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Xmas tree

Christmas is coming... Have you got your Xmas tree up and dressed yet? Post pictures and show us what your tree looks like! Also, what kind of tree do you use? Real or Fake? My family use a fake tree, we used to use real ones, but we will never again use them again because... After christmas, my dad tried to get rid of the real tree by burning it outside, when he lit it, after a few seconds later, the fire instantly spread around the tree and shot huge flames high as 30 feet... After that, we had got a few complainants from people in the neighborhood about the orange glow. So we never again going to use a real xmas tree because it is dangerously flammable...

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Xmas Contest

Hey Everyone, Any idea, if instructables has any Xmas contests? That involve Xmas stuff. As in, maybe, ornaments, yard sculptures, tree decorating, etc... Anyone?

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xmas greeting

Just practicing photoshop. Merry Christmas!!!

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LED xmas lights

If i wired 15 leds in a parallel and powered them with a 3.5 volt power supply, at 300 mA Would that be ok without a resistor? because right now i have about 8 in a parallel powered by 3 triple A's (i know its a little to high for the leds) and they will stay on for about 1 hour before the battery goes weak. thnx alot everyone!

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Xmas is right around the corner!

Every year people instinctively know what to purchase me due to my interest in shaving.  If you are unaware of it, you can attain a solid shaving package for about $50. They make GREAT gifts and last virtually forever. Beats a fruitcake.

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Animating Xmas Parade Float

Below are some pics of the Xmas parade float that a few of the other dads and I put together for last year's town Xmas parade. We are planning on keeping the same theme this year but wanted to upgrade a bit. Our goal is to automate the reindeer to give them some linear action that will give them the appearance of flying.When reviewing the pics, please note that the frame that the reindeer are attached to will be completely rebuilt. I was thinking of a frame with a double 2x3 side. Where one of the 2x's will have a channel routed out in it and the other one with the reindeers attached will then be able to slide back and forth by it.Another note is that Rudolph will not move. I have included some rough sketches of my initial thoughts using a motor and a cam. My problem is in finding the right motor for the job. I would need a high torque, low rpm (about 20) motor to do the job and I can't seem to find one. I have thought of using a mixing drill and a speed controller, but the mixing drill has an rpm from 0 - 550 and I am not sure the speed control will be able to slow it just 20 and even if it does, I am not sure there will be enough torque at that reduced rpm.I am certainly open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comment you may have.

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The what-I-got-for-Xmas thread

Hand knitted jumper, in special container ;-)

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xmas light controler help please?

I am trying to build a xmas light controler(you know. the lights. sync to the music?). it is going to be powererd by a seril interface. (the big kind.) how do you build it? pics please if you can.

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What does Kevin Rose want for xmas?

PopSci has a fun post. They ask a few geeks like Kevin Rose, Amanda Congdon and Fake Steve Jobs to name the tech toys they want this holiday season. They also asked them what they would want that doesn't exist yet. Here's the link.

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Fibre optic tree?

I want to run my Christmas fibre optic tree without the motor.  Would I have to alter anything, its lamp is 15w 12v?

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What's the difference between Christmas and X-mas? Or is there none? Answered

What I said above.  Also, if there is no difference, then why do they come up with "X-mas" as a name anyways?

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HOW do you cut and then rewire the new led christmas lights?

I bought a 35 light strand hoping to make 7ea , 5 light strands for a project but couln't rewire without burning up the leds ! ? is there some sort of current limiting device built into the strands ?  also notice they are wired with 3 wires for shunting as a are the old mini lights. no matter how i try to rewire these lights they burn out every time!!

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Do You Prefer More Pics and Vids in Making an Xmas Edible Ornamental Food ? Answered

I'm Putting together an instructable for an Delectable Old World Czech Xmas Traditional Goodie and the dough is a bit of a trick to do even  with a top notch food processor grinder. So I'm wondering, if 12 short 20 sec videos are too many  for a good ible ?

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DIY LED Growlights from LED Xmas bulb strings

I just got an Aerogarden for Xmas and it is a pretty neat little unit, but it has some annoying and expensive problems. The biggest one is that it uses CF bulbs that are on 16 hours a day, and they say that you need to replace the bulbs every 6 months, because the spectrum of the bulbs change as they age, making the plants grow less well. I did some research and found that the Weed industry has created a solution: LED arrays with a combination of red and blue LEDs (the color frequencies plants thrive on). These arrays are very long lived and use less than 1/2 the power of the CF bulbs in the Aerogarden. The problem is that even the cheap ones (200 LEDs) are $50, and you would need 2 for complete coverage in the Aerogarden. Then I had a brainstorm! LED Xmas Lights. They are already wired, ready to mount on a panel, and you can get Red and Blue strings of 100 on ebay for about $10 incl shipping. I don't know if they are the right Red and Blue, but it is an interesting experiment. Even if it does not work, you are set for Xmas lights for next year.

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is their in instructable out there thet can help me with xmas lights

I need a instructable that explains how to build a computerized lighting show controller (with music) that is farley cheap and easy to build. it does not have to be dimmible but that would nice, it is also has to have multiplex. not all of the xmas lights blinking together. if anybody has any links that would great. PLEASE HELP i am open to all coments

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Christmas K'NEX Contest

Hello, I became pro for two years yesterday, and I have given away 2 of my 40 patches, and I doubt I will ever give them all away without hosting a few contests. The contest is to submit an Instructable (Must have instructions) that is Christmas themed, and send the link to me by private message. The winner will get a specially made patch. The runners up will be featured in a guide. The deadline is January 12th 2011. Thanks, Flannel UK

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LED Christmas Lights?

I'm a freshman in college right now and I really want to spruce up my suite and room a little for Christmas. So Christmas lights would come to mind to display at my suite's door, but because of fire hazard rules/laws we can't have extension cords. I think I also read that we can't have Christmas lights period. So I started thinking I could make something out of LED lights to attach to our door so people walking by can see. I was thinking maybe an outline of a Christmas tree made of green LEDs would be cool or putting LEDs inside a wreath to light it up. Which would be the best way for me to power all of the LEDs? I've never worked with LEDs before, so this would be new to me but I really want to put something together. I basically want to chain a bunch of LEDs together, power them with batteries, and have the ability to turn them on at night and off in the morning. So, any ideas would help a lot. Maybe a point in direction.

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Last minute LED xmas lights running off a battery for a costume

First time posting here because I'm a novice and you folks seem to know your stuff! I'm about 48 hours from a big event (SantaCon NYC) in which I plan to have Christmas lights flashing on a costume. Problem is, I can't figure out how to get them to work. I have a Black & Decker "Pocket Power" brick which has an AC outlet on it, so that would have been perfect, except it doesn't hold a charge. The lights I have are on a 10 yard string of white LEDs. There's a hundred lights in series in total. They are controlled by a small circuit board in a plastic casing. The box says they use 55W and have a frequency of 60Hz. The end has a standard 110V two prong plug. So I need something that will power them for roughly 4-6 hours as they flash and twinkle. From a day's worth of research on the internet, I've found that the easiest way to do this would be connecting a battery pack to a power inverter which would change the DC juice from the battery to AC then allow me to plug the lights directly into an AC type outlet. I need to know what kind of battery I should get and how I can connect that battery to the inverter since most of them have a car cigarette lighter type of connection. Ideally this should all fit into a large pocket or fanny pack. Since it's getting down to the wire I'm starting to freak out a bit, and I'm a novice with electricity at best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I need ideas for a class contest for christmas decorating?

Dear fellow Instructables members,         Every year my "homeroom" of sorts has a competition for some unnamed prize to decorate the doors of our respective teachers. I really want to help my seminar win this.            I own an arduino duemilanove which I would like to use, and I like the Christmas Hit Counter Idea, but I would also like something that could generate a random lightshow based on a christmas CD using the remaining inputs (Inputted through a Zune), to really up the anty. Is this possible?           I have spare time (Although I would have to take a few hours out of my minecraft playing) and I have a huge box of resistors, a good amount of leds (probably about 25), as well as a large selection of capacitors, transistors, diodes, a box of spare parts, and a good selection of electronics tools (soldering iron... etc.). I also Have about 1,000,000,000 xmas lights      Thanks so much!            <3 Buzz      P.S. I don't have very long to finish this up, about1 week from today (the first of december), so it would need to take less thank 5 hours. Plus I am practically broke, so high price options (above $20) are a no go! Thanks again!

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can i build this? Answered

Can i build this device? it uses a xmas light controler. for example: lo_ok down. and here is a schematic

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Merry Christmas!

I wish all the k'nexers at Instructables a merry Chrsitmas!

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Why do people hang baubles on Christmas trees? Answered

What is the point of people hanging baubles on a Christmas tree? Keep away bad spirits? Distracts the Grinch?

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Where's that Instructable about creating a hanging ball of xmas lights inside clear plastic cups?

Hi everybody! Two or three years ago (or maybe just one? I dunno!) I saw an awesome instructable on here around November/December time about creating this cool hanging ball of lights that you created out of wide-mouthed clear plastic cups. You drilled holes in the bottom and somehow strung them together into a ball shape, and inserted individual xmas lights on a string along the way. The result was this big iridescent ball that was like a couple feet in diameter. It was a featured instructable for like a month. I have since lost my previous set of bookmarks and cannot find it anywhere on the site!  Can someone puhleeeze point me to it?  Would be a fun project to do over this Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks in advance!!

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repairing a separated copper

I was assembling a 3D Xmas Tree from Velleman-Kit when one of the pads come off the board. Is there a way restore the connection so that the kit will work?

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PP19 Bizon

Hey guys, heres my early Xmas present to you, A PP19 Bizon, I decided to give it a go because I noticed that there hasn't been one posted, I wanted to give you guys a Xmas gift and I was bored, It shoots blue rods, havn't tested the range, but I'm expecting about 10m, nothing to special. I only spent a few hours on this so it may not be as good as I can get it. so tell me what do you think?

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What you getting for Christmas?

EDIT:  Wow so its christmas!!!! WOO HOO! Did you get what you wanted? If not what did you get? I was actually suprised at how popular this topic (22 Including my shared their present) was so I want too say thankyou to all who commented and have a Merry Christmas! Ps: I got my Itouch 4  :) ANYONE ON IBLES REPLY TO THIS Please spread around so i have a huge list! Here is the list: megametal8: Apple Ipod Touch 4th Gen 8GB lemonie: Drunk DJ Radio: Xbox with Halo Reach Randomguy65: Kinect and (Possibly) Ipod Nano Goodhart: Three books of inspiration Seleziona: PS3 Shadowman39: Lego H1T4TCH1: Money TheFoofinator: Digital Camera MichelMoermans: Hat,Money,Building Supplies and a Book. knex_builder_freak: Ipod touch protective case and knife or sword bounty1012: L96a1 instruct39: Clothes,knex and wii games Ajleece: Samsung 330w Home Theatre System Tool Using Animal: A scout scope mount, and scope, for my Mosin Nagant happyjo: Trip to Hawaii Tornado96: New Super Mario Bros Wii, Video Camera and (Hopefully) more Knex stale56: A few video games,Tarn-X,IPod touch External Mic,Xbox 360 controllers,Cheap laser pointers, Flash drive and Duct and Electric Tape. knex gun builder: 2 RC Helicoptors, Suprise, Wii headset and Remote BrittLiv: A trip to the hard ware store SunBanks: Cahartt Jacket gruffalo child: A geiger counter, loads of books, some random things from her grandad's workshop, a hand-knitted jumper, ice-skates and a lop-sided picture

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Chumby Widgets

Hey! For xmas I got a chumby. I've been wanting to make widgets, but don't know where to start. Could someone make an instructable on how to make a chumby widget?

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Making a xmas/bday wishlist on amazon for wife/family. What do I need to get me started into Arduino / circuitry?

I have: a forrest mims book, a helping hands device, and HAD a soldering gun somewhere...

Question by JmGrant  

My parents have a ton of Christmas lights! What should I do with them? Answered

Went exploring in my parent's crawl space digging for Christmas decorations. They have a pre-lighted tree, and only ever use the same lights outside. I've found a bunch of working christmas lights ranging from multi-colored, to those giant bulbs. Any ideas on what I could do with them besides just tossing them all away?

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Fix Nintendo DS?

My son's favourite game was getting stuck in it's slot.  He took it out and shoved his ds pen in to the card slot - not i can see bent prongs/teeth and no game will play.  Can this be fixed?  How?  Many thanks - so near Xmas cannot afford a new one :(

Question by anniecan  

The how to of Led Christmas light repair

I have 3 strings of led xmas lights strung together. The first one and a half strings are out altogether but half of the second and all of the last string are working. But its the first string that is plugged in. I cant find any broken wires. Are these fixable and if so how?

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Help - DIY Digital Picture Frame

I was finishing up a digital picture frame for my mom for Xmas, and decided to try to solder up some buttons to the on-circuit ones, but, unfortunately, the soldered wires didn't hold, and pulled some of the printed pattern off. Now the rubber button works at less than 25% efficiency. Any way to get this working better would be appreciated, thanks.

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Can I use my portable dvd player as a TV

I was wondering if there's a way to use my new portable dvd player as a tv with audio video hook ups so I could plug in and xbox or ps2 or w/e. I'll get the modle in a while but its xmas and I want some custard pie MMHMHMHMHMMMMMM!!!111!1!!1!

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Wine Bottle Lamp / convert to Battery power

Hello My wife purchased one of those wine bottle with the xmas lights in them. But were she want to display we dont have a outlet.  Does any one have a instructable on building a small battery source to plug the lamp into.  Just to be used on special occasions, so does not have to have a long lasting suply.

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Soft circuit trouble? Answered

I am having trouble with a project that I am working on.  I have 12 leds in parallel spiraling out from a centre connected by conductive thread, the Led's are yellow and where stripped from a battery powered led xmas light set.  I intend to use the battery holder and on/off switch unit that came with it (2X1.5v batteries and has a 6.8ohm resister) to power the lights.  Unfortunately when I connect the power supply to the lights the first led is bright and it each led following is progressively less bright, the leds at the end are pretty dim.  So this is basically the same circuit that the xmas lights had but with conductive thread instead of wire.  I double checked that there were no loose or crossed threads.  After discovering the problem I checked the details about the conductive thread and it has a resistance of 30ohms/foot.  The length of the thread connecting all of the leds is roughly 1ft.  So I'm guessing the problem is that there is too much resistance in the circuit? Or is there something else I'm doing wrong? Is there any way that I can change this circuit so that it can still run on 3v batteries (2x1.5v)? 

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Has anyone tried to stain concrete with shoe polish, hair dye, or other household substances? Answered

I am casting small concrete panels for Xmas presents. I like the look of stain more than integral color, and am wondering if there are options to stain the pieces outside of commercial acid stains. The pieces will be decorative only, and not need to stand up to wear and tear like floors, countertops, or even coasters would. Would like to hear about unsuccessful attempts as well. Thanks!

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Any help on the green, yellow (or amber), and flashing red lights of death would be aces? Why, yes. It would indeed.

When My PS2 burnt out, I looked into it and figured it overheated. I never cleaned it so I wasn't suprised. However, that experience made me religiously clean my brand new 80gb PS3 (with backwards compatibility), which was a joint effort xmas present from my whole family and my girlfriend and her family.(organized by her of course). So this xmas I got three of the newest releases I've been wanting. After 2 weeks I finally get enough free time to play. I turn it on, complete the latest update, install the game, and when I go to play turns off. I tried to turn it back on and just like the other 600 posts i read, the light turned green, quickly after that it turned yellow or amber,  the beeped a few times while turning to and flashing red indefinitely. Everytime I try again it does the same thing. Someone please help.

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Cardboard Playhouses

Greetings all, I'm wondering if any of the members ever work in cardboard for children's toys or playhouses ? I'm finishing a belated Xmas gift for my niece, a six sided cardboard tee pee that breaks down into 12 easily stowed sections and fastens with releasable zip-ties. All the material aside from adhesives and said fasteners were recycled from local appliance and furniture retailers so it's a very green eco-friendly item. Should there be any interest I will post the plans and material list at a later time.

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Vessel Tempo (timetag) led mod

I got a vessel tempovessel tempo for xmas and it got broke so, i want to put 3 3mm leds inside it, and have them blink in patterns. so i need help with this programmy stuff since i have never done it and would know where to start. i dont mind wires as it will clip to my breast pocket. any help would be apprieceiated.the inside part shown is just for size ref.the usfull approx measurements are:2x1x1cm = boxthe window is about 0.5x1.5cm

Topic by aiden120000  

Give the gift of making a bit less often if possible!?

I know Xmas is coming fast and people might still need gift ideas, but I could really do without a popup reminding me that I can give the gift of making every time I load the page. Seeing it once is fine, seeing it twice might help if you missed the first one, but what are the other times for? I mean, I got it now, I really do so how do I get rid of this "reminder" on the screen?

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How and what to make a shaving bowl out of?

I want to make my boyfriend a shaving bowl for Xmas. I am handy with just about any medium and am not sure which I should use. Clay or Ceramic would be nice but I know nothing of either of them. It obviously has to be able to hold shaving cream...was wanting to make it in the shape of our cat (he's a big cat) so i guess the bowl part would be his body. So a bowl with a head, legs, and a tail. Anyone got any suggestions?

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LED Lite String Question?

So I have these cool LED Xmas lite strings which have 20 LEDs and run off of 3xAA batteries. Within the battery pack, where the power switch is, is a single resistor, 5.1 ohms (green / brown / gold / gold). I want to splice on another length of 20 LEDs to the existing set but would like to run all 40 off of the original 3xAA battery configuration. Do I just divide the resistor rating in half since I doubled the load (work being done) ? The project needs to conserve space, which is why I'm not using both battery packs.

Question by stagebuilder  

C voice lessons?

Hiya! I just got a new Sansa fuze for Xmas (8 gigs, Installed Rockbox, IT ROCKS!!!) and I wana start learning C. I actually already started, But I best process info when I hear it. Where can I find simple English (Russian or Hebrew also welcome) lessons of the C programming language? I have learned the basics of both C# and VB 5.0, So it don't have to be THAT easy... any help?

Question by netbus  

Cracked Guitar Hero World Tour Cymbal (Wii)?

My Wii Guitar Hero World Tour cymbal broke. It is not wiring, it is where the rubber part meets the plastic that mounts it to the pole. I tried super glue (bad idea), but it will not hold up to the shock. The cymbal is still hanging there and sort of works, but it keeps me from getting any multipliers because it bounces around too much. I have played drums my whole life and know how to hold the sticks properly, so I am not overly beating on these things. I just got them this xmas. Played on them quite a bit but not enough for this to break so easily. Suggestions?

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How can I convert 18v cordless drill battery to recharge laptop, compact camera charger?

I have 2 rechargeable 18v battery pack from cordless drill which I'm thinking of using as laptop charger and compact camera battery charger.  These packs comes with 220v adaptor.  Me and my 12yo son will be doing a week-long research for his school project (climate change) this Xmas break, backpacking in a remote island.  I was thinking of using this packs to recharge our gears and then send the depleted 18v battery for recharge, and so on.  Will this be possible?  Thanks everyone for the help.

Question by bongex  

Trying to convert a mains powered string of LED's

Hi, I purchased a set of Xmas lights believing them to be 'low voltage'.  My plan was to run them from the caravan 12 volt DC.  However, it appears that they run from the 230 volt AC mains.  This is something I am not familiar with. I have attached my own wiring diagram of the circuit and would like to know if anyone can tell me how to switch the four strings of LED's individually.  I have an inverter that I can use as the current draw will be minimal. I imaging that the LED's are wired as opposing pairs so that both halves of the mains sine wave are used.  Presumably, this prevents the set being run from 12 volts. Any help will be welcomed. Alan ...

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What a good night

Yes the semester is finally over, I got a B in stats and should, possibly get a B in statics. I was actually fairly comfortable with the final, however that doesn't mean much. Right before the test, he states that being multiple choice, if your choices are 2,3,4,5 for example, that doesn't mean the right answer isn't 40, and then you would select 5. AGGHH! But for better or worse, it's over, now I can start refinishing my rifle, started right after I walked in the door and kissed my wife, and to top off the evening, I scored a 70's vintage sewing machine from the neighbors garbage, for parts, I haven't rebuilt the serger I found years ago, too many backed up projects. And the xmas party season starts tomorrow.

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ok. its me and my boyfriends one year anniversary. need ideas for sweet+romantic, inexpensive gfts to make for him .

Hes 17, turning 18 soon, and from our level in this relationship, it might as well be a 5th anniversary. he likes music, guitars, shiny things (lol), things that go BOOM!, fire, and other wonderful things tha guys tend to like. ;P he's gotten me some really sweet gifts before (heart pendant and giant teddy-bear for xmas, ring for v-day, and draws my name in graffiti lettering on posterboard for me all of the time) but i never have enough money to actually get him something, and its just more fun to make something cool and unique to show how much i love him . out of the ordinary is a big++

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I need help with Guitar Hero World Tour!!!!

Today I got Rb2 and GH4 For Xmas. I heard the rockband drums work with gh4. So, today I tried GH4. The orange note was still there. If you don't get it, then what I am trying to say is that GH4 Drums have 6 different notes: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange, and Purple (Bass). Rockband has 4: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange (Bass). Usually when you play the RB drums on Gh, you see the original 4 colors (You cant see bass till you hit it). But I saw 5. I couldn't hit the extra note because I didn't have an orange pad... PLEASE HELP

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