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...a purse count? :P

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Would you rather?

Would you rather fight 150 RC cars or the cast of south park once you choose you tell why. After that you make one your self note: you put things to think of..

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What would you do?

Well last night I was laying in bed and turned on the History channel. There was a show on about how the world could end and it scared the crap out of me. There was part of it that said stuff about an asteroid and how if there was a huge one that was going to hit us we would know the exact date. Then the people on the show were interviewing people about what they would do and a lady said that she had three kids back to back so ahe would have a margarita. I know this is a rather pessimistic/depressing forum but if that was to happen what would you do during your last days on earth? I don't know what I would do.

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quick question....

Quick question what would you pay for a motorized bicycle that can hit 35mph

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It would be nice...

It would be nice to see the full name of an instructable when you hover over it's title. Just an observation. Thank you.

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Would it rust? Answered

Would the metal used for aerial be able to have water running though it, for a water gun, Thanks.

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Would this work???

I drew up this schematic of a solar 9v battery charge and wanted to consult the pros before I started to assemble it.

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Would this work?

Is it possible to use capillary action to create a fountain that doesn't use a pump (or any outside power) using capillary action? Thanks!

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would this be possible

If you have seen superman returns you will know what i mean would it be possible to piggyback some sort of shuttle on aircraft such as a modified  boeing 777 with a  twin tail config to a sutable launch possation so that the shuttle could ignite its engines and climb into orbit under its own thrust just a thought

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Would it be spam if...? Answered

Ok, I'm writing an ible on something I intend to sell at some point and I'm certain that that would be considered spamming, but there is a lot more to it. It's on the adventure through the whole process of taking your idea from your head and onto a production line and having it be 'open' and then attempt to sell it at the end of the ible and/or pepper hints throughout it. I'm pretty sure the way I'm doing the ible isn't spammy at all, but I just want to make sure.

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Would this be illegal

Today while I was walking on the street I saw something that gave me an idea. I saw a piece of tin foil stuck to the road. I think this happened when tin foil flew out of someone's trash, landed on the road, and was run over by cars repeatedly. After the cars run the foil over it wedges itself into the cracks and doesn't come out unless you peel it off. Now here's my idea: buy a ton of tin foil and cover the street with it or write something on the street. Anyone know if this would be legal? Anyone ever done this before? Any suggestions if I do it? P.S. I live stateside if that matters

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Would this work?

I am really interested in making some LEDS blink to my stereo speakers. i found a couple of good instructables but most of the pictures are too blurry. from my understanding i think this will work but i want to double check with you guys incase it stuffs up my speakers or something else. btw, there are no good eletrical or hobby shops near me, i only have wire, and a couple of LEDs and a soldering iron. thnx in advance!!!

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What would happen if you stopped a galaxies rotation?

I mean a total complete standstill, every dust particle and bit of matter stopped moving rotationally in relation to the galactic center. Would the gravitational effects drag everything to the center if it stopped rotating over a few million years or would everything fly off in a straight line if it stopped instantaneously and eventually fall back into the center? 

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what would you do for a cat?

I went to save a cat but i heard a long meow but that was the last one so i stopped but i couldve gone through the dog to make sure but i didnt want to get attacked again.

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Mousetrap car Pulley help.

Hi! ive been working on a mousetrap car for my physics class and i was looking into the idea of pulleys to get more power to pull on the axle to rotate it. Ive noticed that alot of the Pulleys I see all rotate on an axle which I can not acheive due to the small space on the car. So my thought would be to anchor these small wooden pucks (small like 1 cm diameter) and have notches in them so that the fishing line wouldnt slip. (picture) Can I get some help on wether or not this would work? If it works can I get some input on how i could make it better? ex. different pulley designs that dont require moving parts. Thanks in advance!

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Would this tennis ball mortar design work?

I was thinking about using 3 pringles cans. I'd cut the metal bottoms off of 2 of them and tape them together ontop of the third one, which still has the metal. Then I'd tape/glue a capacitor from a digital camera onto the tennis ball and charge it up. It would hit the bottom, create a spark, and ignite the fuel. Would this work?

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What prizes would like to see offered for contest winners?

I believe there was topic for this, but I can't find it, so here we go, round 2: What prizes would you like to see be offered for winners of contests? It could be a old, new, or revamped prize! I'd like to see the Leathermans be offered again, along with stickers and patches. Perhaps iBles magnets?

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Would this circuit work? Answered

(Look at the picture)

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Would you be the hero?

I want you to think about this before you answer. Would you be the hero in a life or death situation? I dont want to hear so bull answer that makes you sound cool I just what to know what you would do. This is an example If there were a gunman in school who is willing to kill someone would you take part in trying to stop him? If you were hiding and you witnessed an officer go down would you run out into the line of fire to save him and bring him to safety? (Would you pick up his gun to fight in order to save your friends?) Would you be willing to die trying to save a life? This is what I am talking about.

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What part would that be? Answered

Well I would love to know what this number is. Faso that question because I want to mount an equal for progeto, and knowing the name I search on Google. In hindsight not sopressiso name only the circuit and components

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What would happen if...? Answered

I hooked 2 computers together with the telephone ports, or with the ethernet ports?

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[IDEA] Would this work? Answered

Hello, this is a theoretical question, as i have neither the time nor the money to do it. Assuming that your electromagnet would not melt with the power of the lightning and is made of suitable electromagnet material (copper wire and soft iron?). What would happen if somebody connected a large electromagnet to a lightning rod and to the ground? I do not know much about this field of physics, so please explain your answers! thanks in advance, jonathan

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Would this require Programming?

Hi! I'm building a laptop bag alarm for a project I'm working on, and I'm pretty new to electronics. Would anyone know how I could make a system where a switch would be flipped to turn 'the alarm' on or off, and when that switch is flipped, the system would do nothing when the security system is triggered. The security system being 3-8 LDR sensors inside the bag, that will trigger some sort of logical part, that would be able to make the decision whether or not to sound the alarm, based on the status of the switch (flipped or normal)  I'm a programmer, so the system looks like this to me:  IF ALARM_SWITCH_ON && LDR_TRIGGERED { TRIGGER LIGHT && SOUND }  IF ALARM_SWITCH_OFF && LDR_TRIGGERED { DO NOTHING }  ELSE { DO NOTHING } Anyone know how this could be made with circuitry? or whether it would require programming? If it required all circuitry, is there anywhere I could get help with drawing up a circuit diagram?  Cheers & Thanks!  Karan

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Would this battery work?

I want to make a compact battery, I need it to generate as many volts possible. The battery materials are the following: Anode: Zinc Cathode: Steel Electrolyte: Sulfuric Acid Is that the optimal anode and cathode I can use to get most volts out of it?

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Would this schematic work?

Will this work? it's based on, what it should do, is when I aim the IR emitter (TV remote) at it, it'll go off for a few seconds. The goal is to hide it and piss off whoever is watching TV, and changing channels.

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Would these mods be cool?

Hey I have some ideas for a DS mod, a Game Boy mod and a NES mod. What do you think? 1. DS lite in a DVD case (so it can be stored on a shelf) with solar cells instead of the li-ion battery 2. Game Boy in a scientific calculator (GB Pocket, of course) 3. Working NES console around the size of a double bed (with removeable controllers and games to the same growth ratio) It would be a real help if you could post comments on what you think (constructive critisism only)

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Would this Schematic work?

I am an amateur building a solar powered bilge pump and was wondering if the schematic I made would work. The idea of the schematic is that if switch 1 is open and switch 2 is closed, the 5w solar panel will charge the 12 volt battery. And if switch 1 is closed but switch 2 is open, the 12 volt battery will power the 2A bilge pump. My main question is which way will the current be flowing. I have drawn some arrows to show which way I think current will be flowing. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also tell me if any components need to be flipped around.  All answers are appreciated, Connor

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Would This Circuit Work?

A while back I designed this circuit, and to my knowledge it should work, but I just want to get a second opinion. It is a game in which there is a circle comprised of 12 LED's and the goal is for the user, to press a button, and stop clock so that the green LED in the circle is lit. There is another switch in the circuit so that the user can reset the game at any time. I'm sorry that the picture is very faded and a bit cluttered. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Would this ionizer work?

I built an ionizer in an old metal ATX power supply case. My electricity is 230V 50Hz. It uses 22x 2.2nF capacitors and 22x 1N4007 diodes. The circuit is about this(with the activity indicator). I also added a small unregulated non-switching power supply for a fan that: cools the transformer forces air through the 5 needles. The ionisation current calculates to 5uA/needle. or 25uA total. Important (or so I think) details are bold.

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Your Dream Game

Let's say that you have an idea for making a videogame. You are good with 3D software, designing, game flow, you are creative, and you are a programming GOD. What woud you dream game be? Would it be a simple arcade or a puzzle game? Or would it be a complex RPG or action game? Would it have a story? Are you even working on it now? Do you have artwork or ideas you wish to share? Remember-it is your dream game. It's whatever you want it to be.

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Perpetual energy machine idea. Would it work? Answered

Hello, i had an idea today. A light powered by a solar panel that powers itself! You would need a small amount of energy to initiate the circuit's current, but i can only see one way why this could not work: Lightbulbs lose some energy as heat and a tiny percentage as sound. How could you counter this? Heat collectors? Any ideas? I think that I may be on to something here!

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What would happen if there was no Gravity?

How would it affect Animals and Plants? How would it affect Electricity? How would it affect Space and Universe? How would it affect Chemistry?

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how would you build it? Answered

How would you make a base and basket in front of the armfor an armatron  robot arm out of knex

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Would you be a Jedi or a Sith?

If you lived in the Star Wars universe, would you be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord. I would obviously be a Sith Lor-uh, i mean a Jedi, yeah Jedi....thats what i meant.....yeah

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Who would win in a fight?

I have been wondering this and have often asked other people this but whoe would win in a fight? Goku, Naruto, or Batman? Feel free to answer and if you want, ask your own question of who would win.

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Which would be easier to use?

Which would be easier to use in a circuit:the CRT of a TV set to hold a massive amount of electrical charge-or-a capacitor with a similar amount of holding capacity (capacitance, if I'm correct)?If it's the CRT from a TV, how would one go about using it as a capacitor?

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Why would anyone write....

I am just wondering why anyone would write an instructable here, when you can actually get paid to do it at other websites such as eHow?

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Would you vote for me?

If I were to make a wallet instructable...the bag..would you vote for me? 1. Go to grocery store 2. ask for a bag 3. depost money 4. Give me a wifi SD card so? :P

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Would this work/ be practical? *infrared*

I know they make Motorcycle helmets with built in headlamps to see at night, but would the same idea work with IR lights if I coated the Visor like the goggles in this instructable?

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Would this Tesla Coil work? Answered

I am wondering if this DC powered Tesla Coil will work.

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what would you pay?

Hey im just curious what you people would pay for this if it were a bicycle engine kit with a maintenance free engine... it gets 90mpg 35mph and what if it had free installation but looked more professional than in the pictures 

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would any one like to

Would any one like to make with me a bull pup assault rifle see over the time I have found that I am better a modding other people's work or make odd mechs (like my arrow gun. but I have never been good at making mag feed guns. If there is any one (or multiples)  who would just pm me or say it in a comment.

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Who would have thought it...?

See it to believe it, 4min of hand-music, how does the guy do it?Lfrom,,

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what would you do if...?

You know edline the weird annoying school online thing? well you can email your teachers from there and i was wondering if you were the teacher and you had a bunch of emails and you saw one that was just a  period what would you do if you were the teacher?

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