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Hi Everybody, I just tried to use YouTube's embedding code but the code wasn't accepted. Earlier, Youtube still offered their old embedding code for videos one wanted to embed. This code isn't offered anymore. Do you have any suggestions what to do? Thanks for all your help and support. Bob

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Okey-dokey.......I've done everything right......put a video up on Youtube (god, that took a long time to upload), when I try to publish here....I get "unsupported video host".   I mean, really? That's a remarkable bug when you think about it.  I just cut and pasted the embed code.....what's the problem???

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YouTube channel.

Is there any Channels on, which is teaches something?

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Embedding Youtube

Anyone having issues embedding TWO youtube videos in an Instructable? "An error occurred, Please try again"?

Topic by noelportugal    |  last reply

Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Instructables on YouTube.

Have you noticed how many YouTubers are showing off stuff they copied from this site? And, of course, there had to be an Altoid 'ible...

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youtube issue!

I lost my youtube password and the "forgot password" email isn't sending. I've tried 8 times and no results. I even sent an email directly to youtube but got no respons (as far as I know). Can anyone help me???

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youtube live

You guys should have watched youtube live, if you didnt you should check out beardyman and flutebox on youtube , cuz it is crazy

Topic by jakee117  

Youtube Hunter

I am a little bit upset, because there are so much instructables without really content.... Just a link to a youtube video! a Link to youtube is not an instructable in my opinion. How can it resolved?

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Youtube bugfix

We released a fix for an issue with youtube comments. A change to our PM system changed how we dealt with iframes and prevented the pages with comments feature youtube videos from loading correctly should be all fine now.

Topic by frenzy  

youTube interaction

In this There are three replies. When I viewed the 'ible BEFORE clicking on Iceng's video, I could see the replies, now, AFTER viewing the video, anytime I review the page I can ONLY see the video.....

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Youtube Intro

Hey, it's ManVersusCraft here and I would like to reach out to you guys. I am looking for an introduction to my YouTube channel. It will be at the beginning of every video and I will do a separate video showing off the intro and giving credit to whom made it. So, if you would like to send me an intro (Minecraft related, and non copyrighted music. All original!) than please e-mail me with the intro at   REMEMBER this is for Intro entry's only, it is a specially made account for this only! If you don't know me check me out on YouTube at Thanks!

Topic by ManVersusCraft  

youtube LIVE

Youtube live at 8PM

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Youtube Ideas

I wanted to ask for some advice and feedback on my youtube channel as well as some new movie ideas. First off my Youtube Channel is very special to me and i think with the right work and attitude i cant get to to go farther: my youtube channel is Why the name Thelostrolo? well i created the channel when i was 11 (now nearly 15) and i thought i might as well keep the name! (I am working a big hunger games related project which will be uploaded to another channel) I am not sure if i should create a new channel. but that would mean starting from scratch and trying to get recognition again, but maybe you guys could help!? Anyway back to my idea: I had a phew ideas and of course ill need help as i cannot film on my own! The first idea is a simple idea called: 'The Confrontation" which is a simple action thriller type movie with gun movie effects and explosions! THe other on was: "Never look back"  a more serious film in which there is a kid who is bullied and one day is knocked out. He wakes up at home, but no-one was at home, so he decides to go out for a dog walk, he then comes across the bullies except they're afraid of him. etc etc and it ends with him finding out that he is not who he used to be! I could really do with some peoples feedback... not just because this took me a long time to type up! Also if you did check out my channel post your below and i might subscribe :D Thanks for the help Rowan Prosser- Rowans Movies - Thelostrolo RATE, COMMENT AND SUBCRIBE!

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youtube help

On youtube i see that people have slowed and sped up video's is there a way i can do this?

Question by adambro    |  last reply

A favor from youtubers

If snyone could be so kind as to make a video about my instructables...I cant.

Topic by builderkidj    |  last reply

Troubles embedding youtube.

I have used the code provided by youtube, and I can see that it has put a box in the edit mode of instructables, however I cannot see the video displayed while in preview mode.?

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MiniSeries Youtube ideas?

I want to make a miniseries type thing on youtube. It would be like the series on TV but on youtube. They will be 5-7 mintues long or maybe even longer. The problem is i don't have any ideas on what it should be. If you have an idea please tell [:

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Knex'er Youtube Names

Hello everybody I was just wondering if any of you knex'er have a youtube account. here are some I already know. The Dunkis-Masterofthelines Senior Waffleman-Potpieism Oadalumps-Oadalumps Blue Mullet-Wilsonfishproductions (cancled) KillerK-KillerK Thats about it!

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Youtube is horrible now

So, when I went to Youtube one day, I watched a Rockband video. And I'm like... okay, why did this person put different music on the video? Then I realized it was on most youtube videos. THEN, my favorite Youtube account was suspended. Why was all of this happening? Copywriting. I mean, most people probably bought the song off of Zune or Itunes. Most videos that look awesome are ruined because of the earache-cheap-cheesy garbage youtube puts onto videos. I think we should start a boycott or someone should start a petition or something! Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Instructables group on Youtube

A couple days ago we made a group on Youtube for the Launch It! entries. You can check that out here: now we decided to go and make another group for ALL of instructables. That one is now here: add a video to either group all you need to do is join the group and then click the "Add to Groups" link under any video you want to add. There are just over 30 videos in the group now, but there are many more videos to be added so add a few if you have the time.

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Youtube Channel Dimensions

EDIT: How to design a youtube channel. Like a background with the right dimensions so that certain things are in certain places.Example: If the dimensions are different from browser to browser then I suggest firefox because it has the most users.

Topic by schoolgirl867869    |  last reply

attention from youtube

Im willing to post videos of your instructables free on youtube all you need to do is send the stuff you want in it like photos and clips to ill tri and do many

Topic by narwhalsrnasty  

Making Links in Youtube

Well, as you may have guessed, I am asking about links in youtube. I have tried the usual one, and it didn't work. Any ideas? I know I've saw them there before. AND, how do I replace the URL on links to words, using the ___ thing?

Topic by John Smith    |  last reply

YouTube Channel: techBowker

Hey everybody, (quick note: not sure where I should post this so ill put it here) I just started a YouTube channel called techBowker. I have lots of tech-related videos like reviews, unboxings, how-to's, and more. I wanted to let all of you guys know about and and encourage you to come subscribe! Thanks, Adam

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Post your Youtube!

Post your Youtube accounts so people can see your videos!heres mine:My Youtube!

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays    |  last reply

MythBusters YouTube Live

Discovery Channel's MythBusters blast Jamie with 20,000 paintballs with Leonardo 2.0 at YouTube Live.

Topic by comodore    |  last reply

Wario Destroys Youtube

Click Hereyou will see for yourself!Enjoy!

Topic by gmjhowe    |  last reply

Awesome Guns on Youtube

Not SEMI but cool"Spiff"MepainsWhat do you think?Awesome trigger

Topic by knexster    |  last reply

Downloading Youtube Videos

Hey everyone! I was hoping you could help me. I need to make a video for a project at school and i want to use some videos i saw on youtube and edit them using windows movie maker. i've been trying for the past several hours to figure out how to convert the videos but have had no success. i'm not very good with computers... so anything that it is simple and works, i'm all for it. thanks a million!!!!!

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Awesome Youtube channel

Hey guys do you like awesome arduino projects? coding tutorials etc? well come check out my channel! whatch some videos leave alike or two and mabye even subscribe! (sorry for the annyoying channel advertisment XD)

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Knex, Green, and YouTube

Hi. I am a nobody. I am from the magical land, away from Europe, where lepreachauns live. Ireland. I make K'Nex, and have been for many years. Within my daily browsing, I have found that many people have seen a video on YouTube called "A Gun Show". And, also that they want the "Kaynex 7". I have made it, no instructable, no picture and not even a description. Maybe Sunday, I have no cam. So, it also happens, that I have made my own designs. So, Sunday - Picture day. Slán leat HBF

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Free GFX, Youtube backgrounds, avatars, Youtube intros + More!

Hey guys. I know you havent seen me around here lately and that is mostly due to me losing motivation for knex, which is basically all I did on this site, and decided to give up on it. So anyway, you're probably here because you read the title. Well for a few weeks I will be doing free GFX, YT Background, Avatars and Mor for all you 'Iblers! So anyway, there is a catch :P All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel. It only opened a few days ago and I need some subs to at least start off. So all yopu need to do is sub to me on youtube and comment below telling me what you want, and what your youtube username is, so I know its you. PS. If its a YT Background or an YT intro, it wont be amazing (but it will still be good) as alot more work goes into that than lets say, an avatar. My youtube! So anyway thats about it. Hiyadudez, out. The picture below is just something I made for my friend!

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Troubles embedding Youtube video

I am using the embedd code that youtube gives, and when I insert it into the instructables editor I can see an outline of where the video has been inserted. When I preview the page the video does not display,not even an outline. Does anyone have any ideas of what is going wrong?

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Best Youtube Ad Ever

Wario's new game is coming out on the Wii and here's the Youtube video for it. Even if you don't now or care about Wario, check it out. Wario on youtube

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

YouTube site verification for Cards?

Is there a way to Verify your Instructables page with YouTube so that you can have a Card in your video that links to Instructables? If anyone has managed to do this, please let us know how. Thanks, Steve

Topic by stevempotter    |  last reply

Check out my Youtube!

 I want to put some of the things I make on it, but right now it just has some sporty things. Tell me what you think!

Topic by Login258  

Launch It! Video Group on YouTube

We just created a new group on YouTube to collect all of the Launch It! Challenge entries into one tidy li'l place. If you want to just see the videos of all the entries to get a feel for what to do for your video, check it out. Launch It! Challenge video groupIf you put a video on YouTube and want to add it to the group, just join the group. Then, when you're looking at your own video, click the "Add to Group" link.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

What's this? A GOOD gun on Youtube?

Well, maybe not the stock.[];=related ]

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

Save YouTube music to mp3? Answered

Can you guys help me on this? I know it's not hard to download and save YouTube music to the hard disk but I also want to be able to save YouTube music to mp3 for my mp3 player or  maybe for the cell phone. So, what good YouTube Downloader can,  besides the usual stuff like download and convert youtube videos to avi and other video formats, save youtube music to mp3?

Question by hartykris    |  last reply

YouTube Background -Get Creative-

Hey! I'm running a little competition. I want you to create a youtube background for me. Winner will get a subscription and 5* on 10 of the selected 'Ibles. What it needs: 1. To be like a grass background with a ball on it, 2. To be not taken with a digital camera, 3. Look professional, 4.Have my name (TomBuckey) in white running down the left edge. The reason I'm asking you to make one is simply, I can't.

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Android tablet vs YouTube Answered

Fewer and fewer YouTube videos (such as those embedded here) are working on my Android tablet. I'll see the usual frame image, but as soon as I hit play, more and more of them just become black rectangles. It's not the videos themselves, as they play on a Windows netbook or an iPod, or in the Photon browser I just downloaded. Has YouTube changed the way it plays videos,  or has Android been updated in a way that is not YouTube friendly? I want to keep using the Android browser, rather than the Photon, partly because all my bookmarks are in the defsult browser, and partly because Photon is horrible to use.

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Loading YouTube clips to an ible' -

Howdy, I have a lot of instructables which have YouTube clips.  I've noticed that whenever I load a new clip to YouTube, that clip becomes the one in all of my instructables!   Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a bug that is causing this and if s, is there a way to fix it?

Topic by lonesoulsurfer    |  last reply

How to Embed Youtube Video

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have embedded videos before but I posted a few new Instructables today and can't seem to get Youtube videos to embed. I tried the techniques on this page.;=NEWEST&limit;=40 I also tried clicking the embed video icon and pasting the Youtube embed code into the box. It shows a flash box but when previewed (and published) there is no embedded video. For example, this step should have a video embedded. I am sure I am missing something simple, I am just not sure what it is...

Topic by abbtech  

Embedding YouTube Video Bug

When I type in the URL for my YouTube video, it either says, "There was an error embedding the file," or, "URL not valid." Can somebody help me? P.S. The reason that this is in "Burning Questions," is because when I began to select the category to put it in, the category "Bugs," was not there.

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youtube dont work on computer?

Hi everyone, on my computer, youtube, google, and maybe a few other sites dont work. they used to but now it says that the webpage cannot be displayed. they used to work... HOW DO I FIX?!?!?!?!?

Question by sci4me    |  last reply

Instructables YouTube Show/Series

Hello! I had the idea of making a YouTube show promoting great tutorials and projects from Instructables about 3 years ago. At the time I didn't have the skills to create it. After taking up a short course in video editing and graphics, I was finally able to create it!  I wanted the show to really help get the word out not only about Instructables, but also the world of DIY, recycling, re-using, creativity and the hands on building skills that many of us are losing because of the impact of new technologies. If the show motivates just one person who isn't familiar with Instructables to create something, I think it's a great success! Here's the first episode: I hope you like it! There'll be more episodes to come! Thanks,  - Nick PS. All authors gave me permission to feature their Instructables in the video. 

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Youtube embedding not working for me? Answered

Hey- I tried to embed some videos on my instructable (here ) and they never showed. I used the video embed function and the embed code from youtube. I am on firefox version 3.6.10 if that helps any :) Thanks- Astroboy907

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply