Setting Up a DNS Server

I am interested in setting up a DNS server but have never setup any kind of server before. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.04 and windows xp. Is there anyway to do this for free? All shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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Hi , new to instructables and have been looking at some posts and am now confused. Im in the process of seting up a led lighting board, I am using 20 blue high power 1W led's 350mw each. My plan is to run them from a computer power supply, but am unsure of the safest way to hook them up, parallel with a resistor for each or so on, I am basic when it comes to electronics and components, i can read a basic diagram. Also some parts listed in high power led driver on this site are parts numbers that are not available in Australia, i know i need to regulate voltage and current at 3.5v and 350ma but don't know what parts to use, i used led calculator and was told to use a 1watt 5.6ohm resistor in parallel. Please help

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Ubuntu set-up? ?

I have a dell computer that I wiped of the Windows OS and installed Xubuntu 8.10, I am trying to intsall Ubunto. I need help installing it. I can not access the internet at the moment on that computer. I did go through the whole process of downloading the system last night before the internet went out on it. I did not get it loaded. It is just downloaded to the desktop. I also have a copy of it on my laptop to put on a disc. I put it on a DVD disc. Once I put that into the computer I did not know where to go from there. IF you can help me figure out the steps I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have a manual or any instructions. I am very new to Linux and firefox. Thank you for your help Mrs. Skunkbait

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XP or Vista?

The Spaghedeity has smiled upon me! I'm finally going to get a new computer, a custom Dell.Should I get a Vista or XP? XP is reliable, cheaper and proven, but it's old-ishVista is NEW, cooler, and won't be outdated in a year or two, but its buggyI can't decide :p, any help? Well I wound up getting an Apple iMac 20"

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can i use pine needles for hydro set up?

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How is the site set up? Is it based on how old or new an instructable is? Is it based on likes or views?

I just recently discovered this site, and so far I love it. I'm trying to go through the different tutorials. However, I've noticed that some are repeated, don't show up where they were previously, etc.

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How to run stereo receiver through a mixing board.?

I have a stereo receiver that I need to run through my mixers (my only speakers plug into the mixer.) How would I do that?

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XP && Ubuntu

OK I had a computer with XP and ubuntu, but i got tired of ubuntu so i made the mistake of just removing the partion. so the next time i boot up i get an error and can't access XP. now i'm not saying abound is a bad OS this is just my preference. so i wiped my comp and reinstalled Ubuntu. now here's the problem i have access to an iso image of windows but not the cd itself. and i have an 2Gb USB drive and a 500Gb removable drive. is there a way to install windows XP using either of these devices. or a way to get the dvd's to burn because every time i try i get an error

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Gateway laptop wont boot up, any ideas?

Hi, I have a Gateway M520 that will not boot up.  It runs XP.  The problem started when I was messing around on it, running multiple programs, and than the screen went blank and the power light started blinking steadily.  I tried restarting it, but after it got to the XP startup screen and started loading, the screen would go blank, and the power light would blink steadily.  I have reformatted the hard-drive 3 times with kill disk, tried booting up and installing the newest Ubuntu, and re-installing XP, but the screen always goes blank and the power light starts blinking steadily somewhere along the line.  Any help would be appreciated! :D

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windows xp death

My sister tried to log on her dell computer today but all she got is as far as the windows xp loading page then it it just froze all she has is a blue bar top and bottom of the screen and a light blue background like the screen where the user accounts pop up. anyway a friend tried recovery discs for xp but it kept asking for an windows administrator pasword and even though we typed i  the password for the administrator account we set up it says not valid  password entered,apparently the hardware is fine just needs software repaired.  how can i fix the software without the password and keeping the data on the system as i cannot get in to back it up and she has emails with her visa applications for her honeymoon on it. please help if you can

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How To Set Up a Webserver

I need a website but you know what? I think all these webhosting services are just a big ripoff. I don't want to pay to host a website, I want to do it from home! I know it can be done, Red VS. BLue is one example of people who did this. I did some research, but nothing I found was very useful. I don't want a fileserver, I want an actual web server. I have searched deep into the web, but I can find nothing except theory or how to buy service. If you know anything about making or setting up a web server, please post it here. Thanks,Gimmelotsarobots

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An old surveillance set-up

At the moment, I am in possession of a really old, monochromatic surveillance monitor and camera. Both the camera and monitor have their own microphones and speakers (low quality), with the camera speaker being the louder one. The monitor has multiple inputs for audio and video (red/yellow/white). The set-up itself is not very large, the monitor is smaller than an overhead project by a 25% or more. Now my question is what do with it?

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Setting up a Maker Room

Hello Makers, Teachers and Students - I have the opportunity to set up a Maker Room at my school. I was hoping to get some advice from the Instructables community on best practices. What equipment is most useful? What is the best use of space? Where should I start? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!  The photo is my "before" picture. I hope to have a great "after" picture when I am done.

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Story set up help? Answered

   Okay, I am in the process of writing a story.  It is an action/adventure story involving zombies.  I need to find a place in the US with a high population and is not too too close to water.  Any ideas?  This will be the initial starting point for the main character.

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Basic lighting set-up

I apologise in advance to all you keen photographers for my Absolute Novice status. I need to take photo's for my Instructables which are usually small-ish desk top items. Currently I am having problems with a dark (black paper) drawing in a glass frame, how do I get the details in the image without it bleaching out or flaring on the glass? I have a spacious work desk under a window, two cantilever lights, a centre room light, etc. I can only use whatever's available in my house because I never take pictures for any other reason. Any tips for a very grateful novice would be very welcome.( I'm a blank slate)

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Setting up two forges...

Basically I have two ideas, one of which I'm pretty ready to make now and another which will take a little longer to make, one is a tiny forge, like desktop sized, for working at home and the other is a much larger forge for big metalwork projects, thankfully the large one will actually require less parts scavenging as I have plenty of acces to scrap material and there's a brickyard over the wall from us which will do me the necessary materials very cheap, mainly because I did a little forklift driving for them for larger heavyweight loads over three tonnes. That's all well and good a big one I can get my head round easily enough, But. How would I go about making a tiny forge and I mean miniscule, it's main purpose is for heating to cast for my specialist parts I prefer making and the other is for low material single cast jewellry my mum makes (she used to own a jewewllry business and still makes the odd bespoke items. But my main question is how I can build a reliable yet compact forge and furnace, from what I have sitting around I'm sure I can come up with a decent fuel source, ranging from butane torches and stoves, both of which can do propane and I could go to natural gas (we have a special plug out the back for gas barbeques the house had it when we came...) but my other questions are a bit more odd, first of all what would make a great crucible, I need something that'll be fairly invincible to the hardships caused by life, as the other liely user of the forge and furnace is very forgetful and sometimes accident prone. Next up is the housing, would it be feasible to use a single block of thermocrete cast to make the main furnace housing, as in everything is but the fuel and air source holes and the crucible hole would be one block, as it stands that seems like the best way to make it simple and effective, plus it would be pretty airtight where needed. Next question is the fuel and temperatures, I know that butane at full combustion get 1300C and 1000C is a practicable operating temp. for a butane item but what about propane or even natural gas, since it would be very cheap and clean burning... I'm a bit of a noob towards this end of the scale, I can make stuff hot and I can do alot with these things but actual forge and furnace making is a little beyond me on this scale, however I can think of several advantages to my baby furnace, including the practical movement of it, as it could be self contained very easily. The pic was just one of the last pictures that's remotely intersting I uploaded, however it raises it's own points as the jet engine basically welded all it's components forward of the flame together.

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Windows User Account Setting? Help? Answered

Does anybody know how to set a timer for log on hours/limited time on windows XP? If so could make very detailed instruction so I can set it up on my cpu? Thanks

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How do i set up wireless on a new windows xp computer?

Since Windows Vista SUCKS I replaced it with windows XP on my computer and I cannot connect to the internet over wireless. Ive tried to to set up a network but that wont work! The driver is not there!!!!! Do i need to downgrade the wireless driver?

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in distilation , how is a condenser set up? Answered

after watching a video made by nurdrage and realising i could use a condenser to distill various chemicals like ammonia water, i was wondering, how is a condenser set up. now ive looked at a lot of images, and all i see is the top of the condenser where the gas enters, thenthe bottom where the gas exits as a liquid. now what i dont nderstand is the two middle middle nozzles, ive looked at many setups and theres usually nothing attached to them, or they have a hose attached to them that goes nowhere and you cant see where they end, so i must ask, what are they for, in the sense, what do they do? and what, if anything, are they attached to? whoever answers my question properly and makes sense will receive a best answer. also, i will just add, ive searched through google and wikipedia, and found zilch that made any sense to me.

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Eliminate login to xp?

I would like to eliminate the login when I turn on my pc. Up until about two weeks ago I was able to turn on my pc and use it without a login. Now I have to click enter (with no password entered) when a login window comes up on startup. Is there a way to disable the login? I am running XP Pro SP3. Thanks

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did something to my windows xp sp2 computer and it will not start keeps restarting even before the xp logo?

It goes through the hard ware screen then i here a click as i hear the click it's restarting it will not even start in safe mode nor safe mode w\ command prompt. what did i do. i remove a few unused programs like games and telephone modems we don't use dial up any longer but cant figure it out.

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i have a computer with windows xp, and i am trying to set up the wifi card.

When i go into the wireless setings and search for networks it can't find any, but in the settings it shows the access points.

Question by The nerdling 7 years ago

Setting up some kind of email system.

I recently got to a new computer. After transferring some of my email I kind of got fed up. So I want to create an email system for myself. ( No I do not want to write one. ) But I don't know much about email. Here is what I want. I don't want to store my email "inside" my client/MUA. I want it all in some folder on my computer that I will just "my pile of email" for now. That way I can try all sorts of clients and it's easier to switch if I find something better. Plus I get email from lots of different accounts. Old accounts I keep ( gmail, hotmail ), and yahoo gives me ten. I want "my pile of email" to be saved on a partition readable by both UNIX and Windows (XP), because I dual boot. i also want either to retrieve and send my email. I also want to process my email. Meaning that things with attachments have the attachments extracted. Various email groups, I want to be put into separate subfolders. I have a lot of other processing I want done. I figure the basic setup to consider is fetchmail to get the mail, sendmail to send the mail and procmail to process the mail. Where do I go from there though? ( If you have other suggestions, I am willing to listen. ) I can't decide which format to keep my pile of email in. To a degree it doesn't matter for now, but I want to make sure that I can convert to some other format when I become more knowledgeable. I can't decide whether on XP to use cygwin versions of programs, or just run linux in a VM for email stuff. lot's of other questions, but let's get to those when we flesh out my system.

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No audio after reinstalling Windows XP pro? Answered

Hey- after my previous question  ( i ended up reinstalling windows XP pro.... Its a little much, i know, but i ended up with system file corruption. ugh. After installing, setting up, crashing, setting up again, crashing, reformatting, reinstalling, setting up, crashing, setting up (again), crashing, and finally setting up without internet and removing the disk near the end, i was able to reinstall windows. fun. i was able to install itunes and such, but i cannot play any audio whatsoever. the computer has no speakers, and when i go to system volume (control panel) and such, there are no options for volume and such. the buttons are all greyed out. near the end of the settings there are some buttons that are clickable, but of no help to me (windows systems and drivers are a mostly mystery to me, but i do know a little). The audio out is connected to the mobo, so its not really an audio card... i need help :) Thanks!

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How to get past the user page in windows xp

My friend was given a computer that had had xp a clean reinstall and does not know what to do to get past the user page. Can anyone help? Thanks

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how can i set up xp not to save cookies or web pages cause of fast enough internet connection ?

Seems like this is where all the malware comes from anyways i dont want a web page or anything else storing anyfiles on my comp my internet is fast enough i dont need to

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Can anyone help me with getting set up? Answered

Show me what I am suppose to do

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setting up a food production for yourself?


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New site set-up question

Have you noticed the new set-up for viewing instructables?, i have, but i like the old way better, but it won't stay that way, if i navigate away from the page it goes back to the new way, i was wondering if you could save it in your preferences the view allsteps feature...

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"random dancing" icarly set up

I despratly want a set up like they have in icarly, with the press of a button the main lights go out and on come the colored lights plus music! but i don't even know where to start? can anyone give me an idea of how to get going on this?

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Need help on battery set up

Hi All I am looking for a bit of help. I can't seem to find anyone to answer my question. We are working on an iot low power project that we plan to leave out in the field for up to 3 months at a time. We are using a Particle electron 3g module. It use 500ma per day when connected. It has two available power sources. 1 jst 3.7v port and 2 mini usb 5v - 12 v port. I am looking to make up a battery using lipo 18650 3.7v 2600amh components. Question 1. If I use the batteries in a 3s 13p set up I will have a 11.1v 38800mah battery, how long will battery last. ( I am getting the answer of 67 days from people but my question where dose the balance of the amp hours go as it is supplying power 11.1v and it only needs 5v to operate. How long will this take to charge and what is the quickest way to do this with out damaging the batteries. Question 2 Am I better using the 3.7v supply and stepping up the power on our mother board. If I do this I will build 39 of 3.7v 2600mah 18650 Lipos in parallel. How many days will this last for assuming that the step up module will work at 80% efficiency. How long will this take to charge and what is the quickest way to do this with out damaging the batteries. Sorry for such a long question but I can't get an answer. Peter

Question by Course Ranger 3 months ago  |  last reply 3 months ago

windows XP login password problems

I have never been prompted to enter a username or password to login to my PC computer running windows XP since I purchased my computer 4-6- years ago. I had it unplugged for about 2 weeks while I moved recently. When I plugged it back in, it prompted me for a password and since I never had one or set up the computer to use one to login, its impossible to use the computer or login. I would appreciate any help with this that doesn't require formatting the hard drive. I also don't understand why windows all of a sudden asked me for a password and won't let me login without one or at least run me through the process of setting up one since I never had to use one for this computer.

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Set up a Kodak 4200 projector to digitize slides

I've just posted an ible for quick, dirty, and cheap slide digitizing.  It's fine for iffy slides from a 110 camera.  But there is a box of perhaps several thousand slides made by serious photographers in the family.  I would like to digitize them (and would have access to a better camera than my point and shoot digital).  I've seen YouTubes of slide projectors combined with cameras to automate the process. I just picked up a 4200 Kodak projector (with a stack loader) for another purpose at Goodwill.   Can anyone make an ible for setting it up for digitizing with a Canon Power Shot  S70?

Topic by mole1 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

MS Win XP puter freezing upon boot up. How can I fix? :(

I have a home made PC that is about 4 years old that runs Microsoft XP, usually anyway.  I purchased it from the guy that built it.  All was wonderful until last week when it froze upon boot up right at the welcome screen.  All I can do now is a safe boot or shut her off.  I have no idea how to fix this problem.  I have seen lots of stuff online about how common this used to be.   I am happy to be directed to a site with instructions but do not know how to fix it when it won't run.  It seems most of the info out there in the cloud speaks of preventing the problem.  I have my original discs if needed to repair.  Thanks in advance for your help.  

Question by asmith73 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

hooking up an xbox 360 to a pc with xp and dial up internet ?

I have looked at the tutorials and still cant get it i guess i need it in dumb terms the tutorial on here shows vista and i cant figure the things out. when i try to link the xbox to the pc there is never a gateway so i dont know whats going on i also have a router i can use but i dont know if it will work with helping me with it or not. with my connection i have my phone line going into the modem and have my xbox hooked up through the ethernet card on my pc dont know if it needs to be hooked to that orif i need the router. any help i would greatly appreciate it i have been tryin to do this all day and tried it a whole bunch of ways and gettin sick of messin with it lol.

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1 mess up

Umm well its set up so you do not have to be Canadian to join this group, mistake.

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Windows XP Registry Repair

If your Windows XP has landed to a position where it has become nearly impossible to efficiently do any work, or it frequently crashes up or the system has obtained a habit of being hanged up in the middle of crucial activities. All these are symptoms that the registry has caused serious errors and the system requires registry repair. Occurring of registry errors is quite common in those operating systems which programs through Windows technology because as the system is being used, many programs are being installed and uninstalled, various hardware applications are added and removed, data files are created and deleted and various other such functions. A registry can be defined as the central point on any PC and is responsible to store the entire data which constitutes the core elements of the operating unit plus each and every other setting that is required during the course of using it. The time at which the data saved within the registry becomes corrupt, errors starts piling up in the back of the system which eventually surfaces with the passage of time. This can also be the main cause behind the slow startup of the Windows, random occurrences of Windows shutdown or several program errors that occur randomly and frequently. A Windows XP registry repair becomes necessary as the system ages because the quantity of programs and applications operated on it increases too. This increase in programming capabilities will create errors within the registry because of the accidents or mistakes made during the programming process. An example of this is that when the user is installing a new application and accidently the system turns off due to power failure or accidently unplugging of it. Since the downloading was still under process and was stopped abruptly, there are chances that some installation files are stored and incomplete configuration settings is now present in the registry because no way was provided to it to roll back to the application. These files, since are of no use for the system occupies not only space on the registry but can also create errors within it. In the course of performing a Windows XP registry repair, there are several options for doing this. The first way can be do it yourself by the use of primitive tools provided free of cost. The second option can be to buy registry cleaner software through which the registry will be cleaned automatically or the third way can be to render the services of a PC specialist and let him do the work for you. All the three options have some pros and cons in it. Performing a registry clean by yourself can be quite complicated as it is a very large area and fixing errors at your own might take a lot of time. Purchasing a registry cleaner on the other hand, is a good option if it has the features of analyzing and fixing the whole registry rather than certain area only. Rendering services of a specialist is also a good option but, it might be quite expensive touching to the limits of buying a new system in that price. About Author: This article is written by Jason Kelly, who also writes for, a site emphasizing on registry repair tool, windows registry repair, and windows xp registry repair.

Topic by franciscopmyers4 7 years ago

Is there a reason drummers set up their kits on a space rug? Answered

It's simply that. I always see drum kits set up on a small rug that they take with them. Why?

Question by PyroMaster007 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What did I just do?

If any of you out there who know lots about how the inside of my computer works could tell me what in the world I just did, that would be wonderful! Here's what I did: I clicked Start, clicked run, and typed 'CMD'. Command prompt opened up and I typed 'At (I put the time it would be 1 minute from when I typed it) /interactive "cmd.exe" After the minute went by a new command prompt opened up. I typed 'exit' in the old one. I did ctrl-alt-delete and ended the process 'explorer.exe'. After I killed that I typed 'cd ..' in the command prompt window, then I typed 'explorer.exe' and it opened back up. On my home computer I was signed in as SYSTEM at this point and on the computers in the computer labs at the community college I was logged in as the same user name as before except with a '$' on the end. At this point I appear to have privileges above an admin profile and I can access and edit all sorts of files and things I know an admin can't normally access. I can also do things to profiles, like give them admin privileges. I haven't figured out how to do this without setting the time I want it to start a minute ahead of the time it was when I typed it.... Is it possible? And I know the 'cd ..' brings me up a directory, why am I able to do this with explorer.exe closed? It appears to be a large security hole... I just want to know how/what just happened! Thanks! -DMC

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Setting up Xbox 360 Live with a pc running Windows 2000 Pro.

Will Win 2000 work or do we need a later version of Windows (XP, Vista)? Our access to internet is via dial-up (56k); I understand Xbox Live will work, albeit slowly.

Question by ctro 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to make a nerwork between windows xp and vista..step by step for begginers?

I have a xp system and a vista system and i was wondering how to set up the wires and how to change the setting on each computer if need very new at this and do not know where to begin..step by step instructions will be best for me to understand as i am very new at networking, thabk you

Question by slimjmb22 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

xp on aspire 5515 and i closed the screen to do something and when i came back it wouldn't turn on, any fixes?

Green power light is on, the charge light is on, but nothing happens, i thought it might just be the screen, but when i hooked up my computer monitor to it , still nothing. any ideas?

Question by timmyg52 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

500 error on Set up a slackline in Email

The 'Set Up a Slackline' instructable was in the email, but has a 500 error.

Topic by truk 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Ideas for setting up a stand in a little event? Answered

So i am getting a chance to set up a stand in a 'Carnival'. so any ideas? the audience is 10 to 16 year olds.

Question by Hafiz Mohammad Shayan Tariq 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to set up a heatsink...not inside a computer? Answered

Im thinking of buying a heatsink with a fan on it. If I dont put it in a computer will it work as long as it has electricity? Will it blow cool air on me if I set it up on a stand?

Question by Adum24 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Set up RepRap Pursa i3 Printer?

I have completed the build of my RepRap Pursa i3 printer. Where do I go from here? How do I set up the printer to make it ready to plug into my computer and start printing?

Question by HenryAT 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

set up a small-range radio station ?

I want to set up something like a radio station in my college for my department so that we can deliver the messages through that and my fellow mates can listen to it in a FM receiver (in their mobile). How can i do it in the cheapest way possible?

Question by navinn_11 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Fresnel lens with collimating lens set-up

Hi. Boatingman here. When I joined Instrucables several years ago, there was a post showing a fresnel lens salvaged from an old TV, then set up with the mirror from the same TV, and then set up with a set of collimating lenses. Now, of course, this didn't make an actual laser, but it did extend the useful range of the focal point and, thanks to the mounting system shown, could actually be aimed. I can't locate this "Instructable", so if anyone out there does have it (or if you have done something similar), could you please let me know. Thank you.    Ed

Topic by boatingman 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Air compressor set-up/not just for cars

Ive got all the fixns<need to run aroun 10x12 garage

Question by DOCCRASH 7 years ago