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A Critique Answered

I have been visiting the Instructables site religiously for quite some time now and have only recently registered for one sole purpose; to rate Instructables. And here’s why - I enjoy opening my Google homepage with new Instructables listed in my RSS feed all throughout the day. That is, until recently. Understanding the "be nice" policy, I still believe this comment is constructive and purposeful. In my opinion, while the recent "Wallet" contest has ushered in a new level of participation and activity, the quality of Instructable projects has severely suffered. I still hold many of the quality projects displaying technically savvy and resourceful methods in high esteem. These projects prove functionality, creativity, quality and pride of craftsmanship. Ultimately, for those who value this site, it's legitimacy and credibility, I would ask of its members to please consider the aforementioned in regard to your project. Thank you.


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