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8100030d error code?

 have followed the procedure but still having problems. Im running vista. Any suggestions??????

Question by paulpat1964    |  last reply

Found a Black Widow in the Grapes?!

I just got a package of grapes from Costco and what do I find? A Black Widow. Note that I live in Washington; Brown Recluse territory, not Black Widow. It's ironic because I just watched a news story on this.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Widow Maker 1.0 Vibra-Bots

Widow maker 1.0This Vibra bot is based on a wireless battery powered movement sensor light.The vibrating motor has been wired directly into the LeD array allowing it to autonomously react to different light levels and motion.Basically it will vibrate, move and light up its LeD's when ever someone walks past it.It can be very creepy when your not aware it's sitting in the corner, in the dark.If your wondering about the name, check the pen butane torch strapped to it.

Topic by Lftndbt    |  last reply

Sling shot

I just bought a barnett black widow and it came with some plastic ammo and was wandering are black widows good? Also could plastic ammo kill a rabbit or duck

Topic by Slingshot100    |  last reply

im making a ammo dispencer for my black widow slingshot any ideas anyone? Answered

It need to be something cheap and can hold around 20 bb's or metal bb's

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Is it illegal to download torrents?

What are your comments?

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

What's the prize for having the best answer? Answered

I would be motivated to answer more questions if there was some cool prize.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

cheap slingshot? Answered

Anyone know where i can get a godd lsingshot im looking along the lines of the barnett black widow?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Instructable spinoffs?

I created an Instructable a while ago for my Black Widow Hearse and after posting it just wasn't happy with it and thought that maybe I should have done each part of it in it's own Instructable.  Would it be acceptable to do that now and should I still keep the original one up to show how I used it or just include a pic of the Black Widow Hearse all put together at the end of each Instructable?

Question by PaHalloweenFreak    |  last reply

How can I have an out-of-body experience?

I don't know any gurus to ask.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

What is a good macaroni and cheese recipe?

Not the Kraft crap in the box. Something made from scratch with (preferably) three different cheeses.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

Is there a good word processing program out there that is also FREE? Answered

One that will also do things like columns, bullets, and let me add graphics?

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply


Avengers Assemble! if you liked, hated,(or if your like me) downright loved the movie please fell free to post a comment

Topic by Yami Yugi    |  last reply

Why can't we keep track of our answers?

I want to view some of my answers to others but can't find them. They should be listed on our page.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

my computer is not working when connected to wifi

My computer is lenovo  core i3  it is widows 8  when i connect to the wifi the connection is limted but it is working on other computer can any one help me pleaseee :-(  :-(

Question by birukayeee    |  last reply

laws regarding slingshots in the uk??

Ok so i have a barnett black widow slingshot and havent brought it out of the house yet,id like to go and knock some cans down in a field but is that legal? any help is appreciated

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

How do I speed up my laptop?

Pentium 4, 2.66 Ghz, Compaq nx9010. I reinstall the software that came with it and it runs fast for a while and then slows down again. What am i doing wrong?

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

What is the best virus protection software?

I've been using Spyware Doctor for about five years and it seems to be working for me. I turn off the Intelliguard feature because it slows down my computer a lot! I'd like to know what everyone else uses.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

How do I prevent my employer from knowing which websites I go on?

I don't know what program they use to watch us, but I know they do and some of us get busted for going on websites that are not work-related.

Question by Packers Widow  

Does your partner / spouse get annoyed by your constant making and tinkering?

I find that whenever I start working on a new project I can get rather passionate and excited about it. This usually results in me getting a little carried away with the making process (typically spending every spare minute I have working on the "next big thing"). It sometimes gets on my girlfriends nerves and you could say she becomes a bit of a "workshop widow". I'm just wondering how everyone else manages with their work / making / life balance. Looking for your stories and experiences (any tips would also be appreciated!). I've tried getting her involved in some of my projects, but that's easier said than done!

Topic by ThirdEarthDesign    |  last reply

How do I avoid getting a virus when I download a torrent?

I'm new to the torrent world but I have a torrent downloader and I downloaded something but it created all kinds of viruses on my computer. How do I prevent this from happening again?

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

I can not see my WiFi name?

My HP laptop with Widows 7 and Kaspersky was already connected to my home WiFi previously,but now WiFi signal itself is not showing but able to see other networks except the one which I connected before. My other devices see and connect to my home WiFi perfectly Please help me….?

Question by CameronI1    |  last reply

use Alexa with x10 house

What do i need for alexa to work with my x10 house i know a computer and a CM17A what else do i need i have alot x10 modules its at one time was voice activated but it was running on widows 95 computer is not working tryrd to get it going  but software is to oil any help is appreciate 

Topic by 4wheels  

How do you delete the open and save file history in windows?

 Each time you save a file, its saved in widows. When you look to open a file you can bring up a list of recently saved files. How do you delete the history of these saved files? Any help is greatly appreciated

Question    |  last reply

frozen water bib?

I am a stupid widow who forgot to unhook her hose from the outside bib and now it is frozen on. Should I try to get it off in freezing weather or should I leave it alone till it warms up? Also, how do I even get it off the bib without causing major water damage? Thank you for any help

Question by SandyL50    |  last reply

champagne topper jewelry

On our wedding night my wife and I had a bottle of Vieve Cliquot champagne. I still have the topper that holds the cork to the bottle. I can imagine it being made into a bracelet or pendant for my wife but would have no idea how to go about it. If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate it. The topper has a portrait of the widow cliquot on it and reminds me of a cameo. Our five year anniversary is coming at the end of this month and I would love to make her something out of this for it.

Topic by owenclift    |  last reply

Detachable Chat Noir gloves

Hey Guys!My Chat Noir cosplay is a full body suit, meaning the gloves aren't sepreate. It gets really hard to eat and use my phone during cons because I don't have my hands and I also use the body suit as my black widow cosplay so I ended up cutting them off. Any suggestions on how I could make it so that the gloves are detachable?Thanks for the help!

Question by lemonjuiceart42  

How can I view all the hidden files on my computer?

I ran virus scan and noticed a bunch of wierd files, mostly porn and XXX files. But when I went to the directory that they were supposedly listed under, they weren't there. I went into TOOLS and then FILE OPTIONS and selected VIEW HIDDEN FILES. But they still weren't there. Why can't I see the files so that I can manually delete them? I think there is a bunch of hidden stuff there that is slowing down my computer.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

parallel port input?

Plz help me to, how can i receive signal or instruction from paralel port, how should i send current/signal to its register. what equipment should i need. actually i want to develope a system in c language to control electricity of home, doors or widows, so i need to check that if the door is open or closes. when door closed then computer should indicate me that the door is closed, and same door has opened. sir plz give me guideline. i would be very very thankfull to u. ( simply tell me how current/data/signal can be sent through parallel port, current source, equipment ets, after that i will make sensers for it my self)

Question    |  last reply

How to fix blue screen? Answered

Hello I hope that all of you are fine. I recently bought a second hand HP Pavilion laptop from eBay… when I received it I came to know that there was a problem with the wifi reception… I intended it to repair myself… so I unscrewed the LCD and came to know that the connections for the wifi were broken, so I soldered them, while doing so small bead of molten soldering wore fell on the LCD, but only damaged the plastic protection and found no dead pixels when it was turned on after fixing it… the windows started up pretty good… got the wifi signals as well but after a minute or so… one or two pixel size dots appeared on the LCD and after that the blue screen appeared… I tried to restart the laptop again but the blue screen appeared every time restarted it. I tired to restore the laptop, fix the startup, also tried to run the safe mode, but everything was useless as I  got blue screen every time… the laptop manages to operate in safemode with command prompt only once and as I tried to restore the system the blue screen appeared again… further more it sometimes gets past the windows loading in the widows repair section but when it loads the resolution changes and I get a blue screen again… it also hanged while repairing setup for the windows was operating... So a lot of different hang ups… but 99% of the time I got blue screen on all the options available… I am attaching the blue screen that I usually get… it would be so nice of you if you could guide me and help me fix my computer. Please see the attached pic Kind Regards Raishikoh

Question by raishikoh    |  last reply

Replacing an old bathroom fan

This is an idea someone may be able to use, but it does not quite rise to what I would want to do as an Instructable. A widow friend has two bathrooms, each with a very dated bathroom fan in need of replacement. I was able to mount the works (fan motor, fan blade, and mounting plate) for the new fan onto the old mounting plate after modifying the old plate. This saved me hours of work in a very hot confined attic when time and tools available to me were quite limited. Had I torn out the carcass for the old fan and tried to put the new fan carcass in its place, I would have needed to fashion a wooden framework for mounting the carcass that would fit just right between the ceiling joists, all so the fan would be properly centered above the existing hole in the ceiling.  The mounting plate for the new works was just a bit smaller than that for the old works. The height and diameter of the new fan cage were very close to the dimensions of the old fan cage. I began by using a cutting wheel on an angle head grinder to cut through the old mounting plate around the circumference of the old fan cage. Then I positioned the old mounting plate over the new works and its mounting plate. The glass dish that would cover the light bulbs fastens to a shaft that screws onto a threaded stud centered between the corners of the new mounting plate. I sighted across the corners of the mounting plates so the threaded stud was centered. I clamped the two mounting plates together and drilled four holes for 10-32 screws 1/2 inch long and secured them with nuts and lockwashers. (I did need to cut out part of the new mounting plate so the fitting for the two electrical outlets [fan and light] were accessible to plug in both the light and fan cords.) Had the glass dish mounted to the works differently, I would have used measurements from at least two sides to the center of the fan's shaft to position the new mounting plate on the old. Once the two mounting plates were held together with four screws it was a simple matter to put the works into the old carcass and plug in both the fan and the light to their respective receptacles. There was no question the works would fit because they were attached to the old mounting plate that had been taken from the old carcass. The round opening in the ceiling drywall bordered on being too large to be covered by the escutcheon for the new cover/light fixture. I added some drywall spackling around the edges to close any imperfections and gaps. For me this was an idea that worked and saved me a lot of time.  

Topic by Phil B    |  last reply