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A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone? Answered

I am looking for a good Bullpup mech to put into a gun like the one in the pic, or something of that sort. In other words, I am looking for an 'ible that has a great Bullpup mech. Give me the URL of the web page, and you may or may not be awarded best answer...XD


dr. richtofen

Best Answer 6 years ago

* compact mech, but you need a long stock
* Looks like a 'sear' mech. Long pin pull, and you can put more bands on it, without breaking the trigger
These are the best I could find


6 years ago

look up seleziona and look on his profile for a good mech he has one im just not quite sure what its called, but ive built one before by him and it worked very nicely

yeah that must be it ok ive done something similar in the gun above, it will work, im at school right now so i cant explain it to you