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A convention, festival, fair, thing. Please read. Answered

Hello, I've never put anything on the forums before, but I really want to get my idea out there if I can't make it.   I have this idea for something like a convention, fair, etc.  However it will be full of classes, and talking areas, I want it to be cheap and for all ages and backgrounds.   Each booth will be a class, they'll be able to talk/teach about anything: physics, folklore, robotics, animation, painting, dog training, baking, history, biology, ghosts, philosophy, anything!  You can go to these classes and take notes, if you find out you hate the subject or teacher you can leave to go to another class.  In the talking areas you can trade notes, share your own ideas, or just chill out.  I want most of the classes to be free (If a teacher charges money then they need to be the ones to keep people out) but they can charge for materials,(like a CD with references, or a program they use, or a book) or products,(like a cake they just baked, or a drawing they drew) or you can give them donations, and they can give you a business card if they have classes outside of the place.  You may have to organize the booths by loudness, or maturity (with the teachers being able to teach anything, some classes might be bad for kids to see.)  I don't know what this event would be called, it's not quite a convention, or festival, or school, It could happen indoors or out.  This is my main issue; I don't know if I would need permits for it, or what else I should get for it (also I'm broke).  I've been researching for a few weeks now, and I have a few ideas, but incase I fail then maybe someone on here can do it.  Thank you for reading.



4 years ago

The details vary depending on your local laws (so go check them out), but at the very least you will need...

> To hire a venue. Booths won't work for your idea, you'll need rooms, so maybe a motel, hotel, or an actual school (in the holidays). Or get a large field with marquees.

> Access to large amounts of furniture (the venue may have it, but you may also need to hire it)

> [Public Liability] Insurance - you are the organiser, so you are the one people will sue first.

> Presentation equipment, like projectors and sound systems

> Energy - power outlets to run equipment.

> Wifi

> Plumbing - visitors will need the toilet.

> Refreshments - even if you don't feed the students, it is basic courtesy to feed and water the staff.

> Staff - refreshments, security, cleaning, admin, door staff etc

> Publicity (adverts, web presence etc)

You will need money to sort all that out. Put together a proper, costed plan, then go to the bank or a crowdfunding website...


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thank you for the tips. c:

I'm trying to get ahold of the local mall, they've held a pretty cool event there before and most of the stores are closed, so they might be a good place to do it. I know where to get cheap and comfy furniture.

The teachers will need to bring their own equipment (I want the vendor fees to be as low as I can get them), and a lot of the staff will be my friends, or friends of friends.

still, in case I screw up please tell a friend who might try to make their own. <:3


4 years ago

You created a nice bandworm, so I simply won't read the mess completely.
No details that are required have been posted, so I fail to see the problem and question.
Go to your local council and ask them for free venues as well as free insurance and security.
I suspect you never did anything like a pzblic event, so before asking here go and check the rules in your area first.


(sorry it was messy, for some reason I couldn't use enter key.)

The main reason I posted it on here was to share the idea, and a few reasons that I might screw up; not really to ask for help. Thank you anyway, even if you didn't read all of it.

I also can't find the local council (that I can find from asking other people or looking online), this area doesn't have a community center so sometime this week I'm going to go ask around the court house. I think I'm going to have to pay for most of it out of pocket.

You're also right that I have no experience in public events, other then a few free street fairs and the Richmond Ky. geek fest. I don't know where to find the local rules, that's why I'm sharing the idea and going to the court house.