RIP Tobias Wong

Tobias Wong passed away early Sunday morning, May 30. He was 35. This is terrible news as he was a wonderful creator. If you don't know the name, you've probably seen or read about some of his creations. One of which is the Sun Jar which stores energy during the day and uses it to power an LED at night. It has become a classic project here on Instructables. I am always interested in seeing cool new items that people make and for me Tobias always stood out as someone who could consistently make you think and laugh by making you see something in a new way. Whenever his name would pop up I would eagerly check it out to see what he had made this time. So when I saw the headline with his name and the years of his life with that sad number "2010" as the final punctuation my heart sank. I never even got to say "thank you" in person. If you've never heard of Tobias Wong or only know a couple of the things he's done, I urge you to check out more of his creations. It's worth it.

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hello everyone

Hello everyone, Apologies for anything bad i said before but in the mail im getting a T-shirt from Freddie Wong (guitar hero YYZ guy on youtube) too bad i didnt get the peavey

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Light graffiti warfare

There have been many cool animations done with light graffiti, but this one by Freddie Wong is the first I've seen that takes an action movie approach. Check it out. Related: Painting with Light LED Light Drawing Pens via Neatorama Behind the scenes:

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Can you put a 13b Wankel Rotary in a Corolla or Camry? Answered

13b wankel rotary engine. 89 Corolla 87 Camry.

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How would you use Stroller Wheels for a bike trailer? Answered

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Artists in Residence Exhibition at Pier 9

The annual Autodesk Artists in Residence Exhibition was held at Pier 9 in San Francisco from January 22-24, 2015. Check out some of the projects and learn more about the Artists in Residence (AiR) program here. (To see all AiR Instructables, follow the Artist in Residence group.) "Best art opening ever!" Some snaps from the evening: Photos by Brad Avery, Charlie Nordstrom, and Sherry Wong.

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Hong Kong usannsynlig å følge Singapore i øke skattene for luksus huseiere , Cruse Associates Review cruse associates review Hong Kong er usannsynlig å følge Singapores eksempel ved å heve skattene for eiere av de mest kostbare luksus hjemmene, sier eiendom og skattelovgivning eksperter. By-stat initiativ er sett på som å være rettet mindre på avkjøling markedet enn på beskatte de rike som en del av arbeidet med å redusere inntekt gapet. "Hong Kongs privat boligmarkedet er mye større enn i Singapore, og mange mennesker kan bli påvirket hvis den Hong Kong regjeringen følger drakt," sa Jennifer Wong, en skatt partner i KPMG Kina. En høyere skatt kunngjort av Singapores finansminister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, i hans budsjett tale på mandag vil gjelde til Singapores topp 1 prosent av huseiere som bor i sine egne egenskaper for totalt 12 000 enheter. Wong sa det var mer enn 1,1 millioner privat bolig enheter i Hong Kong. "For det første, hvordan skiller du luksushjem?" sa hun. Mange leiligheter i New Territories eller i urbane områder er verdt mer enn HK$ 10 millioner. Allmennheten kan bli påvirket, sa Wong. Selv om regjeringen definert luksushjem som de priset på HK$ 30 millioner eller over, sa det ville utløse spekulasjoner nedenfor at prisnivået, hun. "Innføring av hva er i praksis en formuesskatt ville kjøre i motsetning til Hong Kongs posisjon som en lav skatt plassering," sa Edward Farrelly, leder for forskning for Taiwan, Hongkong og Macau på eiendom rådgivning CBRE. "Heller ikke er det sikkert at slik skatt ville lette presset i privatmarkedet. Som vi har sett med innføringen av tidligere politiske virkemidler i Hong Kong, markedet reagerer svært raskt for å etablere en ny likevekt, og effekten på prissetting utover kort sikt er minimal,"sa han. Singapores regjeringen vil også øke skattesatser for ledige investment properties og de som er leid ut. "En skatt på ledige enheter er en som har vært mooted fra tid til annen i Hong Kong, og det kan ha sin fortjeneste i økende forsyning," Farrelly sa. "Men forsiktighet bør være utøves, som mer regjeringen griper inn i markedet, den mindre troverdig er våre krav til å være et fritt marked miljø." Simon Lo Wing-fai, direktør for forskning og rådgivning på eiendom rådgivning Colliers International, sa at det var en masse problemer med å samle i en slik skatt. Administrative kostnadene for regjeringen å dataskjerm hvor ledige leiligheter ligger vil bli svært høy, sa Lo. William Chan, en partner på Grant Thornton skattetjenester, sa: "[Hong Kong] regjeringen kan gjøre hva den ønsker i et forsøk på å dempe hjem priser." cruse associates review READ OTHER/RELATED ARTICLES:

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Arduino or Teensy coil winder - any code already out there?

I am in the process of deciding on a normal 8bit Arduino platform or a Teensy for my coil winder project.A found some interesting projects online, some with the code available too.But I was wondering if someone already implemented more than just winding a coil in such a project?At is a nice winder based on a normal Arduino while the Alba winder uses a Teensy already to gain more precision and speed I guess.Misusing some printer or CNC code to be able to generate coils by G-code sounded nice at first but turned out to be more complex than actually required.My goal is actually rather simple despite the size and all, so let me try to explain what I want to be able to do:Have a modular winder setup so basically any winding task can be done with just two stepper motors.One for the spin, one to position the wire.Additions like limit switches and external counters are nice but usually not required for such a task if the the code is properly done.As a basic winder like all the examples out there it should be possible to just enter the wire diamter and number of turns and then push a button to wait for the finnished coil.In theory things like pitch or spacing can be calculated externally and then entered as a fictive wire diameter but of course this would be not user friendly enough ;)For special RF coils it is often required to keep an even turn spacing as well as creating a coil with many layers.So far I have been unable to find any usable code for this purpose that does not require glue, guides or at least waxing the wire.Although this seems to be simple enough, when adding things like a display and counters it soon starts to get messy with timings and steps.Is there anything out there that works properly on a 8bit processor with reasonable speed?Originally I wanted to use an OLED with touchscreen.This turned out to be too much for the timing on a Mega.Without messing around with timers and interrupts it seem a 20x4 LCD is the only option.Even then the refresh must be in sync with the tart of a new turn as otherwise the motors miss some steps here and there.These things run a 3D printer or little laser cutter with ease, so I am definately doing something wong with my approach here LOL

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