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Zapped a battery.?

And still wont charge, it's a 36v Ni-Cd. it has 10 separate cell inside the plastic holder, which i took apart and zapped individually then soldered back together. i did not try to charge it for 1 week after zapping, should i have charged it immediately. Or any other ideas

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Zapping bricks

I zapped a common red brick with a very powerful beam of light. Here is a picture where you can see the area that was melted. The melted area was actually so hot, it was bubbling! I’m wondering if I should make an Instructable... or is this just too dangerous. OMG anyone?? ~Bob~

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working lights on zip zap rc?

I have these tiny RC cars called zip zaps, and there customizable, so you can put diferent bodies on them. some of the bodies have lights and wires on the body, and a cord to resumably attach to the chassis. i just cant figure out where to plug it in.

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what is the best voltage for zapping someone? Answered

 i want to make a shocker but I'm not sure which transformer to use. if it is too high, it might injure someone badly, but if its too low, you wont get much of a shock. i am using a square wave oscillator and i am planning to add a transformer to it to give it more zap

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How do I prevent static electricity from zapping people/animals? Answered

I have two cats who both love to be petted. The problem is that during the winter when I pet them it builds up static electricity. Then when I pet their heads I zap their ears, which they both hate. Any advice?

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Is it possible to feel a zap from a watch battery and LED?

Here's the setup: one LED with its leads tied by conductive threads to magnets which stick to a watch battery, in contact with skin for multiple hours.  I had somebody say that this somehow was zapping them (enough to leave a rash).  Is this possible?  I've handled lit LEDs with watch batteries a lot (even underwater) and never felt a thing!  No spark, no zap, no shock, nothing.  So have I just been lucky?  Can this setup actually zap you enough to feel it, or even irritate your skin?  Or was the zapping perhaps an allergic reaction to the nickel magnets which was mistaken for being sparked?

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small airplane made with zip zap componets?

I would like to see pdf. files on building small planes out of paper and light balsa stringers that use pager motors,batterys and rc receviers from zip zap type cars

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stuff in the back during nicad battery zapping?

Are those rocket nosecones? I am an amateur high power rocketry participant, a level 2, and for my level 3 I am building a large Quark. I am having a hard time finding a nosecone can you help? Thanks.

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Marx generator - what do you want me to zap? (Videos!)

Okay, some of you are asking me to zap, shock, things with my 50Kv marx generator.Say what you want me to zap in the comment and I will see if I can do it, and post the photos here on this forum topic. I might do a slideshow...Oh, and here's an instructable about building a marx generator. Build a simple Marx Generator(UPDATE)I posted some of the videos! Sorry for the bad quality, I used a crappy camera... :( I hope you enjoyed it!

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Can you zap a 19.2 V drill battery using a jumper cable from a car battery?

Can you use a 12V car battery to resurrect a dead 19.2Volt drill battery

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psu ground electricity produces voltage? Answered

I sware i was preparing for electrolysis experiment with my psu and i touched metal case of psu with my hands wet, and it was zapping me with electricity but not to high..........why?                          P.S: I used grounded cable everything is okay with ground in house, Before when i used it and touched it with dry hands it didnt zap me. I used it always before. But why isnt ground 0V.

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How do you make a kodak tazer with less zap?

I've read a few of the kodak tazer instructables, but none of them tell you how to suppress the voltage output (other than putting in a half-dead battery). But is there any way to suppress the zap? Cut it in half maybe? My history teacher is always wishing that tazer's were legal in school's, but this also looks very interesting, I wouldn't mind using it as a prank, but again, with less umff...

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I need help with sears 19.2 volt zap the batteries when placed in charger, it stays green and won't charge any ideas?

I zaped my batteries, put the battery pack in the charger but can't get it to charge, any ideas

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Student arrested for making disposable camera Taser

The capacitors inside disposable cameras pack a pretty big wallop and it's recommended that you act very carefully around them. If you don't you'll get zapped. And if you set it up so that someone else could get zapped you might even get arrested like this 14-year-old kid from Connecticut. linkvia boingboing

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Simple Zapper Idea

I have learned about electricity in Physics class and that to up the voltage of a given source there has to be an alteration in the amount of turns of wire around some magnets. BUT... is it possible to do this same thing in my home on a smaller scale by wrapping wires around some of my powerful earth magnets? The reason for asking is that I want to increase the current flow so that it starts zapping when the wire ends come near, also I want to create a ground based bug zapper for fun that will allow the zap to travel through water (shallow puddles). Sorry if I'm missing some law of physics that renders this impossible for me but I'm not taking the advanced course for science and we only touched on  the topic electricity.

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My favorites from the week of 2006-12-11

It's kind of an incestuous list this week, but what the heck.Run out of toilet paper 1/12th as oftenI'll admit that I've thought of doing this, but Noah actually acted. Simply wonderful.Revive Nicad Batteries by Zapping with a WelderGreat combination between video, images, and text -- plus I've got a dead nicad I need to zap.Pan-fried Scallops with Sesame Lime SauceScallops might be my favorite food, and these were near perfect.

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Can I zap the light in a flickering LED without killing the flicker thingy?

I want to make a single LED flicker.  As far as I know, the only way to do this is to buy a chip and all the equipment needed to program it.  I don't know how to do that, and it's quite expensive.  So... I bought one of those dollar store flickering LED candles and tried using the light from it as my flicker circuit. It's the LED itself that flickers, not a separate circuit. I sadly couldn't find any where the circuit was a separate chip.   I can't use this light as my light because they only come in yellow (I need white). So I painted the flickering LED black and attached it to my battery.  Now my actual project LED did flicker, but the other light was draining all my battery power so that my main light was a bit dim and died quickly.  So my brilliant idea for a $1 easy flicker method doesn't quite work. Unless somebody knows how to zap the light without killing the flicker thingy. Is this even possible? I've no idea how those flickering LEDs work. Thanks.

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how could a glove be made into a faraday cage?

would wrapping foil/wire mesh around it work? and would it be effective(and by effective i mean the wearer doesnt get zapped)?

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How many do you have?

Ive got a Mini-t, micro-t, xmod, zip zap, spin master havoc heli, and my dad haz a mini-baja and my sister has the lego r/c.

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how do i turn my prank shock gum into a mini taser?

I want to mod my prank gum so it zaps on contact, instead on having to pull the gum.

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Most Powerful Laser Built in Texas

Over in Texas, a new laser has been built that can zap with a full petawatt of power. That's a quadrillion watts (that's 15 zeros) of power that gets blasted in 150 pemtoseconds.While this is not the most powerful laser ever made (that was a 1.25 petawatt laser) it is the most powerful laser currently operational. All for the cost of $7 million.So what's the point of it all?"We can put materials into states that you can't access here on earth," said Mikael Martinez, the laser project's manager. "You'd have to go out into space and hang out with an exploding star to observe what we plan to observe here in Texas."Check out the full article at Wired to see how they pull off this trick.

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How could I build a replacement speed controller for a Zap Zappy Turbo electric scooter. Answered

I found this scooter on the street and picked it up.  I found out that the speed controller was broken and needed to be replaced.  I tried to find one online but nobody is selling one.  I would like to know how to make one or another speed controller that could be used as a replacement. 

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r.v. electronic help

how do i safely remove and repair the 12 volt converter in my rv. both posts are very loose, and overheating a little. ( 100 degrees to touch. ) i need to remove both threaded posts with out getting zapped and replace/resolder the connections. can you help ? thanks!

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Often a GFCI is too sensitive outdoors. But I've heard that an isolation transformer might save you from electrocution. How safe would an isolation transformer be for running a fan, angle grinder, blower, space heater, etc outdoors? Where can I get one that will handle the amps I need?

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Stylo 4 stuck screen pixels

My stylo 4 has a screen that has nothing but multi colored dots.looked into it and was told the pixels that make up the screen were stuck or broken.or that it has a virus.completely useless phone.can anybody tell me what to do.i ran a program that zapped the screen with multi colored flashes and patterns trying to unstick the pixels

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Can someone share with me a schematic to multiply a dc source? That produces, obviously a higher, output. Answered

I have a bug zapping raquet and i would like to increase the voltage to create bigger spark gaps. Portability is key. Output in AC or DC doesnt matter to me, but I guess AC would get better arcs.

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How can you tell polarity of disposable camera flash and capacitor?

Wondering how to tell positive and neg on camera flash.. and the same for capacitor.. I see the capacitor has a greyish stripe down one side.. want to just wire strait from either flash or capacitor to restore/zap batteries back to life. Do you even need to get the polarity correct for this?

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Old Makita Drill

I have an old cordless Makita drill the water guy left at our house 15 years ago, I found in my shed with the charger :-). The battery is pretty much completely dead, and I don't want to buy a new $40 one or zap it with a welder. How can I turn it into a Corded drill or use a different battery with it? It is the kind that stores the battery in the handle. 9.6V Battery.

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is there a way to "fix" a li-ion battery that wont take a charge?

I have an older (dell latitude c400) that works great, its tiny and weights only about 4 pounds. I got it 2nd hand about a year ago, ever since I got it the battery shows no charge even when the laptop is plugged 24/7. Is there a way I can "zap" the battery or something like that?? I've seen instructables about zpping nicad batteries but nothing about lithium ion ones... Any and all help will be appreciated.

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My try on the.... tesla coil. I need some help.

Hi. I made this tesla coil out of scrounged wire from a crt tv, a old 120 V.A.C to 12 V.A.C transformer (reversed), pvc pipe and a brass nob for the "toroid". When i plugged it in , the outlet i was plugging it into arced?! Do I have it wired right? I used the schemetics from the book "The Boy Scientist" by Popular Mechanics.                                                                    Thanks in advance. P.S: srry about the bad pics

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NiMH in series: can it be charged by an 'intelligent' Lead Acid charger??? Answered

I have tons of NiCd battery packs and tons of (sometimes) corresponding cordless drills. Only with a complicated discipline, involving several chargers, I can count on enough performance for a hard day's work. I did rejuvenate the individual cells by zapping; some packs improved, some packs died. The 'electric hubcap' site :, states that a home made NiMH battery battery pack (several chains of 10 cells in parallel) can be charged and re-charged hundreds or thousands of times, and have a better performance than Lead-Acid...  Is it worth the investment???

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I am trying to make some simple animatronics for halloween (ie - no programming). Any ideas or links to help? Answered

I am having my first halloween in my first house. My neighbors said they go all out for holidays, and I've always wanted an awesome halloween haunt. My only problem is I've never had any electronic experience past screwing in a light bulb. I don't want to attempt programming dealing with relays or microcontrollers, etc yet. I'm just looking for things that will be fun and basic. Any body know of any ideas to get my props moving without zapping myself?

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Guide to RC? Answered

So don't tell me to go and buy a small RC car, and hack it. I want to know how to MAKE one! Like, totally MAKE! Where can I find out where to make a simple 2-4 channel RC thingermabob with a range of about 50 feet? I just don't get it, everywhere I look, they make these huge units. My helicopter is 6 channels and the circuit board is no bigger than 2x2, and only has 2 IC's on it. Why can't I find instructions for some small and simple like the circuits you find in RC car! What about Zip Zaps! Their circuit boards are tiny, and work better then the huge circuits you find online! Thx!

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can you help in cat-proofing a balcony? Answered

My sister is moving into a new apartment, and is bringing her two cats ,zap and kiff, along. the problem is, she wants to be able to let them out onto the patio of the new place, without worrying about them running away. the patio has a fence four feet high all the way around it, and the upstairs tenants have a balcony above, so our original plan was to screen it in and make a screened in patio. unfortunately, the managers of the complex say that all of the patios must be the same, and screening it in would create a large aesthetic difference between the apartments. does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the cats from jumping over the fence without changing the look of the apartment?

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Other media besides plastic?

So I recently started looking into some of the 3d printing stuff as a way to make a number of laboratory items that are not easily had other ways.  While 3D printing seems really promising, i'm noticing there's not alot of work being done on non-plastics. Are there resources out there for 3D printer enthusiasts who want to use metal or ceramics in there creation?  Off the top of my head, i can think of a few ways that they could be encorporated into an existing 3d printer (metal and ceramic powders in a wax binder that can zapped with a laser to fuze it into place), but I'm only just barely getting into this and i'm really not looking to reinvent the wheel simply because i didn't know that it's already been done.  If plastic went entirely by the wayside, pieces that could be cured in a conventional oven could be printed, but fully cured, ready to go products are sorta the point of a 3d printer. 

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I need 9V DC what happens if I USB it?

I'm making a compact speaker enclosure that will fit in a laptop bag I've got everything together and looking sweet. making this because my ACER laptop has crappy sound and I want to be able to hear things on it when I travel. I have sick speakers at home but there very not portable. problem right now is power is supplied by a 9V DC adapter I really hav no mre room to make any other type of circuit or battery pack........its pretty tight. what happens if I just cut the adapter and put a USB end on it? I realize it will only provide 5 Volts but will it work?......... maybe just reduced power? will any damage result? I know only a little about voltage and most of my electrical experience is through trial and error. (not recomended, I've zapped myself more then a couple of times) Ideas?

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Adhering joints for intricate wire sculpture?

I would like to make a wire sculpture that is as intricate as I possibly can make it.  I want to use very small gauge wire (don't really care what material), cut small pieces and connect them together.  For a visual, I did a (sloppy) sketch of the idea and attached the photo, and it would continue to expand from there.  There will be multiple joints close to each other, done one at a time.  I want to create in on the fly, I will not have any pre-formed pattern.  I've been looking at soldering, brazing, welding and I don't see anything that would fit perfectly for what I want to do.  I believe the heat from the next joint would destroy any previous joints.  The idea of simply zapping a joint and quickly moving on appeals to me, but I don't mind being more patient in order to do it right.  Are there any techniques that I’m missing?  Anybody have any ideas?  Maybe I’ll just use superglue…

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Wireless Electricity!

I'm playing around with the idea of wireless power. It should be easily do-able over a short distance- my plan is to be able to charge something like my cellphone through induction, by placing it on a powered surface.. But- I don't know a whole lot about induction, so I was hoping someone could help me out a bit. Here is my setup: I'm using coils from old 5 1/2" floppy drives. I used them once before in a BEAM bot pendulum.. I set one coil on top of another. So far, by pulsing 9v DC through the coil, It sparks a little (because its shorting I assume) and the multimeter in the adjacent coil gives me a small spike of voltage, but quickly returns to zero. Zapping repeatedly gives me at best 2.5v, which is totally acceptable, if only it was sustainable. I've tried using AC 9v.. but I didn't seem to work either. I also tried some different on/off cycles with a BS2.. no luck. Any info would be quite appreciated..

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Top 5 new Instructables

Gaze in awe and amazement at the newest batch of popular Instructables! Each one of these wondrous entries was submitted in the past week and has caught the eye of the public like no others! TV-B-Gone KitTired of all those LCD TVs everywhere?Want a break from advertisements while you're trying to eat?Want to zap screens from across the street?The TV-B-Gone kit is what yo... posted by adafruit on May 17, 2009 Laptop skinDo you want your own high-quality vinyl laptop skin, but don't want to pay $20? Then read on! posted by sms97 on May 18, 2009 fancy steampunk blunderbuss rifleThis will show you how to build a cool fancy steampunk blunderbuss rifle.(for the grunge people...its fancy, it's victorian, ...just deal with it). posted by solipsism on May 15, 2009 No-Solder, Funny Robot in MinutesSummary:Build a cheap robot with no soldering, no programming, and no mechanical work. It is built on a dishwashing brush. To move forward, it will use the vibrations transmi... posted by laxap on May 17, 2009 Hands-free book pillowMy mom loves to read at the breakfast table or when she's knitting. Newspapers are great for these times, but what about that novel you can't put down? That's where my book pi... posted by QueenElizabeth on May 17, 2009

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Help with idea: Reminder device for correcting posture

Hello. The reason: I have terrible posture trouble (as many people do) and my work as an artist often leads me to spend a lot of time sat in out of the way places in fairly un ergonomic set ups.  It is hard to remind yourself to sit up straight while you are concentrating on something else and I often find that due to my absorption I have been sat slouched over a painting for hours at a time and now have a terrible back and neck ache. I don't think buying a brace is the way to go as that only solves the problem while you are wearing it and you stop using the muscles that keep you upright which over time worsens the problem. The Idea: So the perfect solution would seem to be something light that you can wear that will monitor your posture and either sound a little buzzer or even give you a little zap to remind you to sit the hell up thus slowly training you to sit up straight as a matter of habit. The only thing i could think of  is some kind of simple device with elastic or string you can attach to your waste, shoulders and back of the head that when you slump forward would pull on the string and sound the buzzer. I have no Idea how to make such a thing and would value other peoples thoughts on the matter and any technical no how.

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making an LED flicker (probably need attiny help)

I want to make a single 0603 LED flicker, and keep everything as small as possible.  One thing I tried was buying one of those dollar store flickering LED candles and using the light from it as my flicker circuit.  It's the LED itself that flickers, not a separate circuit.  I couldn't find any where the circuit was a separate chip.  I can't use this light as my light because they only come in yellow (I need white) and it's too large to fit in the hole where I want the light.  So I painted the LED black and attached it to my battery.  Now my actual project LED did flicker, but the other light was draining all my battery power so my main light was a bit dim and died quickly.  So sadly this $1 easy flicker method doesn't quite work.  Unless somebody knows how to zap the light without killing the flicker thingy.  Is that even possible?  I've no idea how those flickering LEDs work. So I'm thinking I need to look at using an attiny.  I've read that the attiny9 or attiny10 are the smallest.  But I've no idea how to program them.  Do you guys think this is my best option?  If so, can somebody point me at a tutorial for what I need to program these?  Or does anybody sell them pre-programmed?  Thanks.

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Bicycle security!

Hey hey, so the other day i came up with a way that i thought might work well for a bicycle security...thing. anyways, since just about all bikes are made of metal, except the carbon ones, and metal conducts electricity, what if you had some way of making your bike, electrically charged? i guess (i dont know all the proper words heh) so if a person comes up to your bike and wants to take it, at some point in the process of taking your bike, he would come in contact with some metal part and get shocked. i thought if you made it properly, and made the shock strong enough, it would be a great way to keep your bike safe...cause i know if i went to take someones bike, and all of a sudden i get zapped all of a sudden every time i touch the bike, i would not want that bike! i figured you'd need some batteries with enough voltage to give him a good shock, enough to make him not want to take the bike, but not so much that you would kill him...that obviously would not be good.  but i'd imagine that more powerful batteries might be to big, and not fit anywhere on your bike. i thought that maybe you could hide everything in the seat tube after you take the seat post out, and maybe have a hidden switch somewhere on the bike so you could turn it off. im sure there's more issues i havent thought over, just an idea, and im far from an electrical expert, so i dont know how rubber shoes might ground the person, or how you would go about wiring it, and other stuff like that. i just wanted to see what some people here thought about it, and if it is even possible for me to do

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I got a siren!

A little over a month ago, my dad got a siren on eBay. It's the Wolo Model 345, about halfway down the page. Note: if you want one, go through eBay, Wolo wants $64, but this was brand-new for $20. It's not Instructable-worthy, and I don't have enough pictures to make a Slideshow, so I'm using the Forums for their original use. We were originally going to put this on my mom's ZAP Xebra, because it's completely silent and we wanted a way to warn walkers of her approach, but she didn't like it, so I got it to put in out Ford Courier. Since it's electric, I only go 39 in a 40 mph-zone to save range, so I'm often cut off by people going 45. Being electric, the truck has no radiator, just a flat plate of steel. We were already going to paint it black, so we mounted the horn speaker in there. There is an instrument bay overhead, so I stuffed the control box inside an empty slot. Eventually I'll take off the plastic case and mount it in the aluminum sheet to make it much cleaner, but this is fine for now. There were already two extra switches that did nothing, but already had an always-hot line running to them, so I wired it in to that. It can do sirens, animal noises, or a PA. I'm leaving it set to a police-style siren, so if someone cuts me off, I can just flip the switch and give a short blast, then watch them look around for the police car. If I have more time, I can just use the PA to yell at them. Other potential use: I'm going to make a CD of engine sounds. That way I can make my electric sound like an idling Harley at a stoplight. Or a turbine engine. Or a semi. Or a whatever.

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OOOOK!! So here i am with another question... My wife bought me a kindle fire three days ago. i have been tinkering around with it to see what i can do with it naturally...i then got to thinkin i wanted to put all my 'Ibles e-book downloads on it...but heres the hitch...i downloaded Calibre to convert the documents, and i am having a number of problems... Problem 1:  After converting the pdf to MOBI, and then syncing it to my Fire, i disconnect the device and test to see wether it was a successful sync (to see if technology was telling the truth as it is often fickle). Well, success it downloaded...but thats not the problem...when i look for the new e-book i just converted, i would expect to see the book's cover as it is on the 'ibles website (ie: go to the e-books page and look for the guide to paracord). what i see is not that but what you see when you click the download button on the download page (it has the cover, and the intro description of the e-book). I want to figure out how to get Calibre to convert the book to have the real cover...not the description page. Problem 2:  I want to try to download the e-pub of the guide to paracord...but when it asks to save it...i save it and then it downloads. after that i go to the file its sitting in, and magically the file is a zip file...i have NO idea what i am supposed to do with this!!! i extracted the file, and low and behold...there is a gazillion files within files (not really...its more like 50+ folders haha). i then proceeded to move the files to my Kindle Fire and then disconnected the device and BOOOM!!! nothing!! Problem 3:  when i did the conversion to MOBI in Calibre and then did the test on my Fire, i touched one of the direct links in the TOC and it zapped me straight to the beginning of the book... If anyone knows whats giong on, PLEASE HELP ME!!! And before anyone asks...*i have read the instructions to the software*

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Electromagnet projects? I need some good ones. Answered

I have a whole lot of copper I have been collecting over the months. Some of many gauges. I even collect the field coils in universal and 3 phase motors. Anyway, if any of you guys have any ideas about anything to make, or even anything INVOLVING electromagnetic's, give me a holler. Also, I don't want anything non-electrical related. Such as making pretty ponies out of copper wire. ----- And perhaps you can throw me some other hints, and tips. I considered myself a professional back when I was like 12-13 just because I knew how everything worked. Well, I was a retarded 12 year old. I thought I knew everything and that people were wrong about certain things until I learned about Ohm's law and many other laws regarding electricity. I know a good deal now, but I need some help and tips.  If you have any formulas that I need to study in order to fully know how everything works, and works together, please, I am more than interested to learn about it. I can only do Ohm's Law, as that is basically the only one that I know. I know how to convert amps to watts, and whatnot. But basically, just need a heads up on how to learn this. As I will probably be studying Electrical Engineering as I continue my journey through high school. I don't know if I am the only person on here that awkwardly likes messing around with stuff, and don't know how to build it.. I just basically like to hook things up to electricity and watch it do it's magic. Basically that's what my whole life was doing, applying electricity and freaking out about how amazing it is. Basically that's my life story.. In a question that I asked, and now am off topic. Thank's for reading my entirely boring passage. 

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bare bronze welding cast iron

If you happen to have a some what rare car, or one that is simply thirty or more years old, you may find that if you ever crack your manifold exauhst that you can not get another by simply going to a (pick and pull) So, the first thought is..most of the time, "I will simply zap it with NIRod". WRONG! an old manifold that has repeatedly heated and cooled is very brittle and the sudden change in temp and too rapid cooling may crack it even more. Now what i do is use bare bronze rod and braze the crack. Here is how i do it. First I find the ends of the cracks and drill a 1/4 hole half way through the material at each end of the cracks. Next I use a rose bud torch and heat up the cast iron as evenly as possible peening with a hammer lightly to releive stress in the casting. After about five minutes of this I quickly switch to a oxy-actl. brazing tip and start my pass. The first thing i do is heat up as much of the crack as i can to cherry red and sear one coat of bronze using plenty of flux. Then I start at one end of the crack and fill in the crack that i had previously veed out with a grinder to half way of the depth of the material and no more than 1/4 inch wide. I use an overlapping spot weld like technique. i lay a small amount of bronze, remove heat for a second and overlapp where i left out. When done I have a bronze brazing weld with no undercut or cold roll. Then i use the rose bud again for some post heating gradulay reducing the heat and peening with hammer again. Then I quickly take the whole peice and cover it in powdered lime so that it cools very slowly. This will stop it from cracking due to rapid cooling. Also it may put some ductility in the cast iron. It takes about four hours to be cool enough to touch with the bare hand. Then I grind the bronze weld flush and inspect the weld to see if i got proper bonding, all you should see is a ribbon of nbronze that has no porosity or cavities. I have also done rare boat manifolds like this when repeative NIRod was used at other shops and they broke every time. Still no 100 percent with cast iron like this. Sometimes it just cracks more, after all it is a dirty porous metal that is very brittel. Anyway, i have had very good luck doing it this way

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