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Wireless Webcams

Ok after having a murder next door and a neighbor pulling a gun on another neighbor I've been thinking Homesecurity. I want to just set up a series of Webcams always streaming to my computer that i can just hit record at a moments notice, any suggestions

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webcam morpher

Does anyone know of a video chat application, where the webcam pics ur face, morphes it into something different and th other side will be seeing and talking to a different person...good to protect there such a software ?

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Webcam Software?

Hey guys and gals, I am playing around with a old Pentax 110 camera and I noticed that my cheap Labtec webcam fits almost perfect in the backing of the camera. This works VERY well because I have numerous lenses that I can switch out. I immediatly noticed the quality of the image is many time better doing this. The main problem I have is the webcam fits perfect rotated sideways. When I use the cam the video/pics are all rotated. Is there any software that will run on a PC that will rotate this for me? Also out of curiosity is there anyway via firmware update, software etc... to increase the overall size of the image or is it hardware dependant? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Jester

Topic by Jester_boy2  

Underground Webcam

I have a problem with the city Department of Public Works. There is a collapsed culvert in my backyard, which causes my yard and basement to flood. I am trying to come up with some footage to prove to the city that the culvert is (FOR SURE) collapsed in the middle somewhere. I am thinking of constructing some sort of wireless web cam / led light setup that i can push up the length of the culvert to record what is actually going on to prove to the city that they DO have a problem and where exactly it can be found. I am thinking of a rugged sort of wire (similar to a coat hanger) and a 2 liter bottle (or similar) to house the cam and some small led flashlights. The device will need to be pretty small... have light and be able to stay somewhat upright so it won't flip upside down once in the "tunnel". I am looking for some ideas on how to execute this. If you have any recommendations, please send a shout my way. I would love to get some great proof to head straight down to the DPW and see what they have to say then.I have even called the local news team to help me with exposing the problem. To see the story that was on the news, go here... photo shows the receiver and the wireless cam i am thinking of using.Or maybe i would be better off using a wired cam, due to the signal loss of being underground, either way, i have some really small cameras i can use, it is just a matter of the housing and the lighting... and a way to push it and make sure i can get it back later.

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Webcam help

Hi, I recently got a new lost my old one. It runs vista and has a built in web cam. It uses a program called quickplay to run the webcam, among with other stuff. My problem is that I can record video fine, and when i watch it in quickplay, it's fine. But once I try to watch it out of quickplay, all the sound vanishes. Any thoughts?

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Webcam and object?

Hello experts, I have this code which works so perfect while detecting square objects from images which are downloaded from internet. However, when I am taking the image of a square object from my webcam and processing, its not turning out to be as expected. I am suspecting, the reason could be due to the green and pink hues which are dominantly captured from webcam. The actual output which is being obtained is that there are squares distributed at random places. What do you all suggest? PS here, only one circle should be there around the white circular object thats being held.

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Macro Photos with Webcam? Answered

Can someone help me with my close up shots with my webcam?

Question by schoonovermr    |  last reply

building a waterproof webcam?

Reposting this because of no _useful_ results

Question by mman1506    |  last reply

water proof a webcam?

Prefferbaly somthenging that i can add too and add light and go a small depth

Question by mman1506    |  last reply

Webcam Motion Capture.

I came across a youtube video recently where they use 4 webcams and motion capture software to do a cheap diy version of motion capture. Info seems pretty limited here and I can definitely use it for my indie film.  Please let me know if you've used such a set up and what software you used

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remote control a webcam?

Trying to make my old Logitech wireless controller control my webcam. Like focus, up down, left right. Is this possible?

Question by neon2392    |  last reply

making webcam/monitor

Hello i am hoping that i can build a simple webcam or monitor with a cellphone that i've stripped down. i have the image sensor... i am just a beginner at electronics so i dont know much about it. i hope its possible to make one (i really really wanted to make one no matter what it takes) i have some other tools like the essential breadboard, capacitors, resistors, and some other stuffs thanks!

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webcam with cad software?

Ok, so I have to do some engineering drawings of our robot arm for science olympaid. For now I can just make stuff really easily in paint in like 10min. But part of our score is in the quality of paperwork if there is a tie for operation. We are building a new arm that will be much more complicated. I happen to have a webcam above a white panel for creating things for a video game development thing my little bro got. (software is nothing impressive, probably not even as good as ms paint). I do have auto cad software, but havent used it much (my grandpa gave the pc to me and he had it on here). Is there any sort of program or feature in cad that allows you to kind of scan things in? I think that our bimba pnumatic cylinders are worthy of being accurately rendered in cad. But I dont have the knowledge of how to do it "free hand" 

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Webcam To Digital Camera ?

Is it possible to convert a webcam to digital camera ?

Topic by milans    |  last reply

how to make webcam?

Question by shoibuza    |  last reply

connect xbee to webcam? Answered

Hi im dng a project on traffic control system on emergency lane using image processing.Im done with the image processing i don't know on how to connect xbee transmitter to webcam..can any1 help me

Question by esanthana    |  last reply

How can i turn usb webcam into wireless webcam???

Hi there i want to turn my webcam into wireless webcam so i use it in my new robot so can any one heip me??

Question by mohamed100    |  last reply

How to make an FLIR Webcam? Answered

Can convert any Webcam into a FLIR camera, starting with the instructable to do an  IR webcam

Question by eflm    |  last reply

how to use digicams as webcams?

hey ya all. i need a webcam badly but aint got money to buy one. i have Panasonic DMC-F2 & it doesnt have make shift wecam feature. Any way to make that work without spending a dime?

Question by crazynath    |  last reply

Converting NTSC camera to Webcam?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use NTSC camera as a webcam by converting the output to USB. I want it to be a webcam so that I can play around with it in MATLAB. Cheers, Jas

Topic by jasubhi    |  last reply

Composite/rca output for webcam

Is there anyway to modify usb webcam so it has composite/rca as the output?

Topic by wid-ar    |  last reply

How to make a webcam wireless

I am looking for a way to make a normal USB Webcam Wireless. Any Idea's would be apprecaited.

Topic by xaviermoor    |  last reply

Webcam module pins layout

Which are the pins of this camera HP PN 692893?thanks!

Topic by christ479    |  last reply

IS it possible to add a webcam to a computer? Answered

I have a laptop, fujitsu t4020D. I would like to try and add a webcam to the display bezel. I can find component parts (webcams) from other computers. What I want to know, is it even remotely possible to wire the cable coming from the webcam to use usb, so i could theoretically plug it into my usb port?

Question by timweaver17    |  last reply

Awesome webcam music video

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out this crazy webcam collaboration video. It's absolutely worth watching the whole way through. After the first 50 seconds it starts to get much more interesting.via Gizmodo

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Solar powered wireless webcam

Hello, I would like to make a bird box that has a wireless webcam attached and transmits to a nearby android tablet.  My problem is how to power the webcam because I cannot have electrical leads trailing around the garden.  Has anyone ever tried to connect a webcam to a solar panel.  What type of panel would be needed?  how would they connect? Is it even possible? I'm more used to building the actual bird boxes. I haven't a clue about webcams and solar panels, so any advice would be really welcome. Thanks.

Topic by artworkmonkey  

Webcam from digital camera

I have an old jamcam digital camera. (version 1) I know that it doesnt work with window xp, but I do have an old computer that runs windows 98. Is there any possible way to use this camera as a webcam?

Topic by popit    |  last reply

Webcam module pins layout

Which are the pins of this camera HP PN 692893?thanks!

Topic by christ479  

MIT Glass Lab webcams

Neat stuff from the glassblowing labs at MIT! One of the greatest living glassblowers, Lino Tagliapietra, is working in the MIT glass Lab this week, so they've installed 3 webcams for anyone who wants to watch him work.  You'll also see lots of classes and other neat stuff. Check out the live webcast here.

Topic by canida  

how to use iPhone as webcam?

How we can attach iPhone with computer and use it as webcam on Skype or yahoo messenger as i don't have webcam there must be any software or application

Question by smitmad    |  last reply

R/C WebCam(W.I.P)

I(Edible_Death) am designing a little toy for those who seek time to waste and utterly no reason to design such a fun toy or whatever this item by be.R/C Webcam. Items:4AA Battery pack,Small r/c car,soldering gun,Webcam

Topic by Edible_Death  

how to connect arduino to a webcam?

I made a robot that moves using arduino controlled using Xbee(zigbee) connected to my PC and i put on the car a robotic arm to grape any object i like , but after that i wanted to make it much more harder to make the robot find that object using a webcam but i dont know which program to use and how to make an interface between arduino and the used program

Question by mohamed.elseify    |  last reply

linkin a webcam to a mobile / cellphone?

Hi, wondering if thares a way to link a webcam to a mobile phone, ither hard wired or not, it dusnt matter, so's u see on the mobiles screen wat the webcam  is lookin at, its for use in paintball and i came up with the noshon after seeing an israeli device called a "corner shot"{4A0391C2-A848-4FEB-954F-BB406C4D3CFF} i can build a remote firing rig / stock but it's somewhat pointless if i cant see what's round the corner! finally i'm siveerly dislexic (appologys for spelling errors) and hav virtuelly no nowledge ov electronics / sirkit billding ( i still can't work owt wat an "arduino" or "555 timer" is / wat they do) but any help wood be grately welcomed. thanx.  alec

Question by madenairy  

second laptop webcam ideas Answered

I have a dell 1545 with built in web cam i go to college and i want to record what my professor puts on the board in a reasonably discrete manner ? i have no cash and very little electrical knowledge would simply buying a second web cam be the best thing to do or what any hep is greatly appreciated thankyou fidgety

Question by fidgety2    |  last reply

Add a battery to a USB Webcam? Answered

So what I am doing is extending the cable of a webcam and the computer no longer recognize the Camera. So everything I have found suggests I use a power USB hub to give it the extra oofh needed to make the distance. But what I am doing makes that not possible because I will be outside far from any outlets. What I plan to do is place a battery on the camera is self and only transfer the data of USB. My thoughts were to connect a battery to the power lines of the USB cable but the Diagram says that red is DC, that's fine but the black is listed as a GROUND. That implies I couldn't just hook the negative the the black wire. Is this so? If it is how could I complete the circuit? 

Question by Jayccob    |  last reply

Why is my webcam not working for MSN?

I have a Microsoft Lifecam which used to work brilliantly for MSN, until recently. I haven't actually done anything to the settings, to my knowledge, but my problem is with only MSN. I can see myself in my webcam when i open up the lifecam programme (allows you to take videos and photos). But when I try to use it on MSN, I can see it but the person to whom I am talking doesn't recieve a webcam invitation. When I try to make a video call, it works fine bar the fact that they see a picture of a webcam with a red cross on it. I can see myself but they can't.

Question by The Jamalam    |  last reply

LCD with Ribbon Cable connecting to Webcam.

I am trying to build a device that will simply display a webcam on a LCD screen I pulled from a palm pad(or something similar) with a on-off switch. However I have no real knowledge of screens or cameras, the LCD has a 40 pin(if I counted right) ribbon cable, and a second ribbon with about 5 pins(the touch screen part?) and the webcam obviously uses a USB. How would I go about setting up the two with a battery and an on-off switch?

Topic by Fridge Gnome    |  last reply

Laptop touch screen from webcam?

I had a quick look around for something like this, but couldn't find anything. Place some kind of mirror / lens / prism over the webcam at the top of my laptop's screen so that it can register the screen itself + software to track finger(s) touching the screen. = (multi)touch screen. The angle would be easy, figuring the distance of the finger from the camera would be trickier... You might not get amazingly good resolution, but it should be enough for iPhone type scrolling sweeps and simple button pushing etc. Thoughts?

Topic by SolarFlower_org    |  last reply

Webcam + Arduino portable security camera?

I've never used Arduinos before but I think it would be a cool project to make a mini security camera using a webcam that would plug into some type of Arduino shield to hold video memory.  Is this possible?  What parts would I need?  Thanks.

Question by King Julien    |  last reply

i-pod webcam/ camera thing?

I recently got a shit webcam from my friend and took it apart and noticed the color of the wires were awefully similar to the ones on my ipod connector i recently had to rebuild. They both use USB! I spliced them together and while doing so, I thought to myself "self, how could i run it once i'm done? My question is, the rockbox program for ipod puts its programs on ipod nanos to play video, why not use this hole in the ipods security and replace the rockbox files with a webcam program to make the webcam attached connector functional? Thanks, instructa-fan

Topic by instructa-fan    |  last reply

I need help with the webcam on my dell inspiron 1525?

I have an oovoo account and i've just downloaded it onto my laptop. when i tested the camera, an avatar was there from the live cam avatar, that i guess is automatic. how do i remove it and get it to show the real me instead of an avatar?

Question by beasleyxbaby    |  last reply

How to setup the webcam top give a more real face-face communcation feel during video conferencing? Answered

When we are having with our video-conference with our friends, we always feel that the party is staring down at the screen rather than looking at you. It seems like as if he's not listening to your conversation. Therefore, is there any possible solutions to solve this constraint, so that we will look more natural and trustworthy while video-conferencing?The image below explains the scenario. Extracted from

Question by timodes    |  last reply

how to make wired web cam wireless?

I have a USB webcam and I want to make it wireless. I understand there are solutions available in the market but I want to do this myself. Also i'd like to know what is the best way to increase transmission range for a Video and Audio signal.

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Anyone know how best to adapt Logitech QuickCam Connect E 2500 so that it mounts onto a camera tripod

May be somewhat similar to posted file for "Tripod Meets Logitech Webcam" ?. It seems more difficult to remove the two parts of the casing with the E2500 than for the posted QuickCam Messenger?

Question by wjames1    |  last reply

How to create a "Create Snapshots" Program using C#?

At the moment, I have managed to get the video stream from my laptop built-in camera. However, I have no idea how to save it and additionally, my lapara webcam could not work using the program. Therefore, are there any solutions to it? PS: I am using avicap32.dll lib

Question by timodes    |  last reply

PLEASE Answered

I want to use my sony cybershot DSC S730 as a webcam.It has video and audio output as given in please help me.

Question by Hudson samuel    |  last reply

How to Change an USB WebCam to a Wi-Fi WebCam using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter?

I have an ASUS USB-N10 EZ N Network USB Adapter & a Frontech Opal WebCam. Is there any way to Change the WebCam's USB Connection Type to Wi-Fi using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter & External Power Source?

Question by SatyajitMishra    |  last reply

ANDROID ARNOVA. Possible to plug in webcam via USB?

My Arnova tablet does not have a build in camera. Are drivers available for webcams? If yes, which webcams?

Question by BobS    |  last reply