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Respect the Innocence of Young Viewers

Don't Let Your Morals Down Please don't fall victim to the desire to increase readership by forsaking morality and decency. There is no excuse for the revealing lingerie photos on a site frequented by children. There is enough of that elsewhere. Though I post little, I am a professional member who has three patents. Big deal. I love this site and enjoy creativity, but not at the expense of innocent viewers looking at suggestive photos. I can tell from the many replies/suggestions to well-meaning contributors that sarcasm and ridicule reign above constructive criticism; so, I do not expect this post to be popular; none-the-less, just like you I have the God-given right to express my opinion and attempt to curtail the downward spiral becoming evermore evident.

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Are there any youngsters on Instructables????? Answered

Ok so, im 12, is there anyone within or below the 10-18 age group other than me? am i alone???

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How to make money as a young teen?

I am 14 years old and live in the US. I don't live in a neighborhood, so mowing lawns, housework, lemonade stand (etc.) is out of the question. I do however live near a gas station, that if after school, I can be dropped off at using the bus. Is that the best option for me? If not, then what is?

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Eee, when I were young...

In no particular order...We had a single telephone in the house, landline, rotary dial, and several neighbours didn't have that.One TV in the house. CRT, 15 inch screen.Only three TV channels.They weren't on all night. They weren't even on all day.Black and white, all the way - TV, camera filmOnly two transistor radios in the house, running off 9V batteries the size of my fist.Most stations were on AM & LW bands. Commercial stations broadcast from "abroad".One record player in the house, which still have a position on the speed selector for playing 78rpm discs.Headphones the size of scotch eggs were the norm, not a fashion statement.No mobile phones at all.No game systems.No hand-held units.No home computers (the ZX81 came out when I was 14).The internet wasn't even a pipedream.The largest libraries had microfiche.Foreign holidays were a luxury - the only £10 trip was a one-way ticket to Australia.I did not see a black man in the flesh until I was 13. Oriental later the same year.Seat belts were not only optional, they were often not fitted.Ladders were toys, not a risk to life and limb.No speed cameras. Speed traps involved measured distances and policemen with stop-watches.No central heating.No double glazing.No catalytic converters.Petrol had lead in it, but only cost pennies a gallon.If you spent an hour in London, your snot turned black. If you spent a day there, it stayed black for a week."CCTV" was just a random collection of consonants.Old factories were called "derelict", not "industrial heritage", and kids called them "playgrounds".The bombsites were still blamed on Hitler.Russia was still Soviet, and old folk thought of them as allies.Hospitals smelled of carbolic soap, and the only infections came in with the patients. Nurses had starched collars and pink-scrubbed hands.I was the only child with asthma in a school of 400.Nobody was allergic to anything, except powdered eggs.Terrorists all had Irish accents, and telephoned the police to tell them where the bombs were.Nuclear power was going to give us free electricity in only five years - just in time to power the robot maid.Nuclear war was a genuine fear.The Falklands War was news, not history.You could hitch-hike and expect to arrive at your destination alive.Alcoholism was a hobby, not a disease.Lager was for poofters, cider was for girls.Nobody knew how to play basketball, baseball or ice hockey, and football was only ever played with a round ball. The nearest thing to "protective clothing" in sport was a goalie's gloves.Rollerskates had wheels on the corners, and strapped to your shoe.Banks were as trusted as the police. The police were trusted.Policemen were tall.Emergency vehicles went nee nah nee nah! (except for the ones with bells).Flared trousers were original.Science fiction had ray guns and robots, and spacemen were spacemen.You could travel ten miles and find people who spoke a different dialect (not just a different accent).Kids who misbehaved in school got sent to the head for a caning, instead of to the doctor for a tablet.Health and safety meant "don't do anything daft", and if you fell off a roof and broke your leg it was your own damned fault, not the fault of the roof-owner for not warning you about the drop, and nobody sued anybody.Gay meant "happy", and camp meant "in tents".Teachers that hit you were firm professionals, not dangerous perverts.The phrase "two car family" hadn't been coined....and I didn't feel quite so old.

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Recovery Fund for a Young Maker and Instructables Author

Young maker and Instructables author Joey Hudy (lookwhatjoeysmaking) was recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia, as explained by his sister Elizabeth on a gofundme page set up to help assist his pathway forward, found here: Please take a moment to read his story, and donate if you are able. On behalf of the entire Instructables Family: Joey, we wish you the very best going forward! Thank you everyone!

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12-year-old designs advanced 3D solar cell

From Slashdot:12-year-old William Yuan's invention of a highly-efficient, three-dimensional nanotube solar cell for visible and ultraviolet light has won him an award and a $25,000 scholarship from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. "Current solar cells are flat and can only absorb visible light" Yuan said. 'I came up with an innovative solar cell that absorbs both visible and UV light. My project focused on finding the optimum solar cell to further increase the light absorption and efficiency and design a nanotube for light-electricity conversion efficiency."Much about his young man is eerily similar to many participants here on Instuctables...SlashdotBeaverton Valley Times story

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I'm speaking in Westminster Abbey...

Well I've just heard that I'm one of 20 young people in the whole of the Uk going to westminster to speak and be consulted about child services and bereavement, on 6th of may I go over to speak, damn this is cool I will have a say in something... Out of the group that was asked for candidates four of us were chosen from our recent video project work, I was selected because I apparently have good ideas and am skilled at arguing points and expressing my self sensibly... Woot skills...The whole thing is about improving child services around the UK and I've got to say it's about time... There are very few decent social workers and the system is pretty bad on the whole, minimizing the effect of decent social workers and the like, counsellors are soon going to be boning up on dealing with bereaved kids due to our video project along with teachers and if the funding goes through we may be doing another on helping friends or ourselves... Any suggestions from the UK people here in following withA friend in need is a friend indeed Coping with it?

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What type Of Electric Vehicle Would i be allowed to?

I am thinking of putting a Electric Motor ( any size) onto a mini moto frame i have .. i live in the uk and am 14 .. Would i be able to drive it on the road or pavement Etc .. Or what would i have to do to be able to drive it legally

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Can someone under 13 use Instuctables? Answered

Someone I know is under 13 has over 7000 views and has a award winning Instructable is he allowed to us Instructables. I know the children act states we need to be 13 or older,but can't he just get his parents to say he can use the website through a form. Can you guess who the person is?

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Need some help with a University project "Young talented crafters"

Hello! There are people from all over the world here, probably I will find some help. My sister is an Art Design student and now they are working over a project about young talented crafters from all over the world. She needs to find 50 names, it seems a lot but the world is so big :) If someone can give a name of a talented person I will really appreciate it! Google gave us some results but it's such a pain to search the web, lots of irrelevant results.  Any crafting talent will do, paper craft, ceramics, wood, wire etc, etc.  Thank you in advance for all replies! 

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Help with graduate research project about teaching young makers

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. I’m a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and I teach at our local science museum. I need your help for my graduate research project! I am getting people from the DIY/craft/art/maker/hacker communities to fill out a short (5 minute) survey about their habits surrounding creative projects. The results will help teachers, like me, who want to do hands-on projects with their students. Plus, filling out a survey enters you into a draw for a $150 Amazon gift card! Here’s a link: This research was inspired by my work at the museum running an after-school program where high school students work on their own creative projects. Once all the data is collected I will be happy to share the results. Thank you for your help! Andrew

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What's a good job for a 13 (almost 14) year old kid? Answered

I just got my tax file number, so I'm eligible to work. Any ideas? I'm living in Canberra, the capital of Australia, so it's a fair sized city. I also forgot to mention, BUT, say you suggest making things and selling them online, how do I sell them online, and how do I advertise? Or say you suggest odd jobs such as lawn mowing and cutting down small trees, how would I tell people about my service, and what if I'm only available Saturday or Sunday? I just need info like that, because even if I choose something, I probably wouldn't know how to start.

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Song suggestions

This year at school is a bit shorter for me than usual so I've decided to go to a few of the primary/elementary schools near my house and perform some 'nice' songs ie: about recylcing and stuff like that. However, I need some more songs to play. I am going to do The 3 R's by Jack Johnson. Any help?

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Help me with insurance 101?

I'm a first time auto insurance buyer. Let me pose this question in an interesting manner: You're an insurance agent. You just quoted me at $500 every six months for bare-bones/state minimum coverage (just for example's sake). Do you ask me for $500 upfront, then $500 six months later? Or do you issue me an insurance card and expect the first lump sum of $500 six months from now?

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Does anyone know good ways to make money? (As a young teen) Answered

I want to save up enough money to buy a 30$ dell axim x50 to turn into an e-reader, but I don't have enough money.  I do have a paypal account.

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Do the young have to have their own account to enter Make-to-Learn Youth Contest?

Do the young have to have their own account to enter Make-to-Learn Youth Contest or their parents can enter for them?

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Paint Your Summertime Blues Away With Nature's Rainbow -- Good For The Young At Heart!

This article helps artsy people parents and alike tap into the power of mother nature's plants to create vivid pigments for art and craft projects. If you want to steer clear of chemicals, then what better way to do so then by distilling plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs? It's actually easier than you think!

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Hi, im starting a project withg a young lad that i work with. we are putting a mini moto engine to a bmx frame

And wondering if anyone could throw us some ideas as it would be very appreciated! thanx, wes.?

Question by wesley821  

How do I know whether or not by grade 8 crush likes me? Answered

I'm in grade 6 and I really like this guy but he's in grade 8 and I rarely ever see him. I only started seeing him more when he got in trouble so when I enter the school in the morning he's always there facing the door helping with the lunch "tickets" that I get everyday just to get his attention and even then it feels like he likes me but I'm not sure because he's always so emotionless around me and when I go to get lunch with my best friend, my crush only says hi to my best friend and looks at me I always feel he's eyes on me the only time we ever talked was when I first meet him I asked his name and he smiled and replied, the second was at lunch when I was laughing like crazy and he came up to us and started laughing too cause he over heard me saying something so weird and crazy to a friend of mine and everyone was like what, so yah I really don't know if he likes me or not?, I keep getting mixed messages and somethings it feels like he's ignoring me By the way I'm 5'3 and he's like 5'7 or 5'8 (I don't know why I added that in :>) and he's like the jock of the school, he's popular, cool, and calm and I'm well known around the school but I wouldn't say I was popular, I'm too confident for my own good and I'm not afraid to voice out my opinions and I think that me and my crush are a perfect match

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What is soldering flux used for?

Just wanted to know.

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Where should I go on a date? Im 11 But Im mature!

Im a 11 year old guy and I need some advice from other girls or guys who have been on dates.  My gf cant tell her parents though but I can tell mine. All im asking for is advice not Your Too Young Stuff. Im also very mature and Im almost 12.  I also want to hold hands with her butnI dont want to kiss because I think im too young. Just asking for advice. Thanks (:

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Do you think it's good to have a girlfriend very young like age of 11 years old?

I have a crush on this girl at school and we both are still pretty young so I not sure if I can go and u know date her or something? Please give me advices!!!

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Who are your "Tech Heros?"

When I was young I idolized Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in part because of the undersea technology (aqualung, minisubs, habitations, etc.) but also since he was one of the first to warn of overfishing and open-ocean pollution. Do young people have technology heros today? (Linus T. and Bill G. come to mind, but I was hoping for someone more interesting...)

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Can people please give me links to free-for-use 7-8 minute monologues for young woman?

I'm looking for a 6 or 7-8 minute monologue or one-woman play to be performed by a young woman. I'd prefer for it to be modern (within the last century) and to have some kind of meaning or something that people can connect or relate to. I've looked all over the internet for something that fits this description, but I've had no luck as of late. I'm 16 years old, so that may you to know what I'm looking for. Please and thank you! If it's shorter than 6 minutes, it's out, but no longer than 8 minutes (a few seconds over is okay). 

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How to get a part-time job?

How to get a part time job as a student/ young person

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I need to make a giant globe for a float.

The globe will be painted by young children for a recylcing themed parade float.

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can i tye dye with food coloring ?

I will be working with some very young kids and i want to do the tye dye with food coloring will it work

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How can I add a DC 12V 10A Relay 1CH Wireless RF Remote Control Switch to my young grandsons hoverboard go kart?

Hi, just bought my young grandson a hoverboard and kart attachment. Trouble is these things go at quite a speed, for safety sake I would like to add the above device in case he heads for a wall 😱 How can I do it? all replies are appreciated. 👍

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What would you suggest for a rank novice female to build as a boat with very young children ages 5 to 13?

It needs to be light enough for us to maneuver by ourselves with very clear instructions. I wanted to build a pontoon boat with 55 gallon plastic drums and duct tape, but it sounds too heavy. We have a garage we can use in which to build it. For inland lake use. Any ideas out there?  What about a paddleboat?, Grandma                                    

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Propagating a spruce tree

I have a Norway Spruce tree about 20 years old, but too young to bear seed cones. what is the best way to propagate from cuttings?

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i need to make 150$ in two days please help!!!! ?

I need to make 150$ in two days but i am to young to get a job

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red laser diode

Http:// anyone send me the link or what i have to do to buy this diode as this young man did David

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Tesla Music at the Maker Faire!

So today I got a sneek peek of the Maker Faire at Young Maker's Day. And with it, something that simply blew me away. This tesla coil demo uses two TALL towers with lightning bolts coming out the top. The lightning bolts are what make the music! And the drums are robotic! That's what's waiting for all who are coming over the weekend. Enjoy! I included a video. Young Maker Day: Amazing Tesla Coil Music! @ Yahoo! Video

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A Perfect Company

Have you heard of A Cursive Memory? Well, they have this awesome video out that I just love. It's titled, Perfect Company. Check it out.You TubeC. Young"Pop rocks!"Fontana

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Learn Spanish & English

Happy new year!!! 2017 This group was created for estabishing a Knowing of the other countries students, young people, and meet people from universities. Please note: (This group is for to mmet people not for loving or sexting).

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I want a pro membership.

Can someone purchase a pro membership for me so I could download pdf files? I am always on the go and currently to young to get a job. :P

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Introducing your Kids to Fishing

Introducing your kids at a young age to fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. Here is a short clip of a family trip we took with, then our 1 year old son.     

Topic by ridgeline16  

get table soccer ball out of pvc pipe? Answered

I got a table soccer ball stuck in pvc when I was young and I want to get  it out. HOW?

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Does anyone play GuildWars?

I am just young aspie friend has me playing so we can chat when I can't be there doing science projects :-)

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What Is Thought ? Answered

Thought isn't a white donkey against a blue sky. Thought isn't a young girl singing an old song. Thought isn't a windmill in a tunnel. Thought isn't a saffron robed monk pissing in the snow What is thought ?

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how do i ask out this girl?

I  like this girl named molly maxwell and im scared to ask her out please help im only 12 and don't say im to young thanks!

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How Can I Earn Money?

I am young so I cannot do real jobs. I do not live in a comunity area so I can't do jobs for my neighbours nor can I sell things door to door for this reason. My parents do not think that doing chores around the house are worth money, I also cannot wash cars as  my parents know another person that does it.  I am not strong enough to do work outside. I do not trust any of the online surveys as they do not seem likely to give you money. I have nothing to sell or make to sell online or at a market/fair. I am too young to do volunteer work by myself. I cannot sell baked goods as you need a food handling certificate which are really hard to get hold of. I would love to work at a cafe and do some help there but I am too young to even do that. Please help me and thank you for taking your time to read and answer this.

Question by spynatalie  

Does anybody else lose image quality while posting pictures on an instructable? Is it just me? Answered

I this seems to happen to other people or if it is just me, would anybody happen to know a way to fix it?

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How do i get reconized in the instructable's community?

I was wondering how to be redonized by more views comments or subcibers. I am a young person who wants to be noticed in the community> What topics can i make instructables about

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how to make paracord bracelet with guitar pick closure?

I want to finish the bracelet off with a pick instead of a buckle or a knot...a young guy made some on an instructable for something else but never said how to make the guitar pick one???

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whats the strangest thing you have pinched/stolen?

Could have been from work, a shop when you were young or on a drunked night out. or maybe what someone elts you know of has stolen if you dont want to incriminate yourself.

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please could you give me ideas to make some cash Answered

Life seemed the best catagory for this question, Hi im 15 in december and i live in the north of england, i want to makesome spare cash so i can save up for a laptop, do you know what i could do? thanks Btw im never doin a paper round washing cars babysitting or anythng to do with dogs/cats.

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Suggestions for making instructables better is an awesome site, but its still young and could still use some improvements. Post your ideas here Mine: -Add something showing progress while you upload photos. -Make the new editor default

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