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A SIMPLE instruction guide on statistics and chemistry? Answered

Statistics and chemistry equations are some of the most complex calculations for people who did not grow up in a science background but are essential for students looking to further their degrees in fields that require bio chemistry while students excel in practicals its the calculations that cause problems like log, ph calculations, various option in statistics when to use which rule. A better tutorial for college level statistics and from basic chemistry to college level would be appreciated by various students the world over. Thank you in advance all areas of these two fields would be appreciated.




10 years ago

You really need to understand mathematics, that's your foundation for these. What education do you have in this subject? L


Answer 10 years ago

Agreed - it doesn't need much more than high school math to have even the basics of stats, and algebra. Get your algebra and possibly your calculus up to snuff, and you'll have yourself the groundwork for almost everything in chem.