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A bed with pockets Answered

So I was thinking about making a shred bed or some other shred furniture. The office has a ton (probably literally) of finely shredded paper that would make excellent stuffing. I was thinking, hey, I've got some old pants I could slice up and make a patchwork shred thing out of. Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have a bed with pockets in the sides? You could stick your cell phone in there and charge it and it would be close enough to be loud enough to wake you up but not so easily accessible as to defeat the purpose of an alarm. It would look darn silly made out of pants, though.



11 years ago

I've seen lots of patterns for such a caddy. I just checked the online catalogs of the pattern companies but couldn't find anything.
You can try a variation of one of these:
Mine: https://www.instructables.com/id/EG4AKJDF2NOBO8A/

Check out the Etsy group. You probably want something between mine and the couch caddy.
On the first season of the American Inventor one woman had the same idea. She thought it was original, but it's been in the pattern books for about a decade or two.
The first ones I saw had an extension pocket sorta like the arm chair caddy above and that pocket had a piece of cardboard in it and was placed between the mattresses. These days I think I would use a piece at least 6"x6" with shelf liner attached to the bottom. The more weight you intend to put in it the deeper it needs to go between the mattresses. It could be moved to a chair is someone is sick or just wants to move it easily.
If you did a caddy like mine you could just have a piece of fabric, leg from pants, that had some Velcro tabs or key hooks, carribiner, etc to hook onto the belt loops.
BTW: I don't think it is a good place to charge the phone it's soft and all, more likely a fire could start. I would charge the phone on a nightstand, hard stable surface. If I had one.


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That's good thinking on the phone-heat issue. My phone stays nice and cool but some of my family's phones get really hot while charging! These caddys all look great. If I end up moving ahead with the project I'm definitely going to be using those instructables as I have no sewing talent and will need a guide every step of the way.


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The Fabri-tac glue I use works well on fabric but not synthetic types. I put some ribbon on some jeans and washed them numerous times and the ribbon is still right where I glued it. I wouldn't trust it for a handle. It doesn't work on Velcro. Things like fusible web, Seams-Great work pretty well but will fall apart in a hot dryer or hot water. I've recently become aware of a couple of local charities, one women only, that have crafting supplies for free. Therapy type. They might let you use the machine or you might be able to talk someone into doing some stitching for you. Perhaps you can exchange goods or services. They're simple projects. I lined mine but that's not necessary. The trickest part is that demin is tough fabric. You can buy dishtowels, placemats, shelf liner at dollar stores.