Wooden Boat

I've always wanted to make a little wooden boat. It just so happens that I have a bunch of quality balsa wood and the Idea came across to make one, any Ideas how and what kind of glue or water proofer I would need. I wasn't able to find an iBles on how to make one. It just needs to be simple, I might turn it into a sail boat too.

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Wooden Vespa

Vespas are pretty damn cool, but remake one entirely in wood? That's just amazing. What to do with a wooden Vespa? Ride it right along with a wooden motorcycle. Wooden Vespa Wooden Motorcyclevia bbgadgets

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wooden blowdart gun

I need help making a blowdart gun.i got tired of using pipe,so i was wondering what wood would be good.please help me.

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Wooden spoon floating?

My mom was cooking a pot of soup in the kitchen while i was sitting in the next room over, then suddenly she called me in, I asked why, she said for me to hurry, and when i got there is saw the strangest thing in my life. There was a wooden spoon standing on end wobbling around as if someone had their finger on the  edge of the bowl shaped part. it was standing at about a 40- 45* angle , witch is clearly impossible with a wooden spoon. When my mom moved it she siad it felt as if a magnet was pulling on it. She moved it completely away then inspected it put it back int he same spot and nothing happened. I don't think this is an answerable question just thought id share it, I also don't think my mom was trying to trick me cause she's not that smart  and has never done a single magic trick in her life. This was just too weird. I could get a pic of the spoon if you want.

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HandMade Wooden Pen

Selling This Handmade Wooden Pen it is a Wall Street 3 Cocobola Wooden Pen for $25.00 (Can pay by PalPal)

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Wooden Go Kart?

*Hopefully this is the correct category..... Hello all! I am quite interested to start learning woodworking (already have some knowledge) And what better way to start that with a gas (or electric) go-kart :-P? I know fair amount of people who have built things out of wood, some younger than I am (14). And it seems like a very good skill to have. Plus, if I am good enough at it and I outgrow the go kart, Ca-CHING! I could sell it for profit (If it is in good enough condition still). I'm currently in 8th grade but I cannot take a woodworking class until 10th grade, So why not start? I was also wondering if the Ibles community could help? I could use some ideas, and I will need alot of info for the engine and frame.(If you can even find PEDAL CART info that would be awesome too). My plan is to have it done by mid summer (July 10 for me). This may seem like too much for me, but I want to build one that, if it doesn't have an engine, one could easily add one (I realize I can not run a gas/lawnmower engine on its side) Please leave your thoughts below!!

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rain barrel-wooden

How do I keep a wooden wine barrel I`m using for a rain barrel,from leaking?

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unknown wooden mask

I found a wooden mask (Indonesian,African ?) and need some help identifying it. Contact email is catrtoo@yahoo.com

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Wooden coat Racksafree? Answered

 since November i saw an  idea I want to make, I can't find it. I've looked Help !! It was a wooden coat rack, either stained or painted a beautiful blue/green color. Made from wood . you went out and bought brass coat hooks and mounted them on the post which had a free standing base

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how do you make a wooden canoe?

How to construct a simple strong canoe out of wood

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What is this old wooden artifact?

I was given this old wooden 'bowl' and told that it was a cream skimmer, which seems unlikely. It's around 24" long and 18" and made from one piece of timber. Any ideas please?

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Wooden Indian (?)African (?) mask identity

I found this wooden mask at a yard sale but need help in identifying it-

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Wooden Bikes Around the World

Instructables member Woodenbikes touts the virtues of making bikes out of wood both here and in person at events like Maker Faire. While the idea may seem odd here in the States, there are other countries where it's not so strange at all as his collection of photos from around the world shows us. Check it out. Wooden bikes around the worldvia BoingBoing

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wooden toys vs plastic toys ?

Which one is a good option for kids wooden toys or plastic toys ????

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remove deep scratches from a wooden floor?

Our furniture has left some deep scratches in our wooden floor, is there a way to fix this without costing a lot of money? 

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Where do I find rubber wheels manufacturers for wooden bikes?

I am buiilding a wooned bike similar to rhese: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Prince-Lionheart-Kids-Wooden-Balance-Bike-Bicycle_W0QQitemZ360174240366QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item53dc0ec26e Any idea how to find the rubber wheels?

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I'm a dunce, I do not understand how you keep the water out of the square drill head, on your Wooden trolling motor?

I have watched your video several times, and I have read what the others have written, and I just do not seam to get how you sealed up the square drill head that is under the water so that it dose not rust.

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Identify This

Can anyone identify what this is?

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how to install an insulated glass unit in a wood entry door?

I have a 36"x80" solid wood entry door.  I'd like to install a 12"x24" double pane glass unit in the door. What would the best way to do this?

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How to carve wooden flowers?

I have a need to hand carve wooden flowers and plants for outdoor use.

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Help Making Wooden Pendant.

I am trying to recreate this wooden pendant. What kind of wood is this? And how do I get the burn effect that is shown /scraped. Thanks guys...

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easier way for wooden weapons? Answered

I recently made a wooden sword, but i made it out of a large, cylindrical stick. the sawing was tedious, and the cut wasn't as straight as i desired. is there an easier way, not using a cicular or table saw, to cut it? (and no, "cut straighter" isn't the answer i'm looking for.)

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Finishing a wooden paddle board

Hey makers, just wondering about how i should finish a wooden paddle board a plan to make, epoxy resin is quite expensive just wondering is there a cheaper alternative, should i use polyester resin or not, also is yacht varnish a viable option

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Amazing Wooden Marble Machine

This wooden marble machine is packed with cool ways of moving a metal marble up, up, and up. It's an amazing labor of love, that's for sure, and one I wish I could see in person. Skip to 2:30 for the explanation of what happens. At 8:00 the runthrough begins. Reddit via Gizmodo

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wooden deck lift system?

Is there a simple method for making a pulley/lift mechanism for hauling up groceries, firewood, deck furniture, etc. from ground to 2nd story? needs to be off-set from deck rail by 2 feet. hand cranked? thanks.

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Ridiculous and lovely wooden sphere

Over at Make: Blog, George Hart shows that if you put a challenge out there, no matter how crazy, someone might just do it. So 15 years after he made some plans for a theoretical sphere made with 480 wooden pieces and 960 connections, someone actually built it. In this case it was Thomas Guethner of Trostberg, Germany. It's a ridiculous project to take on, but I'm happy that he did it, the results look great! Math Monday: Nailbanger's Nightmare

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Big block wooden letters

Can anyone make the wood big letters for me? I do t have the tools to make them and dont know how to use the tools if i had them..if someone would like to make these for me please call me at 248 636 9735 or email me at deonique224@yahoo.com

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Cross-braces for wooden shelves

I want to make cross-braces for wooden shelves I built  using 1x4 stanchions, 1x12 shelves, threaded rod between the stanchions to hold the shelves up and the whole thing together, from an Instructables project. Ikea sells the perfect thing http://ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/87749600/  except it's too short and there's no Ikea in town; I mention it for the example it provides.  These http://www.storeroomshelves.com/storeroom_shelves_bracing/storeroom_shelves_bracing.htm look good too, and are cheap, but are 700 miles away. They don't need to be strong: I anchor the stanchions to the wall; I need them to hold the shelves up when I mantle and dismantle them.  They do need to be thin because the shelves are against the wall.

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Wooden Bird Sculptures For Sale

All of My Hand Carved "Birds in Flight" are wonderful gifts to give for any occasion, especially for art lovers, and those who are hard to please. Who wouldn't want a beautiful, lifelike,life size bird sculpture of their own to display with pride, especially since You never need to clean their cage ? Please contact me with any special orders as I am sure I can create the Bird You love most, in a flying pose. This sort of carving is very rare, with wings open, and are made with all the love and care I can possibly conjur up.Each Piece is Unique sculpture, and original, never duplicated, one of a kind Sculpture, and sure to be a great conversation piece !Please contact PoconoPat@gmail.com for More details and prices.Thank You !See more of My artwork Here !http://www.woodenbirdsinflight.art.officelive.com

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Ultimate Marble Run... from wood

I saw this on hackaday and thought I'd post it here for anyone that doesn't follow that site. This is really incredible if you like woodwork and marble run. http://woodgears.ca/marbles/run.html Explaining each piece:

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If you are familiar with KIWI shoe polish applicator and shine brushes, I have boxes of these birch wood brush blocks that I'd like to use in creating some useful items.  These have a small indention on one side that was used for hanging during the lacquering process.  I can trim the ends or edges as needed.  I've thought of using for shadow box roofs, multiple-sided bowls, etc. but would appreciate any other sensible ideas.  Any help is appreciated!!

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Ideas to reuse wooden bed foundation?

Hello all, I have a wooden bed foundation and I do not want to discard it. I am looking for ideas to reuse it by converting the wood in the foundation to something usable - like small patio tea table, garden shelf etc, anything small and functional for me. Attached in an e,g. of how the foundation looks like.  Would appreciate any DIY projects, instruction, pointers to reuse it. Thanks. 

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Wooden pallets turned into modular furniture

Swiss designer Sibylle Stoeckl takes the boring old shipping pallet and turns it into a modular piece that can be used in some novel ways such as the big wheel below.  While the wood in the pallets is not exactly furniture grade the combinations that can be made are pretty cool and it's always fun to see what people can do with something that would otherwise get tossed out. Link

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I'd like to make a wooden futon frame that will convert to a couch, how do I do it?

I'd like to build something that looks nice as well as be functional, any ideas? Thanks!!

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Blank Nutcracker Figurine?

Just wondering if anybody knows of a place I can find an unpainted wooden nutcracker doll? I want to make a personalized one for a family member for Christmas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How to make an old fashioned awning style cellar window out of wood?

I have 6 wooden windows in an 82 year old basement and one rotted and fell out of the casement.  How do I build another one awning style?   

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Can't find project: help with search

I am trying to find a project that I downloaded the plans for a year or two ago.  It was a project for building a portable work surface.  It was wooden, made out of a single piece of 4'x4' plywood.  It was a hinged box with a slanted surface.  It held a power strip, a spool for solder and wires, and two helping hands made out of thick copper wire.  I have tried over a dozen keyword combinations, but all of them seem too generic. Can anybody out there point me in the right direction?  If it helps, I think the project was featured in the makezine blog. Thanks, Keith

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Replacing wooden handles on a dutch oven?

I got an old Coquelle with black wooden handles, my subscribers probably remember them from some of my recipes. Recently the handles started to crumble and even broke when I tried to detach them. Now I am looking for a replacement, but the only info that I get is that wooden pan handles are made from English Oak. Later they made them from phenolic resin and today they are made of steel. But I am looking for wooden replacements for my dutch oven. And I don't want to use any coating or varnish because I still want to prepare food in the Coquelle at 200°C. Any ideas which unprocessed wood I could use?

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Fixing up a old wooden opti?

Me and a friend were given a free wooden optimist but, it was beat up with chipping paint and pealing wood. We want to fixit up and repair it to working condition, it also has a bunch of broken straps for the air bag any help or advice fixing it and repainting it. 

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Wooden free standing coat rack?

 This design appeared late last year or early this year. It was free standing and in the picture it was emerald green in color. I can't find it and I'm wanting to make a few. Help !!!!

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Model Medieval Wooden Ship Building

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about where I might find plans or tips for building a scale model of something like a viking longship or medieval man-o-war? Ideally what I would like is outlines of ribs and spars, etc. that could be transposed onto balsa or something else that's easy to work.

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clay or wooden compressed air canister

Had the idea but don't know if it will work don't know if clay would hold the pressure it would be used to hold compressed air for mechanical uses to power primitive machines also if it would work what do you think the psi rating would be if not wood or clay what other primitive material do you think i could use

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Wooden Air Cooled Water Chiller?

Does anyone have or know where to find plans for larger sized air cooled water chillers, such as those that used to be next to ice plants.  The vertical towers had water dropping through wooden, slanted slats which created chaotic air flow through the water, removing heat and chilling the return water.  Essentially speaking, I want to build a tower that can be used to chill large aquaria within outbuildings where fingerling trout are being raised. In doing web searches all I am finding are the heavy duty industrial chillers that are high energy users, expensive, and would not work with solar driven small water pumps. Thank you for any help, discussion or steer to websites. Bill

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Is a Wooden Enclosure for Electronics a Good Idea? Answered

I am in the process of converting my ATX power supply into a bench power supply. My PSU's standard case is made from 1mm steel with various ventilation holes, there is also a 120*120mm fan.  However, the circuit board is strangely positioned within the case and there isn't enough space for what I want to add.   I would like to take all of the electronics and rehouse them in a home-made wooden case. My question is; Is this a sensible thing to do? I plan to use 5mm pine stripwood to remake the box, but slightly bigger and better arranged. I would still fit the fan and drill plenty of ventilation holes.  Do I need to take any extra precautions if using wood, or is it just a really bad idea. Thanks in advance. 

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Applying the right finish to a wooden knob? Answered

I was wondering what finish i could put on a shift knob i made out of purple heart. It is something that i will be touching every day, and it isn't light use. At first i was thinking linseed oil, since i heard people use it on gun stocks and stuff that people like to keep natural looking. But my father suggested some sort of wax instead of an oil. He's got some goddards cabinet wax i could try. Also i sanded it smooth and went to 800 grit sandpaper so it is very smooth. I was even wondering if it is possible that it is so smooth that it doesn't accept a finish well. Any and all advice is welcome, 

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