Need Idea of what to do with this?!?!

I bought this "FLUX capacitor" at a closing antiques/random oddities place a few months back and am now being pestered to do something with it. If anyone has any ideas as to what someone (with beginer experience in most areas) can create with this as a base, please drop a comment, if better pictures are required, just ask and i will try and get better ones. Thanks, ~bIrD P.S. Sorry for the rotations on the pictures, don't know how to change it in instructables...

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What cap. do I need? Answered

I was looking at this instructable ignition coil and I built it without a capacitor, it worked fine except the coil gets hot after even very short run-times.  So he confirmed that I needed a capacitor to stop the overheating. So I added one.  I used the kind he told us to use (film) and I tried multiple ones, but none worked.  He told us not use the metal can type so I didn't at first, but later I got a really big one and tried it.  It was the only one I got to work, but then it exploded, so now I don't know what to do.  He hasn't gotten back to me, although it hasn't been very long so I don't accuse him, I would just like to know.  The capacitors are storing a charge, its just not running the coil for some reason. 

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What do i need to cut this?

I am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

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What to do, what to do?

So.... It's me.... Hiyadudez... Here with another forum for y'all... Yeeeaahhh... Anyway. Recently I have been very bored. Very very bored. VERY VERY VERY bored. OH SO SO SO BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED! So yeah. For a while now I have been very bored, and me being myself, I want to make something. I need help, suggestions. Examples: Worlds largest _______ Worlds smallest _______ Really long ______ Working Knex ______ _____ wooden ______ SO yeah. I NEED ideas. Any suggestions?

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I want to do Parkour...what do I do? Answered

Hello, so I've seen Parkour, it's good, its cool, and it looks like a lot of fun, and, unfortunately, a bit dangerous. I want to get into it, but I'm not very athletic, I'm in martial arts so I have a bit of balance/agility/coordination, so at least I have something, but I'm not in shape.:( I've seen a bit of tutorials and I know I that even with practice, I'm not strong enough to do most of that, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some exercise I might be able to try to practice for this.  Any ideas? (PS: First post of anything on Instructables, except for comments, so yay!) (PPS: Any ideas for protection when I'm doing this?) (PPPS: Following most exercise Instructables found in the Exercise guide already)

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I need capacitor help? Answered

I have an issue with some bad capacitors and I have read conflicting information on the matter and hope someone can help me. I have 2 different caps that have to be replaced one is 10v 1500 microfarad and the other is 6.3v 1500 microfarad. First can I use the capacitors that are all silver in color with no plastic sheating (not sure of the name; pics included) because I have a bunch that are 6.3v 1500 microfarad? As for the other capacitor I do not have that exact value, I have 10v in 1000 microfarad, 1200 microfarad, and 2200 microfarad, but I have one that is 16v 1500 microfarad, what I'm mostly wondering is what can be changed the voltage or the capacitance? And would one of those work for the 10v 1500 microfarad capacitor I need or should I just ebay it? Due to a postal strike I may not get it for a while and like most I needed it fixed yesterday. I am fairly new to trying to learn electronics and hope someone can shed some light on my problem.

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I can't find this capacitor. What do I do? Answered

The capacitor circled in red

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What can I do with 49 47uF Capacitors?

I needed a 47uF 35v capacitor for a project and ened up buying 50 of them for like a dollar. I don't know what to do with them.

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What can I do with a homemade capacitor?

It is simple enough to make one, but what can I do with a homemade capacitor?

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What amp do I need?

I have a 12" Valor sub (Model # VP12S4). What amp do I need and what else do I need to install it in my car?

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What IC do i need Answered

What IC do i need to make a stereo amp for 2 speakers for my i pod?

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What diode do I need?

I'm making a solar panel charger and I need a diode but WHAT DIODE Please help☺ I have 3 panels of 5V 1.25W 250mA THANKS!!

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What tools do I need?

Hi, I recently moved out and have bought a new home that will require some renovations (I have some experience). However, I feel I will need to purchase a few tools, what are some tools that all DIYers should own. I have: Power drill Circular saw Jig saw Reciprocating saw Hack saw Hammer Wrenches other small tools What are some other tools I should purchase? I'm going to be doing some basic construction, drywall work, laying wood flooring and quite a bit of finishing work... maybe roof work and electrical down the road? Any help is greatly appreciated

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what diodes do i need? Answered

I made a litle schematic (picture is in paint) as an extra for my binary clock, since the wart is a litle bit to handy (i can reverse polarity) and i dont want to destroy my precious attiny2313, so i thought of of some diodes and made a plan. but, i had 4 zenerdiodes lying around, and i tried it, but nothing happened, the clock didnt power on. i think the diodes are to heavy, so i was wondering which ones i needed. its all in the scheme and i think its pretty obvious (i made it in paint, so the quality isnt good, as wel as my english :P)

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What Switch Do I need? Answered

Hi all, I recently acquired one of these fans and wondered if anyone could advise on a reasonably priced switch that would utilise the 4 speeds. I have never had to wire one up before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. UK based, so something from this neck of the woods would be ideal, but hey beggars can't be choosers right :)

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What does this circuit do?

I pulled this out of a battery powered fluorescent light.  It runs on 12 volts and has a decent transformer in it. What is the purpose of this circuit? Also, how could I turn this into a capacitor charger?

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What can I do with a large Capacitor?

My Digital camera crapped out on me a while back and I started taking it apart to see if I could figure out what was wrong. No luck. BUT, I did find a 300V 190uF capacitor that was used for the flash. Any Ideas as to what I can use it for?

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What do I do now?

I am learning how to play guitar. I know the chords, and can transition. I can look at tab and figure it out pretty quick. I just need to know what I do now. I tried learning barre chords, but I cannot do them yet. Help?

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What is this? Answered

I got this of of a portable heater with a fan and it had labels for fan speed. it has four settings when you turn it. When i try to use on a motor to control the speed it just works as a switch. Do i need a motor with 3 wires if so how do i wire it up? Is it something different.

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What should I do with my keychain camera?

I already am thinking of flying it over in the park by attaching it to a helicopter, but I need some more ideas as big and exciting as that.

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Overhead projector bulbs, AC or DC?

I have some quartz projector bulbs, do they run on AC or DC power?

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Do I need a diode? Answered

I am wiring 8x 5 mw lasers in parallel, powered by a 3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable battery. I was told that I would need a diode, specifically a 1n4001 diode to regulate polarity. I know what a diode does in theory (control the direction of electron flow), but I'm not 100% where in the circuit the diode needs to go. I'm assuming it goes between the positive battery lead and the output devices. Can someone clarify?

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What should I do?

Ugh I don't know what to build once again so I need ideas from people. I don't care what it is as long as it sounds mostly possible. Be specific. List the type of gun and the features you want on it. I'll replicate a gun or I'll make my own. I just need something to build. I might be getting some more knex tomorrow or soon anyways. I'm thinking maybe some sort of sniper or power weapon because I just don't have one and need to make one but I don't know what to do for features nor what to make it look like. And for the last time the XM8 is in trauts' hands and I'm not sure what progress he has made. On another note I'll most likely be posting the pistol in the picture during break if I can just make a strong enough trigger for it. Other wise you can't fit hardly any rubber bands on it. Other than that so far it's awesome. It uses a similar slide and barrel style to apples' SA. A nice compact alternative to most other sliding repeaters.

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What do I do now?

Had an old laptop that had been rode hard and put away wet, given to me. It had a broken LCD, well I'm not one to just throw something away because it is broken, na, I visit "" and find a use for it. It was kind of neat to examine the LCD assembly. Question is, there are so many neat things in there and I don't have the foggest idea of what I can do with them. Items such as: 1. The backlight assembly, aprox 1/16 dia floresent lamp about 10" long with controlor board. How can you determine the voltage, input and output points and such. Sure would be a shame to "blow" this thing using the "by guess and by golly" method to make it work. My guess is it would make a neat light for a picture or something like that. 2. Two sheets of simi-opeic plastic which appear to be horzontial and vertical orienated somethings. 3. A plastic sheet with at least 34,542 dots on it (that's where I quit counting). This alone would make a good "dot-to-dot" playing board for some "very little people". Need a better idea of what to use it for. Any ideas of something these items would be usefull for?

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capacitor help

Hey everyone i was wondering if someone could help me, I have a capacitor row (as shown below) and i was wondering what i could do to make it a shocker type thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I need a book!!!!

I managed to score a free book of my choice from my local library but I do not know what to get I want a book that has something to do with engenering but I can not seem to find anything on amazon that does not seem like a textbook. I want a book that has a DYI theme going on. Any ideas that you have please post it.

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Whats Sexpot?

Sexpot.exe? And what do I need to run it? And how? EDIT------------------------- Ahoy! Oops. I thought it was some online phone thing.

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How do I determined the capacitance that is needed in a circuit? Answered

How do I determine what capacitors do I need in a circuit. For example, to make a LED blink. Thank you for your help.

Question by blkhawk 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

need help with capacitor charger

I am new to this so please excuse my stupidity. I want to make a capacitor charger (for a small coil gun) I know there are instructables about them but they are all with chargers that came from a camera which I really don't want to do because i would like to make my own circuit that i can play around with and not blow it up by accident. If someone has a link to a project like this please post if not i have another question. Could I just take let's say a camera that has an 80uF 330v cap and switch it with a parallel bank that has 5 or more 220uF 25v caps or something larger. Would that work or would that blow the circuit or would it be better to buy the same caps as the camera and hook them together. Thanks

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What it this component and how do I use it? Answered

Hello, smart people! I hope you can help me. I found this component inside a computer PSU. On the buttom it says "305-32114-220 rev:2 0449" but I haven't been able to find any information from that. It looks like a coil, or transformer. And it has a capacitor on top. But it only has two wires, so what is it? And what is it used for? Thanks in advance.

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What amperage will I get from these capacitors?

Alright I am finally getting around to making a coil gun, I made a measly bank of 30 330v 100uf capacitors, totaling 3k uf. However, I just took apart a big ass power supply for battery banks, now I have two coke-can sized 250 volt capacitors, each rated 4400 uf, and I am going to hook them up in parallel, making it an 8200uf capacitor bank, to charge with camera flash circuits in parallel as well. Thing is, I need to find a relay that won't blow up from this, so what kind of amperage will I be getting sending this through a coil?

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what resistors to pay or what to do ? Answered

OK guys i need help in a simple project i need to make 15 board every board have 5  white LED its 5mm 3.5 v some boards will be connected i when and got 150 LED and 5 test board  but cuz i don't know what resistors i didn't get any so i made my first board connected a Nokia charger to it , it gives DC 5.7 v and 800mA  it burned all 5 LED i used . i will cut the boards down to 15 or 20 small ones OK i will connect 5 boards to gather. how can i calculate what resistor to use . should i use this charger or i get another one. what should i pay to make that work .:update:. i got 150 resistor 150 ohm 2 220v to 5v 1000 mA adapter  and 5 more test boards the first test i got  from a usb cable the lad give me a blue color that is a sign of great power  the with the resistor it gave me white color so i will make the 2nd test with the adapter

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Big Capacitors

I found a big capacitor in a floor cleaner...I think. It is a black cylinder with two leads off the end. In the floor cleaner, it was hooked up to a lot of stuff in a really important looking box that had a lot of wires flying everywhere. It looks sort of like the thing below, but a little smaller. So, really, there are two questions: 1. Is it a capacitor? 2. If it is, what can I do with it? Thank you!

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How many farads do I need (capacitor)?

I'm making a voltage multiplier circuit which involves the use of diodes and capacitors but I'm not sure how many farads I'd need for the capacitors. The input voltage for the first stage is 12kV 30mA.

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I need help!

Greetings! I have never built an electronics project like this, however, I do understand the basics of what needs to be done. We are building a car that will run on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2010. What I am looking for is to build a device to show the difference in wheel speed between the front wheels and the drive wheels. The reasons for this is to give the pilot information on how much traction he is getting at the rear wheels. Since the engine and drive wheels are located 15 feet behind the driver, you cannot do this by ear (especially at 400+mph). The second reason is that the tires used at these speeds cost $800 each, there will be 4 drive wheels, that's $3200 worth of tires. Because of the speed, the tire treads are very, VERY thin, any spinning will destroy the tires in short order. It's not just a money thing, at 400+ getting a flat tire could be fatal. My current thought is to place wheel speed sensors at one front wheel and one drive wheel. That data will be collected and one value subtracted from the other. That difference will be presented to the pilot. I am not opposed to an LCD display or a series of lights that will indicate 5, 10,15, 20 and over 25mph difference. I am a computer programmer by trade and we are planning to integrate a PC into the car for data logging and tuning. I will have a complete CPU available managing the input and output. If we can use the PC to create an application to do this, it should not be an issue. If it is easier/better to build a chip-set to do this, we can go that route as well. I am open to any and all ideas, I have a rough idea of what needs to be done, just no knowledge of parts or processes to complete it. Thanks, Brandon.

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What kind of relay do I need?

How do I find out which kind of relay switch I need for my alarm clock project (connecting an alarm clock to a motorized water gun). What information do you need? Thanks.

Topic by hthnc-student 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What do i need to run this motor? Answered

I want to run this motor on this link;=electric at 24volts. I want my power to come from a 120volt ac outlet.   Can someone please tell me how I would do that? I need to know what i need to buy for it to work. Thanks

Question by TWMCNANEY 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

New into building, what do I need?

So I'm new to the whole building electronics thing, so I'd like to start by saying hello. Secondly, what are the items I would need in order to get started? What materials would I need to work on the tutorials on this site? Just want a general idea of what to expect. Thanks everyone.

Topic by DELETED_WarZombie 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What type of transistor do i need?

Hello, Im trying to build some sort of disco light set up, i will be using an arduino. Spec: Voltage 12v Arduino (5v PWM) Amps 2.5 Needs to be able to: Dim Flash What type of mosfet or transistor will i need to controll it all Thanks Daniel

Question by deacond07 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What resistor (or do I need one)?

I'm designing a simple prop that requires 2 LEDs. I figure a 2AA batteries connected to a switch that splits into 2 resistors and then into 2 LEDs then back to the batteries. See diagram below. The LEDs should take 20mA at 1.9-2.0V. So what resistor should I put in between the switch and LEDs.

Question by lucek 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What size resistor do I need?

Hi, I have a Wilson Sleek antenna booster that runs on car battery power, 12VDC and draws 2.5A.  I would like to power it away from the vehicle using a 19.2VDC Craftsman drill battery that measures 21.7VDC at the terminals, fully charged.  What size resistor installed in series with the Sleek will allow it to safely operate from the Craftsman battery?

Question by plentyblackcoffee 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

what do I need to build a prerunner?

I have a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9 V6 2x4. I want to build a prerunner but I have no clue what to get. I'm sort of new to it and plus this truck is entirely stock and won't handle the harsh rugged terrain of the desert. so any ideas or places I can try? I live las vegas and heard there are a lot of places that sell parts for this type of thing.

Question by capt. caveman 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What are these programms and do I need them?

Hi, ive just bought a laptop to use for music playback and storage. I dont want it for anything else (not even internet), its a basic XP toshiba and I got it second hand. So i went to start uninstalling any non essential programms to give me as much space for storage as I can and to help it run quicker. However i can see several programms ive never heard of and wondered if anyone wold be kind enough to explain to me what they do and if I need them or I can uninstall them. Thanks REALTEK Gigabit and fast Ethernet NIC driver Blue tooth stack for Windows by toshiba Sonic DLA Texas Instruments Also what is Inervideo WinDVD creator 2, i have some Idea but dont want to unistall if it does something to the computer

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Giant Capacitor

Our microwaved died in my house so I took it apart for parts. I found a Giant Capacitor, its about 4in x 2in x 1in It has 3 Leads coming out of it and somthing that attaches to a panel, im guessing the ground. Does anyone have any idea what i could do with this let alone charge and have it release its energy all at once. Of course I have to clean it and am aware it could kill me at any time.

Topic by acer73 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Is this all I need? Answered

My intention is to make a solar phone charger. I cannot read a wiring diagram and there is a lot of lingo I do not understand.  So, I'm having a problem with some of the instructables.   I was lucky enough earlier to be told I needed a voltage least......well, what else? solar cell 6V  50 mA 7805 voltage regulator old phone charger Is that it? Thank you for your time and patience.

Question by onrust 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

substituting capacitors

I was designing a board that uses a bunch of the same chip and all of the inputs require a capacitor. For example lets say I have 10 identical chips with identical setups. Instead of having individual capacitors for everything to ground (except for the outputs) can I combine all of the ceramic capacitors and use a couple of bigger electrolyctic capacitors? So lets say I can have 1 capacitor for all of the identical inputs instead of 10 smaller ceramic ones. But for stuff like timing do I need individual capacitors?

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replace battery with capacitor

Hello, I have a old hair clipper.  It has a rechargeable battery in it, which does not charge very well. I opened up the clipper and it has a single battery. It reads d-2/3a700 mAh 2.4 v. What do I need to do to replace with a capacitor?  Like resistors and such. If I wanted to get it to charge quick.  And use it quick. thanks

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I need advice

Hi guys/ girls i need advice because i like this girl that is in 6 th grade and i am in 5 th grade im 11.This girl is awsome we have a lot of things in common i talk with her a lot i mesage with her and i think she likes me but im not really shure she likes me so i am afraid i f i ask her out and she says no it will ruin our friendship so what should i do?

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What am I doing wrong!?

I'm making a firestarter/taser using a capacitor and a camera charging circut and I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. It just doesn't work. So I'm posting pictures here hoping someone can help me. (FYI the bits of electrical tape are just covering places where I accidentaly stripped the insulation or where I connected two wires.)

Question by StartedBullet 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Which resistor do I need?

I am using DC current to power 4 computer fans. I have 3 fans hooked up now that draw out about 560mAh. I need to know what resistor to use to get 12V DC 1440A  down to 8V DC .25A. Please respond as quickly and informatively as possible. Thank you in advance. Note: I got the 1440Amps from subtracting the usage from what the AC adapter puts out. The AC to DC adapter I am using puts out 12V 2Amps. If you can tell me the model number, and/or colour code.

Topic by Wally_Z 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago