When to Paint

When and how is the best way to graffiti non- legal areas without the law catching you?

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When using?

When using #6 plastic for shrinky dinking, can you use markers other than sharpies (like highlighters)to color the plastic?

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When Was It Posted??

Is it just me, or did the instructable "Posted On" date get taken off of the pages? Why? Just curious, Jeff

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when does it end?

When does the contest end?

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Break circuit when connection made? Answered

Hi,I want a circuit which deactivates(breaks)when a connection is made in the circuit.I'll tell u in details-I am going to make an automated water pump(to a tank)system,which can recognise when the tank is full and stop the motor from pumping water.For your information this is just a model version for school exhibition and what I have in mind is,When the water in the tank reaches a particular height,the water completes a circuit between two open wires(I may add some salt to the water to make it conducting).As soon as this happens the pump which is pumping water to this tank should stop working.How can I accomplish it? 

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When does my contest entry show on the contest page? Answered

I entered a contest but it is not showing up on the list.

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Does the Bay area Maker Faire happen every year? Answered

I didn't get to go to the 2010 one, and when I saw pictures of it, I was completely disappointed that I couldn't make it. Is there one every year, or is the 2011 one only in the UK?

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when will results be shown?

Does anybody know when the prizes will be drawn?

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I'll enter when.....

I'll enter when my led's get here... I have a good one though!

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When are the winners announced??

When will the winners be announced?

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when is pi day? Answered

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when is the results up?

When will the results be posted? it has been past noon. so could someone tell me?

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When's the next round?

Was just wondering when the next round of burning questions is coming, they alway give us something interesting to do...

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When will the winners be announced?

They said on the 15, thats today, and is hasnt been updated yet : /

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When will winners be announced?

Three days have passed since end of judging, when will the winners be announced. I suspect that the judging is not finished if they take so much to ANNOUNCE the winners.

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When To Start With Arduino?

When To Start With Arduino? Do you think that a 13 year old can start learning arduino? If yes, Where is it possible to learn the "code stuff" for ardiuno Are there any easier arduinos to start with?

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when porting a speaker Answered

  could i use diffrent sized ports in the same box would there be an advantage to tuning freq " 6x1 3x2"

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When was the BristleBot invented? Answered

Was the BristleBot invented by Doug Stillinger, Evil Mad Scientist Labs, Ben Jaques' friend, all of them, or someone else entirely?

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When Browsing Instructables...

Every so often, when I browse the Ibles Website, I get prompted in a message box to download some antivirus Software. It is obviously not antivitus software, a virus in disguise, so I get out of the message screen as fast as possible. Is this an actual virus on Instructables?

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When Zombies Attack!

From the University of Ottowa:A mathematical modeling of an outbreak of Zombie infectionWith citations, graphs and MATLAB code.As seen in the movies, it is imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly, or else we are in a great deal of trouble.

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When it rains, it pours......

Early this morning, during another bout with pneumonia, my Mother in law (my wife's Mom) passed away. I am at a loss for both words and feelings at the moment, please forgive me if I seem "absent of mind" in the next few days before my own hospital stay.

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When will the World End?

Will The World End.... I Hear People Say That The World Will End In 2012.....To What I Have Heard They Say That An Astroid Or Something Very Big Will Come Down And Smash The Earth In 2012.. Do U Think That Is True Or Not..Please Relpy, Notify, And Leave A Message About AnyThing Else You Hear Of.....

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When is spam not spam?

This morning when I opened Instructables to the Workshop page I found that out of the 30 'ibles displayed in "Recent" no less than FIFTEEN of them were from Popular Mechanics; now popular mechanics is a really good magazine in fact I used to buy it regularly but no matter how good it may be it isn't a person it's a business & everyone of the "'ibles" contains links to it's web site. While all the articles which have been taken from the pages of the magazine & published as 'ibles are well written & informative they are also a blatant advert for both the site & the magazine & as such in my eyes at least are spam, I know that there have been a few 'ibles published by Pop Mech in the past but I really feel that fifteen or more all at once is extracting the urine just a bit when it comes to copping for a bit of free advertising. Any constructive comments folks?

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When the worlds ends...

I just learned that China's six biggest ports now ship 25 times more goods than the entire planet shipped just a generation ago. A few logical steps later, I found myself wondering; How long could [insert country of choice] last if all international transport (including materials transported via pipes) were suddenly shut off? How far back down the scale of civilisation would your nation slide before it stabilised? Which countries would fare worst? Best? Discuss.

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When is an Instructable not an Instructable?

I have recently noticed that many of the published works are not in fact Instructables. They are simply displays of someones work/ideas,etc. They do not contain any instructions ie. how to make this. How does this fit into the Instructables ethos? I love seeing these pieces and have no problem with them being on show but, how are they classed as instructables and do they "count' in competitions and any counting for awards? I would like to display some of my work, see "what do you like to draw?",  but it has never occured to me to simply show them as an "Instructable". This may be covered somewhere but I havn't noticed it.

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When Toast Flies

It is not often that I find something so useless so awesome. Freddie Yauner's toaster pops your toasted bread way up into the air with high-pressure carbon dioxide. He is going to try to break his own world record of the highest toaster pop, which currently stands merely at the height of his ceiling. An added bonus of this: if he pops it to the right height, he may be able to avoid the curse of the toast always falling butter-side down.Link

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when I turn it on or try to press

Thereafter, when I turn it on or try to press the ClockworkMod Recovery bootkey combination (Vol Down, then power, wait, then release power when logos come one) it says on the permenant startup screen (schreenshot below).

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What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

So then, what do you do when you are bored? Or to just past the time? Hobbies? On Instructables of course, but what else do you guys do in your day?

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pro membership?

when does the pro membership from the contests kick in once there over

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How old is Instructables? Answered

I want to know when ible's was created, and maybe who was the first member and the first Instructable?

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When does the newsletter come? Answered

I signed up for instructables' newsletter, but I have never got it. I put my email in the first of this year, and I still don't have it. How long does it take to send?

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When can we have a new Know How?

That'd be actually Really kool, dont you think? BTW, Pop Quiz, is this Windows or Ubuntu? (easy one)

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chemicals that expand when mixed

Can you guys give me a list of some chemicals that expand when mixed? the reaction's can't be combustion reactions though. that's the only limiting factor.

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when did instructables start? Answered

When did instructables start?

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When is the next epilog challenge?

The title says it all, when is the epilog challenge??

Question by Jared_Reabow 

When is your spring break?

Just out of idle curiosity... when does your school go on spring break?

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Blank screen when not signed in

When I tried to access this 'ible from my email, all I could see was a balnk white screen. Same result when I went to the user's page. and when I click on HELP. I was able to see the T rex 'ible w/o signing in and everything after I signed in.  Design and Build your own Pinhole Camera by mattthegamer463

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java problem when logged in

Hello, i am getting this error when i am logged in (however it does occur sometimes when i'm not logged in): ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/newlayout.jspx': Can't insert page '/pages/explore/newrightbar.jsp' : ISO-8859-10 Java is up to date. waiting for your answer, Algirdas

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"updating" when trying to edit

Hi, When I try to edit my instructable the page loads but the screen stays grey and it says 'updating'. If left it continues to stay this way. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Hi, I have worked it out! For anyone wondering: I was using Firefox and it worked when I tried it on Internet Explorer. Thanks for all your help!

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When making a shake flashlight...? Answered

Do I need to hook up a diode in series with the LED?  When a magnet passes through a coil is produces AC.  AC won't light the LED will it?  That's what I need a diode, right?  Thank you!! Patti

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So when are the winner announced?

I just dont understand how it works. Is there a set date and time or no? Im not being impatient, im just wondering.

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paracord shrinkage when wet

I am making paracord bracelets and came across a article saying to shrink the cord first before making by putting in water and let it dry prior to making because if not it if gets wet after being made it will shrink. can anyone please tell me if they have done this or their theory.   thanks steve

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License changes when updating

Please make the license stick to what it was set at last. Whenever I update an instructable to include a new tag or cover image, it changes back to the default. It took me a while to even notice this was happening and many of my instructables were under a different license than I prefer for a period of time. The license can be changed, but if someone used the content while it was under a different license, I can't do anything about it. 

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Don't you hate it when.....

...you make something and forget to document it because you're so engrossed. I made a night light for my daughter. It is inside a coffee jar usually but for getting a good picture of the tree I took it out. It has a tilt switch for on and off. Upside down is off. It's also got.... A lithium battery Wireless charging Magnet wire construction I'm posting this because I don't know if I'll make another.

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Pages redirected when opened!

As of recently, whenever I click on anything in instructables.com (a link to a guide, view all steps, links within the page, ect), the page will show up and then near immediately redirect to either the homepage or the Submit page! I'm not sure why it's doing it... I recorded a screencast since screenshots wouldn't help :) Thank you! (I can always upload this to youtube if it's preferred) The below is an example: I only refreshed the webpage once http://screenr.com/CoO8

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When will PM formatting be fixed?

Private messages, whether written by hand or generated by Robot, get completely stripped of their line breaks.  A message which is sent out reading, Instructables member XXX just sent you a patch! You can read the message, below, and then click through to your Profile to see the patch itself. --------------------------------------- You're a YYYY... ... so does the patch make you cringe? (If the animation works...) --------------------------------------- etc. What gets received and displayed in my I'bles mailbox is Instructables member XXX just sent you a patch! You can read the message, below, and then click through to your Profile to see the patch itself. --------------------------------------- You're a YYYY... ... so does the patch make you cringe? (If the animation works...) --------------------------------------- etc. Notice the lack of any line breaks. I know this is an active irritation, especially for Staff (who must deal with more PMs than any individual I'bles member).  I'm curious as to whether the underlying cause is even known, and whether there's any estimate on when a fix might be rolled out.

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Auto Scroll = Pointless

One thing Ive noticed is that when you click on someones comment ( after going to the you page) It brings you to the instructable they commented on, right down to exactly where the comment is, but then as soon as the pictures load, it sends you halfway up the page. This COMPLETELY takes away the whole point of showing you where they commented. I suggest making it so they let the pictures load, THEN scroll you down. It would work a LOT better.

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Can someone help me figure out what kind of technology is used for this shirt?

I was on youtube and ran across a video with Diane Eng (I love her fashion technoloy work!) doing an interview and in that interview she was wearing a shirt that the LEDs would light up when anyone spoke. I've never heard of any kind of technology like that and wondered if anyone on here had. If so can you please explain to me what it is and how it works. Thanks! Here's the video I was talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6PfWLc7YhI

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Anybody ever been to a fashion show? I need some tips...?

A group I'm in has set goals for this year, and one of them is to host a fashion show.  We know where to host it, how to get a store to lend us clothes, how to set up the room, music etc., but we are puzzled as to what happens in a fashion show- what happens first, last etc.  Any brochures from the store?  Does an employee have to come out and comment?  If you've ever been to one, please describe it as best as possible.

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