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What Happened?

I was fascinated by batch programs at the time. It was about 2 months ago. I was copying the code for ScrewTheLotOfYou's Whack-a-Mole file when something I can't explain happened. After I saved the program as Whack.bat, I opened it up and... It was a Notepad program made with cmd type format. It even had a pointer that followed your mouse around! It was a small rectangle that was the opposite color as the thing you were highlighting. You could Open/Save programs and everything! I checked the code for it, but it was the code for Whack-a-Mole. I was mad a first because I couldn;t play the game, and didn't think much of it. Now, the game works perfectly and I'm mad because I can't get back to the Notepad program!

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I have used Polyclens for decades. There was no product to equal it. I am sick of "progress" and " green" . What product is recommended as a replacement as most others are useless in comparison?  I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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what just happened?

What just happened on instructables? The only working page i could find was my "you" page. Did some website editing go down?

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What happened to not liable?

What happened to not liable????? whats off beat??? comon!

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What happened to answers?

I just noticed that the "answers" button at the top of the site is gone! What happened?

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What happened to Golics?

What ever happened to golics? You know, the awesome papercraft women?

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What happened to barrax? Answered

The knexer. He stopped posting the middle of last year and has a line though his name. What happened to him?

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What happened to the newsletter?

I really enjoyed the newsletter, then quit receiving it. What happened? I still get emails about the people I'm following but I liked seeing some of the new stuff without having to hunt for it through the main page.

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What would happen if...? Answered

I hooked 2 computers together with the telephone ports, or with the ethernet ports?

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What happened to Mrballeng?

Is it only me or is Mrballeng's profile gone kind of crazy?: Been like that for the past few days...

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What happened to collaborations?

Anyone know? Is the forum the replacement for collaborations? Anyways, I'd like to start a group or something to work on what to do with all these old damaged floppy/IDE cables I've got laying around.... I tried an ipod case, but it didn't turn out right...

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What happened to Instructables?

I've been away a while, and now that I'm back, I see a lot of purported instructables that are nothing but slideshows of finished projects with no instructions, usually with links to other sites, most of which are selling the plans or instructions.  Has Instructables totally changed, or have I misunderstood what it's about all this time? :(

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What is happening to Instructables?

It seems to me that "our "site is being exploited by those who want to use it for profit.Dont get me wrong but I think if you want to post revenue generating video do it as an add on to the instructable,not as the whole thing!

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NOOOOOO! What happened?!

I just spent an hour typing up an Instructable. The current step I was working on was practically a page! I put a lot of work into it and I cannot do it again. All the writing I did has been replaced by "give a general description of this step"! I hit "save now" every time I finished a sentence! What happened?!Excuse any errors right now, I'm shocked. All that work for nothing! Really detailed reports on what to do in differing scenarios of rabbit care! Gone! I can't simply "retype" everything!*Sigh* EDIT: I RETYPED, CRISIS AVERTED!

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What happened to the spammers?

I noticed for a few days now that there is basically no spam showing up anymore. Of course I have no clue if that is coincidence but if not I would like to thank the code monkeys for fixing the spam problem. Yes, there will be new spam attacks but right now I really like the clean look after a reload - no spam is always good :)

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What Happened to Killerk? Answered

I tried searching his username, but nothing by him comes up. He seems like some kind of legend to me, because everyone keeps on talking bout his epic knex gun. Who was he anyways? Did he make the first K'nex gun EBBAR?

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What happened to "Groups?"

What happened to Groups?They still exist--you can still add your instructable to a group.The only way I could search or explore Groups was to click "Groups" on my personal page, then on the "Join other Groups" link at the bottom of the page. I couldn't find another way in (other than the advanced Search function.)There doesn't seem to be a simple or straight-forward way to access them otherwise... I sure don't see a way to create a new one (not that a little weeding-out of the existing groups isn't called for.)Edit: Oh, wait, I see it--you can Submit a new group.But a lot of casual users probably aren't even aware they exist...

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What happened to this mercury? Answered

As a very foolish child, in a plumbing and heating shop, I ate about this much mercury.   I heard it stays in my system but do I need to worry?  If I ever do see a doctor again, should I tell him?  Also, should I quit eating canned Tuna because of this?  (I've been opening tuna cans the last few years thinking it a slow suicide)    Thank you

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What a month!

So many things have happened this month! Check out these events that have happened: Friend I went to school with since Pre-K's parents got divorced Best friend's parents got divorced Half uncle's brother passed away Michael Jackson passed away Gary Papa passed away Farrah Fawcett passed away and End of school for most of the country

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What will happen in the year 2012

Here is the best thing I found about what will happen in the year 2012. page explains what will or could happen on that date. read the rest for a full explanation.

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What the...

I was making a thread and then i noticed that my whole library was gone! Why did this happen? Maybe some cleaning of the site and they accidentally deleted all the library's. Can someone explain.

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What they said, "Something Like The Power Failed" Binary, "000000000000000000100000000000000000"  t00 many Zeros. Religion,"Our Revered Deities Unloaded On Us Members" Members, "Lithium Rain posted" splazem & dombeef Cooked ;-D Blog Robot, "The Robot Was Sick Due to Bad Lube" New Owner "First clumsy effort to install pay per view sadw" Conspiracy "Inscrutable's Turn for Gov Spy Ware Install Day" K'nexers,  "Working Together Inserted Room Sized Router in Dallas" Technical, "It Was The Customer's Fault" Customers, "It Was The Company's Fault" Electrical, "Supply Redundant 10A Feeds To a 12A User ???!!!??" Goth, "Too Much UV Light" Mechanical, "Micro Quakes Let Dust Seep Into Card Edge Separating Mated Electrical Contacts" Shaving Creme, "Road Apples Came Down to Sting UP The Place" Wiring, "Temporary Fix Rewired as Technically Permanent Fix" BUGS, "Finally They Added" ATS, "Could Be Repaired (They do Fail) Replacement Safety Is Paramount" 503, "Was The Correct Error of The Wrong Day" Path, "Our Collective TAO Had a Gopher's Holiday Trip" Attack, "A Mythbusters Tack Was Found further Along The way" Don't Ever Believe the Simple ! Anything Else, "Sure Missed Some Bad Ones Sorry" Please Give The Reason You Believe It Was ? A

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What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

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what happened to featured authors?

What happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

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Answers ??? What's happened to answers ?

What's happened to the answers field on the 'ibles main title ? Its gone, as of this morning's update ? Steve

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OK, what happened today? Answered

I could try and blame it on scoochmaroo. I heard she was cooking bacon in the office (lmao) WHAT HAPPENED?

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What happened yesterday with instructables? Answered

The instructables server was totally down! What was going on, did I miss a notice or something?

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What happened to Jerry Springer?

He was the host for america's got talent, now theres another guy.

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What happen to the comment stats!!!!!

Well? Why was it deleted? I really like to see how much comments I and other people are making... :(

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What's happening with my gun? Answered

Ok, so I have this knex crossbow (slideshow up soon) and it shoots really powerful inside but outside, it doesn't shoot very far. What's causing this to happen?

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What happened to the gift exchange?

Ok. So, what happened to the Gift Exchange? Its not on the contests board anymore and when you click All Contests, it doesn't have it. Im confused!!

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What happened to Helene RubInstein ? Answered

Helena Rubinstein: cosmetics, face care, sun care, makeup. Well Max Factor..... ;)

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What happened to my yoghurt ?

I had a small fruit yoghurt and when I licked the cover it stung my tongue. Before I opened it the lid was swollen but the expiration date was two weeks away. It wasn't moldy , didn't smell off, just stung pretty bad. What happened to it?

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what has happened to the site?

The site is no longer easy to use for simple ques. Where do you enter your search?

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What's happened to the question dates ??

Is someone playing somewhere, the current page of answers has dates "9 months ago" "-123547585 years ago" ?

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What happened to the HTML Editor?

I used to be able to create tables using the HTML editor, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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What would happen if there was no Gravity?

How would it affect Animals and Plants? How would it affect Electricity? How would it affect Space and Universe? How would it affect Chemistry?

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What happened to all the categories?

Just wondering what happened to a lot of the categories? When I used to come on this site there were a lot more, including the good 'ol section (forgot the name) dedicated to 'unrefined' projects (ie. constructing projectiles out of office supplies, constructing devices that could cause potential danger if misused, pyrotechnics, etc). Anyone know?

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What has happened to Christmas?

Has there been some sort of Grinch around? Really, it is the second week of advent already, and I still see no signs of it here...

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When I installed IE8, this happened ( Look at the Picture). i was using IE5 before and everything was fine. These are my Computer Specs: Intel Pentium Dual @ 2.2GHz 2.0 GB of RAM ATI Radeon HD 2400 Series XP SP3 HELP PLOX!

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What Happened to the "Author Box'

There used to a "author box"(with the name of the author, date published, etc), on forum topics and questions.  What happened to it, it's kind of annoying, because every time I want to see who the author is, it isn't there. Does anyone else fine this annoying? P.S. sorry if someone else already made a topic on this, I looked and couldn't fine any. AI

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what happened to the old editor

In not a fan of the new editor, so Ive been using the old one till today.... wheres the old editor gone? please can i have it back?

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What ever happened to NOT LIABLE?

Remember the old site that had a "cover page"? Before all of this flash stuff, there was a "Not Liable" section for supposedly dangerous Instructables. What ever happened to it? The majority of Instructables that I like would go in this category, and now it's a hassle to find them. I think the staff should bring back the Not Liable section, and automatically put a disclaimer at the beginning of any Instructable entered in the category.

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What happens to old instructables? Answered

Early in 2010, I found this community while searching the internet for ideas on how to use LED's for input.  There were several instructables that I found helpful. Now I can't find them.   I would like to credit them on an improved  touch sensor instructable I have in the works. 

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What happened to "BIG" Text!!!

About a week or two ago, I notice that "BIG" text had been disabled...Every time I try make "BIG" texts, the equals just disappear without doing any effects to the text...Why has it been disabled!I am a bit upset over this, and so as other instructable users...

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What happened to my penny?!

When I used my newly made wind shield/stand for my alcohol fuel penny stove, the penny was deformed. I was using denatured alcohol for fuel and it was burning well. After it completed my test (boiled a cup of water before it ran out of fuel and without blowing out in the wind) and I was taking it apart to see how well it stood up to the new conditions I noticed that the once shiny penny had been completely deformed. I was wondering if anyone knew how or why this happened.

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What ever happened to the book?

Last I knew they used to have a book you could buy, you gave them a list of projects and they put it in the book for you and after buying the book, they would send it to you in color so that you could work on the projects. I've been in need of that book for some time, it's sorida a life and death matter. But not for a few years at least. So is the book still around to buy and could I buy it?

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Whoa, what happened here...

If anyone has TV Lift questions please start your topic hereposted 2 hours agolast post by Goodhart18 seconds ago0repliesTV lift cabinetposted 3 hours agolast post by Goodhart18 seconds ago0repliesPopuptv plasma tv liftposted 3 hours agolast post by Goodhart18 seconds ago0repliesFlatlift plasma ceiling tv liftposted 3 hours agolast post by Goodhart18 seconds ago0repliesPlasma TV Lift furnitureposted 3 hours agoCommentsI didn't start those

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What happens to "grandfathered" accounts?

I have a quick question! I apparently had something akin to a "grandfathered" account here on Instructables. So even though I wasn't a Pro member, I could view all steps, add to favorites, download pdf, etc etc. I was gifted a one year pro membership, which I activated, but now I have the concern that if the membership expires, I'll lose all the abilities I had before. Will my "extra" features be removed if/when my pro membership expires? I already tried asking the person who sent the pro account code, but it's been over two weeks and I haven't heard back. Thanks for any assistance!

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