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Bug in webpage

Does reporting bugs in the site still qualify for Pro membership? I found a bug in the site that I can't believe hasn't been reported or dealt with yet. Requirements: User must be logged in. Reproducible: Always Bug: If you click on "You" a dropdown box appears as shown in the below image. The Settings hyperlink points to /you when it should point to /you/settings The other hyperlinks appear to be correct. I want my bug bounty :D

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Hosting a personal webpage?

Hello, I am looking into hosting my own website to act something a bit like the dropbox. I would like to have something where you have a login and then all of your files are there to access.  I have hardly any knowledge of web hosting however I have my own server that runs windows 7 for game hosting etc. I would like to get in to web hosting and any guidance will be greatly appriecated! Thanks Oscar

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How do I save a webpage that uses programming for offline use? Answered

There have now been quite a few websites that I have really enjoyed and used, and then without warning they go offline, leaving me bereft. There's a webpage that uses some sort of programming to allow you to make your own graph paper - is it possible for me to save this so that I can use it offline, please? I have tried the normal save page stuff, but that doesn't work ;-) Here is the link:

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How to Tell if a Webpage Sucks

Somewhat amusing: How to Tell if a Webpage Sucks.And yeah, we try not to suck. If we accidentally do you should tell us. :-)

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This webpage has a redirect loop

When I try viewing a fill preview of my instructables, I get the following message from Chrome (as does anyone else I send the link to): This webpage has a redirect loop The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer. Learn more about this problem. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS I have tried clearing my cache, using incognito mode, and nothing seems to help. This is an instructables that I published privately, then unpublished, and made public again.  I searched the forums for "redirect loop," but nothing came up..  Link: Operating System: OS X (10.8.4) Browser: Chrome (28.0.1500.95)

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Webdesign / Attractive, smart, effective webdesign service

Hello to all you instructable people. Firstly, this is my first post and I want to say, what an amazing website, i cant believe its taking me this long to find this site. I haven't closed the tab for this site all day. So many interesting read, projects and ideas. And the community seems to be real nice. Many forums i visit are horrible places with kids swearing and arguing with each other. Secondly, IM offering my webdesign services to the community. Perhaps you want to showcase your projects on your own site. Certainly looks proffesional if you have your own website to show to interviewers or potential clients. Or maybe you want to sell your instructables? I have a package which will set you up with a fully functioning ecommerce website. Allowing you to add your own items to sell with ease. Bronze Package($59): 3 PAGE BESPOKE WEBSITE PICTURE GALLERY VIDEO PLAYER FORM SUBMISSION DOMAIN & HOSTING FOR A YEAR SOCIAL NETWORKING INTEGRATION SEARCH ENGINE OPTMISATION GOOGLE MAPS AND GOOGLE PLACES INTERGRATED EMAIL SETUP Silver Package ($99): 5 PAGE BESPOKE WEBSITE PICTURE GALLERY VIDEO PLAYER FORM SUBMISSION DOMAIN & HOSTING FOR A YEAR SOCIAL NETWORKING INTERGRATION SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION GOOGLE MAPS AND GOOGLE PLACES INTERGRATED PAYPAL SHOP (SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ON YOUR WEBSITE) EMAIL SETUP Gold Package$149: 10 PAGE BESPOKE ECOMMERCE WEBSITE PICTURE GALLERY VIDEO PLAYER FORM SUBMISSION DOMAIN & HOSTING FOR A YEAR SOCIAL NETWORKING INTERGRATION SEARCH ENGINE OPTMISATION GOOGLE MAPS AND GOOGLE PLACES INTER GRATED EMAIL SETUP LOGO DESIGN, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE LOGO TO CATCH THE EYE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS AND REPRESENT YOUR BUSINESS THIS PACKAGE IS DESIGNED FOR A COMPANY OR BUSINESS THAT WANT TO EXPAND THERE SHOP/PRODUCT AND START SELLING ON THE WEB WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONING ECOMMERCE SITE EXAMPLE: Whatever your needs I can cater for them. Contact me at Many thanks George

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how to zoom in/out of a webpage easily?

I zoomed out of a webpage by accident i think i used the scroll wheel on the mouse to do it, how do i zoom back in again?

Question by AlmightyFduffle  

know somethen about making a webpage?

Ok so im thingking abount making a webpage but i have a know those PPC (pay per click) things you can get from like well technicaly couldent somebody just click on the links 100 times and make money, or is it only a one click per person kinda thing? oh and im not trying to rip google off or anything i just had this random thought

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one-month membership--webpage error?

When I tried to sign up for one month, the amount listed is for one year. I would like to try a month first, and I hope that the powerful Instructable admin will be able to fix this! Thanks.

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How do I program a key to close a webpage and open a new webpage, *please*? Answered

How can I program a keyboard key so that when pressed, the computer will close that page and open up a webpage which can be independently changed by the user, *please*? For example, to program f12 to close my website and open up the company's website? Thanks.

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Differences between the Step-by-Step and All-Steps webpages

I recently made changes to the first step in my Instructable and I've noticed that over the past few hours the page showing all of the steps has been updated while the page showing only the first step has not.  By not updating I mean that the content update has not taken affect, the number of views is less than is shown on the other page, new comments haven't been added, the number of followers and favorites shown is less, etc.. Only the first page appears to be affected, though.  So, everything looks correct for: and but not for: Some other info: - occurs whether logged in or not - reproduced on Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m, Firefox 13.0, and Opera 12.16 (All running on Windows 7) - doesn't appear to be due to browser caching Let me know if there is any other info I can provide. Thanks!

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"A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage."?

I was looking at an 'ible then my computer showed this message (2 times now) HELP! (i like this site and i dont want it to keep happening) EDIT Never mind ill just use firefox or chrome, i think IE hates me :)

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How to output changing (occasionally updated) filename onto webpage as text?

I would like to display the latest version of a software program as text on a graphic button which would take users to a update page. Im aware there could be various ways to do this like using php to output the filename over a graphic of the button. Or maybe just telling php to grab the filename and insert it into the html. I have very little experience with html/php, so preferably the solution would be easy. Of course, the real filename would have to be hidden from user's view, or the webmaster could possibly have some kind of submit form to manually alter the text but that would be more of a pain. thank you

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How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows?

The android app via bluestacks is what I want within a webpage and if possible to also embed this within my app (.exe). How can I also let an automated script to run on booting to open a command. How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows prompt within a file location then input a code then press enter and leave it open. This will be repeated every time after booting. The free app is what I want to restrict directly from clients.

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how do you load a Java script Variable from a webpage into a VB program?

I would like to have the Visual Basic progam to load the user logged into Habbo via the variable habboName and make the title in the title bar (HabboName - HabbOS.)           Code: document.habboLoggedIn = true; var habboName = "Habboname"; var habboId = 25724911; var facebookUser = false; var habboReqPath = ""; var habboStaticFilePath = ""; var habboImagerUrl = "/habbo-imaging/"; var habboPartner = ""; var habboDefaultClientPopupUrl = ""; = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; if (typeof HabboClient != "undefined") { HabboClient.windowName = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; }  

Question by drmjj55  

arduino uno R3 + ethernet shield as webserver

I am trying to load a webpage stored on SD card on the ethernet shield. I loaded the sketch webserver avalable in the library. THe output that i got on the serial monitor was server is at but i was unable to open the webpage any suggestions?? thank you

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Which is better for web design, Dreamweaver or Flash? Answered

 I suppose I could get both, but I don't want to use bitTorrent or drain myself financially, so if I could only have one to make better webpages, which would it be?

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Hello, I'm using ESP8266 WIFI module and GPS module. I have connected to ARDUINO UNO R3 board to read the GPS coordinates and transmit them to webpage using ESP8266 WiFi module connected to router. In my code the page change only when I press F5 (refresh) , and so I can see the change of Coordinates. I want to see the changing results dynamically with out refreshing the webpage. what to I need to do /change in order that it will change automatically? please check my code here or in the attachment  and suggest me the changes. Thanks in advance. CODE: // code starts #include #include SoftwareSerial Serial1(2,3);     //   ESP8266 RX pin 2, TX pin 3. SoftwareSerial gps(11, 10);       //   GPS RX pin 10, TX pin 11.   boolean No_IP=false; String IP=""; String webpage=""; int i=0,k=0; int  gps_status=0; String name=" Name: XXXXXXXX ";   //22 String date="DATE: DD MM YYYY";     //21 String number=" Vehicle No.: ABC 0000";//29 String cordinat="Coordinates:";          //17 String latitude=""; String logitude="";                       String gpsString=""; char *test="$GPGGA"; void check4IP(int t1) {   int t2=millis();   while(t2+t1>millis())   {     while(Serial1.available()>0)     {       if(Serial1.find("WIFI GOT IP"))       {         No_IP=true;       }     }   } } void get_ip() {   IP="";   char ch=0;   while(1)   {     Serial1.println("AT+CIFSR");     while(Serial1.available()>0)     {       if(Serial1.find("STAIP,"))       {         delay(1000);         Serial.print("IP Address:");         while(Serial1.available()>0)         { ;           if(ch=='+')           break;           IP+=ch;         }       }       if(ch=='+')       break;     }     if(ch=='+')     break;     delay(1000);   }   Serial.print(IP);   Serial.print("Port:");   Serial.println(80);   delay(1000); } void connect_wifi(String cmd, int t) {   int temp=0,i=0;   while(1)   {     Serial.println(cmd);     Serial1.println(cmd);     while(Serial1.available()>0)     {       if(Serial1.find("OK"))       {       i=8;       }     }     delay(t);     if(i>5)     break;     i++;   }   if(i==8)   {     Serial.println("OK");   }   else   {   Serial.println("Error");   }   delay(1000); } void setup() {   Serial1.begin(9600);   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   connect_wifi("AT",1000);   connect_wifi("AT+CWMODE=3",1000);   connect_wifi("AT+CWQAP",1000);    connect_wifi("AT+RST",5000);   check4IP(5000);   if(!No_IP)       {         Serial.println("Connecting Wifi....");         connect_wifi("AT+CWJAP=\"MountPointTech\",\"MpTl2013\"",7000);   //AT+CWJAP="wifi_username","wifi_password"       }       else         {         }       Serial.println("Wifi Connected");       get_ip();       delay(2000);       connect_wifi("AT+CIPMUX=1",100);       connect_wifi("AT+CIPSERVER=1,80",100);       Serial1.end();       Serial.println("Waiting For GPS");       Serial.println("     Signal    ");       delay(2000);       gps.begin(9600);       get_gps();       show_coordinate();       gps.end();       Serial1.begin(9600);       delay(2000);      Serial.println("GPS is Ready");       delay(1000);       Serial.println("System Ready.."); } void loop() {   k=0;   Serial.println("Please Refresh Ur Page");   while(k<1000)   {     k++;    while(Serial1.available())    {     if(Serial1.find("0,CONNECT"))     {       Serial1.end();         gps.begin(9600);       get_gps();       gps.end();       Serial1.begin(9600);       Serial1.flush();       Serial.println("Start Printing");       Send();       show_coordinate();       Serial.println("Done Printing");       delay(5000);       //delay(1000);       k=1200;       break;     }   }   delay(1); } } void gpsEvent() {   gpsString="";   while(1)   {    while (gps.available()>0)                //Serial incoming data from GPS    {     char inChar = (char);      gpsString+= inChar;                    //store incoming data from GPS to temporary string str[]      i++;      if (i < 7)                           {       if(gpsString[i-1] != test[i-1])       //check for right string       {         i=0;         gpsString="";       }      }     if(inChar=='\r')     {      if(i>65)      {        gps_status=1;        break;      }      else      {        i=0;      }     }   }    if(gps_status)     break;   } } void get_gps() {    gps_status=0;    int x=0;    while(gps_status==0)    {     gpsEvent();     int str_lenth=i;     latitude="";     logitude="";     coordinate2dec();         i=0;x=0;     str_lenth=0;    } } void show_coordinate() {         Serial.print("Latitude:");     Serial.println(latitude);     Serial.print("Longitude:");     Serial.println(logitude); } void coordinate2dec() {         //j=0;     String lat_degree="";     for(i=18;i<20;i++)          //extract latitude from string       lat_degree+=gpsString;         String lat_minut="";     for(i=20;i<28;i++)       lat_minut+=gpsString;         String long_degree="";     for(i=30;i<33;i++)          //extract longitude from string       long_degree+=gpsString;           String long_minut="";     for(i=33;i<41;i++)       long_minut+=gpsString;            float minut= lat_minut.toFloat();      minut=minut/60;      float degree=lat_degree.toFloat();      latitude=degree+minut;           minut= long_minut.toFloat();      minut=minut/60;      degree=long_degree.toFloat();      logitude=degree+minut; } void Send() {            webpage = "Welcome to MountPoint Technologies Pvt Ltd";       webpage+=name;       webpage+=date;       webpage+=number;       webpage+=cordinat;       webpage+="Latitude:";       webpage+=latitude;       webpage+="";       webpage+="Longitude:";       webpage+=logitude;       webpage+="";       webpage+= "       webpage+=latitude;       webpage+='+';              //28.612953, 77.231545   //28.612953,77.2293563       webpage+=logitude;       webpage+="\">Click Here for google map ";       sendwebdata();       webpage="";        while(1)          {       Serial.println("AT+CIPCLOSE=0");       Serial1.println("AT+CIPCLOSE=0");       while(Serial1.available())       {         //Serial.print(;         if(Serial1.find("0,CLOSE"))         {           return;         }       }       delay(500);       i++;       if(i>5)       {         i=0;       }       if(i==0)       break;      } } void sendwebdata() {      i=0;      while(1)      {       unsigned int l=webpage.length();       Serial1.print("AT+CIPSEND=0,");       Serial1.println(l+2);       Serial.println(l+2);       Serial.println(webpage);       Serial1.println(webpage);       while(Serial1.available())       {         if(Serial1.find("OK"))         {          return;         }       }             i++;       if(i>5)         i=0;         if(i==0)         break;       delay(200);      } } // end of code.

Topic by shivendrareddy  

Video embedding

Hi Is it possible to add, Photobucket to the webpages you accept embedding from?  I am having issues with a lot of the webpages you accept, but photobucket has been working great for me. I can make it work in the preview mode of building a video instructable, but when I try to publish it, it will not except the video embedding code. DFD

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When using PHP, does it matter where you place the code?

Might seem like a silly question but is it better to place all your PHP code at the top of the page, then echo it where you want it to be, or to keep the code all in one spot? For example, Option One: [rest of webpage] Option Two:  echo ' $random_thing'; ?> Hopefully that makes sense...

Question by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl    |  last reply

Knex Hat

I made a new knex hat! Instructions are here on my webpage! I hope you like it! :)

Topic by Sorunome    |  last reply

Control over Multiple Raspberry Pis GPIO with single web-interface, running on a computer

Hi, I want to control the GPIO 5 Raspberry Pis, using a single website (running locally on the pc). Is it as simple as writing a small script on each pi that waits for incoming commands (via the network)? Could someone point me in the right direction, possibly to a tutorial where they use a separate webpage (not using the pi as a web server) to control GPIO? Thanks 

Question by joearkay    |  last reply

Hey anyone know why knexinnovation isnt loading?

I was looking for this site adn now whenever i go on it it says that it cant find the webpage.

Question by The Knexer    |  last reply

Cannot acess spotify? Answered

I am trying to get spotify premium on my laptop, whenever I try to enter the site it comes up with "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I can access anyother webpage except this one, the laptop is still running XP (I know but I cannot afford to upgrade to 7 0r 8 or 8.1). I have no problems with other pages and sites so I cant imagine that is the problem. Can somone shed some light? 

Question by Boba Jett    |  last reply

Remote control cars over the internet?

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet.  I want to make one of these setups, but I don’t know exactly how to do it. I need help with getting clicks from a webpage to a full time pc to some relays or something like that. Also I need some way to embed a live webcam stream into the webpage. I can handle everything else.

Question by physics_dude    |  last reply

Upcoming contest query

Can anybody tell me what are the upcoming instructables contests? The last time the webpage about this topic was updated on 11/7/18. Any new info after that?

Question by harioma600    |  last reply

Check out my Band's Website

My band Aitch has decided to make a Webpage. I actually created the webpage and Its quite easy. And it looks pretty legit, too! I want everybody to check it out and see if we can play near you. Probably if you are in the DC area, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland. I know we look young, but we have SERIOUS potential. Email us if you would like a demo track.

Topic by SeMi_AuToMaTic  

Does rselectronics means radioshack electornics ? Answered

Does "rselectronics" means "Radio Shack Electronics", i would be happiest in the world if it does....because in my country there is some building "rselectornics", webpage:

Question by h0meIandsecurity    |  last reply

Page suggestion

Not a big problem really but couldn't there be a "back to top" link at the bottom of the instructables pages. I love reading all the comments and suggestion peopole have, and a single click to return to the top of the page would be nice. Just a thought.

Topic by RedneckEngineer    |  last reply

Customize Error

When I try to change my email notification options, I get the following error: Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; FDM; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) Timestamp: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 21:43:29 UTC Message: Object doesn't support this property or method Line: 470 Char: 7 Code: 0 URI:  

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How can I know if my project is being seen by the audience with 0 views?

I submitted recently my project 3x3x3 Red LED Cube and have seen 0 views in my webpage.  

Question by braulio777    |  last reply

Remote control cars over the internet (telepresence)

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet.  I want to make one of these setups, but I don’t know exactly how to do the codeing. I got everything external under control. I am going to use the 25 pin printer parallel port. The only problem I have is trying to get a client pc on a webpage to communicate with my computer then to its serial port. So I need some help with the following... 1. A webpage with buttons to control a program on the host. 2. A program on the host to control a parallel port. I want a webpage to have 12 buttons, two sets of 6. One to control car 1 and the other for car 2. Each set will have the following keys. forward, back, forward left, forward right, back left, back right. (Or possibly a set of 6 buttons with a drop down menu to select the car to control.) I can use ubuntu or Windows, doesn’t matter. So if someone could guide me through the webpage makeing, communication to the host, and the host to the parallel port, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a link that you might find useful. Update: I think the site at the top states that it uses Ubuntu and Apache. Apache/2.2.9 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.6-2ubuntu4.2 with Suhosin-Patch Server at Port 80

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Problems with Firefox

None of the Instructables links are showing up on my firefox browser. What happens exactly is the website will show up, but then everything will disappear and only a blank webpage will be there. And when I mean everything disappears I mean everything down to the background colors, the logo and everything.

Topic by MissMeggo    |  last reply

Question about URLs Answered

How come some instructables are "" and some are "" P.S. neither of those are actually links. I know how many of you clicked on them.

Question by kcls    |  last reply

youtube dont work on computer?

Hi everyone, on my computer, youtube, google, and maybe a few other sites dont work. they used to but now it says that the webpage cannot be displayed. they used to work... HOW DO I FIX?!?!?!?!?

Question by sci4me    |  last reply

Infinite Scrollin Web Pages

Infinite scrolling webpages are the bane of the internet. Once you get beyond 3-4 screens of results, it is almost impossible to look at an article and get back to where you left. Please go back to multiple pages with a page number menu.

Topic by pwiecek  

Security Certificate Expired

Has your security certificate expired? I am using Internet explorer 8 on Windows 7 32bit. Here are some pictures, because I suck at explaining things. Screenshots are of where the webpage should go, and the address bar edit: more pics

Topic by Michael_Bell    |  last reply

what does a bot do?

I want someone to make a bot for me on but iu want to know what this person i puick for the job is gooing to make it do? the only kind of bot i know of is the kind that is for crawling search engines and webpages to collect info.

Question by rich4124    |  last reply

Plzz help how do i add Slax on my USB and run at school (they block scripts,cmb,run and command propt.)?

They also block IPs Webpages at Google Translation i at my witts end

Question by WindWardDunes    |  last reply

help with software choice? Answered

Hi i am entering a competition where we have to make a small presentation, but i want it to standout over the others. We are doing this competition in groups of 3 and one of us is good at computers and i can learn software quickly. So can somebody tell me what software is use to make this video presentation or some similar programs that can help me make a presentation similar to this, Thanks.  there is a picture of the editor editing the program and this is the webpage that tells you about how the webpage is made the channel this program is shown on is ABC australia. Thank you for helping.

Question by techxpert    |  last reply

Firefox - Login | Signup is missing

Recently Firefox updated and now the "Login | Signup" is missing from the upper right corner of the webpage (attached screenshot).Current version of Firefox is Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64-bit).Previous to the latest series of Firefox updates, those buttons were visible.

Question by dwfunk4475    |  last reply

Oops, you're hex is showing

Looks like the ad banner next to the topographical hand is not translating the weird charaters (BZh91 ... lozenges (etc)). Also, same problem on the main page, a bit lower and to the right, ah there yes. Don't wan't you to lose your sponsers. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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Cannot Create Instructable

Using Google chrome i try to open the create window on the Instructables website, But when i do a dark gray color overlays the entire webpage (picture below) and i am unable to edit/create anything. Anyone else have the same problem? what is the solution to fixing it?

Topic by Lord Of Flames    |  last reply

Seeking a arduino or similar hacker

I have a relatively small project that I need to build.  I have an overall project design in mind but am completely open to your input.  It will need to involve an LCD Screen capable of displaying a large decimal number and be connected to an internet webpage service (which I will provide) via Ethernet or wireless connection.

Topic by seanboice    |  last reply

Embed 3D models with SketchUp

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

how to read and write text files in the hard disk using just javascript?

I am creating a webpage for my school so i need to save some data about the students. I am not sving it in a server because it's working on my computer so please send some script which I can use to!

Question by Abhishek.D    |  last reply

Practical uses for Python and JavaScript?

I was just wondering about the sort of things you can do with these two.  I know you can use at least JS when building webpages, but I don't really enjoy that sort of thing when I code.  Are there other uses for these?  Also, is it true that robots can be programmed with Python?  Thank you very much for an answer.

Question by StarscreamClone    |  last reply

Web server hosting on Raspberry pi using usb Dongle

I need to host a webpage on Raspberry pi but for internet connection i can't use a router or wifi card. I need to know that can usb Dongle be used to provide public ip to a server running on raspberry pi so that it can be accessible over internet.

Topic by prithvi88    |  last reply

Javascript not working

It seems the majority of java script pages on Instructables for me do not work. When I go to Submit > New Instructable > Yes I've read the tips the page doesn't go to the editor... When I go to "You" and then try view my unpublished Instructables, the webpage stays on the currently published ones only... Is this just me? Well I hope not, and I hope it gets fixed! ~K

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