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A cake recipe containing no dairy products, no eggs, no gluten, and no nuts? Answered

I'm having a hard time finding a recipe for a cake to bake for my class.
I really want to celebrate that we finally finished the portfolios for admission to our next semester, but I don't want to bring a cake only some can eat (or only some can eat with good conscience).
Problem is, we have a nut allergic, a gluten and cassein intolerant, a lactose intolerant, a vegan, and someone who has to avoid refined sugar.

I can't find any vegan egg substitutes, or xanthan gum or anything like that, and all the gluten-free flours I've found reguire some kind of gluten replacement.

I CAN however get all kinds of flour, like soy, rice, chickpeas, tapioca etc. but I don't know which to use or how.
AND I have a sugar replacement that should work as a direct 1:1 replacement in baking good of all kinds.

So... Anyone has any recipes, or advises about substitutes? :)



8 years ago

Awh man, I feel really bad about not seeing your answers before :(

Last time I posted here I got emails about the replies, but this time, none. So I thought there were no answers :S

It ended up being a mochi/brownie kind of recipe, with sugar replacement, turned out really good, but can definitely be improved. Might make an instructable with results, when I get that far :)


8 years ago

Cupcakes.  You can leave nuts out entirely, most cakes don't need them.  Make several different kinds and frost them with different colors to distinguish the gluten-free from the sugar-free, etc.

Might be able to get away with three types:  one regular, one that has neither gluten nor dairy, and one that is both vegan and sugar-free.


8 years ago

Type those ingredients (or lack of) into the search box above right.Click go, then click graphical search on the page that appears, and cook away! ( I wrote "no dairy no eggs no gluten no nuts").