Do someone know how to make a kind of motorized optical zoom? it need to be cheap (mayB buying some cheap stuff at the dollar store (binocular some stuff like that)) (shorting all this means: I need to make a optical zoomer that i can control whit some button) thx Koax

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how to zoom in/out of a webpage easily?

I zoomed out of a webpage by accident i think i used the scroll wheel on the mouse to do it, how do i zoom back in again?

Question by AlmightyFduffle 

What can I do with an old zoom lens??

Panasonic TV zoom lens J6X12 12.5-75mm 1:1.8 . It can be used as a variable magnifier, and would need a stand and lamp, but I'm looking for something more 'Instructable'.

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Get IE9 to auto zoom in on a certain page? Answered

My grandpa wants to have his IE zoom to 150% on a certain page, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. It is only for the one page. The computer is Win. Vista and the browser is internet explorer :) -Thanks! A907

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How do I fix a zoom G1 guitar pedal? Answered

My brother was standing on my amp to hang something and it fell. he said everything was fine, but then I tried to use my pedal and the knob to the left (the one that changes between what part of the effect you edit) wasn't working right. it doesn't do anything when you turn it, and only works when you push down on it. I have a jam session tomorrow, so I need to know ASAP.

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is it possible to make a remote or something to control the built in isight on macbooks?

Maybe to zoom or pan while im far away or something

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How can I turn on old tv zoom lens into a telescope

I have acquired a couple of tv zoom lens from canon tv station cameras. Does anyone out there know of a way to turn them into a telescope. Or ad a camera back attachment. It seems like a waste tossing them out. The lenses are fine, btw I'm cheap!

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Can you determine the display type?

This is a defective display belong to zoom g3x model,and i want to replace it,i dont know if its called monochrome, it shows only yellow and black colors.size of lcd is 2.3 inch also how can i measure pixels,so i can order the right one.

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Auto zoom causes problems in upload?

When you implemented the new upload tool, I couldn't use it in Chrome on a Windows 7 laptop.  You drag and drop the file to a location on the page and then click upload. However, the upload button was off-screen and I couldn't scroll to it. Weird! I got around the problem by using another browser for a while.  Recently, I discovered that the zoom setting was over 100%!  I hadn't zoomed in…. By setting it back to 100%, I could access the upload button. Why do the create pages change the zoom setting on on you? Why can't you scroll to the button in Chrome?

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My favorite photography mode is DEFINITELY macro. What's yours?

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Is it possible to make/hack a usb digital microscope to have a digital zoom?

Since USB Digital Microscopes is not as effective from afar, i would like to know if i can change the programming or add components on the usb digital microscope to have a digital zoom feature so that it can be used from afar.

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HELP......my camera turns off when I zoom in.?

Whenever I zoom in on my camera it almost ammediatly turns the camera off. Any suggestions of whats going on and how to fix it? (the cameras a kodak EXoptical zoom)

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How can I rewire the ZOOM on a camcorder to operate it from another location? AKA upgrading a video periscope

I am re-making a "periscope" that I made previously with a CCTV camera at the top and a pair of virtual video glasses (with a tiny lcd screen in front of each eye) at the bottom, and a live video feed in-between. This time I want a zoom control built in, where I can operate the zoom with a little rocker switch at the bottom of the periscope. I found a CCTV camera that will zoom, but I think it needs a whole controller console just to operate the zoom... I think an easier way is to use a camcorder instead of a CCTV camera, because the zoom function works in real time and it's already right there on board. The problem is that I think the zoom switch on camcorders is kind of complicated - rewiring it is likely more difficult than just running two wires from two solder points and sticking my own rocker switch at the end. Any ideas? There are "wired camcorder remotes" which seem like they might be easier to open up and modify, but the zoom switch is the same style as on the camcorder body, so I might run into the same problem.

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Power supply does not supply power. zoom g2.1u Answered

Either that or the zoom pedal isn't working. that's my bet, it's the stock power supply . it runs fine on batteries, albeit for a short time.

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The display of the Zoom G 2.1 Nu processor is damaged. Require proper guidelines to overcome the issue.

It is showing the black patches on the screen while starting up and unable to see the digits. Other parts are working  properly while display is the only issue to be solved.      

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'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources

Researchers now have a better view of where carbon dioxide is being emitted thanks to Vulcan, a research project led by Kevin Gurney, an assistant professor at Purdue. This map shows where CO2 is being emitted in the continental United States in 10-kilometer grids and combines data from sources including factories, automobiles on highways and power plants. The map offers more than 100 times the detail of previous inventories of carbon dioxide. The image displays metric tons of carbon per year per grid in a logarithmic base-10 scale.more at Physorg

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Could I fit a Canon 70-210 Zoom lens for a film onto a Canon XSi?

I still shoot film, and I use a Canon FT-b, mainly with my 70-210 Zoom Lens. I'm currently looking to upgrade to a Canon XSi, and I was wondering if there was a converter that any one knows/thinks would work.  Thank you for your help!

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how would i make an electromagnetic switch for the camcorder zoom?

Hi, lots of new camcorders no longer come with an old fashioned remote, but sometimes only with a wifi option. I would like to have/make a switch that sits on top of the camcorder to hold the zoom control temporarily in the right (telemode) or left (wide mode) position, basically what you do if you are using your fingers on the camcorder. Wired would be fine, old fashioned remote controlled even better. Your ideas would be very appreciated. BTW camcorder is Panasonic V520 and a Canon Legria sf200

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iOS 9 makes the whole user interface zoom in. Any suggestions?

I have an iPod touch 5g and after I upgraded it to iOS 9 it has been buggy and frezes all the time. Among the newest and most annoying bugs is this zoom thing. I read many online articles abouta similar bug for iPhone up graders from 5c or 5s users, and one of them said it zoomed in 1%. I have considered downgrading to iOS 8 since I can no longer update the software. I like iOS 9 so if there are ANY suggestions or fixes, PLEASE tell me! Also, is jailbreaking an option? thank you :)

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My halo map (MODDED)

This is my halo map *Pistol: shoots sniper rounds zooms as much as sniper (infin ammo) *Shotgun: shoots more pellets and zooms in as much as sniper (infin ammo) *Rocket launcher: zooms as much as sniper (infin ammo) *Frag 'nade: is basicly a rocket round flies straight (TO USE THIS FILE YOU MUST FIRST BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL BLOOD GULCH MAP) -THIS IS MY WEPON MOD DONT STEAL IT!!!-

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just curious?

Is there a such camera that has autoadjust, auto zoom, infrared and has high mega pixels?

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i have 2 4x zoom scopes on my lazer tag guns does anyone know of anything better i could do

My air-soft guns don't need it and i don't have any BB or real guns.

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disc/disk brake squeal rear brake? Answered

After a rainy day riding my bike, i had wiped it down and forgot the rear brake and now it squeals when I try to use it. More like an elephant noise. Help please!

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firefox? Answered

what is a good add on for firefox that enables touch zoom pinch and that type of stuff for windows firefox version  3.6?

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Is it possible to mirror a phone to an old monitor that i just found at the garage?

So, i work with small items that need magnification, i want to use my phone's camera to zoom in on the piece with a magnifier app while being able to view it on a screen while working. Is it possible to do it? If so, what will i need to make a DIY prototype of this? What are the parts that are required to pull this off? The materials i have are my smartphone and an old car display monitor(just the monitor).  Any ideas?? 

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digital soldering glasses... i need inSIGHT.

I have a idea, to create digital soldering glasses but don't have any inclinations on what direction to go or what mats. to use. I have entertained microscope lenses, ben franklin-esk, lenses (not digital),surveillance pens( not sure how to zoom them),phone cameras( no idea how they zoom either (not in a diy fasion)) a small screen to a hacked digital camera scope, I am a experienced circuit developer with limited understanding of optics. so here is the question if not "think tank" disclosure. if you were to make "zoom glasses" what you use and why.  other low tech to turn digital to be jewelry quality scopes. magnifying lenses for eyeglass repair, etc.     thanks for your time and consideration.

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broken sony cybershot with a good lcd screen.what can i make with it? Answered

The zoom part broke & its not worth reparing.so what can I make with it????

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How can I make a GIF (moving picture) without downloading anything?

I have Windows Media Player and Zoom Player.

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Rectangular lines in Fritzing? Answered

Is there a way to draw rectangular lines in Fritzing? (so that angles keep straight?). It would save a lot of zooming in and visual checking (and time). I couldn't find anything at Fritzing.org

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Hidden Belt Weapon

I was looking in google patents and I found this http://www.google.com/patents?id=13lQAAAAEBAJ&printsec;=abstract&zoom;=4#v=onepage&q;&f;=false  I'd love if someone made it.

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Tethered SD card

I would like to tether a cheap digital camera. The problem is I don't know which one - I'm watching on ebay for a madly cheap camera (I've seen loads go where they're fine except for a stuck zoom - like 6Mp cameras for about £3 - when every time I've looked at a stuck zoom a bit of twisting and brute force will get it back in to the body - and the project I want it for doesn't need to zoom!). Problem with doing this is that by the time I've found a cheap camera with 2 minutes to go, it tends to take a lot longer to that to figure out whether you can tether it. And even then you're normally limited to the provided software, I'd like to be able to write my own. So - can anyone think of a way to take an old SD card and somehow - I don't know - solder wires to the insides of the contacts maybe - and then somehow get those wires into another old SD card and plug it into the card-reader attached to a PC so that you can read the images without unplugging the "card" from the camera?

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How To use the AxInet function when creating a web browser using visual basic 2008?

I am currently working on creating a web browser using visual basic 2008, and I was in need of some coding for the functions of like View Source, cut, copy, paste, delete, zoom in, zoom out, and how to make open in new window... open in an new window of my browser... not IE..... I need the coding for those buttons... I would really appreciate it if someone could give me the coding that willw ork as long as I change... you know like the button names and all that! Please and Thank-You!!!

Question by  

Somebody recognize this bug? I've found in my bathroom, could it be a tick? Answered

This is the picture: http://s9.postimg.org/5lbogrmm7/bug.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/avgn826v3/bug2.jpg  It's better to zoom in the image. thank you for help.

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waar woon je

Dit is een forum in het nederlands want ik vraag aan iedere nederlander waar die woont zo waar woon je ik ben erg nieuwgierig en ik woon in bergen op zoom in noord brabant

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New camera?

Well I'm getting a new camera and have come to the choosing part, basically the upper limit is £180 and I'm torn between two but also looking for other suggestions. It's to replace my fuji finepix S5600 that was stolen. my requirements are as so: *Min 10x optical zoom *Needs to have shutter speed adjustment of at least 15 seconds down to 1/2000th of a second *A decent amount of megapixels (6 or more) *Full aperture adjustments would be nice but up to F8.0 is acceptable *Built in flash *Preferably uses standard batteries like AA, unless it's canon, got a load of them already I've already Seen two I like, being most familiar with Fuji and canon drew me towards them. The Finepix S1000FD is the evolution of my older camera and the controls remain the same for the most part, Has 12x zoom which is better and 10 megapixels resolution... The canon SX100 is cheaper and only has 10x zoom, it does do slightly faster shutter speeds but it's a marginal difference, it also includes optical image stabilisation which would be nice, the fuji has no mention of this... Any other suggestions for potential cameras are very welcome, please help me choose between these two or others...

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Build a LANC controller interface to a video camera with no LANC port

I'm finally upgrading into the world of HD video and going tapeless. It's time to retire my Sony TRV-80 miniDV camcorder. I'm getting a Canon Vixia HF11 AVCHD camcorder. The image quality is incredible from the reviews and sample shots I have seen that people have taken already. It's got everything I need, with the exception of one key feature I had hoped it would have. My Sony camcorder has a LANC tripod remote control jack which accepts zoom and start/stop control inputs from a Manfrotto tripod-mounted variable-speed zoom controller via a submini phone plug cable. I have $400 invested in the controller alone, along with matching tripod and full fluid head. Canon does not provide this feature to connect an external controller, except on its flagship line of high-end pro camcorders such as the XH-A1, which are way beyond my budget. Also, the XH-A1 still uses miniDV tapes shooting the older HDV format, which is not as good as HD on the Vixia HF11. Sony isn't any better, their last camcorder to offer a LANC port is several years old, and also uses miniDV tapes in HDV format. It's time to move on and shoot direct to SDHC memory cards. No more tape dropouts or waiting to download tapes to your PC! I first contacted Canon's customer support dept, and presented my question. The response was that there is no LANC feature or method of connecting such a controller to the HF11, only the XH-A1and other high-end bug bucks models have this capability. The Canon HF11 does have an accessory hot shoe capable of connecting devices such as an external mic, video light or flash unit. I'm interested in finding out more about the exact pinouts of these hot shoe contacts. There may be pins connected with the zoom system that can be used hopefully. Canon just probably doesn't want to bother telling anyone, or the feature was not implemented in this model series. My controller connects via a standard subminiature male 3 contact phone plug cable, acquiring a hot shoe accessory such as a video light, taking it apart and using the body to connect a pigtail onto the contact pins, then extending it out with a female submini phone jack to plug the controller into would facilitate the connections. The camera comes with an IR remote, but I suspect the zoom buttons are single speed on or off, no variable speed as with the camera's zoom rocker, which is what I really need. The only other idea I came up with would be to fix a servo motor to proportionally move the zoom rocker in response to a signal output from my zoom control unit, but this would require designing a powered circuit to run the servo, calibrate the whole thing, and it would just be plain ugly and cumbersome to attach to the camera. It would be clumsy and jury-rigged, and probably not give me the smooth remote control results I am looking for. If anyone already owns an HF11, and has gotten the tinkering bug, or knows what all the contact pins are, I'd be real interested to know!

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Can I fit a film SLR lens on a DSLR camera?

I have many old 35mm film cameras with some really nice telephoto and zoom lens. Can any be fitted on to Digital cameras? Is there a crossover guide any where on the web.?

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STEP File Import

After reviewing my latest posting, I noticed that I was able to zoom and rotate the STEP files included with the graphics.  Dumb question - has the STEP file viewer always been included on Instructables or is this a relatively new feature?  Anyway, it's a nice feature for people that want a better understanding of the part. 

Topic by mtairymd 

DCR-TRV27 Questions? Answered

Okay so first of all, I've had this DCR-TRV27 Videocamera from sony for quite a while. Some things about it though, I still can't figure out. First question: There is this little socket thing on the top of the camera, that I just can't figure out! It looks like I'm supposed to insert some card there, but I just can't get it. Also, the socket thing has a logo on it, I don't know if you can see it, but it's like this "i4". Question 2: How do I take the footage on the TDK Mini DV Digital Video Cassettes, and transfer it to a computer. Question 3: What do the fader and focus/infiniti buttons do? Question 4: How do I use the audio dub feature? Question 5: What does the Exposure button do? Question 5: The lens housing thing spins, but doesn't reach a "stopping point" as in you can keep spinning it, it also doesn't seem to have any effect. Why/what is this?

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Fractal Art Contest -- 2007

Check out the winners of the 2007 Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest -- they're absolutely gorgeous. These are just a couple of my favorites.Back in the 90's I had one of those zooming fractal screensavers, and could spend entirely too long watching it swoop through the Mandelbrot set. Fantastic stuff. Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

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Need help in building a LCD screen magnifier for camera

You often want to enlarge the image you've just taken to see it in more detail. The problem is if you zoom-in, you are only focusing on a certain point of the image, not the whole. And if you are zoomed-in at the point you didn't like, you gotta press direction buttons to get to your desired point. I was always bugged by this problem until I learned the existence of LCD screen magnifier from my instructor. This kind of item: http://www.amazon.com/Hoodman-H-LPP3-HoodLoupe-Professional-3-Inch/dp/B001N0KEWU/ref=sr_1_2?s=photo&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1280803022&sr;=1-2 What's cool about his magnifier was that he built it in his own, which is a pretty smart idea given that those things cost around $100. Can any master craftsman of Instructables help me with this?

Topic by oversandal 

How can one join large pictures together into one file? Answered

I'm trying to start a comic strip. I've drawn each cell and scanned them. I've been trying to put them together on MS PAINT, but I'm having trouble. There doesn't seam to be anyway to zoom out, just reducing to size of the images, which reduces the quality. Any ideas?

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How do I use the "@media" CSS tag to get my websites to display without zooming on a smartphone screen?

I want to modify some existing websites of mine to allow for unzoomed viewing on mobile devices (my test-bed for this is my Samsung Galaxy Fit), and I believe that the "@media handheld" CSS tag is the way to go. The problem is, however, that I'm not entirely clear on how to use this tag, in an internal style sheet, to make the page fit on the mobile screen - can anyone clarify the usage of the tag for me?

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What is that thing ?

Hello ! So, here is a series of pictures that my brother took about two weeks ago (2007/08/29, at 23:00 french local time). He was going to sleep in his van when he saw a weird blinking/moving light at the horizon. He put his digitalcamera (Fujifilm Finepix S5600) on his tripod, quickly configured it, extended the zoom to the maximum (optical + digital zoom) and took two series of photos with the burst mode. Then, he tried to quickly reconfigure his camera and to take one more manualy. Facts : His tripod seems quite stable : stars don't move from a picture to an other. As we can see thanks to the last picture (a photo of an other part of the sky took with the same parameters), the stars of the two series seems not to be "dead" pixels of the CCD sensor. Known parameters : ISO 400 shutter speed : 1/2.5s. He says he doesn't know what it is. With my other brother, we tried to find an explanation, but so far, we failed. What do you think about this "UFO" ??

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Nothing Happens when i click "Add Comment".

For those two fellas who posted . i cant reply to both of yous ,yeah because i cant access the reply and add comment thing. so ill answer your questions here. im using a desktop pc  ,browser :google Chrome .Addons /Extensions :FastestChrome,FB Photo Zoom,QuickMark QR Code extension ,search by image and Select and Speak.

Topic by Gnutella 

what is a good program to use if i need two camera feeds that i can switch between? Answered

My church recently started recording our services on DVD and we are looking for a way to have multiple cameras at once so that panning and zooming do not interrupt the service.  is there a way that we can hook up two cameras and switch between them throughout the service? Are there any good programs you could recommend for this.

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High Resolution view of Victoria Crater on Mars

NASA has released a beautiful high resolution picture of Victoria Crater (below) taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. If you zoom in on the full resolution image, you can see the Opportunity rover's tracks and stopping points (faint lines with bright dots) around the left part of the rim.The photo was taken in July 2009, so many of Opportunity's tracks have already been obscured by wind and sand.

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