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A Question about transformer? Answered

In transformer formula , the primary turns and secondary turns affect the voltage and current directly.
Why some transformer output voltage is affect by frequency and core type , just like Flyback Transformer(LOPT) and Tesla Coil specifically is Solid State Tesla Coil?


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Best Answer 8 years ago

The simple answer is that electricity does not travel instantaneously. The electrons need time to propagate through the circuit, building magnetic fields, which also need to propagate, and the induced electrical fields on the other side also need time to propagate, etc etc etc.

Transformers work by taking advantage of CHANGING magnetic and electrical fields, and because these changes take time, there will be an ideal frequency/speed for everything to take place.

As with all things that can move, these speeds all translate into an ideal harmonic frequency(ies) where the current is switching at the same speed as the magnetic fields are generating and collapsing. If you try to build a magnetic field while the secondary field is collapsing they will cancel each other out, leaving with no field, and you're just doing work against yourself.

The materials used, how much of them, the size/length of the wires, the voltages, and the frequency all have to work hand in hand for a transformer to be efficient.