming issue, and sometimes wasteful of materials. Anybody know how to fix this?

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No More Ratings

Thanks to some guy who unpublished my latest rating because it was posted an instructable can be blamed for me stopping my rating system. Sorry DjRadio because I can't post them as forum topics and I'm not going to waste my time transferring them. As for Dj, the Ar-3 was great and shot 70 feet. Best true bolt action ever. Sorry about this but I'm going back to making new things.

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keeping batteries warm?

We have 12v batteries to support our solar power.  our problem is keeping them warm when we are not at home.  does anyone have any suggestions?  we are often gone for work for 3 - 5 weeks, so we can't do wood or waste oil, and days without sun wont help our batteries.  this year it is very cold, night time wind chills below -10

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Insulating under-house garage?

Hi my house sites on top of the garage and has an open stair and hatch doorway into our living toom. Whats the best way of insulating between my garage and room? Ive been told insulating the garage door is a waste of time and i should concentrate on the connecting door but want to know if anyone has any other suggestions that wont mean i have to buy/make a new door. thanks Mark

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