Bit of Fun- Wilhelm Scream

How many movies have you seen that contain this classic easter egg? Don't know what it is? You've probably already heard it a few times before. Every time I go to a movie I enjoy searching for this sound-clip. When I find it, I normally turn to my friend and say did you hear the Wilhelm Scream? I normally get a blank stare followed by The what?'Course I'm the one that studies and analyzes movies' camera shots, angles, etc for fun. Fact: ever wonder why you get so bored watching old movies? Nowadays in entertainment, the human brain gets bored after only five seconds. This means that shots can not be longer then five seconds without a cut, angle change, or radical camera movement. Back then, the limit was ten agonizing seconds. Try it yourself; next time you see a (relatively new) movie, count the seconds before a cut. You'll rarely get past five. In The Bourne Ultimatum, I barely got past three!

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Eric Wilhelm Interview by Teamdustrial at OFFF 2009

Check out this interview I did with Teamdustrial while at OFFF 2009. Eric Wilhelm from teamdustrial on Vimeo.

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Eric Wilhelm of Instructables Featured on NPR

Last week, Eric Wilhelm, the founder of Instructables, was featured in an NPR piece on the cooking style of "sous vide" and how many people are bringing the technique home with their own DIY versions. Check out the piece to learn more about these cooking techniques, and to hear Eric rave about salmon: 

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yay for eric

Picture does explain

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How to Make Your Tools, Gadgets and Appliances Last Forever

Check out Popular Mechanic's How to Make Your Tools, Gadgets and Appliances Last Forever, where I -- but mostly my grandfather's circular saw -- am mentioned.How many M.I.T. engineering Ph.D.s does it take to repair a dishwasher? In the case of a balky Maytag at Eric Wilhelm's house in Oakland, Calif., one doctorate sufficed. After a plastic wheel on the dishwasher's upper rack broke off of its assembly, Wilhelm faced a classic consumer conundrum. The same plastic part had broken and been replaced three times--and now the warranty had ended. Considering this history and Wilhelm's mounting frustration, repairing the 3-year-old appliance seemed marginally less logical than buying a new one.But discarding the machine didn't feel right to Wilhelm, who is the co-founder and CEO of, a website that details DIY projects, from simple repairs to elaborate, artsy computer mods. Armed with a drill, a vise and a spare stainless-steel bolt, Wilhelm repaired the wheel and got his rack rolling again--and it hasn't broken since. "From a purely monetary standpoint, it probably made no sense for me to spend an hour and a half fixing a plastic wheel on my dishwasher," he says. "But I got an intangible reward--a satisfied feeling that I fixed something and didn't replace it." Here's my Instructable on the dishwasher repair: Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher Wheel Repair Hack, and you'll probably be amused by my rockstar-esque photoshoot with the circular saw for this article.

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check out my youtube profile.

I was searching around on youtube and was like HEY. Theres Erics profile so i clicked it and subscribed to his youtube....check out my commercial.. although, its blurry, the site doesnt exist anymore and that was 2 years ago and my username has changed a bit over time.

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This is harder than i thought.

This will be hard, oh yes, this will be hard, yet, i have to do it, to have the chance at least to win a macbook, i've wanted one for a while.

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Random Instructable Button

Does anyone think that there should be a button that pulls up a random instructable? I mean, I want to make something, but I dont know what. ewilhelm might awnser?

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Eric Wilhelm Talks Halloween Projects on Science Friday

  Today (Friday October 16, 2015) Instructables founder Eric Wilhelm went on Science Friday to talk about some fun Halloween Projects for Science Lovers.  "Green fire, magic mirrors, fiber optic fairy wings—just a few of the ways to geek out this Halloween with do-it-yourself projects. Eric Wilhelm, founder of Instructables, joins Ira to suggest a few of his favorites, like an arduino-powered skull that follows you as you move, or truly realistic edible eyeballs (sorry, peeled grapes.)" Listen and follow along with this fun collection of projects.

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Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida on Popular Mechanics

Check out Christy Canida & Eric Wilhelm on Popular Mechanics website for the article: 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream   "More than the work he did at MIT while earning a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, it was his passion for kite surfing that led Wilhelm to create Instructables. Launched in 2005 with his wife, Christy, and colleagues at the design firm Squid Labs, the DIY website quickly became a forum for step-by-step instructions—the kind Wilhelm had been distributing to fans of his handmade boards and sails. The site, which was bought by Autodesk in 2011, now features more than 100,000 user-generated projects in fields from cooking to woodworking to electronics." Check out the video interview with them on Popular Mechanics. Also, Totusmel gets a shout out!

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Six degees of separation from Eric Wilhelm

Caitlainsdad says I have 3 degrees of separation: Eric walks the Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas star as detectives in the "Streets of San Francisco". Adrian monk is a detective in San Francisco... How many do you have?

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Eric Wilhelm wins TR35 Innovation Award

Sharing your projects and ideas on Instructables is now officially a Big Idea. Eric just won the TR35 award for top innovators under 35 from MIT's Technology Review magazine for his work with Instructables; check out the press release below, and read about the other winners.I'm pretty psyched to be part of this site, as we're clearly doing something exciting and important -- it's especially neat to be an early adopter with the power to change the way society works.-- ChristyProject-Sharing Website Creator Named Top Young InnovatorSan Francisco, CA - August 19, 2008 -- Eric Wilhelm has been recognized by Technology Review magazine as one of the world's top innovators under the age of 35 for creating, the Internet's #1 project-sharing began as a way for Eric to document his engineering work and grad-school kitesurfing projects, and has evolved into a world-wide hub for documenting and sharing creative projects. The site's simple, elegant step-by-step format provides an intuitive platform that allows anyone to publish their project, complete with pictures, text, and embedded video.In a world of mass-produced culture, hand-making and personalizing is experiencing a resurgence, and people everywhere are reviving classic skills and technologies. Instructables is the hub of this movement, providing a social and interactive environment to demonstrate amazing projects and ideas. The site dramatically lowers the barrier to sharing projects, enabling crafters, modders, engineers, artists, cooks, bicyclists, and techies to gather and share their work freely, and where cross-pollination is actively encouraged."Everyone wants to be a creator, not just a consumer," Eric explains. "We bring passionate people together to learn from each other. Instructables makes it cool to be smart." Instructables is also a valuable educational resource. Parents and teachers rely on Instructables as a source of project ideas, and students maintain their personal portfolios at the site. By coupling old-fashioned tinkering with thoughtful discussion and long-distance collaboration, Instructables has begun to revolutionize learning and innovation.Eric Wilhelm and the other TR35 winners for 2008 will be featured in the September issue of Technology Review magazine and honored at the EmTech08 Conference. "The TR35 honors young innovators for accomplishments that are poised to have a dramatic impact on the world as we know it," said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review magazine, "We celebrate their success and look forward to their continued advancement of technology in their respective fields."About Eric Wilhelm:Eric earned his SB, SM, and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, where he developed methods to print electronics and micro-electromechanical systems using nanoparticles. He co-founded Squid Labs, an innovation and design partnership, and a number of Squid Labs spin-off companies including Potenco, producing a human-powered generator for cell phones and laptops; Makani, an energy company seeking to harness high-altitude wind; OptiOpia, developing low-cost portable vision-testing and lens-fabricating devices; and Instructables, a collaborative how-to site that helps people document and share a process or skill. See Eric's How To Start A Business Instructable for the more detailed story.About is the most popular Do It Yourself community on the Internet. Started in August 2005, Instructables provides accessible tools and publishing instructions to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, ideas, and hacks. The site is currently home to over 14,000 projects covering such diverse areas as crafts, art, kids, electronics, pets, bikes, cars, robotics, green projects, and cooking.About Technology Review, Inc.:Technology Review, Inc., an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the authority on the future of technology, identifying emerging technologies and analyzing their impact for leaders. Technology Review's media properties include Technology Review magazine, the oldest technology magazine in the world (founded in 1899); the daily news website; and events such as the annual EmTech Conference at MIT. ContactsFor Instructables:Christy Canida, 510-931-5622press (at) instructables (dot) comFor Technology Review:Sarah Mees, 978-208-1499press (at) technologyreview (dot) com More news and press about Instructables here.

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3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network

Watch me demonstrate Jackhammer Headphones, LED Throwies and Floaties, and Marshmallow Guns in 60 seconds on the Forbes Video Network:3 How-To Projects In 60 SecondsMore news and press about Instructables here.

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I get to go to the Instructables HQ!

Yesss!I am leaving to Yosemite on Thursday, renting a hotel.Then the next day (Friday), I am going to hike or whatever.Then we go back to the hotel.Saturday morning, we start out to San Francisco.We get there around... I dunno, 3 or 4 or something?I won't be able to make it to Yuri's Night, but the next day (Sunday), Eric and I are planning on meeting at the HQ at around 11 I guess.This is gong to be sweet.Sorry the images lack color...

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Let's all greet Eric and Canida's cousin! She just joined.

GREET HER! CLICK ON THESE LETTERS TO GO TO HER ORANGEBOARD!Okay, I posted a forum topic with this same goal, but maybe didn't give it the most descriptive almost nobody looked at I made this one.I know she is the real deal. Canida greeted her and used her apparent name.Anywho, Several people have greeted her so far-let's see if we can set a record for most orangeboard welcomes? What do you say? It's for the best of causes!

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Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm

Here's my five-question interview with Inventors Digest that appeared in the June 2009 issue:Five Questions With ... Eric WilhelmEric Wilhelm founded, "the world's biggest show and tell" Web site where users crowdsource do-it-yourself or DIY projects, from lawnmower race cars to skateboard sails. The site began in 2005 as a way for Wilhelm to document his mechanical engineering work and grad school kite-surfing projects. He's co-founded Squid Labs, an innovation and design partnership, and a number of Squid Labs spin-off companies including Potenco, producing a human-powered generator for cell phones and laptops; Makani, an energy company seeking to harness high-altitude wind; and OptiOpia, developing low-cost portable vision-testing and lens-fabricating devices. Talked innovation with him in this installment of Five Questions With ...More news and press about Instructables here.

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What was the first featured instructable?


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Singapore - Meet Awesome Makers - Eric Wilhelm at Prototyping Lab@National Design Centre

I'll be visiting Singapore this week. OmeMaker Group has graciously offered to host me for an informal talk and Q&A; session about Instructables and Pier 9. The event is Thursday 2015-08-20 at 7:30 PM at Prototyping Lab@National Design Centre. You can register to attend here. I'm looking forward to meeting Instructables authors in Singapore!  

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Instructables at Conference on World Affairs at University of Boulder April 9-13, 2012

I'm speaking at the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Boulder this week in Boulder, CO.  The conference is free and open to the public, so if you are nearby I encourage you to attend.   I'll be speaking on the following panels.  Let me know if you can make it to any of these -- I love meeting the Instructables community in person! 1116 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences 9:00-10:20 on Monday April 9, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Henry Butler Michael Fink Vivian Siegel Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Paul Bauman 1869 Extreme Living: Taking It to the Edge 4:30-5:50 on Monday April 9, 2012 Chemistry 140 Panelists: Arlene Blum William Nack James Tanabe Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Adam Chase 2612 DIY: Hipster Economy 2:00-3:20 on Tuesday April 10, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Mark Frauenfelder Tom Preston-Werner Kiki Sanford Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Josie Heath 2768 New Business Models Powered by Technology 3:30-4:50 on Tuesday April 10, 2012 Visual Arts Complex 1B20 Panelists: Donna Morton Yolanda "Cookie" Parker Tom Preston-Werner Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Andrew Franklin 3714 The New Masculine 3:00-4:20 on Wednesday April 11, 2012 UMC East Ballroom Panelists: Tom Edmonds William Nack Howard Schultz Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Lew Harvey 4466 The Future of 3D 12:30-1:50 on Thursday April 12, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Jim Emerson Michael Fink Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Patti Bruck 5116 More Technology, More Isolation 9:00-10:20 on Friday April 13, 2012 UMC West Ballroom Panelists: Maggie Koerth-Baker Tom Preston-Werner Jon Sinton Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Luke Beatty

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Eric Wilhelm on MPR's Midmorning, Friday June 25th at 9 AM CT

I will be talking with Make's Editor-in-Chief, Mark Frauenfelder, about the rise of DIY culture on Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning call-in talk-show tomorrow, June 25th at 9 AM CT.  You can call in at 1-800-224-2828, or submit online questions at MPR News.   /**/DIY for lifestyle and livelihood The term "do-it-yourself" used be the purview of home repair gurus or a subculture of crafty trendsetters. But the Internet and the recession have inspired more DIY-ers to make things for entertainment and profit. Guests * Mark Frauenfelder: Editor of Make magazine, his new book is called "Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World." He is also the editor-in-chief of the popular blog * Eric Wilhelm: CEO of

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Behind the Scenes of a How-To Machine: Youth Radio Brains & Beakers Interview with Eric Wilhelm

I was interviewed by Youth Radio, an Oakland-based organization that helps underserved young people learn how to make their own media, and David Pescovitz of Boing Boing about starting Instructables and running the business like a scientist. They took video and audio, and did a fantastic job of editing it together with cool music into the embedded video and audio tracks here: From their post, B&BII;: Behind the Scenes of a How-To Machine:Eric is an MIT-educated engineer and avid kite-surfer. He started making his own surfing equipment and then writing about it online. Soon, he picked up a following. Other people wanted to share their own projects and create a Do-It-Yourself community. And so instructables was born. Now, Eric's running a business, but he still thinks like a scientist--isolating variables, making interventions, assessing data, and then starting that cycle again--to grow his enterprise.In the first segment, Wilhelm elaborates on how he started the site and describes how it works. In the second segment, you'll learn about some of Wilhelm's favorite projects on the site. Finally, check our David's post on Boing Boing about Brains & Beakers: Youth Radio "Brains and Beakers": Eric "Instructables" Wilhelm and Pesco

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Eric Wilhelm "What will users pay for" on O'Reilly Webcast Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 10 AM PT, I'll be doing a live webcast on O'Reilly's Meet Experts Online titled "What will users pay for?"  This is a lead-up to my Web 2.0 Expo panel discussion, What Our Users Will Pay For.  I'll be talking about Instructables' business model, and some of the things I've learned along the way about running a small company.  You can join for free, and send questions into the interviewer via chat.  I'll post a video for anyone who can't make the live event. Here's the description of the event: If advertising alone won't pay the bills and paywalls are tough to get right, how can web-based businesses make money? This is a question CEO Eric Wilhelm has already confronted. We'll dig into the Instructables model and consider potential solutions in this video Q&A.; Hopefully see you there!

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"It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times

I get attributed my favorite quote so far in DIY fanatics find a cyber showcase: "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist."Eric Wilhelm was studying for his PhD in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000 when he decided that he needed an athletic pursuit. So he took up kite surfing, a sport that was then in its infancy.Because kite surfing was so new, there were no established manufacturers producing reliable equipment. So Mr Wilhelm decided to make his own. He began sewing kites from rip-stop nylon and crafting boards from plywood. "It's a perfect sport for an engineer," he says. "You can build all your own gear."Mr Wilhelm posted instructions and pictures of his craftsmanship on his personal web page. It soon gained a following, and readers e-mailed to ask where they could find documentation of similar projects.The website evolved into Instructables, a San Francisco-based portal, and Mr Wilhelm is its chief executive. The business employs 10 and registers 5m unique visitors a month. The site, Mr Wilhelm explains, serves as a sort of collective repository for creative types who want to show off their wares.More broadly, Instructables is a symbol of the latest evolution of a do-it-yourself culture of invention that has been the lifeblood of California's Silicon Valley high-technology industry. Apple, Google and Hewlett-Packard are just three global companies that began with a couple of creative tinkerers experimenting in a garage. ...But isn't there something incongruous in a profit-seeking marketplace for specialised goods that are supposed to be the antidote to big box shopping? Herein lies the paradox of the DIY tech ethos: much as it would like to escape the confines of the throwaway economy, it cannot exist too far outside consumer culture.Mr Wilhelm of Instructables does not see a conflict. The DIY movement, he says, "is not anti-capitalist...It's a backlash against mass market. It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist."More news and press about Instructables here.

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Am i allowed to go to the Instructables HQ? Answered

Even though i suspect Eric is a Robot?

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10 DIY Holiday Gifts from Popular Mechanics

10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family. A roundup of instructables projects from Eric Wilhelm:

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I was amusing myself watching Filth Ritch and Catflap (1986), when I got a strange feeling of deja-vu.... Same hair-dresser? Look and decide (Rick Mayall in the blue shirt, Eric Wilhelm in the black)

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How to make your own high-tech Christmas gifts - Instructables in New Scientist

How to make your own high-tech Christmas giftsIt's easier than you might think. The web has a swarm of sites that show you how to make this year's must-have gadgets from heaps of electronic components and old junk. So there is no excuse not to give your mum that digital photo frame she wants or your nephew a dancing teddy. Not only might you save money and keep tech junk from the dump, your friends and family are more likely to cherish a home-made present than something acquired with a wave of a bank card. At least, so says Eric Wilhelm, who has created, a website forum for people to share their home-made projects.While studying for a PhD in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wilhelm took up kite surfing. It was an expensive hobby, though, and Wilhelm couldn't afford to buy his own gear. So he began designing his own, hand-sewing the kites and building the surfboards. "Half of the equipment performed beautifully, half failed spectacularly," recalls Wilhelm, who began documenting his designs on his own website.Soon Wilhelm was inundated with notes from kite-surf dudes asking for advice, sharing their ideas and swapping photographs. Dealing with all the correspondence was time-consuming, and he realised that people like him needed a better way to share their projects online: Instructables was born.Today the site has step-by-step instructions for 17,000 projects, with as many as 20 new ones added each day. Here you can find out how to make a robot like the one in the movie Wall-E, a flashlight from a Chapstick and an iPod speaker from a tin of mints. More than 350,000 fans rate other people's projects, suggest improvements and add their own photographs and videos. The most popular projects have been compiled in a book, The Best of Instructables.More news and press about Instructables here.

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is the daisy red ryder bb gun anygood for shooting targets and cans?

Does it work on air or spring? can it shoot pellets aswell? and will it puncture a can or a cardboard box?

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Instructables in the Daily Green

The Daily Green did a short interview with me about Instructables:  How to Build Your Own ... 5 Questions for the Founder of the Go-To DIY Site    When Eric Wilhelm started Instructables five years ago, it was supposed to be nothing more than a side project – a dalliance from his day job as a designer at Squid Labs. But Instructables, which catalogs super cool do-it-yourself projects in easy-to-follow detail, has grown into a full-fledged site with a huge following of its own. DIY was bigger than he thought. We spoke with Wilhelm about Instructables, the cult of DIY, and just what makes a homemade Dachshund wheelchair so darn cute. More news and press about Instructables here.

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Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek

Instructables got a really nice mention in the BusinessWeek article Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Web sites are building communities -- and businesses -- on the growing do-it-yourself crazeby Heather GreenEric Wilhelm's experience reflects the urge to be more hands-on. While earning his PhD in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the then-23-year-old took up kitesurfing. He didn't have thousands of dollars for equipment, so Wilhelm built his own boards and posted detailed designs on his Web site. Readers asked for more information and help building other projects. So two years ago he launched, where anyone could contribute how-tos and get reader feedback.Now, Instructables has 7,500 directions for everything from making a pinhole camera to sculpting a chair out of wood. "My grandfather had a bunch of baby-food jars with screws and nails in the basement, and after ignoring the skill it took to use those, people are now seeing that that's valuable," Wilhelm says. "They're afraid of losing touch with how to do stuff. That's why it's hip and cool to knit now."More news articles about Instructables here.

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OFFF 2009

At the 2009 OFFF, International Festival For The Post-Digital Culture, I gave a talk about the DIY movement, and what drives it forward, which was part of the NERDFERENCES PANEL With Eric Wilhelm, Peter Kirn, Gijs Gieskes; curated and presented by Julia Carboneras.You can find a PDF of my slides attached below.

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The Instructables story, "How to Start a Business" is down

I enjoyed reading the story of how Instructables got started, written by Eric Wilhelm, but for some reason I can't view it anymore. Can anyone else see it? I can see other Instructables just fine.

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Instructables AMA on Reddit!

This Wednesday at 2PM PST notable founders of Instructables, and prolific DIYers, Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida are going to be answering your questions during their Reddit AMA! Always wanted to know a bit more about cryo-frying? Or how much bacon these guys REALLY eat?

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London 'Iblers meetup with Eric!

Eric Wilhelm is in London this week. We thought we'd capitalise (a ha ha) on this and, in fine British tradition, go to the pub.  All members are welcome- the destination is the Mug House, London Bridge on Friday 10th of January.  Kiteman and I will be at Liverpool St. station at around 7:00pm, or you can meet us at the pub.  Hope to see you there and put some faces to names!

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Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables

Instructables and Etsy appear in the OttawaSun article Netting Circle.If you're into creating, but you're not into domestic arts, try This subversive site bills itself as "the world's biggest show and tell." Anyone can contribute how-tos and get feedback.The postings are slightly unusual, sometimes even extreme, such as how to build a cheap still to make moonshine, turn a shotgun shell into a USB stick case or make shoelaces from tape.The projects for extreme DIYers are uploaded by users who offer step-by-step guidelines along with photos. "It's a reaction against a mass-produced culture," says founder Eric Wilhelm in the Telegraph.Sounds quite similar to the 18th and 19th century backlash against the advent of mass production which created the arts and crafts movement in the first place.Wilhelm started an earlier version of the site several years ago while a starving student seeking advice on how to make equipment to cheaply support his kite-surfing hobby. More news and press about Instructables here.

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How would you use Stroller Wheels for a bike trailer? Answered

Question by Yerboogieman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Starting A Makerspace In Ayer (and meeting some guy named Eric...)

The town of Ayer, MA held a meeting this past Thursday about starting a makerspace. This was sponsored by the Ayer Office of Economic Development. The main presenter was a local software engineer who proposed the idea. His model for the space is Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA. For details, including an impromptu visit to Artisan's Asylum and meeting some very interesting people, see

Topic by sdbranam 4 years ago

Eric's Big Idea!

Ads and such usually appear off to the side of forum pages, and instructables, most are scams (haha), but occasionally they are something worth checking into.Below is the ad I saw on the side of a forum topic, and decided to follow it.I got the address for Big Think, which is, from what I gathered, a plethora of ideas for many different things to better the nation.Below is Eric Wilhelm talking about Instructable's impact on education.LINKBTW, there is a typo on the second link..:D

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I got a package from Eric...

I got a package from Eric,I got a package from Eric,I got a package from Eric, and what do you think it was?I got a package from Eric,I got a package from Eric,I got a package from Eric, and what do you think it was?And what do you think it was?And what do you think it was?(Really bad reference to this song)Anyways, I received an envelope from one Eric Wilhelm, and this is what it was:

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Marketing Instructables

This site is the business activity of Instructables Inc, and as such has to turn a profit (or break-even at the least). I don't know how the books balance or who has how much equity in Instructables Inc, but we do know that paid memberships (Pro accounts) have been introduced as an additional income-stream. Current Pro users number just over 600, so small money so far.A lot of complaints have been made about Pro membership, mainly in relation to what will be denied to free members, but also with regard to perceptions of an "us and them" division.If the site can successfully sell memberships and attract advertising revenue / sponsorship, it would not be necessary to annoy / nag free members by denying them basic features they won't or can't pay for.This is it: How can the site better market what it has to attract paying users willingly, and maximise other sources of income?E.g. gmjhowe's suggestion of Testimonials ("awesome" E Wilhelm)E.g. changing the Pro badgeE.g. changing the "recent Pro users" on the front page ("interesting idea" E Wilhelm) taken up unless it's just coincidence that it appears to be that wayThis topic is for constructive ideas around the introduction of new features and increasing site revenue, not for complaints (there are plenty of other topics for complaints)Personally I think the marketing of Pro accounts could be improved in some areas?L

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Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008

A story about online DIY culture including Instructables and an interview with me aired Sunday morning on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. It was right after the puzzle. Instructables CEO Eric Wilhelm: The DIY aesthetic, at least sometimes, is about the subversive joy of making a prefab product "do something that it wasn't intended to."If you missed it, the web edition complete with archived audio, is here:Digital DIY: Web Helps Do-It-Yourselfers Share EthicMore news articles about Instructables here.

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Instructables in the News

Instructables seems to be finding its way around the news media. Here are links to the mentions I know of. If you see any others, leave a note in the comments, or post a forum topics and I'll add a link to it here. If you're from the press and would like to arrange an interview, please contact me here. See the most current news about Instructables with a Google News search for Instructables. The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - PCMag Share What You Make with Instructables - Forbes Autodesk 2011: On Autodesk Acquiring Instructables - Core77 Eric Wilhelm featured on NPR discussing DIY "Sous Vide" cooking techniques Maker Faire and the Growth of Do-It-Yourself - Entrepreneur Autodesk Buys Instructables; Design Software Giant in Consumer Marketing Push - Xconomy Instructables, A Mecca for Makers, Reflects Eric Wilhelm’s Passion for Building Stuff and Telling the Story - Xconomy Autodesk Acquires Instructables and What it Means for Makers - MAKE eBook Evolutions: Instructables - Forbes Blog Eric Wilhelm discusses high-tech Halloween projects on NPR's Science Friday 2010-10-22 New York Times - Bamboo Bicycles New York Times - Growing Vegetables Upside Down DIY Green Projects - ABC News Instructables in the Daily Green Taking an Open-Source Approach to Hardware - Instructables in the WSJ FYIs for the DIYers - Instructables in the Sacramento Bee Do-It-Yourself Guru Makes Treasures From Trash - Tim Anderson Profiled on NPR's Weekend Edition Instructables on WGHP Fox 8 - Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm Instructables on KSL5's Studio 5 How to make your own high-tech Christmas gifts - Instructables in New Scientist Build It Yourself at - Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - The Best of Instructables on NHPR's Word of Mouth Instructables on NPR's Here & Now 11/24/2008 Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday Eco-nomical: Homemade Gifts -- Instructables Mentioned on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday 2008-11-23 Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday - 2008-11-22 Homeowners go greener with do-it-yourself jobs Faberge Egg Contest Round-up by Forbes Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake - Hungry Scientist and Instructables in the NYT Leah Buechley and Instructables Written Up by Forbes: "A Blinking Fashion Statement" Instructables Part of PC World's 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites Customers increasingly drive firms' innovations Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables Eric Wilhelm wins Technology Review's Top Innovators under 35 Award Tiny Talents - Learning Bar Tricks in the New York Times Magazine How To Fix The World & Grassroots Innovation Takes Root - Instructables in Forbes My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw - Instructables in the New York Times 3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network Eric profiled by Technology Review in "Instructables pioneer loves to kite-surf" This, From That - Maker Faire and Instructables in the New York Times Instructables on NPR's Talk of the Nation April Fools' Day 2008 - The Top Five Office April Fools Pranks Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008 Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek Instructables in SmartComputing Instructables on LA's KROQ Instructables in the Telegraph -- Weird and wonderful inventions The How-Tos That You Do: Instructables Keep People In Step After Step After Step. - Instructables in Helio Mag Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed Instructables in the New York Times - In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Down Mouse Mouse in FHM-Germany Instructables and Squid Labs featured in Tech Closeup's April 2007 Show Instructables in the New York Times - How to Improve it? Ask Those Who Use It Instructables wins the 2006 WIRED Rave award for Industrial Design Instructables in World Changing Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald PodTech Network Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah Instructables in FHM-Netherlands Laser Cutter Origami - Squid Labs in the New Yorker Instructables in Trendwatching Instructables in Edutopia Instructables in The Village Voice Instructables in Network World, January 2006 The Dream Factory - Instructables debuts in WIRED, September 2005 Squid Labs profiled in WIRED news, September 2005 More cool stuff about Instructables here at the guided tour.

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Categories: A New Way of Looking at Instructables

We sent out this announcement to showcase the new Categories available on Instructables. Tim O'Reilly wrote about why he likes them, which made us pretty happy. Are you finding them useful and intuitive?--ChristyApril 4, 2007Alameda, CA -- Instructables has just released Categories, a new feature that will enable users to better browse, sort, and share knowledge is a free site that founder and CEO Eric Wilhelm describes as "a place where passionate people share the things they do and how they do them. It's an on-line DIY magazine, written by the people who read it."Current Instructables range from recipes and home repair tips to art, science, and LED projects. "The categories emerged organically as the site has grown," Wilhelm explains. "It was time to apply a taxonomy."Users may now tag their Instructable with two of eight categories: Art, Craft, Food, Home, Life, Not Liable, Ride, and Tech. Food, Art, and Tech categories are basically self-explanatory. Craft includes sewing and knitting as well as welding and woodworking; Home is for useful domestic organization and infrastructure; Ride includes cars, bikes, boats, planes, and other "things that go". Life skills can be found in Life, while Not Liable is for anything that should come with a warning label- things of interest to 14-year-old boys of all ages and genders."Categories will make browsing and sorting Instructables easier," Wilhelm says, "so users and advertisers can directly target their areas of interest." It's easy to search cross-listed projects, and Instructables in the overlap are often among the most exciting. A few examples: Art + Tech = LED ThrowiesTech + Craft = Floppy Disc Bag Craft + Not Liable = Marshmallow Gun Not Liable + Ride = Kite + Ice + Butt + BoardInstructables began as a way for the founders to document their own personal projects, and soon grew into a separate company. Since then Instructables has exploded in popularity. Instructables won the 2006 Wired Rave Award for Industrial Design, was showcased at the Web 2.0 Launchpad, and is listed by Technorati as one of the top 100 blogs. It currently has over 3,600 projects and 60,000 registered users.Instructables home page:

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August "Go Pro" Sales Event

As part of our drive to get you sporting a shiny new Pro Account, we are holding a special "Go Pro" sales event which will be running through August 27th! What's in it for you besides an array of great Pro features like less advertising, custom PDF downloads and digital patches? If you act now, we promise to immediately hit Eric Wilhelm with a pie when we achieve our goal of 3,500 Pro subscribers!To sweeten this special summer deal, for every 250 subscriptions above our 3,500 Pro user goal, we promise to hit him with another pie by years end (at the discretion of the Instructables feature team). So, if we get 4,500 subscribers, he gets four extra pies!And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, if you register today and post a message below, you will receive 5 extra digital patches to give away (regardless of the plan you sign up for) and a digital kiss from the Instructables staff member of your choice!We currently have 1,502 Pro users as of 8/03/2009. Let the games begin! Upgrade to Pro here.Fine print:1. We must achieve our 3,500 user goal by 5PM PDT August 27th for any pie throwing to take effect. 2. "Immediately hit Eric Wilhelm with a pie" should be translated "as soon as humanly possible." We cannot guarantee he will answer the door in the middle of the night.

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2009 fischertechnik STEINFURT MODEL SHOW

Check out the fischertechnik model show in Steinfurt Germany! WHAT: This is a fischertechnik model show! Come show off your creations and interact with other ft fans! WHEN: November 15, 2009Open to exhibitors from 8:00 on. Open to the public 10:00 to 17:00WHERE: STEINFURT GERMANYAddress:Autobedrijf Dieter Merker Harkortstrasse 1 48565 Steinfurt GermanyADMISSION: Admission is FREE! CONTACT: Exhibitors can register via phone Wilhelm Brickwedde (0049-2552-2544) or, Contact Ludger Masing here:;=view&contact;_id=22&Itemid;=109WEBSITE:

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Thanks for the Halloween postcard!

So somewhere between 1 - 3 weeks ago I got a PM saying I have done something to receive a prize/package.  I don't know who or how many people got one. If you got one comment! Please read what it says: Trick or Treat! Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's also the last traditional holiday where everyone agrees that doing it yourself is best. Plastic store-bought mask, or homemade full-body costume? There's simply no contest. I still have fond memories of building a haunted front porch every year at our old Somerville, MA house. All of the neighborhood kids loved to watch as I installed an elaborate set of homemade gadgets, but when they returned after dark they were almost too scared to ask for candy! Halloween is the highlight of the year for Instructables, too - it showcases the incredible variety of our community's creativity. I really appreciate that you've chosen to contribute your projects, your passion, and your time, and I hope you've found something unexpected, fascinating, useful, and fun on Instructables as well! You're an important part of our community, so I wanted to take a moment to write and send my thanks. Now, back to work on mt own costume... Happy Halloween! (Then  Eric physically signed it) (Then back to text) Eric J. Wilhelm - Founder/CEO of Instructables Then hidden in the envelope were 2 Instructable stickers. This post card means alot, so I will keep it in the envelope with the stickers unused for safe keeps :) Thank you Eric, Instructables robot, and every other creator of Instructables!

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Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News

Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About AnythingNew York -- Want to learn how to make your own roll-up keyboard or a computer case made out of Coca-Cola cans? What about how to drive safely in rain or silence a barking dog? A slew of Web sites claim to have all the answers.How-to and self-help Web sites have been around for sometime, but the proliferation of user-generated articles and videos thanks to Web sites like YouTube and blogs, has resulted in a slew of sophisticated portals that rely on social networking to teach us how to do just about anything....At, video and pictures are a big component, as is the quirky. A quick visit to and you can learn how to make a wireless Internet cantenna, a roll up keyboard and even how to dodge a military draft (if there ever is one again), which went live in 2005 and has been seeing "rapid" growth of close to 10% a month, said Eric Wilhelm, founder and chief executive officer. "Users post what we call instructable articles that have text, images and video and show something they are passionate about." Users rate the so called instructable and often times replicate the projects, he said."I think it will grow a lot bigger because there's a lot of intellectually curious people...and they want to see other smart people," said Wilhelm. "Everybody wants to learn."More news articles about Instructables here.

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Mags, Websites, Fairs Tap Tech DIY Boom - Instructables in the Washington Post

Instructables, Make, and Dorkbot are all mentioned in this Associated Press article: Mags, Websites, Fairs Tap Tech DIY Boom By SETH SUTEL NEW YORK -- What do you do when you've bolted a computer onto a remote-controlled car, hooked it up with Internet access, a wireless router and a camera but you don't have anyone to show it off to? Just ask Mike Davis. He brought his mobile Internet access point to a meeting with other readers of Make magazine, a how-to publication for people who just love to tinker with stuff. The 28-year-old systems engineer from Brooklyn found people who built homemade LCD displays, a clock that makes you solve a math problem before setting the alarm and a class in mastering pipe mechanics - something with many uses beyond just making a potato cannon. Make magazine, not yet three years old, is leading a new wave of interest in build-it-yourself projects. Even as technology comes to us in packages that are ever harder to take apart and tinker with, Make harkens back to a time when it was OK to build your own radio, get under the hood of your car and open up electronic devices like record players just to see how they worked. Its Web site sells hooded sweat shirts emblazoned with the credo: "If You Can't Open It, You Don't Own It." People seem to be catching on. In the summer of 2005, not long after Make's first issue came out, an MIT-educated engineer named Eric Wilhelm launched a site called with how-to instructions for all kinds of projects, while a meet-up group called Dorkbot has been springing up in cities around the country to showcase artistic, musical and just plain quizzical inventions with one thing in common - using electricity. ... Wilhelm started an early version of while still a starving grad student because he was seeking advice about how to make equipment to support his kite surfing hobby on the cheap. The site is now nearly profitable and is seeing online traffic grow about 10 percent a month, hitting 2.5 million unique visitors in January, said Wilhelm. One of the most popular projects is the "Invisible Book Shelf," made by attaching an L-bracket to a book which you then attach to your wall, and then pile more books on top. More news articles about Instructables here.

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What qualifies as an Instructable?

Greetings, I would like to know what qualifies as an Instructable? What is the definition of an Instructable? I has assumed that an Instructable had to be instructive and not just a picture of something already completed. Regardless of people voicing opposition in the comments that it is not an Instructable, the following post has remained: In response to an email I sent Eric J. Wilhelm replied saying "We have been specifically encouraging authors to share items they have made but did not document the full step-by-step process in our Photo Instructables." I have not seen that. Could you please link where you encourage that? Where you say pictures showing only a completed object qualify as an Instructable? Must an Instructable be intructive or not? If not, then I will be posting a only just pictures of completed objects as Instuctables to be sure special treatment is not being given. Thanks

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Instructables Show and Tell in Singapore Tuesday 2016-06-07 6 PM

I will be visiting Singapore and hosting an in-person show and tell.  Singapore show us what you have been making! Instructables is coming back to Singapore and we are excited to see what the community here has been busy with. Come present your latest, greatest creations or feel free to take a look on June 7th from 6pm - 9pm at the Autodesk Asia office. It will be an exciting gathering of like-minded people to share their ideas, current and future projects, roughly following this Instructable, How to Host an Instructables Show and Tell. Feel free to share this invite with anyone who may be interested or have a hidden gem of a project that they’re dying to show. Eric Wilhelm, the founder of Instructables, will be present to give his input and approval to the projects shown! We will also be sharing some upcoming Autodesk projects that are happening in Singapore. RSVP and find out more details here. We are also holding a presentation and panel discussion event on the Future of Making in Singapore on June 4th 2016 from 2pm – 5pm at The Projector, details can be found here.

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