Hi, I am new to electronics although I am an electrician by trade. I need to know if there is a way to switch a load electronically. It needs to switch from one load to another. I also need to know if there is a way to monitor current flow so that it switches when it hits a specified current. Thanks in advance Edd

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Hey i just went and bought some flip switches at radio shack and i am installing it on an old keyboard i have. i connected the wires fine and when i touch the wire it makes the sound i desire, but when i attach the wire to the switch nothing happens. I just want to know what i am doing wrong and what the correct way of attaching the wire to the switch is. Thanks.

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I have five existing wall lights that are hard wired to a single switch, running on 230v a/c It's impossible to run alternate wiring as it's all embedded in the walls (which are three feet thick.)   I am going to convert each light to be dual-function, with (a) background candle-LEDs and (b) a couple of 5w LED spotlights Already I have acquired 12v LED drivers and step-down transformers (12v to 5V) for the candle LEDs.   What I wanted to figure out was some electronincs to allow me to control them all by using the existing in-wall wires and perhaps replacing the wall switch with a push-button switch. What I had in mind was to be able to achieve different functions sequentially, possibly using an IC like a 4017. However, I'm only a beginner at electronics, and I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it.   One sequencing that would be effective, commencing with an all-off situation, would be:   1st press = candle lights only on   2nd press = LED spotlights on (Candle bulbs remain on)   3rd press =  All off   Cycle then repeats.   If this proves to be impossible, I also considered the idea of short and long presses, which could trigger a timer for the long press to acomplish some switching   The power of 230v a/c will also be travelling down the same wires to give power to the 12v LED drivers in each lamp, so I'm actually talking about sequential presses on a 230v a/c circuit.

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Help with antique three way switch

I have a 60's era Stiffel table lamp that has a bad rotary switch. It's a three-way switch with an unusual design. I cannot find a replacement. Is it possible to salvage this switch in some way? Any help is appreciated. Tom

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Limiting Switch? Answered

I don't have time to do the research right now, but I am going to make a projector mount that comes out f the ceiling, does anyone know how to set it up so that when it reaches the bottom the motor auto stops. It will be a two way switch, one for up position and one for down position.

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Ultraviolet Switch?

I am trying to figure out a way to make a switch that is activated by a UV light. I have looked all over the web and cannot find a thing on this subject. The reason that I am trying to do this is that I recently purchased a Sonic Screwdriver that  has a IV light in the end and I was wanting to make it turn on/off things with the push of a button.

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Easiest way to make a timer switch?

I am making a project that requires a timed-switch. Basically, I want to push a button and have an opened switch, then fifteen or so minutes later I want the switch to close. Is there a way I can do this with a variable time without a microcontroller?

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Electrical switch

I was wondering if theirs a type of simple cheep switch that would do this: electricity is turned on, a switch completes a second circuit but when original electricity is turned off the second circuit stays on. The first circuit gets power from an outlet but the second circuit runs on a battery But in diagram (I used paint it's the best I can do) I have both running on batteries. Dose any one know of an electrical component that would do this? Or is their any way I could build one for cheep? Thank you.

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On and Off Switch?

I have a kiln that I need maintained at a certain temperature for an extended period of time (9 hours). Problem is  the kiln I got doesn't maintain its temp, it just constantly supplies heat until it would kill itself. Making me sit there for 9 hours turning it on and off exactly once a min. Obviously this is a problem... there is a physical on and off switch where maybe I can rig up some timer to hit it for me? Otherwise maybe there is a way to modify the wall outlet to supply power 1 min on, 1 min off? Any suggestions would help, thanks :D  http://www.clay-king.com/images/quickfriec.jpg

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Two way intercom design for tele-operated robot

Hi,I'm working on building a tele-operated robot that will be able to send signals generated by moving your arms and mapping these to the robot arms. I'm looking to add an intercom system to the robot that would allow for the operator to speak into a microphone and come out a speaker on the robot and a microphone on the robot so send audio that someone speaking to the robot generates to the operator.I've currently been looking into VOX circuits and walkie talkies but all walkie talkies I have seen require both sides to use a headset. It would be fine for the operator of the robot to use a headset but it would be better for the speaker and microphone on the robot to be out loud. Does anyone have ideas about how this type of system could be implemented? Could I replace the PTT button on a walkie talkie with a voice activated switch kit available online?Thank you.

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Best way to switch multiple circuits?

Hi, all - first time posting. I have limited knowledge with electronics and have come across a scenario where I basically need a kill-switch for a cable with 9 ends. I can't find any sort of toggle switch (SPST, DPDT, etc..) that would accommodate that many wires. I started reading up on digital bus switch IC's. It seems a 10-digit one like this would work, leaving one unused. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/74CBTLV3861PW,118/568-8418-1-ND/2765135 My question: is this the easiest solution? I simply don't know what all options exist, so any advice from someone more experienced would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. -Caleb

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guitar 4 way foot switch

How do l build a foot switch with a single input (from guitar) to 4 separate jack outputs? Only one of the outputs can be on at any time. Each output in the unit must have an LED to indicate what one is active.  Diagrams would be helpful .... thanks  :-)

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3-way LED Circuit? Answered

I recently published an instructable on how to make an LED bike light, and I want to make some improvements. I want to use a 3-way toggle switch to give the LEDs three modes: on, off, and flashing. I know I will need a 555 timer, but I do not know how I would wire this to the switch. Thanks! Adam

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Switches controlled by a PC

Hi everybody, I'm building a carputer and I have some LED's that will eventually pulse with music. My plan is to have a three way switch, however as I found a tutorial on how to make LED's pulse with music using an Arduino, is it possible I can make the arduino become a three way switch aswell? so I can have the led's on - Pulse with music - or off. Thanks in advance Guys Kyle

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what is the easiest way to switch the voltage of a small motor with a switch?

Ive got a dc battery and some breadboard. do i need anything else for it?

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How to use a 555 timer to switch a switch? Answered

I was thinking about making an intervalometer circuit for time lapse use on cameras. I was thinking of using this link https://www.instructables.com/id/Time-Lapse-Intervalometer-for-SLRs-with-555-timer-/ . I was thinking of adding a 22uf cap, as well as the normal 220uf cap, and then adding a 2200 uf cap, for a highly flexible range of time (ranging from a few seconds to about an hour), choosable by switch. I am starting to run into trouble at the camera connection itself. While i am fine with a cable, i would rather go with a wired remote, and using it to do the equivalent of pushing the remote buttons (instead of going through the cable itself). So i need a way to connect the two switch points electronically, rather than mechanically. Also is there a way to have it focus first, then take the photo? This circuit would also be good for cameras that do not have remote connectors, just go in to the camera and solder the switch points up, then hook them to this circuit. Would also work with a wireless remote. Hook it to the remotes switch and go from there. Just need a little help finding out what to do to get it to work the way i want to :) Thanks

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Schematics for a one way RF Relay/Switch?

So my plan is to have a small remote with a single pushbutton that when pressed will close a relay on the reciver, I would like it to have a pretty good range of at least 1000 Meters. I thought of using XBees and Arduinos but i only need the signal one way and only a single channel. Any ideas?

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loosen toggle switch

I'm trying to build a "most useless machine" with the dpdt method.  I found a dpdt mini toggle, but its still hard to flip.  anyone know a way to make it easier to flip

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Magnetic switch to USB?

Hi, 1st post hope you can help! I'm trying to find a way of getting analog data (from an exercise bike) and store it onto a computer in a text file so I can manipulate it and work out averages etc. I thought of having a magnetic switch on the pedal so that everytime the pedal rotates I can store the time thus giving me the speed. Does anyone know if such a cable already exists or if not how to go about creating one? Also if anyone has a better way of getting the data I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks Adam

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Replace 3-way light swtichs

  Hi Folks,   I have a small laundry room with two 3-way light switches and no outlets. I would like to replace both switches using one of these options: Replace "master" switch with combo switch/outlet (like Pass & Seymour TM838. Replace slave switch with an Occupancy Sensor Switch. -OR- Same has above but use a regular outlet instead of combo. If I have to I would be happy with disabling one of the switches and just have the Occupancy switch. I have posted photos of the wires coming out of the switches here: http://stellabotte.smugmug.com/Other-1/Electric/37036170_Zc4KSw/#!i=3075021321&k;=gGJ9vgJ The replacement switches are: Pass & Seymour TM838-WCC   Combination Sw/Outlet    Pass & Seymour RW3U600       Multi-Way Occupancy Switch   One side bar question, can any 3-way switch work with any other 3-way switch on the same circuit ? Thanks -Fred

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Rocket Ignition Switch?

I have seen multiple high power rocket igniters, but none show you how to wire them.  I want to link three 9v batteries in a way that outputs 27v.  How do I do that.  Is the wiring (+|-|+|-|+|-) or (+|+|+|-|-|-)

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Looking for a type of switch

Hi People of Instructables! I hope I am posting in the right place. I am looking for a switch that when you walk pass a point it shuts off and when you walk the other way past that point goes back on.   For example... I have a flash-light in my hand, when I walk through a doorway into a house the light turns off.  I go through the doorway the other way (to the outside) the light turns on. Conditions: It has to be able to do this through cloth as the flashlight could be in my pocket. It can only work when you walk through the doorway but not when standing near the doorway Does anything like this exist?  if yes what is it called? I have been searching the 'net and not been successful as I don't have a clue what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post! TheLastPrincess

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Touch Lamp Switch?

Is there such a thing as a switch that is touch sensitive so just a tap will activate it. I want to make a lamp out of an empty glass coke bottle and i want to be able to touch the cap to activate it. Im looking for a small piece of silver metal that will match the cap so i can place it on top, OR a way to make the actual cap the switch. Thanks!

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Tactile / Joystick Switches

I'm looking for small, four-directional (with or without center-push), "joystick" style switches, like the SKQU series (PDF), except perhaps a little larger, through-hole, and with caps, like here (PDF). (see item "G").But more importantly, I'd like to know if there's a better way to refer to them, or more exact terminology I could use while searching. Does anyone have experience with these?

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trigger momentary switch/button via switch

What i try to accomplish is very simple. my Airconditioner has a Push button (momentary switch) to turn it off and on. but the Thermostat brings permanent power it it want the A/C to be on. i could make a simple delay setup for 1 sec. or so to trigger a relay but then i can't be sure its really on or of. how can i ensure its turned on via an timer relay safely if the control wire has power ? any recomentation on existing products or schematics ? i can check the "real status" via other parts on the airconditioner easy .. i just need a way to ensure ON and OFF based on the command line is High or Low ..  any ideas ? 

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How to wire 2 two-way switches in series to make a 2-way switch system!?

Hey all, my teacher posed this question as extra credit and I've asked quite a few people and no one can figure it out.  The problem is: Use two 2-way switches to create a two-way-switch-system.  When I say 2-way swithces  I mean a switch with two copper screws.  Logically, it can't be done as both switches would need to be on for the circuit to work (power the bulb, that is) but a two way switch system means that either switch should be able to turn on the bulb.  This can easily be solved using two 3-way switches (one black screw and 2 copper screws) but this problem can only be solved using two 2-way switches, power, and the bulb.  I've drawn a bunch of schematics and I've gotten the closes to answering it.  So far, the closest thing I've had is to wire the switches in series but the circuit in parallel.  The answer to this is something so ludicrous that you just wouldn't do it, but there IS in fact a solution.  Please help! Email me at some114@gmail.com (please include pictures if you are able to! I'm uploading a link to a site with all my schematics. link doesn't quite work yet; I'll have it up by 12:30 pm pacific time. http://students.washington.edu/coreyg3/help/help.html

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wiring a dpdt switch like a dpst switch

I need a DPST rotary switch so that i can turn on two circuits at once but the closest i've been able to find with appropriate ratings is a DPDT switch, is it possible to wire it up to my circuits in such a way that it works like a DPST switch? I've attached an example diagram i found of a DPDT switch, if i was to disconnect the lamp from pin 1 and the buzzer from pin 2 would the first position of the switch become Off and the second position become On powering the LED and speaker? also assuming that the LED and speaker only connected back to their respective batteries and not to each other, could i attach a low voltage battery to pin 3 for the LED and a higher voltage battery to pin 4 for the speaker without causing damage?

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Replace mechanical switch with electrical switch or replay

0I have a remote controller for a portable heater, and working on a small project to be able to control the fan on/off from an arduino with Bluetooh HM-10 module. I thought a solenoid might work by mounting on top of the remote but it doesnt have enough force, I want to remove/desolder the mechanical button and figure out a way to control it without the switch but kind dont really know what circuit I should use, kind of just learning how to use arduino.Images of remote and button traces below.Any idea how I could wire this up to arduino via some switch/relay circuit? Any circuit design / schematic would be helpful(See pics attached)

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Automatic Standby Switch

I stumbled upon this little gadget...and thought I'd share it with you all. It seems like something that a lot of you could make pretty easily. The concept is simple, it plugs into the wall, and your device plugs into it. As soon as it detects your appliance/device is in standby mode, it cuts the power. Just a simple way to save the power that your junk sucks in when you're not using it. As NachoMahma pointed out to me, one big improvement would be automatic reset. Anyways, if someone wants to give it a shot, i'd love to see the instructable on it.

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is there a way to create a simple infrared on off switch? Answered

For years i have been looking for a way to control my home appliances without the need for an X10 or home automation kit which is unjustly expensive and doesnt do everything i want it to do. I have voice recognition on my computer and ultimately id like to use a Bluetooth headset or handheld mic to control everything in my room. The way i see this working is to create an infrared transmitter and reciever for my computer, record the IR signals onto my pc and play them back to whatever device i see fit (tv, dvd, lights, etc) using the voice commands to run macros that send the IR signals. Also with this (and here comes the bit pertaining to the question) i would require a simple On/off IR switch, which i could wire into lights, power sockets, anything which doesnt have infrared to control its function already. Anybody got any ideas? On this note, i have programmed my computer to be able to do any command with voice, so that is sorted, and have also found some software that will record and play back the IR signal (but not the hardware) The IR switch i found schematics to online didnt work, and included a few IR led's, a 9v battery, and a rs232 cable (now all buggered)

Question by MarkFW 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Momentary switch to Bluetooth

I'd like to make a number of smallish (say 0.75x1x2 inches) battery-powered Bluetooth boxes each of which connects to a momentary switch, and sends an RFCOMM or HID signal via Bluetooth on depression and another on release, and which will to communicate with an Android device. Because I want to make several of these, I want something super cheap and super simple to make.  (The purpose is to make a simple wireless touch detection system for foil and epee fencing. Without on-target detection, it's not going to be great, but it will be an improvement over refereeing fully dry bouts, since at least one will have proper impact and lockout timing.) Here are options I've been thinking about: 1. One thing that would *almost* do the job is to buy one of those $3-5 ebay Bluetooth phone camera remotes, and just wire my switch to it. The only problem is that according to the ads I've seen, these Bluetooth phone camera remotes go to sleep in 2-10 minutes when paired (exact timing seems to depend on the model), and I would really rather avoid this (the 10 minutes is almost acceptable). If anybody knows of a way of keeping them paired and awake for a longer period of time (say, 15 minutes or permanently), I would love to hear. This would be the cheapest and simplest solution, and it comes with a case and battery (some units are even USB chargeable).  2. On the other extreme of the price range, I happen to have some extra Brainlink modules with an atxmega and an RN-42 module inside, and it wouldn't take long to customize the firmware to do the job. But the modules sell for $39 (though sometimes on sale for $20), and that seems overkill for something so simple. And they are a touch larger than I like (about 3 inches diameter, and an awkward shape). 3. Another option might be to use a cheap serial Bluetooth module without additional hardware, and wire the switch directly to CTS. Unfortunately, I don't think the cheap HC-06 modules support CTS, though I think the HC-07 does support it (but I don't know if I can access it as it's probably not one of the pins on the header). Moreover, there are two unanswered questions on Stackexchange on how to access CTS/RTS status from Android, so this might require using a laptop as the base station (which isn't ideal). 4. A very cheap microcontroller with a UART (or just bit-banging) plus a cheap Bluetooth module. This increases the complexity of the project, but might be the way to go. More specific recommendations are welcome, as I have no experience with the hardware side of dealing with a microcontroller (on the software side, I've spent a fair amount of time tweaking the firmware of the Brainlink unit).

Topic by arpruss 4 years ago

Looking for the right type of switch to use....?

Hi, I'm trying to build something that might best be compared to a manually controlled speech timer with a green, yellow and red light. I only want one light on at a time, or all off. What is the best way to control this without having a single switch for each light? Am I describing something that would be classified as "single pole, quadruple throw?" Best place to find this switch? Thanks!

Question by Meeker46 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Ideas for a double click switch?

I'm looking for a way to make my car boot open remotely, when my remote only has a lock and open button. I was thinking of making the servo activate when the unlock button is pressed twice in succession Each press sends a 10V-14V current to the solenoids in the car doors, so I've tapped into that I tried using a rc circuit, but it's way too unreliable, even when I have a voltage regulator at the input Does anyone have any other ideas? Something using the 555 ic maybe?  [EDIT] I have an idea; detecting if a door is unlocked or not, and it if is, then hitting the unlock button would open the boot *BUT* I need to find a way of making a delay; so when a signal is sent, there is a brief delay before it reaches a relay

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IR Switch. Will this work? Answered

Hi Guys & Girls Obviously, i am new to this and my electronics knowledge is very limited. Let me first explain what my desired outcome is and then proceed with the questions i have. In the schematic below i connected two circuits that i found. One is a infrared receiver and the other a flip flop. With that, the following needs to happen : when the user presses a button on a IR transmitter aimed at the receiver circuit in the schematic it is sent through pin 3 to the flip flop circuit which in turn puts the relay in a (permanent) ON state. When the user presses the same button again, the process is repeated and puts the relay in a (permanent) OFF state. So bottom line a 1 button/channel IR press on press off switch to switch my 12v circuit on/off. Here are my questions: 1. Is the receiver circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 2. Is the flip flop circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 3. Where i have the red circle : 1. Is the connection between the receiver and flip flop circuit there correct? 2. Do i need another resistor there? 4. Do i need a “floating resistor” as a R5 around the relay and how does the practical application of this look (on all the diagrams i look at it’s drawn around the relay going from an input to an output on the same wire......does that mean that on the pcb it will run parallel between the “pos+ and neg-“ going into the relay?) 5. Is my relay connection correct within the blue circle? 6. All and all, put together will my circuit work as expected? I know there are probably a whole bunch of ways to achieve the result i am looking for and being a noob, this might be the most impractical(i don’t know), but the reason i went this route is because i have these components available to me and if at all possible, i would not want to go and buy other components. Thanks in advance for any help provided. I find it much easier to learn by building the circuits and then seeing with a multi meter etc. what the effects of each component is than reading through all these books and trying to cram everything into this thick skull of mine  Schematic Component Values : R1 = 220k ; R2 = 100k ; R3 = 10k ; R4 = 10k ; R5 = ? C1 = 1uf ; C2 = 0.01uf ; C3 = 10u Rx1 = Any tsop/similar U1 & U2 = 555 timers

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how do you make a lag switch for your 360?

I always wanted to have a lag switch to get my way though some games, thanks for your answers.

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

What is the best way to make a voice activated switch?

I am trying to make an electric airsoft gun fire on my comand. What is the best (and cheapest) way to make something that will do.

Question by rocketman20 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Correct Wiring of a Rotary Switch Answered

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could advise on the correct way to wire up a pair of 4 way rotary switches. Similar to these https://www.amazon.co.uk/SZW26-20-D505-5-Universal-Change-Combination/dp/B00A8ZEXDC There is no common live it just makes an connection between terminals 1&2 in pos 1, then 3&4 in pos 2 etc Its to switch between 4 fixed speeds on a pair of 1ph centrifugal fans in my workshop, they will be placed in an enclosure and require 4 live connections each, do I just run a the main live into terminal 1 and bridge that into the other 3 or should the wire be split prior to connection, as in 4 individual wires? On UK mains 230v, low amps, 4 max

Question by Squibo 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Usb ON/OFF switch device? Answered

I wanted to have a large amount of green LEDs power on with my xbox 360 slim for ambient lighting and just to look cool, with 30+ LEDs I cant power them directly from the USB port so I was wondering if there was a way to have them still turn on by only pressing the power button on the system.

Question by lamboboy732 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Residential 3-way switch problem with leaking voltage?

I noticed a slight glow in the light when it was switched off. LED bulbs in a ceiling fan/light fixture. House built in 1905, wired whenever? using all-fabric insulation type wiring but not knob and tube .  Removed the load from sw 2 and tested travel wire voltages and got 95 v on one and 25 v on the other. Flip sw 1 and the voltages trade wires along with the switch position change.  The switches tested OK but replaced both anyway and got duplicate readings when repeating tests. Isolated the travel wires and got no continuity  (infinite resistance) using all scales of an analog meter as well as a Fluke digital multi-meter.. We checked for voltage feedback from another circuit and even used an extension cord to a different circuit in order to use a different ground wire. With the load connected, the travel wire being used shows 120 v but we still get 25 v on the other wire. I discovered this because when I bought the house only sw 2 worked the light, and one travel wire was disconnected at sw 1 and taped  off.. I have not opened the ceiling box at the fixture because the problem exists when the wire to it is disconnected.The previous owner said he didn't remember what sw 1 went to because it hadn't worked for many years.   So we eliminated worn insulation or nail into the cable because either one  would cause a resistance reading below infinity. All we can think of is a legacy doorbell. Neither of us remembers working one, but I know some used 120 volts and a relay.  People have told me that relay contacts can cause this problem when they get worn. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm retired on a fixed income and tearing walls open is an absolute last resort.  Thank you in advance for any advice I can get!

Question by gerryk8 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to wire rotary switches?

I have two rotary switches with 6 (six) positions each. To control ( 8 different model railroad tracks)...(12 volts on each track) The switches (from radio shack) have all seperate positions with (I assume) the power supply from the two terminals in the middle of the switch. Is there a way to identify the polarity of the leads or am I even connecting them properly??? HELLLPPP!!!!

Question by othimus 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Selecting transistor for switching relay ?

Hi guys, I wanna switch Relay(6 Volt DC Input ,250 V AC output ) using the output of HT12D IC (I used BC547 independently and also wit  CL00 Transistor) but relay is not switching properly ,Please guide me with a way to select  the transistor????? A timely favour, however trivial its material value is, is invaluable.                                                   ---------------------------------------Thiruvalluvar)

Question by electrical sniper 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Programmable inline switch (or, how to help your houseguests turn off the lights)?

So, after battling with houseguest after houseguest, I've hit my end. Beyond giving them flashlights and nothing more, is there a way to build an inline timer that can be variably set? Something to sit between the switch and light, and I can set it to 10 minutes for some, 20 for others, and always on?

Topic by hacman 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Question about an electronic switch? Answered

I am making a flashlight... I want the switch to power LEDs on one side when pushed in a direction and LEDs on a different side when pushed in another direction... heres a diagram of what I have so far ( that is working) http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/3292/instructables.jpg now how could I add another LED in there that would turn on when I flipped the switch the other way? Thanks

Question by davej6694 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Building a switch to invert current

I got a small electrical engine the other day, and I have to hook it up to two switches so that one switch starts the engine clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. My initial thought was to simply hook it up to two separate batteries each with a switch and one with the current reverted (like illustrated). But I'm wondering if there's a better way to go about this. For instance I have no idea if accidently activating both switches simultaneously will blow up the engine :s

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Looking for a rotary switch to fix my fan

Greetings.  I'm looking for a 3-way rotary switch to replace the broken one in my Patton fan.  Here are pictures of the original. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50514348@N06/sets/72157624310895288/ The company that made the switch does not sell parts retail so I can't do that.  It seems to be a very simple switch.  It's 4 click.  Off, High, Medium, Low. I'd hate to throw this fan out.  The actual motor is in perfect shape.

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what is the easiest way to find SPDT switches without spending?

What is the easiest way to find SPDT switches without spending any money?

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Would this switch plan work? Answered

I found this online. It would be convenient for switching central lights from two sides of the house when the main panel is on one side.  It's the only diagram I found with the feed coming from the switch, going to multiple lights, and ending at a switch.  I'm having doubts about whether or not it would work and meet US code.  The black taped white wires seem only to be taped at one end, but perhaps I just don't understand.  Any input?

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Use scart voltage as a switch for a fan? Answered

Hi, I would like to build a circuit for turning on the fan in my receiver when I turn it on. The receiver gives 6v on a scart pin (no. 8) when on and close to 0V when off. Is there a way I could use this voltage as some kind of switch? I tried reading on comparators but I don't know if I'm on the right track. btw, scart is the video output connector used in Europe. Check out the Wikipedia article on the pin-out and voltage(s) on pin 8. Thanks in advance?

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How can I build a remote wall outlet that is controlled from the light switch?

Have you ever plugged a light into a wall and come to find out the light switch for that room isn't connected to that outlet? Well, I'm trying to figure out a way to make a device that plugs into the switched outlet and sends a signal to a receiver plugged into an outlet you want to be switched. That way you can turn on multiple lights in a room without running all sorts of extension cords. I don't know if you can use the existing power lines in the house to transfer a signal or if it has to be RF or something. Any ideas?

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Timer to flip light switch?

I need a timer that will mechanically operate a wall switch for a light. I've seen a device years ago for sale in the various "gadget" catalogs that did exactly this. It attached to the trim plate around the light switch using the 2 trim plate screws. A battery powered digital timer operated a mechanical slide to operate the wall switch. I can't find this device anywhere now. I know there are many electronic timers that replace the wall switch and have timer capability, most do not work with compact flourescent lights. I'd really like to find a timer for sale or get some ideas on a simple way to make such a device. Thanks for any help. Scott

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