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Yellow boxes? Answered

I'm about to post an instructable about applique with some close up (but not blurry) photos that will really benefit from some yellow boxes for explantations of what I am showing, but for some reason I am not able to put yellow boxes in - is is because I have a Mac? When I tried to do this for my last instructable I was not able to. Is there a trick to it other than the instructions which I did follow. Thank you. PS I don't have a mouse with a right and left buttons (as refered to by Lemonie in his excellent answer to this very same question by some one else

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Yellow Fever

I'm peturbed, even that more at the quick flagging response, yet no help to my situation, regardless I'll ignore that. My mirage panel amp uses IRF640 mosfet transistors, and I did something to it in the process of trying to take an amperage reading with my multimeter between the two energized heatsinks (theres two mosfets for a mono output), after the big FLASH BANG, I pulled it apart after ripping the cord out of the wall. The only damage I can find is a small black pit that the spark made in the metal heatsink (actually it was pretty deep for a spark pit). I've checked the mosfet transistors, included cleaning the MASSIVE amount of ceramic thermal paste they smeared on there with some rubbing alch to get a nice clean surface on the heat sink and transistor. By the way, would arctic silver be a good substitute for the crap paste they put on there? They're designed to make contact with the heatsink anyways so I don't see why silver thermal paste would hurt it. But besides all that, I can't find any brown spots on the PCB or any bulging capacitors (there's only two main power caps), did I perhaps just flip some kind of internal circuit breaker built into the circuit as a whole, not just as a single device I can see? I'm wondering if I should just chuck it instead of putting it back together and plugging it back in to be greeted with another spark, although it didn't smoke or anything while it was plugged in after the spark, but I got a quiet humming sound on the sub and the music stopped coming through. Again, maybe I blew some kind of breaker? Oh and I know it's my fault guys, so don't be rubbing that in my face, I come here only for help and not to be a nuisance.

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White walls yellowing

Right so i cleaned off my white walls last night with some lava soap and purple power cleaner degreaser and scrub brush but i noticed they have a light browning effect not sure if that UV damage or some other type of oxidation.   ive checked around the interwebs and the only things i can come up with are  island girl sea glow,  bleche white and brillo pads with magic erasers am i stuck with the yellow??  ive only had these white walls since agust

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White and yellow corn?? Answered

  I was at a party and the chips changed.  After much research, I found that the chips had changed from yellow to white corn chips.  The yellow was much better but I never knew there was a difference in a chip.  I do understand mans 10,000 year cultivation of corn BUT what is the difference  between white and yellow corn?       Thanks

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why are pencils painted yellow? Answered

I like pencils and I was wondering why yellow?

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Yellow Gear with 84 Teeth!

I have a large collection of K'Nex and have discovered that a few of my yellow gears have 84 teeth instead of the usual 82. The shade of yellow is paler than usual and the spokes have a narrower shoulder near the rim. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Yellow Fever Vaccine Question

OK, big trip coming up, all the Kite Boys (including GrandfatherKite) are off to Kenya at the end of July. We'll be on safari around Samburu, Lake Naivasha, Treetops, that general area. We've had a bunch of vaccines already, and have our malaria tablets ordered, but we haven't had Yellow Fever vaccines yet. Here's the thing - should we? I've had conflicting advice from medical professionals (one said I need it, one said no need), probably down to a lack of experience in the area, so I'm wondering what you folk have to say. Yes, I know that free medical advice on the internet is frequently worth less than you pay for it, I'm just after some opinions or pointers on the risks vs benefits. Are the probable side effects worth it, given the potential risk involved?

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Arduino yellow drummer robot?

I was looking at building a yellow drummer robot that I saw in Make 25. I don't have a Picaxe, the problem is that I have seen pictuures and videos of people that have used arduino but no detailed instructions. Can anyone give me a link to instructions or  give me tips. The best help I have had so far is the code. But how do I connect it up? (I have a arduino deumonlatave, but it should still work). // Yellow Drum Machine Program for Arduino Uno // setup pins and variables for SRF05 sonar device int echoPin = 12;                               // SRF05 echo pin (digital 12) int initPin = 13;                               // SRF05 trigger pin (digital 13) unsigned long pulseTime = 0;                    // stores the pulse in Micro Seconds unsigned long distance = 0;                     // variable for storing the distance (cm) // setup pins for drivetrain motors int DCMotor1Drive = 10;                         // DCMotor1 Drive Pin (PWM 3) int DCMotor1Reverse = 3;                        // DCMotor1 Reverse Pin (PWM 10)       int DCMotor2Drive = 9;                          // DCMotor2 Drive Pin (PWM 6) int DCMotor2Reverse = 6;                        // DCMotor2 Reverse Pin (PWM 9) // setup pins for sonar pivot pager int SensorPagerRight = 11;                        // SensorPager rotate right Pin (digital #) int SensorPagerLeft = 5;                         // SensorPager rotate left Pin (digital #) // setup pins for drumstick pagers int Pager1 = 8;                           // Pager1 rotate forward Pin (digital #) int Pager2 = 2;                         // Pager1 rotate reverse Pin (digital #) int Pager3 = 1; int speed = 0; int averageDistance = 0;                        // stores the average distance value int mode = 0; // Function for sonar reader int readsonar() {   // variables to take x number of readings and then average them   // to remove the jitter/noise from the SRF05 sonar readings   const int numOfReadings = 10;                   // number of readings to take/ items in the array   int total = 0;                                  // stores the cumlative total     // create array loop to iterate over every item in the array   for (int i = 0; i < numOfReadings; i++) {        // Trigger sonar to take reading     digitalWrite(initPin, HIGH);                    // send 10 microsecond pulse     delayMicroseconds(10);                          // wait 10 microseconds before turning off     digitalWrite(initPin, LOW);                     // stop sending the pulse         // Read sonar distance     pulseTime = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);             // Look for a return pulse, it should be high as the pulse goes low-high-low     distance = pulseTime/58;                        // Distance = pulse time / 58 to convert to cm.     total= total + distance;                        // add the reading to the total   } return total / numOfReadings; } // Drivetrain movement command functions   /* Drivetrain Forward */   int goforward(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);   }   /* Drivetrain Reverse */   int goreverse(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }           /* Drivetrain Turn Right */   int goright(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }   /* Drivetrain Turn Left full speed*/   int goleft(int speed) {   analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);    }     /*Drivetrain turn around*/   int turnaround(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);      analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }     /* Pager Pulse functions */   int rightstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager1, 0);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   }     int leftstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager2, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   }     int tailstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager3, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);   }      //Operational Modes   //Target Seeking Mode  int findtarget() {    int Center = readsonar();    if (Center > 50)       goforward(255); //Go forward!    else      mode = 1; //  }     //Fine-Tune Targeting Mode  int lockontarget() {     // Reading and moving the sonar     int Center = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 1);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);     int Left = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 1);     delay (500);     int Right = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);         //Speed and Direction Control      if ((Center < Right) && (Center < Left)) {         if (Center > 50)           goforward(255); //Go forward!        else if (Center > 7)          goforward(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Right < Center) && (Right < Left)) {        if (Right > 50)           goright(255); //Go forward!        else if (Right > 7)          goright(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Left < Center) && (Left < Right)) {        if (Left > 50)           goleft(255); //Go forward!        else if (Left > 7)          goleft(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }  } //LET THE BEAT DROP! int makesomenoise() {    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);          tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    mode = 3; }      //Go Somewhere Else//  int runaway()  {    goreverse(255);  }               // setup void setup() {   pinMode(DCMotor1Drive, OUTPUT);                     // sets DCMotor1Drive as output   pinMode(DCMotor1Reverse, OUTPUT);                   // sets DCMotor1Reverse as output   pinMode(initPin, OUTPUT);                           // set init pin 13 as output   pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);                            // set echo pin 12 as input   pinMode(Pager1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager3, OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);    // initialize the serial port, lets you view the  // distances being pinged if connected to computer  //    Serial.begin(9600);   } void loop() {   if (mode == 0)     findtarget();   else if (mode == 1)     lockontarget();   else if (mode == 2)   {     makesomenoise();     turnaround(255);     mode = 0;   }   // Serial.println(mode, DEC);         // print out the average distance to the debugg }  

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Oodammo vs. Yellow rods??

I want to know if people want more Oodammo guns or guns that shoot yellow rods?? It only takes 10 seconds to reply. Killer~SafeCracker

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Connecting Yellow and blue Rods???

I have a cube made out of Yellow rods and one made of Blue rods. Each have part of a ball machine connect to it. Is there an easy way to connect the Yellow and Blue parts? I have been trying different things, but nothing makes me happy? Can anyone help??

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Little Yellow Drummer Robot

Good morning! I found this really cool, and pretty hilarious robot on Youtube: Anyway, I thought you should check it out, the rest of the Yellow Drum Machine Videos are on Youtube.

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condition yellow group created

Condition yellow offers video tutorials and tips on a variety of life skills, from first aid and fitness training, to hacking everyday objects. There is very much a diy, do-it-on-the-cheap attitude to all the tips and tutorials we offer, as we believe the best things in life come free. The site was born out of a desire to make life-enhancing, practical information easily available and digestable. By adding them to this group, your instructables will be considered for a feature on condition yellow.

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Adding yellow comment boxes to pictures

I'm having an issue adding those yellow comment boxes to pictures.  It seems it only let me add one set to one picture.  Also, the yellow box that it does allow stays inplace through all my photos.  I have to exit out of my instructable and go back in to get it to dissapear. Now its gotten worse and no matter what step i go to, it will only show my introduction statement. i cannot edit all the other text.

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What is this bright yellow growth on this log? Answered

No camera editing of any sort (no contrast or anything: it's really that brilliant Big Bird yellow). Found it in the woods here in Northern Vermont. What is it? It looks so cool, doesn't it? Photos taken summer '08.

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Which Gatorade Flavor is the Best, Red, or Yellow?

Which flavor do you like better?

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I cant make the yellow note boxes

The title says it all. I cannot view the yellow note boxes, nor can I post any. Whenever I try to post one, it shows up on every photo in that step of the instructable

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No yellow comment boxes on pictures using firefox

Hi, This is probably a problem at my side, not an Instructable-caused problem, but I'm not having problems with any other site right now so I feel inclined to ask it here. When loading an instructible within Firefox (using right now), while the pictures are loaded, briefly all the yellow comment boxes are displayed on top of the pictures. Then they dissapear. Forever. Hovering the mouse over the pictures doesn't bring them up again, neither does reloading the page help. I'm not sure what could be causing this. Loading a page in IE (version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp2) doesn't have this problem, but I don't feel like using IE for anything other than sites that really don't work within Firefox. I know it should work and has worked before, but can't remember what I could have done to cause this. Any ideas as to where to start? Using Windows XP professional, SP2 and (almost) all updates. thanks...

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What is this Yellow/Orange color in Quartz rock?

In the picture, what is the Yellow/Orange stuff?

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Why does this yellow light keep blinking?

This yellow light on my labeled "L"  i/o board is constantly blinking. And I keep trying to upload "blink" but it doesn't reset and it also makes the LED blink in that pattern to.

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Why is my rat's fur yellowing and clumping? Answered

I got her from the pet store a week or two ago and her coat was fine. But every time she cleans herself, her fur, especially in the butt area gets clumpy and yellow, but none of it falls out. And if I bathe her, it's back to normal until a day or two. What's going on?

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Yellow Roses a fairy tale and horror story

I awaken in a place I'm not familiar with. Seems I am in some sort of hospital, the white walls, they look padded, could it be I am here because of something mental? I really haven't a clue. The only thing I really remember is the man, I recently met, what I would call the man of my dreams. I just don't understand why I am here. I guess I will figure it out eventually. In the mean time I will think about my new suitor, this will calm my nerves. We met inocenntly enough, by bumping into each other literally. He was coming out of the dime store as I was going in and we just collided. He was so good looking, with his dark hair, beard, and blue eyes. He looked so good, he actually took my breathe away. After bumping ino him I say," Oh my goodness, I am such a klutz. I am so sorry" He replies," No harm done. I should have been watching where I was going. But it's not every day I bump into some one as beautiful as you. Let's start over, hi, my name is Dillion." Blushing, I answer back, " Strange way to meet some one. I am so sorry. Thank you for the compliment. I guess I at least owe you my name. My name is Laura. Again I am so sorry for bumpimg into you." " No need to apologize, maybe us bumping into each other was destiny. Maybe it meant for this to happen, so we could meet each other. Anyway, I would be honered if I could take you to dinner. How about tonight? We could meet right here, if you like, at least until you get to know me a little better. I want you to be at ease with me, not to think I am Jack the Ripper", then he laughs. " You aren't shy are you? O.K., we will meet here say at seven? I guess the least I can do is give you a chance, so I will see you here at seven." Dillion agreeing, the we part ways and I go back to shopping, but I can't get Dillion off my mind. I am just so excited about our date tonight, I literally can't be still. Soon it is almost six, so I rush back to my apartment to freshen up before I go to meet Dillion. Almost being seven, I rush back to the dime store, I surely don't want to be late for our first date. Arriving I see Dillion is already there, nevously pacing back and forth like an expectant father. I notice he is carrying a bunch of yellow roses, my favorite color. I make sure Dillion sees me so I don't startle him, walking up to him I say," Hi, have you been waiting long?" Dillion says," I been here for a few minutes. May I say you look beautiful. Also, I got you these. I hope you like them. " I am very flattered by the roses. Thank you so much. How did you know I liked yellow?" " Remember when I first met you, you were dressed in all yellow, just like you are now and may I say the yellow looks great on you because of your dark hair. Anyway I figured you like the color because of how you were dressed and it appears I was right. I thought maybe we go out to dinner, then we catch a movie, how does that sound to you?" " Dinner and a movie sound really good. You lead and I will follow." Here in Lake Charles, Loisiana not that many things to do like you would in a big town. We are just Cajun folk. We choose the movie 2012, because I have been dying to see it. But first we settle on great Cajun food at a restaurant known as Hebert's. Before that we make a quick trip to my apartment so I can put my roses in water. We arrive at the restaurant and lead to a table by the hostess. Then we are greeted by the waiter. I order catfish and Dillion orders gumbo. Waiting on the food, we have a couple of beers as we talk. Dillion says," Have you thought since we meet that maybe it was pre-ordained? I think you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, since we bumped into each other you have been the only thing on my mind. I feel privileged just to be in your presence." I look at Dillion feeling my face blush I say," Thank you for your kind words, you so flatter me. You could be right because since I met you I can't think of any thing else but you. There is definitely some kind of chemistry here wouldn't you say? I am always on guard because I have been hurt before, but with you I haven't even thought of this and don't really care. I just couldn't wait to see you again." " I must say I feel exactly the same way. I want to get to know you, do things with you and I hope this won't be our only date. You just leave me breathless." " I want to see you again also. You know I have lived in Louisiana a couple of years now and I have never been sight seeing. I have always had an interest in the supernatural and two places I wanted to see here is Magnolia Plantation and the Myrtles Plantation. The stories behind these places just fascinate me." " Well, we have something in common, an interest in the supernatural. I visited Magnolia Plantation once, all the voodoo practiced there, to think of it just gives me goose bumps. So if we agree to see each other this is something you would like to do? Soon our food arrives and we continue talking through out the meal, I love getting to know someone on this level. After we finish our meal we go to see 2012, after that Dillion drives me to my apartment, after arriving Dillion says," I was having such a good time, I hate for the night to end. Do you want me to walk you to your door?" " No, I will be fine but thank you for asking. I hate for the night to end also, so would you like to come in for a while?" " Are you sure it will be alright? I would love to come in." After we both reach the door, we walk in, the first thing I do is put on some music, then go to the kitchen to get a couple of beers. Dillion walks around the living room looking at pictures and things. Arriving back in the I hand Dillion his beer, but he puts it on the table, lightly grabbing me around the waist and starts dancing with me. This totally surprise me. I am totally swept off my feet. Then before I realize it we are sharing a very passionate kiss. Then he picks me up in his arms, us staring each other romantically in the eyes, and he heads toward the bedroom. I usually don't sleep with some one on the first date, but this I just couldn't help myself. We end up making wild passionate love all night. The next morning we wake up and after breakfast we decide to drive to and tour Magnolia Plantation, the plantation steeped in voodoo. After arriving here the feeling one gets , well there are no words for the depressive feeling one has. Dillion walks around like he is in a trance like he notices everything here. After that first date we become quite the the item. We are always together and do everything together. Dillion sends me yellow roses every week, to show his feelings for me and he knows these are my favorite flowers. After a couple of weeks things start to change as Dillion starts spending more time with himself and then claiming him not remembering where he was or what he was doing. But I love him and I trust him. One night we stayed together we get up the next morning and in the local paper is a story about a horrific murder. " It says here they think this murder was some how connected to voodoo because they found a mojo bag. The murder they think was some sort of sacrifice to the Gods. The mojo bag was made of red flannel which signifies love. They say the victim was a young male around the age of twenty. Now that will send chills up your spine. Now we have a killer that worships voodoo Gods. How appropriate." Dillion says, " It is probably just some nut after their fifteen minutes of fame. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Why worry? You will be safe as long as you are with me." Two weeks pass with no more incidents, until one day another murder reported in the paper with the same M.O. Dillion says," Are you still worried about this psycho? I can tell from the look on your face after reading the paper. No need to worry my darling. " I guess you are right but I would think any woman that lives alone would be sort of alarmed, don't you?" " I tell you what to ease your nerves why don't you come stay with me until they apprehend this nut. I promise you will be safe." " Perhaps you are right. I will stay with you for a while." Time passes about three months now and I am still staying with Dillion. This thing really scares me. We both go to work, go out sometime together, but there are times Dillion just disappears for hours and he has no explanation. One day I'm cleaning the apartment and there is a knock at the door. Upon answering it, it is the police wanting to speak with Dillion. I ask," Why do you want to see him? Has he done something?" The police say," We want to speak with Dilllion because we think he is involved in something." "Involved in what? He is with me most of the time." " All we can tell you is that we think he may be involved with the voodoo murders, I'm sure you have heard of. The mojo bags being red flannel, doesn't Dillion's work have something to do with red flannel?" It all starts to make sense now, the red flannel, the times he disappears with no memory, Then this thought just overwhelms my mind and my next moment I am aware of, I wake up here in this mental ward. According to the doctors here, Dillion was made up, just something in my mind. I was lonely so Dillion was a fabrication. The murders were real enough though and they bothered me so much I fit them in to my illustration. So they say I can't distinguish between reality and imagination. I see it is almost time for me to see the doctor again but first I hear a knock on my room door. I say," Come in." In comes an orderly carrying a bunch of yellow roses.

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I have two dogs and a small backyard and their urine kills the grass. What can I use to stop the grass from dying?

Their urine produces yellow spots and eventually the grass dies.

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how many yellow cons are in knex heavy cannon? Answered

Yeh its alot but ill sub and 5* all ibles (if not all ready done)

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Can someone create a REMOVABLE, yellow rod magazine??? Answered

I would like a visually pleasing, yellow rod magazine. It should preferable be removable and I would like it to have an internal mag pusher. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP???

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How do I Connect Yellow and blue Rods?

I have a cube made out of Yellow rods and one made of Blue rods. Each have part of a ball machine connect to it. Is there an easy way to connect the Yellow and Blue parts? I have been trying different things, but nothing makes me happy? Can anyone help??

Question by imans314    |  last reply

Need help sourcing yellow or rgb ultrabright leds

Hi, I am getting tired of ordering "we promize this is ultra bright yellow leds", and then either receive very low luminosity leds, or "590nm" leds which looks orange, not yellow, to me. Useless to say that each time I have to order 50 leds just to see them, or to pay $1 leds with $5 for shipping. So, if anybody know where to find 5mm ultra bright yellow leds, I would really appreciate this information. Maybe using and RGB led is the good solution : since it will use red + green, it will certainly be brighter than the 590nm leds I've found. And if they are common anode, I can use only RGB leds an play with the spare TCL5940 I bought for the mood light :) If someone can take picture of good yellow leds, or RGB leds, with also some ultra bright blue and yellow leds on the picture so I can compare them, it would be nice. If anybody is willing to trade 2 or 4 a few of this yellow or RGB leds for some other colors (or for some plastic optic fiber ?), it would be VERY nice. Of course, the led have to be still aviable at a decent price so I can order a pack of 50 or 100 after I have tested them or seen them in .jpg . Thanks you, tReg.

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Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war?? Answered

Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war?? I am working on a new gun and I want to know. Thanks Killer~SafeCracker

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How do you add notes to pictures that you post? Answered

I've seen all these instructables with pictures that have yellow squares/rectangles that when you mouse over them you get a note. How do you add these notes? Thanks 2343

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Whats this weird looking Component?(pic included)?

And yes,Tell me what it does. I have never seen such a thing,It came from some speaker box that had knobs to controll the tweeter and woofer(it was in the trash) Edit:Also The woofer and mid speakers where blown I could have taken the speaker,for its coil but i did not.

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Wildlife CCTV repair question

So, I accidentally agreed to fix a friend's IR wildlife camera,  which has had the cable mostly ripped off. I have three wires to solder back to a crowded circuit board, but I don't know which goes where, and I've never done SMT soldering like this. I've tried finding diagrams or manuals, but I haven't managed to yet. Does anybody have any ideas? (In the photos, the only wire soldered in place is the black one, and the jacks are the end of the cable away from the camera)

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Can someone please build a removable magazine for yellow rods? Answered

I am building a sniper that shoots yellow rods, but i can't create a good enough magazine for it. Please HELP! i would like it to look like Ironman69's removable magazine if possible.

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Why do yellow (amber) & lime green LEDs suck?

In my experience, I have dealt with many colors of LEDs, and from what it seems, red, neon green, and blue LEDs tend to be pretty good at producing light as well as surviving abuse. They also tend to require the least amount of current. However, I have found that almost all the the classic lime green and yellow LEDs are very different, and generally don't give much light output even with significant amounts of current! I have a couple of ultra bright red and blue LEDs at the moment that will glow bright enough to see them easily only a 100 microamps! That is something I simply cannot do with any of the yellow or green LEDs I've ever had! A bit of research shows that GaN and InGaN is commonly used for the blue and neon green LEDs, while GaAsP, AlGaInP, and GaP are typically used for the old-school red, amber, and lime green LEDs. I imagine brighter and more rugged yellow LEDs must exist, given their use in stop lights and road signs. Do they in fact exist? Or is our yellow LED technology still stuck in the 1980s due to little interest in them and little to no R&D;? The reason I ask is because I want to build a light source utilizing amber and blue LEDs to mimic white light, and I'm purposely trying to select colors which will give a white light w/ extremely low CRI. However I want yellow LEDs that are a closer match to blue LEDs in terms of intensity, and preferably, efficiency. I did some small scale experiments with some unknown LEDs salvaged from christmas lights, and I am impressed how poorly this light renders colors! (and how quickly my 15 ohm resistor went up in smoke driving all the yellow LEDs I had to use to equal the light from a couple of blue LEDs!) although the light hitting white paper appears purplish white, colored objects seem ghostly and take on either a deep blue, muddy grey, or yellow. Perfect for maybe a haunted house ambient lighting! Add a 50Hz capacitive driver to get some good flicker and presto, worst light quality EVER! :D

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I haven't got those picture tags/yellow boxes?

Hi everyone, I'm just writing to say that when I'm using Instructables and I'm logged and everything, I don't get those yellow boxes around particular places in a picture. I know they exist, because my brother (Kryptonite) gets them in most of his pictures (those which he sees and those which he posts). Does anyone know how to fix this? Could it be that there's an availabe Java update? Thanks, Moofish.

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I have 49 yellow cons what should i do?

 I have 49 yellow cons i need a good sniper (im looking for good range)

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How do you safely tint a Motorcycle Face visor yellow?

How would one tint a face visor yellow? Not clear yellow but a pretty solid yellow that you can't be seen from the outside but you can see through from the inside? Whats a good way to do this that's safe and such.

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what should i make using two yellow large gears? Answered

I just got two cogs for my birthday

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im buying a old ps3 that has the yellow light of deathPLEASE HELP

I can only have 60$ FOR MY BIRTHDAY doese anyone know how to fix it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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please help yellow jackets have invaded our humming bird feeder

Hello everyone i have quite the question for you you see i have a humming bird feeder and for the past 3-4 years we have enjoyed humming birds all summer long but ever since the yellow jackets have found the feeder the hummers are nowhere to be found we have tried searching for the nest but no luck if anyone has any ideas please post them also see the picture below to get an idea of the type of feeder i am using thank you, fidgety

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Anyone think they could build one? I've been thinking about it.I think what it does is compare 2 different freuqencies (of the song, I'm just going to totally ignore the camera in the eyes part, just want a dancing yellow robot) and depending on the difference of the frequencies it moves a different amount. It probably only moves to lower frequencies, only to beats of songs and not the singing.anyone up to it? I might try...

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Stoplight Status Indicator Project

I have never attempted a project before and I imagine it maybe be somewhat simple for some of you.  If I could get any advice on this I would really appreciate it. I would like to make a "stoplight" that consists of three lights/signals.  Yellow, Red and Green.  I'd like to be able to switch what color light is activated by pushing one (or three buttons if that's easier) but only one light should ever be on at one time.  If one button is used then the order the lights would cycle in each time the button is pressed is Yellow --> Red --> Green --> Yellow --> Red --> Green etc etc... Additionally, I'd like a timer to start whenever the Red light is lit.  After the timer reaches 2 minutes I would like the Red light to start flashing on and off.  Basically a warning that the red light has been on for 2 minutes.  Ideally the timer length would be changeable to anywhere from 1-4 minutes.  Also, as a bonus if some sort of LED timer could actually should the timer counting up from zero that could at least count up to 9 minutes 59 seconds that would be awesome. I could easily enough just make a 3 buttons that turn on/off a light, but here are the two main things I need help with: 1) How do I make it so that when the Red light comes up the timer starts and flashes the light at 2 minutes? 2) How do I make a single button cycle between turning on each of the three lights in order each time the button is pressed (e.g. Press once it turns on Yellow and Red & Green off, press again it turns off yellow and turns on Red, press again and it turn off Red and turns on Green, etc Thanks in advance!

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How do i make a capacitor charger circuit? Answered

I am talking about one for in a coilgun. i had a old (very old, 1.3mp) samsung digimax 101 digital camera, I decided that since i have moved on it was time to take it apart for the rich insides. I knew what to look for, so i found it; the transformer for the capacitor charging circuit and the big cap for it. I unsoldered the transformer piece, cut the wires from the cap (it was not mounted on the board), and unsoldered the flash which had not 2 but 3 wires coming from it. one was yellow, one was green, and one was black and was attached to the deflector behind the flash. the black wire was connected to a small black piece that looked a lot like the charger transformer but only had two active pins instead of four. im not sure what it is for, i think it is a self resetting fuse, incase the camera short cicuits, but im not sure. any insight on that would also be helpful. Back onto the subject, i would like to know what i need (other than the yellow transformer piece) to make the charger circuit. I have heard there was a transistor, would it be NPN or PNP? there was also a diode, i am guessing one of the black ones, but is there anything else? i have those three things if that is all i need, but how do i solder it all together? thanks in advance, z247 PS: the yellow transformer has only 4 pins that actually do anything, one is between two on one side and is only for support. either that or i accidentaly broke it.

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does anyone know any type of mods for a yellow bee rc plane?

Im trying to moddify my rc plane "yellow bee", and i was wondering if anyone has figured out any types of mods that they have tryed and how they went

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How / Where do I plug in the yellow symbol for drums in guitar hero?

Might seem like a silly question but I just got my ps2 back and world tour. Tried to set up the drums, I could see where the orange symbol went and the foot pedal but for the life of me cannot find a place to plug in the yellow symbol. Could some one please get back to me so I can rock on. Thanx...

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How to detect yellow school bus from 100 to 200 yards away? Answered

Is there any type of electronic component that I can use to build something to detect a yellow school bus that is up to 200 yards away? I live on a very straight busy road. From my mailbox I can see about 300 yards down the street before it curves. Is there something out there that would allow me to build a device, mounted to my mailbox post, that will chime a bell in my house when it detects a yellow school bus approaching from at least 100 yards away? Note that I believe it must have the ability to detect color because we also get a lot of big trucks driving by that could set it off if I were detecting by size. Just wondering if this would be possible. Thanks! - John

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TINY YELLOW HOUSE- webshow- episode #1 (tiny cabins- junk construction)

Here's a link to episode #1- as a test run of sorts. Subsequent mini-features will cover some more in depth, step-by-step construction of several different redneck-thrift building projects. -Deek Author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."

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