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A Pi-powered Portable Experimenter's Bench, PEB Answered

We are appealing for your support for our startup project, to turn our vision into
a reality.  Our vision also includes anytime, anywhere, hands-on learning for STEM
topics.  STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Math.

We are a small startup operation building a new resource for hobbyists, or electronic
hobbyists-want-to-be--a smart experimenter's platform that removes the sometimes
difficult bits and bytes, and relies on your PC, tablet, or smartphones for user-interface.
For instance out of the box, our PEB, allows experimentation like Measuring speed of Sound,
Locating source of a sound, Determining direction and distance of a Sound, etc.  with
our PEB, configured with Ras-Das-1 and Audio Explorer board, totaling for less than
$150, plus shipping.
and our website http://www.WattminderInstruments.com, for details.
We need to have minimum funding to get PCBs and assemblers under contract to
produce them, and on  a portal  like Instructables  to help us distribute them around the
world.   Please let your  members know about our product and future plans and
invite their support to make it a reality.  Electronics is the gateway to science learning.

Thanks for your kind consideration and support.
-Steve  and team


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Reply 7 years ago

Hi Penolopy,

Thanks for your suggestion. Although we do have a link at our website to
our Kickstarter project page.


7 years ago

Please check into our KickStarter project page--

We are seeking funds to get a printed circuit board fabrication and assembly run.
Manufacturers require a commitment of quantity buy before they'll make any.

Thanks for your support.