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ARK, hologram community Answered

Hello everyone !

I'm building a project, called "the ARK" :

It is a holographic pyramid with a new type of interface who gives life to your projects.

Holography has always been fascinating: you see your 3D, you work on it, and you can create directly with your hands.

Today this type of holography is really expensive compared to the simplicity of its fabrication process. I want to give the possibility to use it for everyone.

The Ark has a software suite. Your drawings, films, models, all in holograms and in 3D GPS augmented reality view, directly on your smartphone to walk in your creations.

And more:  with the sensitive gloves it will be like feeling the 3D under your fingers. Films, 3D, drawings, you will be able to touch and feel all of it.


This project started two years ago with some research in my architecture school; I created the first holographic reflector “Ark-mini” for the students of our school. This creation is now in open-source (for more information see HERE, you can translate the page)

For this new project, I want to create the more intuitive, complete holographic software: you will just need an USB and HDMI connection and let’s go!

Order, and the ARK will follow it with his speech recognition menu.

I will present 3 softwares for the Ark:

    The ARK-creator for your 3D creations
    The ARK-movie: what you film is what you see… in holograms.
    The ARK-net to send directly in augmented reality your project, to visit it with you tablet or smartphone.

This project is a personal initiative that I have been developing since last year, thanks to the help of some forums and Internet’s people who follow me.

Today I propose you to make this project a reality. The first Ark serie will be presented in Paris, at the “Futur-en-Seine” numeric convention in the “Gaité Lyrique” on 13th june, and at the end of june for my Diploma.

The thing is, i want to build this project with a creative commons license (open-source), and i'm trying to build a community. For the moment, i make a simple design for the ARK, i will have six month to build the software. We can (i hope so), in the future, create something like a "Jarvis" (who do not dream about this :) ).

For the moment, i'm finishing the file with the design and the prequel of the software (openframeworks). But you can register in the forum and i'will send you a newsletter when it will be done.

I hope we can make something beautifull, and, it is not just an idea:  i am doing it (but i need you)!

here the LINK of the project


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5 years ago

Hi , I'm interested in your project, I am currently developing something like this in openframeworks , my intention is to upload animated 3D models and interact with different sensors and actuators. q I would like you you could contact me. thanks for sharing. Cheers


Reply 5 years ago

i started googling this and did not really find anything on software. the hardware part aint really a problem since you could for instance program an arduino to symulate keyboard arrows trough sensors but i cant do coding. if you can make/find something good on software send me a messedge so we can help eachother out.


Reply 5 years ago

i mean software on creating the hologram from an stl model nog on controls.


7 years ago

You ought to write up an instructable on building this, and include a video of it in operation.