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A Ring For The Less-Attentive Answered

Hello, first off I'd like to apologize immediatly if this is in the wrong section. Personally, out of all the sections it seems to fit best here :)
You see, my girlfriend has ADD (bless her) and seems to always be fidgeting around when there is nothing to preoccupy her attention. So what I am looking for is any worthy scouter to take on my challenge :D. That challenge is to make a ring!! A ring so amazing intricate or beautifully simple that it will hold anyone's attention and keep them from getting bored. The idea for this arose from these two sources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSy5YrZ9xUs <This first one is nice but not enough for my girl :P Apparently very picky when it comes to these things. 
And this one: http://www.kinektdesign.com/ Would astound anyone but the price is far far to steep, not to mention the massive size of the ring itself. 
So there is your challenge, essentially a ring for the bored. Good luck all!



8 years ago

How about a ring with a live jewel encrusted bug on a chain? If she wasn't careful she'd squash it or rub the jewels off. ;-)


8 years ago

Rather than a ring, maybe a charm bracelet? Or a rigid bracelet with textured section to track a nail across, and loose bits to turn and twist?


8 years ago

Well one idea is to create a ring somewhat like the one mentioned here, BUT instead of the stone suggested, get a Jade stone that shows multiple colors under different lighting, and light directions.