are you in this?

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How do you make a group?

How do you make a group? Do you have to be pro or can you make one on a free account? Ca yo make more than one group o a free account, or do yo have t e pro for more than one?

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Thank you

Thank you for giving me ideas to pull creativity out of the Grandkids.!!

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Thank You

Whoo. Thank you for joining my group.

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If you could...

If you could... Spend an hour anywhere in the universe, at any point in time, where would it be? Meet 5 different people, from any point in time, who would they be? Have any one "superpower," what would it be? For me: Place: Mars, about 70 years ago. People: 1) Ernest Chappell, actor on Quiet, Please!, a 50's radio show. 2) Wyllis Cooper, writer for Quiet, Please! 3) Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series. 4) Ernest Emerson, founder of Emerson Knives and the Emerson Combat System. 5) Mikkel Maltha, the keyboardist/ bassist/ backing vocalist for the Danish band CRYOSHELL. Superpower: The ability to alter my molecular density, rather like Seth's in "Race to Witch Mountain" What would you choose?

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You is down

Whenever I go to my You page, I get the "Instructables is down, watch this video, at least it's not velociraptors" page. This only happens on my You page, all other pages (including editing) are working fine). Happened last night using FireFox, and right now using IE.

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Are you a woodworker?

How you can tell that you are a real woodworker. Do you have any other ideas?

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do you.....

Do you play the halo online free trial? if so, tell me your screen name so i can play against you.

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Are you the noob?

Whenever you owned someone on matchmaking does it ever dawn on you that that was you in 2007 (when halo 3 came out) But for the people that just purely (suck...) it's just sad...... SO TELL US YOUR MOST AMAZING NOOB KILL!!!!!!

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"You Page"

This is in reference to a typo in the drop down menu at the right side of the header (it shows the user's icon and says "You").  The first option in this dropdown is "You Page", but it seems it should actually be "YouR Page"

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can you...

For the pocket sized contest, can you make instructions for how to add pockets to pants/shorts?

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If you are in Korea...

I run a makerspace ( in Uijeongbu.  We also have a language exchange on the 2nd and 4th saturday of each month.  If you live in Korea(Seoul/Uijeongbu) you are more than welcome to come and get some help with your Instructable :)  (Not to mention having a place to work on such things ;)  )

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Thank you!

I just have to say to everyone who has contributed to Instructables, as well as the creators of this site, that I think this is the greatest web site since craigslist. Thank you all so much for your tremendous creativity and generosity. I've only known about Instructables for 3 days (since a mention on NPR's Weekend Edition) and have already built 2 instructables. Thank you all again, and again, and many times more. May all of you living in the northern hemisphere enjoy a wonderful harvest festival and may all of you living in the southern hemisphere enjoy a successful planting season.

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Thank you?

I'm speechless. Well, I'm as speechless as I get.  I'm sitting here with a bit eejit grin on my face because somebody has instigated a conspiracy, and I am the subject. Scoochmaroo has written a guide about me! Somebody put her up to it, more than one somebody, apparently. I have my suspicions, naturally, but nobody has owned up, yet. So, whoever you are, I thank you.  This site has been important to me for a long time, but this is really special, better than any of the prizes I've won, better than all the "feature" tags... Like I said... about as speechless as I get.

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You asked for it!

Don't blame me, blame whatsisface, Nacho and zach. Really. Blame them. Hunt them down if you have to, and blame them with hot pointy things! Zeroth Law If an Instructable exactly like yours has not already been posted, then you shall post your Instructable. Addendum to the Zeroth Law If your Instructable has an identical goal to a pre-existing Instructable, but achieves that goal by a different or improved route, or in a different style, then you shall also post your Instructable. First Law On the Instructables website, the use of correct English shall be a constant criterion. Second Law An unsuitable thread isolated from replies will descend the list into obscurity. Addendum to the second law Spam advertisers may be chastised through the Private Message system to prevent their thread's longevity. Third Law As the level of civility approaches absolute zero, the uselessness of an exchange of posts approaches infinity. Knock yourselves out, chaps. Please. Addenda, following public request: Notes on the Zeroth Law. Notes on the First Law. Notes on the Second Law. Notes on the Third Law.

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HHO and you!

Ok, so hho has become the new fad in the mpg race, but is it really effective?  Conservation of energy dictates that the energy required to separate water in to its base components is equal or greater to the energy released during its reconstitution.  The key to making HHO a viable source of additional fuel would be utilizing the waste heat from the engine to provide the electricity needed. TEG's + exhaust manifold + water = ? Discuss!

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Thank you...

Hello again, long-time no-see Instructables K'Nex community! I figured I'd make one last forum topic as a sort of farewell. This community was pretty incredible to me and for me in my early years of high school. Instructables was such a intuitive outlet for my free time years ago, and I wanna thank everybody who was there to tell me that my early K'Nex creations were trash. As sarcastic as that may sound, I mean it in all sincerity. Criticism is a good thing to learn from, and it has made me into the person I am today. Thanks again everybody! I'm not eloquent enough to describe how much those 2 1/2 - 3 years meant (and mean) to me. I've got one or two more things up my sleeve before I go though, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, check out this pre-view of my latest project. Lastly, if you are into gaming (a bit of self promo here), I decided to do something that no one else has done before, start a gaming channel. If you see something you like, subscribe, yada yada yada, tell your friends, yada yada yada... -The Red Book of Westmarch (I had no idea how much I missed typing that out at the end of every instructable)

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Are you in Florida?

At the moment, this is an extremely idle thought, but are there any active Instructablers in Florida, or cool science/tech places to visit with a group of teens studying physics? (apart from Canaveral, of course).   I am in the "wouldn't it be cool if" stage of planning a school trip with a colleague - we want to go and take selfies with rocketeers, but we need more than that to justify the trip as educational.  Official venues are good, but it would be kind of cool to be able to take them off-piste. Please do not take this question as a guarantee that the trip will happen, or that we will have time to meet with everybody who answers.  

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Are you to blame?

OK, I know it's a deliberately attention-grabbing topic name. Sorry about that.There was a post on the Bamboo bike frame, essentially saying "a disclaimer that this could be dangerous isn't enough; people aren't qualified to judge the strength of their homebuilt bike frames so might still get hurt even if they are careful", which attracted a lot of ire, but also a response from whiteoakart reframing the question, thus:As a maker and writer of an Instructable, what is your responsibility to keep your readers safe? How far does your culpability extend?This is obviously a knotty issue, and one that seems to have a range of attitudes across the board- some people say "pointy things are pointy, hot things are burny, don't hurt yourself" and leave it at that, some people list all the grievous injuries possible from their Instructable.In my opinion, there are two major things to consider:Is a person likely to do themselves harm even taking reasonable precautions?An Instructable on how to weld, with clear advice on breathing protection, eye protection and not electrocuting yourself should be "safe"An Instructable on free rock climbing, even with all the advice in the world about how to climb well, could easily get someone killed because free climbing is inherently dangerousIs the intended audience capable of accurately assessing the risks? The risks of a table saw are obvious- put your hands in the wrong bit and it will cut them off- but the risks of high-voltage electrics are harder to judge with simple "common sense" because a seemingly minor fault could be lethal.Both of these have an element of "reasonable" to them- if you make your instructions foolproof nature will give you a bigger fool, but there is a point at which it is reasonable to assume that a sensible person following your instructions with care and attention will not injure themselves.More thoughts?

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What annoy's you?

Tell me guys, what annoy's you?  I'll start CATS suck-ups Mini knex BrittanySpears People who think they can dance good but cant Constantly cracking your knuckles well you get the point

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the evil of you tube

Gah look how much cpu and net traffic uploadig a vid on the tube makes! help

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Two different you pages

When logged in theres the spot that shows your image and says you in the upper right corner. If you right click on it and select open link in new tab you get the good you page - This one lets you see your favorites, New stuff from people you folllow and other good stuff. But now if you left click on it a drop down box appears and clicking the word you takes you to a worse page - <--- the last part would be your user id. This page doesnt let you see who you follow, your premium membership info, or a bunch of other info such as your image library

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what are you getting for christmas? tools?

Just wondering what you guys are getting for christmas. is there any new cool tools out? cheap? i am getting the dremel stylus, by the way is it good? i am also getting a tool box kit. (soldering iron, pliers, etc)

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Unable to access the /you page. (503 Service Unavailable)

When I try to access the /you page on ibles, I get the error pictured below.  I have tried clearing out Cookies and Cache.  I run the latest version of Firefox 4.  This has gone on for a few days now, and I have no way to check and see who has replied to my comments or posts anywhere. And while I'm at it why is the /you page so slow to load things like comments?

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Do you have what it takes for the Design and Build challenge?

I have been researching and think a lot about mobile structures specifically campers that are light weight and highly efficient. After spending a substantial amount of time looking around to see what designs are out there I have concluded that there isn't much. This fact bothers me for a few reasons but mostly because I have a vested interests in this topic. Come march I plan to begin living in a small camper while traveling around the country for several months the only catch is I am going to build it. So my question is what idea's can you all come up with that fit within these guidelines. 1- It must be relatively comfortable for two to live in but cannot exceed 60 sq ft. 2- It must include a toilet, shower and sink as well as a space for a camping stove 3- It must be insulated and have windows for ventilation and natural light 4- It must have storage space 5- The interior must be no less than 6ft tall so that I can stand up straight while the exterior cannot exceed 9ft. 6- It must have a water tank but I do not want any electricity / plumbing and I do not intend on carrying water while in transit. As of now that’s pretty much it for requirements. I should mention that this structure is going to be towed by a ‘05 Honda civic 4 cylinder automatic so the entire unit cannot exceed 1100 lbs trailer included. I don’t wish to destroy this vehicle by towing a camper 5,000 miles around the country but I do plan to add an extra transmission oil reservoir for cooling purposes. I hope some of you find this of interest and have some ideas to share with me. I have some thoughts of how I can make this sucker but I wanted to put my thoughts out and see what someone else comes up with. Thanks and I hope you create something beautiful and functional. Sincerely, C 

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Ok, thank you to all who helped me "search myself".....

I FOUND IT ! After MUCH soul searching, I finally found my trigger and it is NO WONDER I was having a difficult time "coming to this conclusion" it is because the trigger itself was preventing me from admitting the trigger to myself LOL I think I shall go and Irony some shirts now ;-) FEAR ! The great negative motivator. I had failed at a few projects, and feared starting ANYTHING, for fear of another disappointment. Now, it really is simple; I came to this when I realized I was starting to come out of my depression, but not all the way, and was preparing and preparing, and gathering "intelligence" and info, but still delaying the start of the project......I always needed more INFO but only because I feared having the whole thing FLOP. It came to me this morning and I felt relief that NOW I can move past that, and get to work on changing it, because I have never feared failure in this way before. But then, I am getting old and doddering ;-)

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Default sort of published instructables

When entering in You link to view my published instructables, by default they appear sorted by recent, but the sorting bar:sort by: recent | views | name | comments | rating seems to say that they are sorted by views, because this word is bold instead of recent, that is the true default sorting.

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User statistics report -- changing duration zeroes result

The newly-resurrected user statistics feature appears to have a bug.  If you switch the time duration from "last month" to "last year", all the bin values go to zero, and the plot scale runs from -1 to 0:

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Thanks for the Robot Hoodie!

It just came in the mail. Awesome! (I've mislaid my camera, so unfortunately I can't get a super-snazzy shot of it). This will be great to wear to school. Thanks again for the hoodie!

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How do I get past firewall to get to youtube?

My parents got really mad and blocked youtube and I feel like all my knowledge comes from there what should I do?

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What is the code for the project consists of lcd with IRsensors with arduino uno project Answered

What is the code for the project consists of lcd with IRsensors with arduino uno project it works at the expense of the number of cars that pass the street with an account number in an hour and one which looks like the work of the work of system accounting system

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Watchya think?

The Deadly Human Spore Soon there will arise the four That billions have called folklore And the evil that our age has had in store Will finally cause the uproar And what is to come none will adore The white will knock at the door A knock that none will be able to ignore. And all shall hope for a savoir For none want to be on the plutonian shore. He will judge the corrupt and "pure" And all will hit the floor. The red will gallop and drip blood across the moor, And all man shall engage in war. And the drums of battle will roar, As the sword of combat will bring down more, Than ever imagined outside the four. The black will trot as all will implore To find which will be the cure To all the hungry, diseased, and poor. This will invoke the final score Before the Sage comes to the floor, And all will wish to god they hadn't swore. The sage will smite priest and whore, As the last horseman of the four. And he will fulfill the lore, Of plague and sickness to the core. When all is no more A white dove shall emerge and shall soar And all the peace will restore. Then shall rise the raw power of the boar. No beast, no insect, no life will deplore The ridding of the deadly human spore. Note: i dont believe in god, the four horsemen r just a device i used to invoke the destruction of man for the preservation of nature. And yes i wrote this after watching The day the earth stood still (the new version). And if your confused about the colors there the colors of the horses the four horsemen rode, each color having a meaning (go wikipedia it) Feedback pwease and ty

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Why are you here?

Why are you here? Are you here for knex? Are you here for electonics? Are you here for knitting? Are you here for customizing your own stuff? Why are you here? Just asking cause it seems like its going slow and boring lately, like another topic said.

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Are you gonna vote?

It is you duty as an American after all ;-)Unfortunately, I'm only 16, and thus cannot vote yet...Well, before this turns into a God v. Darwin thread (FSM forbid!), let me just remind everyone to Be Nice - no political bashing; you're welcome to say why you want to vote for such and such candidate, but let's not say how much the other guy is awful and start a fight, cause that's not cool.So, are you voting? Who are you rallying for? Why? How? True or False? GO! ;-)

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/you/backtalk not working

Hey, since today the /you/backtalk page isn't working anymore as it is supposed to, command strands only display up to two comments now, no matter how long they are, even if you add &comments;=all Example:;=CQRKBINHQVLDS70&comments;=all That comment strand is longer than that! It is pretty annoying IMO as those links are the ones that get sent out in the emails. Hope you can fix it soon, Sorunome

Topic by Sorunome 

How Tall Are You?

I'm not quite sure what's brought me to asking y'all how tall you are, and I'm not sure why I care this much, but how tall are you? I'm 13 years old, and 6 foot tall, without shoes. I'm taller than most of my teachers, and only a few other kids are my height or taller. People literally look up to me. So, if y'all could post your heights, I'd sure like to know!

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YOU page bugs

A couple of bugs on the settings pages - first off, clicking on change email>manage alerts just throws you back to "update your profile"...unless I'm missing something, I don't see any place to manage alerts from that. (Clicking on the link up top to manage email alerts does work, however) I could be way off-base, but it seems like the WATCHLIST object (as opposed to, say, EMAIL) is maybe invalid or something like that?Also, I have several collaborations, but my collaborations tab shows 1 collabs (and it only shows that 1 after joining another - it displayed 0 for a while). Oh, and on the way here I noticed that when you go to Submit>Bug, instead of taking you there directly you go to Community>Help. Dunno if that's intentional or not. =]

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Thank You, Instructables

Five years ago today I joined Instructables. Since then I’ve posted 52 projects, favourited 510, and read far too many to count. I wanted to thank the Instructables community for all it has done for me over the past 5 years. Firstly, it gave me an outlet for my creativity. I’d always loved fabrication and design, but until joining the site I had no real reason to push myself to create anything new or different. Without Instructables I probably would have been content to limit myself to the projects assigned in wood and metal shop classes at school, and would likely never have broken out of the mould and began to design my own projects. Secondly, it helped me learn. Whether I was reading someone else’s Instructable or the comments on one of my own, I could always find some new, unique perspective that I never would have thought of. Thirdly, it taught me to persevere. Many of my projects had points where I was frustrated or dejected with how they were turning out, but I always pushed through them so that I could share my work with the community. Finally, it taught me to never stop making. There are so many projects out there I want to try, and so many ideas I want to share with the community; I think I’ll be busy for years to come. So thank you, Instructables. Here’s to five more great years.

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"You" dropdown shortcuts not rendering

I keep a shortcut to questions and answers in my 'you' dropdown top right of the page. In my personal settings I have it set to still show those links, but with the new rendering of the you dropdown I have other stuff Inbox (0) Favourites Instructables Drafts Create ...etc... no shortcuts :(

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iPad "You" bubble problem

Hello, i am experiencing problems with iPad safari browsing in the site.  When I click on the "You" button on the top right corner, whatever I want to click after that is impossible. The bubble disappears and whatever was under my finger is selected and clicked. This way I cannot see messages, shortcuts or log out. These can be found if I add "/you" in the browser bar, but it is more complicated. Has anyone found a fix for that?

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Can't get to You page on iOS

When browsing from mobile Safari on both iPhone and iPad, when you touch the You drop-down and try to select one of the options there, the menu just vanishes, and you end up somewhere else (like the Tech Shop), in my case. I tried multiple times. Very frustrating. This is why I was unable to redeem my Pro code on a mobile device.

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/You page not showing content or notifications

To my great surprise getting on today, I found my /you page is no longer carrying any of my content or notifications. Can someone tell me how I can remedy this problem?

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Thank you Instructables Instructable - go see!

Simple: go see.Bumpus & gmjhowe put a lot of work into organising it - it deserves your views.

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Bug, clicking on a link in "You" submenu in iPad

I'm trying to tap on one of the submenu items using my ipad and it is not working: after logging in, I see the "You" link at the top right of the page. I tap on it and I see the submenu. Tapping on any links in that submenu makes the submenu vanish and I end up tapping on whatever links happen to be sitting behind 

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A Thank You to One Very Thoughtful Little Girl

This last Wednesday, while sitting in my daughter's hospital room,  I picked up my computer and checked my e-mail.  There was a message from Cattrampoline wishing for my daughter to get well soon.  It took me a moment to put it all together.  My little girl, known here as sistergldnhair, has a best friend, known here as themoose64.  Moose posted to let the Instructables community know about SGH's upcoming surgery. Here is the truth.  I am 45 years old and I did not see what one 11 year old little girl saw.  I should have know, but I missed how important this site is to SGH and just how much she would love to receive well wishes from the people here.  On a trip to California last year, all SGH wanted to do was see Instructables.  I heard for months about how she got to meet Fungus Amongus and Angelabchua and how she got to play with Angie's dog.  She was practically bouncing when one of her Instructables was Featured and squealed when Scoochmaroo and Penelopy sent her a comment.  She also did a Forensic speech on Instructables.  Wrote Eric an e-mail.  He responded with some links and she worked and worked on her project.  And a few months ago, we had planned to attend the Instructables event in Chicago.  Unfortunately the same day as that event, SGH had to have an MRI/MRA of her brain.  The dye made her quite sick and we were not able to go.  One very heartbroken little girl. She was scared to have the surgery, which was to her forehead above her right eye.  Afraid of the anesthesia and afraid of how she would look when it was all done. Moose wrote a post and received some criticism for spelling you as U and a few other mistakes in language usage.  I absolutely, 100 percent understand that criticism.  I edit and proofread for a living and I really do get it.  I am not at all fond of this texting lingo, but putting that part of the post aside, the meaning behind it was significant.  Two little girls that have been best buddies since Kindergarten and one of them did an amazing thing for the other in an effort to make this difficult time a little easier. So, I thank themoose64 and I am so thankful that I will have the opportunity to see her grow into an amazing young lady. As for my SGH, the surgery was a little more complicated than they thought.  She was very sick and the first smile she was able to give me was when I read her cattrampoline's message. She is very swollen and can't move her face yet.  This is all very traumatic, but we know it is only temporary.   Today is better, as I expect each day will be.  And she is working on her next Instructable, a hospital gown for children that keeps your backside covered =)

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Broken &quot;Contest Entries&quot; section

In the "you" section of the site, where one can view the feed from members you are following, contest entries, etc., suddenly the ability to view one's contest entries has broken. Instead of seeing a clickable image of the entry, there is a blank white box with the word "by" in it, and it isn't clickable. The same happens when trying to view someone else's profile page. I've tried it in both Chrome and Firefox, and it's identical, so I'm guessing it's a site problem. Hope it's fixed soon!

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New Personal Page Layout

. I like the new layout. Picture courtesy of caitlinsdad

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Wow, Really?

Now I've seen it all.The original: Cupcake ConesCopy: Cupcake Cones

Topic by bumpus   |  last reply

Billy Mays is Dead

TMZ reports that Billy Mays has past away this morning, he was 50..'''LINK'''Two celebrities dead, both at 50 years old...O_o

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