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will this work? Answered

Question by SaurIMX    |  last reply

Working on!

Whose working on there bike?? I'm going to be working on makeing a chopper!!

Topic by TSC    |  last reply

not working

hi i cannot git my instructables  to edit or publish it  just look like loading. it work fine yesterday

Topic by kerinlove    |  last reply

Not working ;(

Https:// can't open... ;(

Topic by tomukas1990    |  last reply

Will it work?

I have seen advert for hanging  containers for tomatoes, but the friut  hangs from the bottom, can seeds be "persuaded" to grow downward?

Question by roelba    |  last reply

Will this work? Answered

My electric scooter batteries died and they are two twelve volt batteries, can i use three nine volts instead or will the batteries die to fast?  

Question by D5quar3    |  last reply

Comments not working -- we're working on it

It's affecting me too!  We're trying to get it fixed.

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Circuit not working?

Hey Guys, This is like the 5th question regarding the same circuit. Maybe its because the circuit is a bit hard to make or .. idk. Anyway I tried it on breadboard and in the 5th attempt it worked but now that i soldered it on the normal perfboard its not working. It doesn't detect the clap at all.(the microphone is properly connected).I dont know what I did wrong. I bought a multimetre recently so if you could tell where im supposed to see what voltage that should make it easier to troubleshoot the circuit. BTW Pin 12 and 13 are not connected because i remember when they were connected on beadboard it wasnt working.

Question by SA-DIY    |  last reply

Wood working

I want to know what wood working tools i shuld have and what bran

Question by patricksilly1    |  last reply

slideshow not working

I'm currently working on my first slideshow. When I go into preview or view the published copy the pictures don't show up. However in edit mode they show up just fine.

Topic by ggiihh1    |  last reply

Computer Not Working

I unplugged my SATA HD to take to my friends to reformat. When we plugged it in it gave him the blue screen. He told me to take it home and see if it still works on my PC. I plugged the HD and my moniter responded by going into power saver. I checked both sides of my VGA cable so it isn't that. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Topic by sharkbait34    |  last reply

Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys I just made this circuit (schematics provided) and it doesn't work. The problem is that the  at the output of the 2N3906 transistor the voltage is only 0.5-0.7. So that isn't powering anything. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the problem is. (the first pic is the original and the second one is the modified one with i built). Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

Question by SA-DIY    |  last reply

pdf not working

I tried to download several pdf's and couldn't get rid of the "Pro Account" nag. Is it required to pay first? I don't have a cc so that's not possible. thanks in advance

Topic by eco_chick    |  last reply

Circuit not working...

So I made this circuit ( but it doesn't seem to be working. When I connect it to power the relay is in on position and the led is off. No matter how many times i clap it doesn't seem to change state. Can anyone please tell me what i could've done wrong? Note: when i touch the bottom of the circuit ( on some pins between 1 and 4 of ic 741) it seems to change state. Help would be greatly appreciated thanks. (This video: shows this circuit in action. It seems that he used an LED instead of a relay. I also found similar circuits here:

Question by SA-DIY    |  last reply

Guide Not working?

I cannot figure out how to add instructables to my guide. Help?

Topic by freeza36    |  last reply

Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys, a few weeks back I posted a question about a clap switch with an IC 4017 not working (relay not turning on). Well I tried to make the project again. The problem is now the relay wont turn off (-_-). ( video of the project by another guy ( He doesn't use relay, instead he uses an LED. The problem with mine is that when I give it power the CIRCUIT OFF LED is off and the relay is on, indication that the circuit is in on position, so far so good. But when i clap the CIRCUIT OFF LED turns on indicating that the circuit is off but the relay stays on. The first time I tried, i didnt put the diode near the relay, same result. THen I put a diode (the wrong way), nearly burnt my hand. This time i put the diode in the same way that im supposed to but the circuit still has the same result. I have uploaded the schematics, Hope someone can help me. UPDATE: I was using MJE13003B instead of BC547. When I was using the mje13003b it was very easy to turn the circuit on and it used to come on at first try. When i inserted the BC547 the circuit was in off position I clapped and it worked like a charm the indicator led turned off and the relay turned on. But when I tried to turn it back off, everytime i clapped the status led blinked and thats it, It just blinked, the circuit would be still in on position. I wonder whats the prob since turning it on is easy and turning it off is impossible. NOTE: Now its the same with the on position. Whether its in on or off position same thing happens. In one of the million clap it turns on. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

Question by SA-DIY    |  last reply

Slideshow not working

My slideshow isn't displaying when I open it, even though all other slideshows do. I'm using Firefox 3.0.1 with Adobe Flash Player on Windows XP SP3. What's going on? Do I need to wait for the publishing process longer? I know it's not a loading problem because it says done in the status bar. When I hover my mouse over it, it just says:(in gray){Movie not loaded...}{About Adobe Flash Player}(takes you to Adobe site)

Topic by ultrauber    |  last reply

dynamo working?

Working principle of bicycle dynamo

Question by antony05    |  last reply

work space Answered

I want to build a work space and i need to know what are the tings and the tools to have?

Question by copper tube    |  last reply

Is this going to work? Answered

I plan on using this gender changer to use a TV as a computer monitor. Will it work?

Question by onrust    |  last reply

Work Sheds

Hi Everyone, Does anyone have plans or blueprints for making a work shed? My wife and I are thinking about building one. Cheers, Devon

Topic by Devon    |  last reply

My Work

These are some things I've made on Photoshop

Topic by Caveman477    |  last reply

Hyperlinks not working

I'm having an issue with turning text into hyperlinks in comments. For instance, when I replied to Purple_Matter here: I included two hyperlinks in my comment.  They worked when I used the "test" function, but do not work now. The tools for adding hyperlinks in topics like this are different, and they are working just fine.  It's the hyperlinks in comments that are causing trouble.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Working on projects

Hello! No one will read this, But i am currently working on a Wii Arcade! Where you can play games such as TY the tasmanian tiger or Skylanders!

Topic by archerdraven    |  last reply

Work board

I have a shelf, about 2x2 feet, (not attached to anything) that I use as a work board for my projects. I'm thinking about adding some things to it, like built in helping hands, magnets for holding tools while i'm working, a light, etc. Do you think it would be worth making an instructable about?

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

what will it work

I bought a USB EXTENSION cable and it shows me USB malfunctions what is wrong

Topic by bloodylove    |  last reply

Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

Topic by rimar2000    |  last reply

Stats not working

The stats tab in settings hasn't been working for several weeks now from any of my computers. A message is put up but nothing appears to be done about it, also not getting notifications etc to my inbox

Topic by buck2217    |  last reply

Will this circuit work? Answered

It works, but are there any problems with it that might fry the chip or something? Also, I didn't know if audio ground should be connected directly to the amp ground, and I saw one schematic that had a 10K resistor in between so I just did that.

Question by 7654321    |  last reply

incomplete work

My science teacher was telling us one day about how he came to hate incomplete work. he had surgery on his appendix one day (for unknown reasons) and when he woke up his appendix was finished but the doctor didnt close him up. he called the doctor in but he said "oh i just forgot." he fired that quack and got a new doctor to close him up. tell me what you think of this story and also think of incomplete work...

Topic by ich bin ein pyro    |  last reply

Comments not working

I can't seem to comment on instructables!  I'm using an iPod touch 4th gen, safari, and every time I press add comment, it reloads the page, and the new comment box will not open up.  Is this just because I'm on an iPod?  It worked just fine a few days ago...

Topic by thegeeke    |  last reply

Would this work???

I drew up this schematic of a solar 9v battery charge and wanted to consult the pros before I started to assemble it.

Question by sf49ers    |  last reply

Would this work?

Is it possible to use capillary action to create a fountain that doesn't use a pump (or any outside power) using capillary action? Thanks!

Topic by LinuxH4x0r    |  last reply

audio work

Hi, I am working on a project where I need to recess a XLR jack.  Currently, I am looking for a recessed box that can hold one or two XLR jacks.  It seems as though any box I have found so far is rather pricey, and I am working on a fairly low budget.  Does anyone have a place where a small recessed box can be purchased for a good price?  I am hoping under $25.  Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Question by sound91    |  last reply

shotgun in the works

Time for me to pull out the K'nex an start building again this is my latest project i have a vid up as well

Topic by Knex Lego Maniac    |  last reply

Flagging not working

I tried to flag a comment here but totally failed as nothing at all happens when clicking on the flag. Running on Win7 64 using both Chrome and Firefox to no avail. Also notice when starting a new topic the upload area is messed up. Tip: Select multiple files using CTR Is this uploader not working for you These two lines of text are printed on top of each other.

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Work around?

Ok, i have an HP pavilion n5290, circa 2000? idk but anyway, it doesn't have a hardrive or the special 90 degree connector, i was thinking, is there a way that i can make the connector? it doesn't look so hard to build, and i don't really want to pay some guy in china to ship me his used one any suggestions??

Topic by Sandisk1duo    |  last reply

Dreamcast not working

Hi Dont know If this is right place to put this I did VGA mod and tryed it but no picture or sound so I resoldered wires but I have messed up copper connecters under motherboard so now I have taken all wires off but  dont get picture or sound with any leads it light lights up the fan is blowing GD drive not working any help please

Topic by puff3r    |  last reply

Javascript not working

It seems the majority of java script pages on Instructables for me do not work. When I go to Submit > New Instructable > Yes I've read the tips the page doesn't go to the editor... When I go to "You" and then try view my unpublished Instructables, the webpage stays on the currently published ones only... Is this just me? Well I hope not, and I hope it gets fixed! ~K

Topic by Kryptonite    |  last reply

captcha not working

I have been trying to use the reply button in the comments section, but when I do I get an error box telling me to type the two words. The problem is that there is not a captcha box on the screen. I have tried wiping my browsing history and reloading the page. Nothing seems to be working. Was there a really bad problem of people using bots on here or what? Captchas are such a pain in the rear.

Topic by Snake man Steve    |  last reply

Working in the Woodshop

Classes have started at Pier 9!  Everyone has to go through different classes in order to be allowed to use pieces of equipment in the workshop.  Check out Jessy becoming a pro at some of the woodshop tools!

Topic by Penolopy Bulnick    |  last reply

Would this work?

I am really interested in making some LEDS blink to my stereo speakers. i found a couple of good instructables but most of the pictures are too blurry. from my understanding i think this will work but i want to double check with you guys incase it stuffs up my speakers or something else. btw, there are no good eletrical or hobby shops near me, i only have wire, and a couple of LEDs and a soldering iron. thnx in advance!!!

Question by lol101lol    |  last reply

download not working

The download button at: produces nothing but a gray screen, even if left for some time.  This is an older instructable (I'm replacing files from a damaged backup file) and something seems to have gone wrong.  All the other pdfs I downloaded at the same time worked fine.  I'm using Safari 10.1.2 on a Mac Pro running OS X 10.11.6.  Not that I think this problem relates to my system.  Hope you can fix it.

Topic by Gerekr    |  last reply

Metal Work

Does anyone out there have any knowledge on Cadam programming? I have a mini lathe and milling head and thinking about putting a Cad system on them. Would it be cheaper to just buy one already set up? Also looking for model plans to build and construct.

Topic by Roy Space    |  last reply

Not working on chrome

I've been trying to get on instructables all day on chrome and it just loads for a super long time and then gives me the robot telling me be happy it's not velociraptors, which i totally am happy about but i just finally asked my coworker if he could get on and he was on instantly. I tried to go on with firefox and it works fine. So i dunno what's up with that. let me know if you need anymore info. also the copyright year on the instructables is down page is out of date. (i'm assuming)

Topic by ahombrados    |  last reply

Slideshow not working

I just published a slide show, but when going to the page, the area where it would appear is blank and will not load tried with 3 machines, 2 windows xp, 1 linux, firefox, IE, and chrome whats up ... its disappointing after fooling around with it for almost an hour to have a blank page

Topic by osgeld    |  last reply

will this code work? Answered

Q1-here is the code for picaxe 08m2 will it work or something is wrong Q2-to repeat a code what value do i have to give for the FOR loop i have assumed it to be 0 to 0 THE CODE--------- main: if pinc.4 = 1 then main2       if pinc.0 = 1 then main3       if pinc.1 = 1 then main4       goto main       main2:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,0       next b0       pause 2000       goto main       main3:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,1       next b0       pause 2000       goto main            main4:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,3       next b0       pause 2000       goto main

Question by e=mc^2    |  last reply

Doesn't work

Since 2007 I have been answering readers queries here. This is now impossible because questions are burried in a mass of queries from specific instructables.I do not have time to scroll through and find specific questionsSo sorry that's it. No one benefits from my experience and knowledge any more.I suspect this is the same for all of the other regular responders to readers queries.

Question by rickharris    |  last reply

PWM Not working? Answered

I have a circut with the following wiring and it works for what I have been doing, but I wan't to be able to dim the LED with PWM on the arduino.  Right now the light is running at about 50 for the length on the analogWrite.  There is really no difference between 50 and 255 in my opinion so I think something may be wrong.  When the length drops below 20 the light doesn't even come on.  This is for a bike light project and electronics aren't my strongest area.  I am guessing there is some period of time the MOSFET needs to switch on and off and the arduino's PWM is just too fast for this but I am not sure.  I have access to an oscilloscope so I can test to see if everything is working correctly as well.  I just get meaningless jitter with an inner oblong sine wave when I have attempted to use it, so where would be the best points to attach the scope to get some meaningful data.  (anywhere  I wrote PMW i meant PWM). I would like to point out that the LED is Rated for 13V and I am running it on  11.1 V, so no problems there. Aslo I got it working using a 10k resistor between the gate and ground, the arduino, on PWM mode doesn't sink the current very well. I have included the correct diagram.

Question by seedorfj    |  last reply