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A couple of servo related questions. Answered

I was thinking of doing some sort of robotics for the upcoming microcontroller contest, and need to reduce the weight of my design. So, try and lighten the battery pack, and give more current, I want to use 2XAAA @ 3V, instead of regulating a 9V cell down to 5V. The PIC supposedly will run on 2V.

So the question is, how well will a servo perform on 2.5 to 3.0V, and what will the current draw be with a light load (I have heard that they can draw a couple of amps with a very heavy load). 

Also, I have some 4V lithium ion cells out of a laptop, and need to charge them (They last so long on one charge, that I have not had to charge them since removing them from the laptop).


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