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canker worms, inch worms, span worms, tree worms??? HELP!

Inch worms are devouring all my trees, i want them dead. I run a daycare in my home so I would prefer not to kill the children too! thanks!

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what is this worm???

Hi. I am about once a month finding a tiny wormlike thing that is white and moves its head. That's all it does. I've found them inside logs, even on *me* this morning! It's kind of gross and it would be nice to know what it is. It's about an inch long and maybe half a mm thick. Really tiny, but still easily visible. If you want me to ad a photo, tell me in the comments. Thanks in advance!! Thanks for the sarcasm.

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Worms in dog water dish Answered

Little black worms in dog water dish

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Finding 550-motor worm ?

Hey there, Recently I bought a bunch of 550-size (drill) motors from eBay, and I've really been itching lately to build some worm gearboxes out of them, the purpose of which would be a robotic arm or anything that requires huge amounts of torque. However, I haven't been able to find a site that supplies metal worms that fit on 1/8 inch shafts, at a reasonable price. Almost all sites I've seen supply only automotive-style parts, but of course  I don't need heat-treated steel. Or, for that matter, to lighten my wallet by $20 for a single worm. As for the worm itself, I don't have any other requirements other than that it needs to be metal (lots of strain on them) and have an inner-diameter of 1/8 inch. It doesn't have to have a set screw or fancy collar or anything- just a plain worm. I'd really like to find a store that sells these at a reasonable price, as I will need around 20 of them. Could someone help me out? Thanks

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How to breed Mini Mealies?

G'day, I have been feeding my quails with grubs. I purchased a container of Mini Mealies.  For the amount they were quite expensive.  I want to breed them to save money. I have found out how to breed Super Worms & Meal Worms but can't find information on breeding Mini Mealies. I would like some help please. Cheers

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How to start an earthworm bed?

I mean I've picked the spot (behind my fig tree), but what else do I need? What do I put in the dirt to attract the worms. I've heard grits, corn meal, news paper, potatoe peelings and dish water. But what works...its almost fishing season and worms are too high to buy so I am making my own bed. Thanks a lot!

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Help - Worms of composting bin escape

Hello, I had some trouble with escape of worms in my composting bin. What should I do?

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Using Worm Tea as Hydroponic nutrients? Answered

Would that work? I want a totally organic hydroponic system, and using worm tea sounds like the best solution. I know I would have to dilute it, but how much, and does it provide everything the plant needs?

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My Garden is full of roots from a tree next door. Is there any way to get worms back into the garden?

 My garden is full of roots from a tree. What ways can i get the dirt back?

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Q: do apples with worms ripen earlier?

Hi, maybe i am just hallucinating, or its age, or its the heat, etc... but it seems every years when its about time for the heavens to gift us apples, and me checking the trees, the very first ´ripe´ apples are the one that got worms, or other form of ´damage´. ... is it just me?.... and if not, whats the chemical process behind that. gracias & greetings de los picos de europa

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How do I mix worm castings into my garden?

In about a month I will have some worm castings. I already have flower beds and vegetables in my yards (tomatos, okra, zuccinni, rosemary, and basil). When I have the castings, do I just lay them on top of the soil or should I dig up some holes and put the castings underground?

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Can I feed my red worms soybeans? Answered

My mom likes to make soybean milk (I hate it too). When she makes it there's that leftover guck that's in the machine (the machine catches it with a strainer). I believe the guck is soybean skin, I am wondering if my red worms in my worm composter can eat them. Please respond ASAP!

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How to make a no smell, no flies, worm compost bin?

I want to make an indoor compost bin because it's too cold for the worms in the winter. My dad says it'll smell way too much and actually i'm worried about the flies. I already made (and used) a worm compost bin last year and it was smelly so it was sent into the garage and all of them died in the winter. So is there a way to make a no smell, no flies worm compost bin? BTW the compost bin will be put in my basement that has no ventilation.

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A fisherman told me a strange story... Answered

 Ok, a couple years ago I was trying to catch some worms for fishing. I tried looking everywhere, but to no luck. I finally went the easy route, and walked to the local fish and tackle store in order to purchase a dozen worms. I was at the counter, ready to pay for the worms, when the old man there said, "well, you're pretty young. Why don't you catch your own worms instead of buying them?". I said that I had tried, but failed.  At this point, he proceeded to tell me a ludicrous story of how he, as a kid, would stick a pitchfork in the ground after a rain, twang it back and forth, and the worms would all go to the surface (where he would pick em up and put them in a can) WTF? I figured he was just pulling my leg, but I tried it anyway. And what do you know? it works like a charm!  Why does it work?

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How to make a Worm/compost separater/shaker with a straight shaft electric motor? Answered

I raise composting nightcrawlers for fishing bait and worm castings.  I need to make a simple shaking machine with 3 different sizes of screens.  The first screen with keep all of the larger pieces of dirt and twigs from the compost and a few of the larger worms.    The second screen of a smaller mesh will keep most of the worms and a little of the unfinished compost.  The third and final screen will let through only the worm castings and the worm cocoons.  This machine should hold at least a five gallon bucket of compost at a time and the worms have already turned any large particles of garbage; leaves; dirt etc into small parts, but picking these worms out a few at a time is a very time consuming process and I have a lot of 50 gallon barrells to go through.

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how do you remove a worm virus from your computer?

I have discovered a netsky worm virus on my computer and i have tried to remove it with spybot and f-prot anti-virus programs with out any success. i need to know the specific steps (detailed steps) to remove the worm from my computer. i live in a rural area and there are no computer repair shops or persons that i can take the computer too, so i need to learn this myself.

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Parasites for Health?

There's an awesome NYTimes article about coevolution, and the necessity of parasites.Our immune systems developed under a pretty heavy parasitic load, and are built to handle those parasites. Now that we've cleaned up most of our worms and bacteria our relatively unchallenged immune systems basically get bored, and start going after inappropriate targets within our bodies. (This is a good argument for the five-second rule, and for eating street vendor food - keep that immune system properly occupied so it doesn't go looking for trouble.)Anyway, they have actual studies and statistics:About 10 years after improved hygiene and deworming efforts reduced worms in a given population, I.B.D. (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) rates jumped. Weinstock had his hypothesis: after a long coevolution, the human immune system came to depend on the worms for proper functioning. ...epidemiologists had already dubbed this notion "the hygiene hypothesis": as improved hygiene reduced exposure to certain infectious agents, the immune system began malfunctioning. By the late 20th century, autoimmune disorders, characterized by the body's defenses attacking some aspect of the self, had increased markedly, and allergic diseases, defined by an overblown immune response to nonthreatening substances, afflicted almost half the people in the developed world.If eliminating worms led to an increase in disease, could re-introducing worms actually treat these diseases? In mice, the answer was yes. Worms were used to "inoculate" against mouse asthma, Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and I.B.D.In 2005, he published results from two human studies. After ingesting 2,500 microscopic T. suis eggs at 3-week intervals for 24 weeks, 23 of 29 Crohn's patients responded positively. (Crohn's disease belongs to the I.B.D. family, which also includes ulcerative colitis.) Twenty-one went into complete remission. In the second study, 13 of 30 ulcerative colitis patients improved compared with 4 in the 24-person placebo group.Scientists around the world are intrigued. Several large studies are under way. If you decide to try this at home, please document the project for Instructables!

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Finding an old instructable

Hi, a while back I saw an Instructable on how to get loads of worms out of the grass using electric rods set up in a circle. I am ready to make that but now cant find it on the site. Does any one remember this or tellme how to find it?

Topic by dcascario    |  last reply

What are these? PLEASE HELP!!! ASAP!! Answered

What are these things in water? They appeared in her water bowl, but our male cat drinks out of it too though...What are they? They look sorta like tad poles or worms or something... PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!

Question by soldeir 9    |  last reply

how do i make a gearbox for a 12 v dc motor? it is already fitted with a metallic worm.

I have four rs 385 ph motors manufactured by mabuchi..i need to make gear boxes for them to make them spin around 150 rpm and its already fitted with a metallic worm...any idea?

Question by shaondip    |  last reply

how is my metal detector supposed to work, its got 3 settings and i have no idea what they mean?

Well its a protex1 MD-318 that i got for $2 at a yard sale. it works i have found a beer can, a nail, worms lots of worms. anyway the 3 settings on it are sensitivity, discriminate, and ground in that order. at the top above the controls is a meter that ranges 0-10 when i found the nail it jumped to 10 when i found the worms it jumped to 10 but i have got the 3 settings on high so go figure! but any help would be awesome!!!!

Question by mattthomas992003    |  last reply

How can I remove the Blaster worm from a laptop that boots but doesn't make it 5 seconds past login before it crashes?

 Can I hook up the hard drive to my Mac and browse the files to delete the infected ones? I know I can hook it up, but are there certain files to be wiped or is the hard drive cooked?

Question by macs_rock    |  last reply

How do the gears in a car window prevent the window falling? Answered

Whether manual or motorised, I am gobsmacked that a gearing system has been invented that prevents falling that is not a worm drive. Its been impossible to find ANY information about the gearing system that explains this miracle on google. If its not a worm gear, why doesn't the window fall back down when you let go of the crank handle or cut power to an electric window?

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USB drive virus? Do I have it? What should I do?

So a time ago I got an worm on a laptop, when I looked up this worms spesifications on, it said that it automaticly copies itself to external drives connected with USB, through autorun. (I also got a couple of trojans etc). And I used an external harddrive, a memory card in a usb slot and an ipod 5g, before I discovered it. I freaked out of the viruses and reinstalled and formated the computer. Recently I have also scanned all three computers that could get infected, with MBAM and combofix (someone checked my logs) and all three computers were clean. ps. MSE and MBAM didn't fing anything on the drives, when scanning through them. my questions: -how can the worm not have spread itself to them? (is that even possbile?) -lets say that I have that worm on a drive, will it spread itself if I turn off autorun, plug in the drive and drag one file at the time over to for example dropbox and then format the drives? -can I be completely sure it isn't a virus there, the AV's didn't find anyting..... If you have any better ways to check it or something like that please let me know. because I cant reformat and all that jazz with the ipod 5g.  ps. here (see pictures) is one way I tried to check if there was any viruses there, although I don't know if it works (?)  (the drives in the pictues are an external harddrive and an ipod 5g)

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Slimy, disgusting, yet oddly touching (icky video!)

One of the strangest meal-times in the animal kingdom has been caught on film by a BBC crew.The team recorded footage of a female worm-like amphibian, called a caecilian (pronounced "Sicilian"), allowing her young to peel off and eat her skin.The video is a bit odd-putting if you don't like slimy, wormy things, but fascinating nonetheless.The videoThe storyFirst episode of Life in Cold Blood available for UK viewers with Internet Explorer, only available until 11-2-08iPlayer home (again, only available to UK residents)

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When I was a kid my mom used to have these clay worm thing in her plants to indicate when the plant needed water.

I would try to make them but if I need to buy them that is ok too.

Question by Kaniduh    |  last reply

composter question

Never composted before, but am going to get a 55 gal poly drum. I live in Phoenix, AZ. the thing will probably be in shade most of the time.  Will that get too hot for worms? How many holes should I make, how close to the bottom and how big? Thanks.

Topic by dorothyroeder    |  last reply

Ratio of gearbox Answered

Dear  All Please help me to know : Between 2 type model gearbox reduction ratio  by worm gear and other by spur gear ( please see photo ).  If gear ratio and motor power is same  equal  what kind of type gearbox  for more power torque  .Many thank you in advance for your time.

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Millenium Falcon Bed

This Star Wars fan took his desire to sleep on the Millenium Falcon to a new extreme. OK, the first extreme and also the first time I've heard of anyone with this desire. So here's the bed for that. Now all he needs is a space worm body pillow to go on top. Link

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What is a good mold able product to make a custom computer case?

I was thinking mighty putty but when it gets a little worm it stinks badly. It has to be able to wit stand heat and not catch on fire or smell bad. Any help would be appreciated thanks ps sorry  for the bad spelling

Question by devilinops  

Malware - netstat

Quick one:Check what your Windows machine is connected to with netstatRun a command (cmd) prompt and type "netstat /?" for the options.Then run netstat with your choice of option(s)Pleased to find nothing causing me concern on mine (i.e. no Russian mail-servers...)(Idea from an article in PCF)L

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Malware on bone

I recently watched Bones (it was on FOX) , and they had a computer genius who somehow killed a person, arranged a code out of the victim's spine, and carved malware onto bone, shutting off their computer system's fans. My question is this: is it possible to carve a worm/bug/virus on to bone (or anything for that matter) so that, when scanned, it wreaks havoc on computers or mainframes?

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Uses for scrap floppy disk drives.?

I have a stack of old fdds - they have small motors and worm gears to drive the head and some have motors for the disk but the others have the disk motor coils affixed to the circuit board and so it is difficult to salvage that. Is it possible to 'drive' the fdd over the connector? What signals normally traverse the ribbon cable? They all have opto sensors for the disk in or out and an led of course.

Question by karnuvap  

What are some good Australian Freshwater bass baits?

Hi, I love fishing for bass (freshwater Australian) and i have been using baits such as worms, grasshoppers, crickets (black), butterfly's , moths, cicadas, shrimp, yabbies, small fish, bread/dough and lures, But i was wondering if anyone else has any ideas of a good bait? I would love any ideas so thank you very much for your answers, From CrazyBassfisherwoman

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What was the very first comment you ever posted on this site. The comment that made you part of this great community. For me it was this:"Um... *spits out Good N Plenty and stairs in horror*If You want to eat fewer bugs, Try inspecting each rasberry before putting in mouth. I've found spiders, bettles, worms, etc. hiding in the hole in the middle."on Ah... I was so new, so eager. So many spelling errors. Not really sure of what comments where. Ah Memories.

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Solar tracker and concentrator: lots of things getting finished.

I'm kind of entering the home stretch on my year long (so far) solar energy prototype, getting the various components finished off and thought yall might be interested. Things such as: Parabolic troughs! Rather efficient water wheels! Low friction worm drive gearings! World's simplest (probably) heat engine! And much more. All made mostly from scrap. I'm posting updates and media to my blog:

Topic by SolarFlower_org  

Can't get a garter snake to eat?

I live in colorado and catch Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes as well as Plains Garter Snakes all the time. I have tried to keep them as pets before, but I could not get them to eat. I cannot buy food for them, so I am stuck with insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, and ants as well as worms and whatever else I may find. I want to keep another pet, but they just wont eat! What should I do?

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Cracked Marbles menagerie

How do I find instructions for making cracked marble animals? I used to do it and had a little design book of critters but can't find it now. You started by heating marbles on a cookie sheet at a high temp. I think it was 450 for 15? minutes? Then pour them into cold water in the sink to make them crack. Then you used some awfully smelly glue and other small pieces of arts and crafts to make critters such as a worm, dog, cat, mouse, etc. They were really cute and I would love to do them again.

Question by da451  

Fake Video Still Suckering Millions

It's amazing to see how far and wide bad information will spread. On youTube you can find a video that claims to show you how to charge an iPod with an onion that's been soaked in a sports drink. It's now been seen 7 million times.The video is pretty obviously a hoax. Onions don't exactly drink up a whole cup of liquid and a USB cable won't get much of a charge and Mythbusters has proven it wrong. But it keeps on going around and around until this mind worm claims everyone I suppose. Link

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Where can I find a wind up mechanism?

I need a winding mechanism for a project. This would be small toy sized. It would be optimal if it were multidirectional winding. Either way winds like a watch. Not a lot of torque so that small hands can wind it, but not as small as a watch winding mechanism or as complex. I would like to add gears to change the speed of the output or torque as needed. Or if anyone knows where a sawing type input such as a worm gear winding. Both of these would be super helpful. I can tear apart winding toys of course. In an information gathering stage right now. 

Question by caltman2    |  last reply

Natural alternatives for insecticides?

I know its a bit early but the early bird gets the worm!!! In my area pesticides are banned for use on personal gardens and lawns for about 2 years now. Last year my poor peach tree really didn’t have any edible and or usable peaches on my tree because of infestations of bugs. I was wandering if any of you knowledgeable people could direct me on what kind of natural insecticides I could use in the future for my peach tree?so I can at least have some edible peaches for eats and jam. The squirrels usually take their share too. *darn little buggers!!!* Thanks. :)

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Custom mechanical K'nex?

With all this 3d printing now days, and some of it is being used with K'nex I'm wondering if there are more things that need to be added to the range. Now i can understand that K'nex with its target at younger folks (the highest age they list is 9+) it probably isn't feasible for them to spend the time developing some things. And the things im talking about? Pneumatics More powerful motors Custom gears (sizes, rack and pinion, worm gears) Servos A more dedicated robotics system anything else i may have missed? Just peoples thoughts on whether this is worth pursuing, perhaps even make them for sale (please don't sue me K'nex)

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I need a way to detect if the lights go off ? Answered

To make it simple I have a sealed box in the box are 2 screw-in fluorescent light bulbs 25-26 watts each ..I need to have a way to detect if one or both of the lights go off !? The lights are used to keep my plants worm in the winter. the boxes are sealed for the most part but if one of the lights go out the temp will drop and my plants will die! So I thought if I could some how add back-up lights that would come on.. if one or both lights went out. Sorry question sounds good in my head but don't know if Am asking the question right. thank you!!

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Results2Google (Results to Google)? Answered

I expect if you know the solution I don't really need to explain, but anyway: When I use the Google search engine, on "Web" mode, 9/10 times I will be redirected when I click a link. The URL of the site reads "Results2Google" and I will end up in some random search engine, like Search Pro. It is beginning to get very annoying, but here's the thing: AVG Antivirus found nothing Avira Antivirus found noting Windows defender found nothing Google Chrome found nothing So what do I do? As you can probably see, I use google chrome.  Thanks!

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