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vempires weakness ?

Vempires weakness

Question by bagibaig11    |  last reply

weak rechargable battery

I have two drills with weak batterys ,craftsman 14.4 and dewalt 14.4. are there any sudjestions to get them to work better?

Topic by michaelsr.    |  last reply

What are possible uses for weak batteries? Answered

A followup on my previous question, sort of... I have about 150 old semi used 1.5v AA batteries that don't have enough juice in them anymore to power anything significant. One can only have so many Joule thief powered LEDs, and it's a shame to dispose of them all.  So the question is, what would YOU do (*Pointing at you!*) with those batteries? Thanks for any and all suggestions! P.S. Please provide an instructable if applicable :D

Question by Morgantao    |  last reply

RF Module signal is too weak

Hello everyone! I am trying to build an arduino RF remote control to clone my remote control for my wireless sockets. I bought this RF module from ebay;=item20cb2af2a8 At first I thought it was damaged because I wasn't getting any signal from the reciever. After many tries I touched the reciever with the remote and suddenly I got the codes (I want to recieve the codes, save them and then re-transmit them with the arduino). The same goes with the transmitter - the only way it works is when I hold it against my wireless socket. It means that the codes work but the signal is way too weak. I tried hooking it up to different power sources- Arduino 5V, Arduino 3V, 12V 1000mA Adapter, and the original battery of the remote that states 12V 23A. I tried making an antenna but nothing really works.. please help! thank you..

Question by Tzabary    |  last reply

Weak spark (orange glow) on late model pickup truck

So  I have a 95 chevy C-1500 5.7 V8, Been having some progressively worse problems with it running rough and hesitating when accelerating. I will be re-timing it soon but that is a separate issue for the moment, When I tested the ignition system I noticed the spark tester was glowing orange/red instead of blue. (I can't even get my timing light to fire) It was due for new plugs and wires so I replaced both. The Ignition coil is less then a year old and I just finished replacing the Rotor and distributor cap. Still have an orange spark. I really need to fix this before I can time it, Any Ideas?

Question by Wired_Mist    |  last reply

weak IR signal on DS converter remote ?

Hi there, I recently borrowed a ds converter. I'm having trouble with the IR signal strength. The remote won't work until i'm in the range of 2 to 3 feet from the DS converter box. I'm thinking, it must be weak IR signal or brightness. Can you please suggest me ways to fix it.  Thanks in advance, Rosh

Question by rosh26    |  last reply

migraines? Answered

I have migraines alot and so do my parents they know what caues there migraines but i dont. Any idea on how to figure out what they are?

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

What factors affect signal strength?

I made a signal boosting rig out of cardboard and aluminum for my router for my PS3 to access it ('cause I can't move the router in my current situation). So anyways it started out boosting a 17% average signal strength to a strong 50%. But now a couple of months later, it's maxing out at 23% and it's been happening for a couple of weeks now. Also, my ps3 absolutely refuses to work with anything below 25%. So what changed? I haven't moved the rig since I set it up and none of the furniture has moved either. The only factor I can think of is the changing of the seasons. Anything else that could of caused this?

Question by Ausm    |  last reply

how do i make a weak lead pencial staple shooter shoot harder ?

The way yall descirbe this is good but it shoots to soft


any one know how to make 3D glasses for someone with a weak and strong eye.?

I get real pissed off about all the movies that are coming out in 3D because i cant ever get the experience in 3D because i have a weak eye and a strong eye so when i wear 3D glasses only one color gets filtered out and the other still exists. (FYI my left eye is my strong eye).

Question by forbear697    |  last reply

How to make a powerful sound producing device to make humans weak at that point of time?

I wanted to know whether we could produce a device to make some powerful piercing sounds. like supersonics, something like that. to make humans inactive at that point of time. please give me your suggestions.

Question by prizm00    |  last reply

What are the perfect circumstances to get laser eye surgery done for eye sight weakness?

What are the best circumstances  or best time to get the laser treatment for eye sight surgery? I know i should talk to an eye surgeon for this, but before going to him may be its a good idea to talk to people here who have a prior experience and have themselves undergone the procedure. Also it would be great if someone can suggest me some reasonable costs for laser eye treatment. thanks.

Question by muhammajunaid    |  last reply

I am looking for any information about nylon, it's properties, uses, strengths, weaknesses and manufacturing.

As the title says, I'm looking for information about the material nylon. I want to know anything anyone can tell me. I am mostly wanting to know it's melting temperature, and how they prevent air pockets from forming inside nylon products during manufacturing. I would also like to know any additional information you are willing to share, such as it's uses. How rigid is it? What are it's weaknesses? How hard is it? Just anything at all, really. I thank you for any help you may offer and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Question by nomooremr.niceguy    |  last reply

I have heard that you can chrome a small piece of metal using a car battery, some old chrome, and a weak acid.?

Chroming         I have heard that one can chrome a piece of metal by using a car battery, some old chrome, and some weak acid?

Question by jds311    |  last reply

Is it possible to create a magnetic difference engine using stirling theory? Instead of hot and cold can strong and weak Answered

I just got finished building a stirling engine using plans from instructables author: thecheatscalc published dec 17 2007. The stirling engine is a heat difference engine. Is it possible to create a magnetic difference engine using stirling theory? I was thinking instead of hot and cold north and south or strong and weak..?

Question by bazalaz    |  last reply

Car Battery

When I tried to start my  car the ignition just clicked a few times, then finally started.  It seemed like the battery was weak.  I spoke to a mechanic who said probably one battery cell was bad and advised that I replace the battery.  I did that and now have a brand new battery. I didn't fix the problem.  Does anyone have advice?

Topic by BdaSpidey    |  last reply

Help with Handle.

I need help designing a handle for my new gun. The problem with my current one is that is only connects to the gun in 4 places, and can easily twist off. Any help?

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply

Ipod wifi problems after changing glass screen?

Hi! i've an iPod 4th generation a while ago my screen cracked so i took it to the repair shop to get it fixed. when it was done, everything else was okay, except the wifi... it is able to detect networks, just that it's really weak, like it can only detect network when it's just beside the router. previously i was able to use the ipod wireless in my room, but now it can't connect even detect wifi in my room (the router is in living room), as it was too weak. in other words, the wifi became weak after i changed my screen? what's wrong with my ipod? any suggestions please? THANK YOU!!

Question by toojo    |  last reply

Should I post an instructable for this? Answered

Should I post and instructable for this? Or wait a bit and make it better? The only problem with it is that the handle is weak. Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was in a hurry.

Question by MrSillyGuns    |  last reply

how old is the person tenceing

How old do you think the person tencing is? is he/she strong or weak ANSWER 14 YEARS OLD

Topic by kiss-the-cop  

Should i post single shot disk launcher pocket pistol? Answered

Small pocket sized but very weak and cause of design trigger will fall off

Question by deadaccount    |  last reply

bluetooth hack/crack/help.

If anyone here knows the ins and outs of bluetooth, i would like some help with my current instructable. mainly rewiring, range extention, key codes, frequency changes, advanced stuff, not for the weak at heart.

Topic by nickdisney    |  last reply

how did the 1st vampire come about? :D?

Please don't include dracula he is not ORIGIN plus the movies and books are too misty around him

Question by TheILoveManga    |  last reply

When developing circuits with LEDs in them, pay attention to what is near them in the circuit....

Any heat generated can significantly shorten the life of the LED(s):  In the following blog, this is known as a Weak Link.

Topic by Goodhart  

Can anyone help me build a drumset rack out of PVC pipe??I have the main idea but the side arms seem a little weak...? Answered

The Idea is to emulate the racks from electronic drums like Roland or Yamaha. I just can't seem to make a strong side bar to hold the floor tom. and any suggestions on what to use to hold the toms (like an L bracket) will be appreciated.

Question by doggyd69b    |  last reply

How to make an electric motor boat with the home materials?

I have a project and i do not know how to make it ...i am weak in these elctric circuits n ol ...can any1 plz help me..itz urgent !.

Question by rvanwani    |  last reply

Do sights for high powered K'NEX guns even work? Answered

Alot of K'NEX guns use "sights" to improve accuracy. Thing is, they never work because the gun is usually weak and not accurate. are they mostly for decoration or do they have a purpose?

Question by NYPA    |  last reply

Need a good universal true trigger system.

I need a good true trigger system that can work with nearly any gun/crossbow. This is my weak point, so if any of you more experienced instructablers have a good system, please answer.

Question by Zthegreat1578    |  last reply

Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: Review

Here is the review for the Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle by Oblivitus.What to expect:Innovation: 9/10 Very innovative loading system. It also has a new trigger system. Strength: 9/10 Very strong. The one weak part is the handle, the connection to the body is weak.Range: 8/10 The range is good for a mag gun, about 40-45 feet.Looks: 9/10 One of the better looking guns on this site. The one thing that could make it look better is using less blue rods.Parts: 9/10 Uses quite a few parts, But it's worth it. Handle: 7/10 The handle is good but the connection is weak.Stock: 9/10 very sturdy Barrel: 10/10 Innovative slide mech. Trigger is very innovative as well. Magazine: 9/10 New and doesn't use cut parts.Extras. Bipod:8/10 not the best but it holds up the gun.At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.Here is the link to the gun. for reading.Killer~SafeCracker

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

how do i make my 175 fps spring airsoft pistol more powerfull?

It is realy quite weak but instead of buying a new one, i would like to make this one better

Question by nerfer    |  last reply

Why is a bullpup style knex gun less powerfull then a normal bullet-trigger-pin gun? Answered

All the bullpup guns i made were very weak and someone told me it was because of the magazine was behind the trigger. is this true and if it is, why?

Question by Knex.X    |  last reply

super smash bros. brawl!!!

Just in case you didn't know there is a new super smash brothers game coming on (Feb.10 2008)it will be on the wiihere are some pics. and a link to the sight where they have an update every weak day.

Topic by the_burrito_master    |  last reply

Where Do You Get Your Rubber Bands

I'm sure you all hate replacing rubber bands, so where do you get yours? Are they strong, weak, or average, and how much do they cost per hundred?

Topic by Electroinnovation    |  last reply


OMG would someone please be willing to help me!!! I am in dire need! This digital TV is great but the down side is a weak signal goes out completely, no more fuzzy picture! How do I stregnthen my signal from my rooftop antenna?

Topic by tevers2003    |  last reply

Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops every time

Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops working. but the compression driver continues to work. If I power off the amp for a second and switch back again, the main driver works for minute or so. After couple of hours if I switch on the amp again, same process repeates. I am able to hear the main driver working for 10-30 minutes only, every time I use. after that, just the compression drivers shrill sound continues.The amp is also not that Hot at that time. It is an unit from 2009.Is it a thermal issue? Or any capacitor weak? Or any other weak component?Thanks a lot in advance.

Question by bnsahu    |  last reply

Wanted: solar powered car air fan

You know how they have those solar powered air fans you hang in your car window so the car won't get too hot in the summer? Well I spent $35 and bought one, and it's a piece of junk. The fan won't even turn. I'm not sure if the motor is too weak or the solar panel is too weak. Panel is quite small, like 1 inch by 5 inches. So I'm looking for a cheap one to build myself, perhaps using the case from the old one. The problem is, how much surface area in solar panels do I use? Maybe I'll just hook the old one to another car battery, then hook a solar trickle charger to the battery to recharge it. Hmmmm... Anyone want to try and post an instructable for this idea?

Topic by chuckr44    |  last reply

The Only Idea I Have.

Well, here's my only idea for the LED competition, seeing as I'm a complete noob at LEDs. LED illuminated Jello. It will be weak compared the other LED Instructables, so, I guess I'm asking for you're opinion on the idea. There could be a chance for the random prize. UPDATE prototype made, see picture.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Are people cheating when they use sharpened rods? Answered

K'NEX guns are often weak but the publisher makes them look strong by sharpening the rods it fires. Banana inventor's pistol shot 20-30 feet but he said it could go through cardboard with a sharpened rod. And Gorkem's sniper rifle only was powerful because of a sharpened rod.

Question by NYPA    |  last reply

how to make make my wireless laptop pick up signals better?

It has of course a built in antenna. I want to be able to pick up the local free signal that is brodroadcast from a point that now I pick up one or two bars and a weak signal. UNACCEPTABLE. Please help

Question by mram    |  last reply

Is there any way to amplify a smell without altering it?

I need to find a way to make a weak smell stronger without using things like fans.  The smell is good but you can't smell it unless you put it right under your nose.  Is there any chemical or something that can do this? Thanks. EDIT- the smell in question is deodorant.

Question by DJ Radio    |  last reply

How do I construct a GSM antenna to boost reception of GSM cell phone signals, inside my house ?

The GSM signal is weak near the place I reside. I want to construct a GSM antenna to receive GSM cellphone signals inside my house. Am a novice but have constucted a few projects. Thanks for attention.


UPS battery ~ Help plz?

Help Needed!The 12v 7ah battery of my 500va UPS is very weak now & I have once 12v 40ah tubular battery and a solar charger for the same! So i am thinking of connecting this one to my UPS. My question is, Is there any problem in connecting this battery to my UPS ?

Question by technews    |  last reply

LED xmas lights

If i wired 15 leds in a parallel and powered them with a 3.5 volt power supply, at 300 mA Would that be ok without a resistor? because right now i have about 8 in a parallel powered by 3 triple A's (i know its a little to high for the leds) and they will stay on for about 1 hour before the battery goes weak. thnx alot everyone!

Topic by mu0p  

Is it possible to step up the voltage of square wave ac coming out of a function generator from 5ppv around 10ppv? Answered

I'm trying to use a square wave function generator for the purposes of inductively charging a cell phone. Also, would magnetic shielding be necessary for this application or is the magnetic field weak enough to not interfere with the phone?

Question by phillystealth    |  last reply

What kind of led do you guys solder with? Answered

Currently I have some "silverbrite 100" and it is 99.6% lead free.  NOW, this is plumbing solder and it is for potable water.  Its made of copper, tin, and silver.  I also notice how some people comment on how "weak" a solder joint is........ I never have that problem!  

Question by onrust    |  last reply

How to increase/amplify the load of my mini audio compo music system cause.,

I wanted to add more speakers, if I add more speakers the sound of existing speakers getting weak., is it possible to make our own amplifier... if yes How? and I know it is easy to find a proper amplifier from the market, but I would like to make my own..if possible..

Question by roshan2    |  last reply